Sweaters and Thanksgiving Thoughts


When I opened my drawer full of sweaters to search for the ones with

Autumn colors, I ended up having to empty the whole drawer onto my

bed. I could not seem to find the one with its patchwork appearance.

Although, as a preschool teacher I had several turkey pins, along with

some orange, brown and tan sweaters, there was always this special one

I wore and called it my Thanksgiving sweater.


While I looked at my wide collection of fall and cold weather offerings,

I was smiling since some of them were getting pretty ‘raggedy,’ while

others were less in style. I started thinking about sweaters and their





I had

an epiphany:

Sweaters are like our family members.

While you are thinking about the upcoming celebratory feast, you may

have some positive thoughts and you  may have some misgivings,  too.

I hope you will see some of the anthropomorphic references in this poem,

of sorts and I also hope it amuses you.

Wishing you a wonderful gathering of family and friends. I hope it is an

extra special time, with pleasant memories of past holidays spoken of

and cherished, too. Those who have gone on and had their unique places

in your family festivities, hope you will have some of the elderly guests

share some more of their own personal memories of the loved ones.

I also admire the idea of going around the table and all sharing their

reasons for being thankful. This family tradition is often part of our own

ritual. I have been lately asking the little ones, “What was your favorite

part of this year, so far?” I like to try and remember them, to put in their

personal albums, which include their photographs and memorabilia we

have collected along our ways. (Tickets for movies, zoo or museums, as

well as menus and maps. I have a few of their drawings included, too.)


“Sweaters and Family”

November 24, 2014


Sweaters come in all colors,

They come in all sizes, too.

Sweaters can be quite worn

and scruffy looking,

While some may be in

brand new condition.


There are the loud ones,

and there are low key

kinds of sweaters.


Each has their place,






There are those scratchy ones,

who seem to always irritate you.

There are those sweet, dear ones,

who can ‘do no wrong.’

They never grow old

nor out of style.


Some are so big and stretched

while others are such pint-sized.

There are the lumpy ones which have

lots of pills,

there are the smooth, soft ones, too.


There are the old, familiar ones

and the surprising ones who

unexpectedly turn up.

Those especially nice ones

appear out of nowhere

to discover and include

around the holidays.


When rummaging around in your

sweater drawers or storage tubs,

keep in mind how much you love

them all. . .


You certainly would not wish to

ignore them

or discard.

Even those

who are


a bit.

They are an integral

part of colder





as well save them

for next year, too.


by Robin O. Cochran


Do you have a favorite story about sweaters?

If you wish, I would enjoy reading about some of your family

traditions. . .




32 responses »

    • Oh, so happy, Colleen! I am glad you found this to your liking. I hope you had a fine and happy day gathered with family and/or friends… maybe a few little ones? Up here in Cleveland still, just had to check in and write a post… hugs, Robin

      • 🙂 I did Robin. Hope yours was as wonderful! I am sticking close to home but so busy having a difficult time getting to our blogs!!!! 🙂 Safe travels when you return!

      • Thank you, Colleen, for your safe travel wishes! I appreciate how you mentioned it is hard to keep up on blogs, especially while leading busy lives… I try to get back to your posts, more than just liking them, I enjoy the way I feel after I read them.
        (Again, glad you liked the sweaters post.)

  1. Perfect analogy…sweaters are the perfect target for a bit of anthropomorphism, I agree. You might remember my post “Two Words” about a very special sweater. And, EGAD, Christmas sweater season is almost upon us. Southern Belles love their Christmas sweaters better than just about anybody, I reckon. If I don’t talk to you again beforehand, I hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one, dear Robin. XXX

    • Thanks, Barb! I am still up at Mom’s… left her in the midst of a Blue Bloods, police detective show. I do remember your “Two Words,” need to re-read it again soon! Just dropping in to say hello and pass around some gratitude for those who wrote some comments.
      I am so hoping you had a marvelous and serene Thanksgiving. You Southern Belles are my idols, seriously. I enjoy knowing more and more about the differences in your perspectives and finding commonalities, too. Hugs, Robin

  2. you are so right about this, robin! i have a really hard time getting rid of the raggedy old favorites of mine. i love some of them for the comfort and warmth and sense of security they bring me. just like family )

    • This was such a nice thing to say, the sweaters giving your comfort and warmth and security, “just like family!” It was a fun poetic expression. So glad you felt it was one which you could relate to, Beth! I love those raggedy ones, too! They are like blankets wrapped around our upper bodies. Almost could see Charles Schulz saying something about them in a comic strip… “Sweaters are like our favorite ‘blankies.'”

    • I appreciate these hearts a lot, Tracy! Also, how you love my ‘insights’ and sense of humor. I am never quite sure if it is going to come out well enough to capture some interest! Glad it caught yours and wishing you to continue to have a wonderful weekend, too. Hugs, Robin

    • Ann, thanks so much for the wishes for my family members and my sweaters, too. Ha ha! I am glad you felt this to be ‘wonderful’ since I am just happy to make you happy! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, Ann!

