Youth Ruled at the AMA’s on 11/23/14


If you have been around my blog awhile, you may know I have always

enjoyed the splendor and elegance of watching people on the Red

Carpet. I ‘made deals’ with my parents to be allowed to stay up and

watch the Academy Awards and the Kennedy Center Awards, as well

as the Miss America beauty (and talent) show. I thoroughly enjoyed

the AMA’s which stands for the American Music Awards. I know you

already have seen some of the beautiful dresses and attractive tuxes,

along with some of the performances. . .

Here is a summary of my viewing pleasure with some details which

may support what you watched, if you are one who enjoys this, or may

disagree with what some of the newscasters and entertainment emcees’

may say.


Here is my list of my favorite nine FEMALE performers or award

presenters’ attire.

1. Fergie (of solo performer and Black-Eyed Peas’ fame) wore a classic

black Halston dress, with a silver belt around her waist. It cinched in

nicely and what made her my favorite? Her special story she shared

with the E commentator, Juliana G., she talked about her two year

old son, who is also her husband, Josh Duhamel’s . He is currently

loving his guitar and drum set, while his favorite song is (and Fergie

sang it so sweetly), “Row, Row, Row Your Boat. . .” Being kind on

the inside and beautiful on the outside made me really smile and

vote for Fergie to get ‘Best Dressed.’

2. Heidi Klum, who is not only a past model, but a mother and one

of the coaches on the clothing design show. Also, she is one who is

very open and funny, just a special and talented woman. Her dress

had ‘cut-outs’ which showed her shoulders and a little bit of her skin.

The colors of her gown made it unique- pink, black, gray and white

geometric designs. If you have ever seen her interview children on

her talk show, she has a real knack, as good as Art Linklater. That is

saying something!

3. Kate Beckinsale was a presenter but is one of those famous women

who make you feel she is both classy and genuine. She did not appear

the least bit in a hurry, as she embraced and talked to the interviewers.

She wore a sexy, (Deep V-d neck) white dress. I feel she is ‘timeless,’

wearing the Kaufman Franco dress.

4. Julianna Hough is a country singer, dancer and actress. She is presently

employed as a Judge on dance show. She wore a vibrantly colored red,

pink and orange-ish colored dress which showed a mature side of this

young lady. (She was in a serious movie, along with the remake of

“Footloose.”) I think she is open and honest, while having dated Ryan

Secrest, she did not let interviewers ‘dig up any dirt’ on him, then or

now. She also is protective of her family and particularly, her brother

who still continues to dance on the show. She is sporting a short hair

style, with blonde highlights, this evening was wearing it ‘slicked back.’

5. The woman in Yellow, the only one all night. She was gleeful that

she was unique, while looking stunning. Her name it Rita and is from

the Broadway production of “Finding Neverland,” arriving with Matthew

Morris, who was the chorus teacher in “Glee,” while having been in

musicals for quite some time now.

6. Taylor Swift, gorgeous in a copper-bronze shimmery dress, which she

took the skirt off and made it shorter, while performing her song, “Blank

Space.” I enjoy all of her new album, which has ventured into the Pop/Rock

genre and away from Country Music. She holds her stories and weaves them

into her songwriting, which I deeply admire this multi-talented young lady.

Her short, wavy with a little curl in her hair style really made a big change in

her appearance since the last awards ceremonies. Her performance was my

second most favorite of the entire evening.

7. Nicki Minaj shocked me, no not by being daring or rebellious, but by being

such a stylish fashionista. Nicki is not known for this! Her more reserved, classic

look was in a black dress, with long, straight black hair. She has been known to

have wild hair dyes and sometimes showing up blonde. If she has not used her

distinctive and raspy voice, I would have possibly not identified her.

8. Mary J. Blige looked very attractive in a black fishnet, lacy styled top of her

overall black dress. The black lace was sexy yet not revealing, while there were

sequins sprinkled on this dress.

9. Selena Gomez, looking very mature, with pretty solid black satin dress from

the front, while from the back, it was squared off and totally backless to her

waist. She sang one of her songs, very nicely. I did not write it down, but I did

see on our television set at break time, an overview of all the performances,

with hers featured.

