Unique December Facts


“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

The good news is December has been declared Bingo Celebration

Month! I used to love it when my family would play this, with

guests. Sometimes my cousins, sometimes neighbors, we would

be out on the picnic table with our chips and our Dad would be

the one to spin the wire caged wheel and pull out the wooden

balls with the letters, “B,I,N,G” or “O.”

Did you know this is an ‘ancient’ game? It has been around since

the 1500’s.

I used to love being the “Caller” for Bingo at the Arbors Nursing Home,

while my residents were always happy to call out, “Bingo!” The young

volunteers would run over and give them their quarter. When the whole

card got filled, we would start all over again. The reward for a filled card

was one dollar bill. This was a big exciting reward to the folks who lived



On a much more solemn note, December 16, 1944 was the day the big

“Battle of the Bulge” was carried out.


The Official End of WWII was on December 31, 1946.

Peace on Earth, Good will to Men.


Did you know every day of the month has a food item?


DECEMBER DAYS OF FOOD (Beverage or Other):

Dec. 1- National Pie Day.

Eat A Red Apple Day.


Dec. 2- National Apple Pie Day.


Dec. 4- National Cookie Day.

(Every day is this one for me! smiles)


Dec. 5- Repeal Day ~ Prohibition Day (U.S.).

National Sacher Torte Day.

(In Vienna, Austria a man named Franz Sacher created this

delicious chocolate, light cake or torte, in 1832.)


Dec. 6- National Gazpacho Day.

(Associated with Andalusia, part of Spain, but its roots go back

into Arab and other ancient times. Cold, savory soup, made of

raw vegetables.)

Also, National Microwave Oven Day.

(I do appreciate this electronic invention.)


Dec. 7- National Cotton Candy Day.

(Why is this in our winter? Is this for places who have fairs and

festivals in December?)


Dec. 8- National Chocolate Brownie Day.

Dec. 9- National Pastry Day.

Dec. 10- National Lager Day.


Dec. 11- National Noodle Ring Day.

(This is hard to find its roots, but mainly described as

a circle of noodles with a cheese incorporated into it,

attributed to Germany.)


Dec. 12- National Cocoa Day.


Dec. 13- National Ice Cream Day.

(Why, again, are we eating ice cream in the cold weather?

This must be made up by people in warmer climates.

Also, National Violins Day.


Dec. 14- National Bouillabaisse Day.

(I enjoy this savory, warm soup. It originated from fishing

villages in France. Marseilles may have been its first place

of origin, with three kinds of fish and Provencal seasonings.)


Dec. 15- National Cupcake Day.


**Dec. 16- National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day!!**

Woo hoo!


Dec. 17- National Maple Syrup Day.

(This would be the perfect day or excuse to make pancakes

or waffles!)


Dec. 18- National Suckling Pig Day.

(This comes from mainly Chinese cuisine, but there are some

references going back to Roman times. This is a very young

pig, which has a lot of collagen in its skin, hard to ‘crisp up,’

while it is considered a delicacy.)


Dec. 19- National Hard Candy.

(What is your favorite hard candy?

My Dad’s was either horehound or cinnamon drops.

Mom’s was butterscotch drops. My favorite flavor is found in

either the caramel flavored Nips or Werther’s candies.)


Dec. 20- National Fried Shrimp Day.

(This makes me think of Louisiana cooking with crawdads or

prawns. This would be prepared as Shrimp Creole. I enjoy

the butter sauce with garlic infusion:Β  Shrimp Scampi.)


Also on the 20th- National Sangria Day.


(You probably already know this is my Mom’s favorite wine

to sip on at bedtime, using a small juice glass. I have a

Spanish toast on another post…)


Dec. 21- National Hamburger Day.

Going from the red meat to fruit…

National Kiwi Fruit Day.


Dec. 22- National Date Nut Bread.


Dec. 23- National Pfeffernuesse Day.

(This traditional German spice cookie covered with powdered

confectioner’s sugar is one that takes me back to my Grandma’s

kitchen. It reminds me of the flavors of gingerbread cookies.)