  3. Hmm sweaters..jumpers. Nope can’t think of one story, only that I have a tendency to hold on to the comfy ones whether they are outdated or not…. Though I don’t think the family are outdated 😊 happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, sorry I don’t have any traditions either, such a boring lot we are 😃

    • You are never boring, Jen! Hope you have some fun and enjoy your weekend! I appreciate your mentioning the other term, “jumpers” for sweaters. Is this just British or also the rest of the Scottish and neighboring areas? I love the way my newest Bridget Jones’ book is going, where she is in her early 50’s has two children and is trying to date a man who is 10 years younger. All wishes in my imagination…. ha ha! “Mad About the Boy” by Fielding…
      Hugs to you, the Penguins, and a handshake, let’s keep it proper and above board, to Mr. S.

    • I mentioned to Beth, I can just have seen Charles Schulz changing his poster where little Linus loves his blankie to: “Happiness is a warm, comfy sweater!” Thanks, Jill, for enjoying my funny poem comparing sweaters to family. I am happy you felt this way, too! Hugs, Robin

  4. I have an absolute favorite that is black and stretchy and it is perfect with jeans and boots or jeans and flats. It’s great on a fat day or a skinny-ish day. You know what I love about sweaters? The whole layer thing. I like layers of blankets and clothes…the comfort of it all. I love your thoughts on sweaters and family and Thanksgiving, Robin. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you, Becky. I am up at my Mom’s in the Pub, where the men are playing penny poker, pecking away at a post about a recent crime novelist’s death. Then, of course, could not resist peeking at the comments on the sweaters post. Thank you for your clever additions, personal favorite black sweater and also pointing out it is the layers part of the sweater that makes it extra special. Layers of blankets and clothing…. so true!
      I will not be reading many posts, just breezing by. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and it continues on till Sunday! hugs, Robin

  5. Very warm and well knitted sweater you created here by words. I love sweaters knitted by my mom. She does wonders with wool and lovely patterns she used to make. Now off course she has problem with vision. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family. 🙂

    • I have a few things I really appreciate about your kind words. First of all, I am so glad you love your mom’s knitted sweaters. So glad she made some for you to wear and hug yourself, by her warming touch of her craft upon your body. This is wonderful to hear but sorry, too, that her vision is getting to be a problem. I hope you will have a special weekend and thank you for the sweet wishes to my family and me. Hugs and smiles, Robin

  6. While I haven’t maintained anything so grand as what might be called a wardrobe, I have a few sweaters that would qualify for your sweater metaphor of life. I have a couple of scratching ones that my grandsons don’t like to smush up against, but I love the warmth of wool. I have a couple of sleeveless sweaters that seem appropriate for my Old Guy look. I also have a soft cashmere sweater that I picked up at the Kinross Mill in Scotland. But my favorite is still my black fleece. It welcomes me home with its warmth and comfort when I return from the crisp outdoor air. I am wearing it now after our final pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip, and I feel cozy in it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! – Mike

    • Mike, this is so grand that you listed a variety of your own sweaters, ones that are like vests, scratchy warm woolen ones, as well as the fleece one which makes you feel cozy while wearing it. I like that mentioned your purchase while traveling to one of the best sweater sources in the world: Kinross Mill in Scotland! I am so glad you bought the soft cashmere sweater, Mike! I am glad you have Florence, who is a warm and cuddly ‘sweater’ or soul who is good at returning your hugs.
      I bet the grandsons and you are having a wonderful visit, while your tummy is full of delicious food and football on the television screen or table games being played…. I am imagining a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, too. Hugs, Robin

  7. I love this, Robin, the comparison of sweaters with family members. It’s so much fun.
    I have a soft pullover sweater, a deep purple, that I will never part with. It has stains on the shoulders and up by the neck and all over the front from 35 years ago when my daughter was a baby. It also have more stains from 11 years ago and 10 years ago when my grandchildren were babies. I used it intentionally for them for early feedings, as a continuation of when their mother used left her marks on it. My daughter says I’m to never throw it away, but give it to her and she’ll save it for her grandchildren. We’re a baby-crazy family, that’s for sure.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Robin.

    • You are never crazy, in my book, Marylin! I adore the idea of saving the special tradition of handing down the deep purple, soft pullover sweater. This holding the drips and burps of babies from your own children and your grandchildren, too, captured my heart. It is definitely a magical sweater, holding not only the signs of babies but the memories, too. Thank you so much for sharing this beloved sweater with all of us, which someday you will be passing on to another generation. This is so sweet! Hope you have a great rest of the Thanksgiving weekend, Marylin!

    • I am so glad you found this poem to your liking, Glorialana! I am thankful for your beautiful words you share with lovely artistic works on your own posts. I am glad we are still in ‘touch’ and hope you are having a fantastic weekend, too! Thanks for your kind wishes, my friend!

  8. Robin! How perfect your epiphany likening sweaters to family members. My brain is moving so quickly now, imagining my people as sweaters to be worn or just folded high up in the closet. Thank you for the inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I am glad you shared some more ideas about sweaters! I like that you found your brain moving along quickly, imagination is a wonderful thing! I feel lucky to have inspired such fun thoughts! I like that some people, like sweaters, are to be worn and kept close while others may just be placed up high on a shelf, in a closet! This was really creative of you. Thanks for your wishes and I hope you have a happy weekend!

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