One Direction won my favorite dressed and fun filled group award, on the

Red Carpet. They allowed us to see their meeting with Kate and William, while

one of the men admitted he pointed out, “Nice bump,” to Kate. They won the

following awards, but if you wish to add another you can do so in the comments’

section! They wore black slacks and varied patterned black shirts. No matching

each other for this British group. They mentioned, “The UK,” in conversation,


1. “Best Pop Song.”

2. “Best Pop Rock Album.”

3. “Entertainers of the Year.”

While they are far behind in their ages, much younger but energetic and so

much fun also, I cannot help but say I adore the group of Australian ‘lads’

known as, “5 Seconds of Summer.” Although the song is not uniquely theirs,

since it has been performed by others, I enjoyed their version of, “What I

Like about You.” I got up and danced to their riotous and lively song, which

had the entire audience joining in. They are like the Ramones, started out

in a garage band practicing together.

The A Capella group which starts with P and has a lot of strange letters behind

it, (somewhat like Punxatawney Groundhog, which I can never spell correctly

either!) stopped and won my heart with their in prompt singing of,

“Santa Claus Is Coming  To Town.” Wow! This is probably from the A Capella

television show, which I don’t watch, sadly.

They sure did give Bruce Springsteen a ‘run for his money,’ which is really a

high compliment from me. Their blended voices eliminated any need for a

band accompaniment.

“E!” channel also had an homage to Boy Bands, showing the old photos

of New Kids on the Block, Boyz 2 Men and the fairly recent Jonas Brothers.

(Of course, our generation would have begun the homage or tribute to

all male singing bands with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and you

know the rest of the long list of entertainers who began the “Boy Bands.”)

It was a great way for those in their 30’s like my own two older children

to remember the period of time when these bands came to be. They were

passing the baton on to “One Direction,” Imagine Dragon, “5 Seconds of

Summer,” and “One Republic.”

I also liked Julianna G. who intervied One Direction asking them a great

question: What would you be doing if you had not joined a band?

One of the ‘lads’ mentioned being a teacher before, had completed his

college, another mentioned he would have liked to become a fireman and

the last one who spoke, was acting a little loopy, falling backwards off

the “E” stage platform which caused Julianna to say, ever on her toes,

“Things would be kind of ‘off kilter’ or you would not be the same,

without your musical group, would you?”

The Four Men I admired their clothing and fashion styles were:

1. Neo, who is ‘hip hop’ I feel. You may challenge this and let me know.

He was not on the singing parts I watched, so I am talking off the top

of my head. Neo looked sharp in a black suit and his words warmed my

heart. He embraces all musical genres saying that he admires country

stars and feels they are ‘humble’ and also says ‘rock and rollers’ are also

genuine and give to us all. Neo wore an Anthony Franco suit.

2. The GQ Cover model, actor in two famous and recent movies, who

played the character, “Gus,” in “The Fault is in Our Stars,” is gorgeous.

He also is popular in the movie, “Divergent.” This young man had a

unique short jacket and shirt, along with unmatched pants. It was all

put together in a way he described as from the past.

3. Brantley Gilbert, accompanied by a woman I should know with the

first name of Amber, looked great with his fashionable look. He is a

nice looking country musician who said to the interviewer, “I don’t feel

that fame will ever change me.” He went on to say he feels he is still

the same man under the expensive clothing.

By the way, Luke Bryan won the award for “Best Country Male Artist.”

He looked nice, but not on my short list of best dressed, accompanied

by a female who I should recognize named, Caroline.

4. Matthew Morrison is always attractive and wore a nice suit. I felt

this awards ceremony did not try to blow us away with wild costumes,

except during performances.

An announcement was made that Katy Perry will be performing 4-5

songs at the Super Bowl Intermission. There is a website set up, where

you may vote which songs she should choose to sing.


Here are some outstanding performers who did not win any awards

but I feel should be checked out:

1. Ariana Grande who trills like a beautiful songbird, accompanied by

a saxophone. This solo performance was simply lovely.

2. Ella Henderson wowed me, with her 70’s folk song voice, which had

some bluesy and throaty characteristics. She has been compared, which

is a huge compliment to Ella, to Adele!