Dec. 24- National Feast of the Seven Fishes.

(This comes from Italy, which celebrates the Wait or Vigil for

the Baby Jesus, by serving fish from the Mediterranean Sea.)


Also, National Egg Nog Day.

(I like this use of nutmeg, heavy cream and Irish whiskey or

other alcohol. Mom likes the non-alcoholic milky drink from

United Dairy Farmers.)


Dec. 25- National Pumpkin Pie Day.

(Just in case you didn’t get enough of this holiday pie at



Dec. 26- National Candy Cane Day.

Dec. 27- National Fruit Cake Day.


Dec. 28- National Chocolate Candy Day.

(Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter also celebrate

this national holiday- just being ‘facetious.’)


Dec. 29- National Pepper Pot Soup Day.

(There are recipes for this Jamaican cuisine along

with one from Philadelphia.)


Dec. 30- National Bicarbonate of Soda Day,

(Thank you for this Baking Soda Day. I like to use this

special rising ingredient in many baked goods, but can

taste it the most in homemade biscuits.)


Dec. 31- National Champagne Day.

(Say a toast to “Auld Lang Syne”Β  and Happy New Year, 2015!)


The research on some of these food items is not complete, but I did

look up the ones I did not know where the foods originated in. If

you would like to share a favorite family traditional food item in the

comments section, we would enjoy hearing about them. Thank you!





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    • I am so glad it isn’t too late to ‘save you’ from being in Moderation and Waiting Approval, Norm! I am very bad at checking this from time to time. Thanks for your patience! I laughed at your asking where I find these things… almost anywhere! I wish it were still Gazpacho Day, now you can see how many days it took me to respond… Anyway, I used to write about dating, then I got this idea about writing about relationships revealing our hearts, but I got a little ‘stale’ and decided to just be a source of information… Hope this will still keep your interest and thank you again for smiling with a big chuckle or roaring sound coming out from over there… Smiles back at you!

  1. Robin, I think the only time I ever played Bingo was when we played it in French class–played it in French! My husband was a volunteer caller for awhile, but I didn’t even go with him, staying home with the kids instead.

    • I almost said I played Bingo in Spanish class! Language teachers incorporated fun with lessons. Glad you had Bingo in French, Luanne. I think it is just fine to never play Bingo as an adult, although I may do this once I retire, just to check out the crowd! smiles!

  2. I’m just really annoyed right now, Robin, that my birthday, out of all of them, falls on national warm soup from France day. Dagnabbit! Turning 57, I’d even trade it for National Bicarbonate of Soda Day! Thanks for the December Day post, my friend. πŸ™‚

    • Okay, I must remember this one, Mark. NO celebrating bouillabaisse, just have a drink and toast to Mark!
      I am glad you checked out the quirky December facts I could not possibly have added to my already long December calendar post!
      Will Karen have a weeklong celebration for YOU, like you did for Her? Smiles! Happy Early Birthday and may this next year of being 57 give you more pleasure than your already fun-filled 56th year, my friend!

      • I was happy to have one dinner out, a nice sweater and a bottle of wine for my #59 last month. I was also going around telling many people that I knew, family and friends, “This is my absolute last age-advancing birthday, I shall be 59 until I die!”

    • I know! We need some ‘solid’ food in between all of these treats and beverages! It was quite a smorgasbord of foods and celebrations. I could not fit it into my monthly calendar, although the two serious facts may just have to be inserted next year.
      Thanks, Dan, on ‘weighing in’ on the list of crazy dates this month!

  3. I remember in Africa we would only eat ice -cream during the hot months then one day I met an American (from California) who insisted we go out for ice-cream one crisp winter evening – since then I eat ice-cream year round πŸ˜€ I haven’t played Bingo in years! great post Robin πŸ™‚

    • This is like some people here do, they like to go out for ice cream only in warmer weather. The different small independent ice cream places around town ‘close up shop’ when it gets to be September or October. I like to sit in places that are warm to eat ice cream, so Tim Horton’s has a small ‘fireplace’ that makes me feel warm and cozy, while eating Coldstone Cremery treats. At home, I try not to bring ice cream home, I eat more than I should….
      I think someday when I join the Senior Citizen Center, I will try all of the activities, just to ‘check out the elderly men!’ ha ha!