3. Iggy Azalea, who was ‘discovered’ or sponsored by the hip hop/ rapper

known as, “T.I.” I did not particularly love her rapping song, nor the one

she did with JLo, but I can hear she is versatile and is a beautiful woman.

4. Charlie XCX, who did the song from the movie, “The Fault is in Our Stars,”

which is over-played, (but my three granddaughters love her, almost as

much as they did Idina M. who sang, “Let It Go,” for the movie, “Frozen.”)

Her song that is silly but catchy is called, “Boom Clap (Sound of my Heart)

which really does remind me of “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies and also,

the song, “I Think I Love You,” by the Partridge Family. Charlie XCX

is young and also does a little more racy song about not liking school

and uses a vamp, sexy style while singing, “I Just Want to Break the

Rules.” (Reminds me of several of the songs from my teenaged years.)


I am always pleased to listen to “Imagine Dragons” and they have been

at all the musical awards shows of 2014. I liked their 2013 song which

won awards, “Radioactive,” but strongly recommend your listening to

their newly released (and first performance on television) song:

“I Bet My Life,” which starts out quietly, like a hymn, soulful and

intuitive, building and becoming a stand-up party anthem. Wonderful

and worth checking this one out. I would have liked to replay it again,

but do know this will be on all the radio stations and will set records.


My favorite duet, which was nicely and sweetly intertwining the older

musician, Wy Clif Jean, with the younger one named “Magic,” who is

famous for his song, “Rude.” How it starts out, was so clever! Magic

began the duet by singing the he wishes to “Marry that girl… for the

rest of my life,” and is asking for permission. Wy Clif Jean’s deeper

and throatier voice responded just like the father of a young woman

would, “No, you will not marry that girl and keep her for the rest of

her life…” Then, of course, the song goes into, “Why do you have to

be so rude? I’ll marry her anyway.” Outstanding performance and

my Favorite one of the night. (Taylor’s would be my Second Fave.)


Sam Smith, will be my Third Pick for Favorites of the Evening.

This man wrote the song that many performers have sung, he is

to be given credit for creating a classic. It is reminiscent of many

people’s all time favorite song, “Stand by Me.” Sam’s song is titled,

“Stay with Me.” He acknowledges his favorite artist who sings his

song is Ed Sheeran. I have featured Ed S. as one of my new 2014

favorite singers, and I do like his version of Sam Smith’s song.

Sam has a high falsetto voice, which is heart-wrenchingly and

hauntingly beautiful.  Sam Smith won Best Pop Male Artist. His

newest song, also one to check out is, “You Say I’m Crazy.” I did

feel his duet last night with the new song was exciting and good.


Lourde won her First AMA award for “Best Pop Female Artist,”

for her song last year, 2013: “Royals.” She just completed the

soundtrack for the movie, (Hunger Games), “Mockingjay.” The

song with her bizarre and gloomy performance was not nearly

close to how I felt about her fun and mocking song about the Royals.


Trying to get this in before everyone goes to watch the news and various

entertainment shows tonight. Let me know if I missed a great one

who performed or looked outstanding…



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  1. I believe I would have to agree with you on most, if not all, points. I loved Ariana Grande’s lace gown, and wondered (as a gravitationally challenged individual) how she did not trip over the ruffles. I was also impressed by her ability to bop around the stage and up and down stairs in those gorgeous platform pumps, the likes of which would most likely find me breaking my other ankle.

    Loved everything Nicki Minaj sang, which is really unusual for me.

    And Pitbull…his music…always makes me want to get up and dance (Fireball is my current favorite), and had me tapping my good foot while bouncing in my seat to the beat.

    All in all, a really good AMA show this year! 😀

    • Julie. I needed your input on this AMA awards show!! Thanks so much for contributing parts I either forgot or was up getting a snack or something!
      I admit, I am getting rather lazy in my shoes styles and not as fashionable, so almost all the shoes were too high heeled, even with my short stature and my not having “coconuts” but more of a “kiwis on top” person, I would not be able to handle the long dragging dresses, shoes or no shoes! ha ha!
      I like Pitbull, too! His song is very energetic, I had forgotten several peoples’ names and after the long evening, I wrote it up without any names for some of the people. I am laughing at how lazy I was on this post, the woman in yellow deserves a name and so does the cute boy who is in those movies, too!
      I found Nicki Minaj a ‘changed woman,’ both in her appearance and her vocals, too!

      You deserve a big hug for this extra special addition to my post! Thanks, Julie!

    • I am very happy to watch them all, whether they are my favorite or not, I like to keep up with the music! My grandkids think I am ‘cool’ since I can sing along with their ‘pop stars,’ Mark! Smiles and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Who will do most of the cooking?

    • So great of you to comment despite not watching the awards! I was looking at my dashboard and could not believe I had a few people waiting for my approval! I hope you will visit again and we can stay in touch. Surely something we have in common will come up! Smiles, Robin

  2. Kate Beckinsale was my favorite; no matter what she wears, she has a classy way of walking, talking, and in interviews she’s always surprisingly funny and smart.
    Robin, you are definitely not “Witness Dating After Fifty.” I don’t agree with all your assessments, but I appreciate your logic and details and examples. I’m still smiling at your comment about Mr. Wonderful on my post, and trust me, you deserve someone SO much better! 🙂

    • This was especially kind for me to read this tonight, Marylin. I just came from my Goodyear appointment, where I paid for two new tires and some kind of sensor equipment that broke on one of my tires, which added another $70 to the bill. You are my bright light tonight. Three rhyming words in a row…
      I am glad you found that one of my top Best Dressed women was truly beautiful. I like how you mentioned her classy characteristics, too. I enjoy award ceremonies, always have. The women were not as ‘wild’ as they have been in the past, for which I was grateful.
      Hope you, your family and mother have a lovely Thanksgiving. Maybe some kind of special moment will be just the right part of your celebration together. Soak it all in, my friend!

    • I am laughing since I didn’t look up a few people and just described them. Jak! How the heck are you, my friend? I am so glad to see you visiting and will have to see your recent photographic stuff. My friend, Mark, had a post with actual photos of my youngest daughter, my grandkids and everything. If you have time whenever, you can see them at
      There are a couple of pictures of myself that came out rather nicely, but my favorite one is of my Mom laughing with my Dad. She looks a little like Bette Davis, while he looks like Desi Arnaz. The post has my name, Robin O. Cochran in its title, but may have to go back a couple of posts, since he is a prolific and active journalist. He is married and has a daughter, just so you know he is just a friend, ha ha!
      Hope you will have a splendid Thanksgiving if you celebrate up there in the North, if not hope you have a wonderful weekend….

  3. I did not see the award night here but after reading your report I can well imagine the grace and poise along with gorgeous gowns being shown by celebrities. Very descriptive and engaging post. 🙂

    • This was so sweet of you to read this long essay about something you didn’t even watch, Rashmi! I am giving you a big hug for this!
      I enjoy your photos of your adventures, along with stories. You have a lot to offer in variety, my friend. Do you celebrate any special holidays this month or next?

    • I am so glad you read this, despite not really enjoying award shows, Jill! You are a true friend and a ‘real trooper!’ I love that your special aunt, who is two years older than my Mom, also loves the Red Carpet. It was nice to see many of the young people dressing up, not as wild as they have been in the past!
      Hope you have a special Thanksgiving and make some new memories, along with remembering wonderful times together as a family, Jill. Hugs, Robin

    • I was hoping to see your floating and interesting musical film, somehow inserted into the revelry, Hollis! It is after all an exciting party kind of film… Did you know this is the first time I have ever just wrote the notes out, didn’t research anyone or even bother to look up the poor woman in Yellow or the cute guy in the two movies, “Divergent’ and “The Fault is in our Stars?”
      I just wrote it on the post and pushed publish.
      I was waiting for the “other shoe to drop” and someone to tell me their names! ha ha!
      Of course, it is right up your alley and you would have great notes for each of the performers…

      Hollis, hope you and Mr. Pie o logy, your daughter and family members all have an excellent and delicious Thanksgiving!

  4. thanks, robin. i didn’t see the show, so i appreciate your play by play. sounds like there was a lot going on, as always and lots of hits and misses in the fashion department )

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