    • You are so right, Colleen! ha ha! I could not believe there is a monthly list of foods EVERY month that is so filled with unique dates.
      I felt bad to insert two somber subjects here, next December I will try to remember the war facts for my monthly calendar.
      I cannot keep a tub of ice cream at my house. I bought some to share with my grandies, then the remainder of the half gallon was consumed in one setting once they left– by me!
      Weight isn’t so much a big deal, since I wear off the calories at the warehouse, but ever since my ‘scare’ in my forties, where my cholesterol went ‘sky high’ my doctor tries to keep me off the foods that are richly made with high fat content. Only ‘good’ fats I can consume are olive oil or vegetable based. Otherwise, I will have to start a daily regimen of anti-cholesterol medication. Yikes! The side effects are taped on the side of my fridge, so I try not to indulge. I love sweets, treats, ice cream and deep fried foods….

      • Well, the side of the fridge can also be avoided from time to time. I believe there are certain times of year special treats come out and they must be tasted. Keeping them to a minimum and adding fresh vegetables and fruits kind of counterbalance the side effects…. or so I believe!

    • I am so glad it is full of reasons to indulge and thanks for saying it sounds ‘yummy,’ Jill! I am glad to find out this fact about you, I envision the ‘man of my dreams’ being at the Senior Citizen Center, one of these days when I join. I would not turn down a chance to play Bingo, just haven’t had a chance to do so for awhile.

    • Lorna, to be honest, there is a website where almost every day has a food item to celebrate. I think it is called, “365 days of food.” I found it awhile back, but decided to try this for only one month. I would be so busy writing and typing, if I did this every month! Smiles and I appreciate your saying it was another fun post, Lorna!

    • I know, this would be a fun activity! I have my dream man who will go to such crazy and disparate events, keeping me sane, telling me when I need to leave, too. Fun times ahead at the Senior Citizen Center! Smiles! (I know lots of people younger than I that go, but I feel this will be a treat saved for when life is not so loud and hectic- when I retire, Beth!)

    • What is your favorite kind, Brenda? Mine is vanilla buttercream frosted cookies, doesn’t matter if they are just circles, but shapes like pumpkins, Christmas bells or Valentine’s hearts just taste better! smiles!

  4. So many fun facts for December!

    Just a note about ‘Soap Bubbles’ – most fiction is based in fact with name changes.
    Daughters can only do so much. Kind of hard to please some older folks who are stuck with the idea that they are to be served on silver platters when all that is available is paper plates.

    I did get to see my own mom twice this year, though the distance is great. Dementia is harder to deal with when you can’t see the people you love every day or even once a week.

    Holidays are always best when spent with family. But I am also looking forward to toes in the sand time with my guy! Cheers to you and yours.

    I know I owe you an e-mail. πŸ™‚ But, well I like to write too, when I have time. πŸ˜‰
    Tonight I have to cook tomorrows dinner, because I have both cherubs. And it is not the usual for them to both be quiet and sleeping at the same time πŸ™‚

    • I am so pleased, starting with the ending and working backwards… both little cherubs asleep: Yay!
      Feet in sand, with time alone with hubby: Priceless!
      Holidays with some people who are not always gracious: Boo!
      Also, I am glad you mentioned there were facts woven into your characters. I should know this, by now! I hope the older folks will understand, but sometimes being old means ‘being crotchety! When I spelled it the first time, it looked like crocheting was in there.
      Jules, this character from the past, was it one of your mother’s relatives or father’s? She had a lot on her ‘plate,’ with a lot of challenges.
      I am looking forward to having a nice January email from you, since I am also pretty busy for personal correspondence. But, meanwhile, I will go over there and clear the way and get my Inbox ready! Smiles!
      The full moon was beautiful this week, with the cold temperatures creating a misty, hazy sky surrounding it. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and the Very Best New Year, ever!

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