Recent Stuff, (Including 1989 T.V. Shows)


I had my two grandsons overnight, we went out to look at the Dec.

13, 2014 Geminid Meteor Showers at 9 p.m. and were a little unsure

of whether we were looking in the correct direction. The meteor

showers were located behind the Gemini constellation, (the “twins”).

We saw more brightness there, but since we were relying on our

own eyesight, we were not able to see the radiating yellow flashes.

It is always fun to walk over to Ohio Wesleyan campus and go to the

center of the circle of the original buildings made of blue limestone

from Delaware’s old quarry.


We came home and put our pajamas on to play ‘flashlight’ Hide

‘n Seek. I have a few ‘tricks’ up my sleeve, while the two boys hide

in the bathroom to “Count to 20.” I am getting rather good at

figuring ways to make myself small to hide under things and

behind them, too.


They walked right past me, flashing their lights at the bed, while

not looking behind the door. Another time, I rearranged the toy

chest location, making myself  hidden by covering up with a soft

blanket behind an upholstered chair. Their vision played tricks

on them, thinking no one was there, the toy chest blocking me

behind it.

The boys favorite surprise hiding place was in the kitchen, a

narrow ‘closet’ where I keep my small upright vacuum cleaner.

Skyler quickly hid this item in my front closet under some coats.

Micah stood in the back flattening himself, then Sky closed the

door, using the edge of my Christmas apron that hangs on the

doorknob to this narrow closet to pull it closed from the inside.

I actually have never found both of them in there together, so I

circled my one bedroom apartment a few times. I was puzzled

and one of our ‘last resorts’ is to ask for a vocalized response,

“Are you still here?” I heard the muffled voice of Sky, saying,


Their other favorite ‘team hiding place’ is my bedroom closet

where there is a small dresser on either side of the closet. They

shut the door on either end, climbing up on each respective

dresser. One hides behind my clothes while the other one hides

behind the wedding dress, flower girl and bridesmaids’ dresses.

I guess by the time my oldest daughter has decided to marry,

the dresses will need to be pressed or steamed…

The kids giggle while they hide in ‘plain sight’ under blankets,

since it is a silly companionship moment, where I say such things

as, “Who in the world would ever just hide in a blanket in the

middle of a room, don’t they worry their old Nana will step on

them? Is this short body, Skyler, all drawn up into

himself or my little Micah?”


If you look in the area of the Gemini constellation, you may

have one more night of sightings of the yellow, golden flashes.

Good luck and hope you have binoculars! I hope you get a

chance to see this and let me know about this beautiful



In 1989, a few series of quirky, wacky and fun shows were

initiated. One ended up lasting 25 years, one introduced us

to a strange pre-teenager who wore pants that showed his

socks or ankles, (we used to call these pants, “high water,”)

and another helped us to believe in geniuses who could

carry out a professional job. There is one in the bunch which

was all about ‘everyday’ and discussion about ‘nothing.’

These shows came on the television screen 25 years ago:


1. “The Simpsons” was a show I watched with my children.

I supervised this show, which over all had a “Dennis the Menace”

message. Where lessons of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices were actually

shown but in such a way, there are a vast number of people who

despised the show and others who watched this one for famous

people caricatured but voicing their own character.  There is a

PG-13 video game where it is not a positive force for children,

where points may be earned by being ‘bad.’


The thing is, my son pointed out, it is like acting out their

thoughts of disliking other kids, usually the ‘bullies.’ I do

not judge this show, since I have laughed out loud and have

enjoyed famous guests on it. Nor would I say I was a ‘perfect’

parent, since I knowingly let my son and his best friend go

to the multi-plex with other babysitting kids and they went

to the next theater to watch Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

in a rated R movie. They were probably 14 and 12, at the time.

I did clear this with the other boy’s parents, and Mick was also

allowed to sneak into “Bad Boys.” They later, when it came out,

were allowed to see, “Bad Boys 2” but this was in 2003, so Jamie

was 22 and Mick was 20. The way I look at it, ‘you pick your

battles in parenting.’


2. “Seinfeld” came out in 1989 to much success, it lasted quite some

time with its simple plots but complicated characters. I liked the

main characters, while sometimes I did not always appreciate

the way some ‘bad’ habits carried on throughout the series, no

real signs of ‘growth and development.’ Many special episodes

are memorable, ones with parents involved, dating and parties,

the Chinese restaurant waiting in line, the shopping multiple

level parking lot and the final episode in jail. While I liked

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in this show, I completely enjoyed the

one where she was in her own show, “The New Old Christine

Show.” It was hilarious, since she had a funny brother, a coworker

and partner in running the gym, where you never saw her or

Wanda Syke’s using the gym equipment.


3. “Family Matters” was a family show where we actually would

schedule our bedtime routine around, baths and snacks before

watching it, then reading a book before going to sleep.  Carrie

was 9, Jamie was 7 and Felicia was 4 years old. It was one of our

favorite shows. There were times we would discuss the character,

Urkel’s ineptness, clumsiness and not fitting into school, too. It

had heartfelt acceptance at the core of this show.


4. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” had mostly ‘accidental’ laughs,

ones where some family member was videotaping another, a pratfall

or something would occur, the inevitable guffaws would follow. My

own children liked to play their own ‘home version’ where they would

get the babysitting kids to create a scripted sequence, while I was

doing laundry or cooking lunch, on a snow day. They would invited me

to be their ‘guest’ and witness the carefully planned ‘accidents.’ It is

one of my fondest memories of my children, so I am thankful for this

long-lasting show.


5. “Doogie Howser Show” had a young professional physician, where the

ensemble cast helped to create this amusing show. It was one where

there were problems, time spent solving them and sometimes a few

tears shed when challenges got the best of the patient or doctor. Would

you trust someone so young? I may believe he would be more current

than an older doctor, but this was a constant question in clients’ minds.

I still enjoy Neil Patrick Harris, wherever he performs, in a show or as

a host. He is quite witty and never unkind in his comments. I feel he

‘radiates’ a child-like and friendly ‘boy next door’ quality.


6. “Cops” started in 1989 and I have never watched this. I feel the plot

of real life is definitely a good source of ‘stranger than fiction’ stories.


This quintet is a ‘mixed bag,’ with my favorite one being “Family Matters.”

I did not list the actors and actresses in this, since my grandson is now

finished with an hour of playing games with “SpongeBob Square Pants”

and checking out the Columbus Zoo website. He felt the baby bonobo

was “so cute” and the stingrays in the reef photographs were “scary”

and “interesting.” He told me he would like to go home and play video

games with Skyler, now. Micah allowed me to type out this post, but

it is being published:

“As Is!”

P.S. Micah is watching me type out his name and wishes me to tell

you the movie we watched was about Dinosaurs that Walked the

Earth and was “really, really good!” He said the best part of the

movie was when the main character, Satchi, saves his brother.



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    • Thank you, Pauline for such a kind comment. I hope they will continue to enjoy spending time with me. I was wondering about how Siddy is doing with the Christmas decorations. I will need to go and see! Orlando’s probably being same old aloof and well behaved self… smiles!

  1. It sounds like a great night. I wish you all had seen the light show in the sky, Robin, but the flashlight game at home was just as much fun for all of you!

    “Seinfeld” was my favorite of the five, because I relate to Jerry’s way and sense of humor, dry and observational. We grew up several years and 20 miles apart on Long Island. He got rich and famous, though. 🙂

    • You never know, your rich and famous days may still be up in the air, someday in the future, Mark! I did not know, may have forgotten if you mentioned this fact, that Seinfeld grew up only 20 miles apart from you… Interesting, I find you much warmer and less dry, too! Smiles!

      I am so grateful for your mentioning that the flashlight game may be just as good as the celestial light show. I was wishing we had binoculars. I know which one of my three grown children has it, but I know he gets good use of it with his own children…

  2. Your Hide and Seek game came to life in this story. It reminded me how much fun it was to hide from my daughter when she was 3-4 years old. I would always hide behind a door or someplace where I could jump and and startle her. She would scream and squeal and then beg me to ‘do it again.’

    I fondly remember Doogie Howser and his buddy, Vinnie Delpino. That show gave us an early glimpse of the great talent of Neil Patrick Harris. I think he will ultimately be a national treasure like the Kennedy Center honorees for their lifetime of achievement in the arts. He has already won five Emmy Awards and a Tony among the dozens of nominations in his career. – Mike

    • Mike, so glad you chose to mention your Daddy hide and seek tactics. This was a rare glimpse into your wonderful parenting. I have heard about your cooking and your book reading… always nice to add pieces of my Mike puzzle together. Smiles!
      I am also so happy you chose to pick Neil Patrick Harris. I was glad I had put this in my blog, since last night, Barbara Walters chose him to be one of her Ten Most Fascinating People to interview. He seemed warm, real and down to earth. I have enjoyed seeing him ‘grow up’ and become a great father and entertainer. One day, I hope he will become an honoree for one of the Lifetime Achievement awards, too. Thanks, Mike!

    • Thank you, I bet you and your husband will make excellent parents some day. Not trying to rush you, though. Take your time, enjoy each other and travel the world, since we enjoy seeing where you have been and reading about your adventures, too.

  3. I love the post
    so nice you spend time with them
    Funny thing I watch all those show too
    now I just watch the big bang theory

    Seinfeld was hilarious, kramer was my favorite he was so crazy, I love the soup nazi episode they say it was a real person.

    take care

    • Doris, thanks for saying such wonderful things here. I am glad you loved the post today. Also, that you used to watch these shows, too.
      I love ‘Big Bang Theory,” because it is usually nice and caring, along with very creative in the plot lines. Seinfeld was funny, but sometimes the shows made more sense the second time around, for me, at least! ha ha! Slow minded, at times…
      The Soup Nazi guy was real, heard he was not happy with his portrayal. Wow! He should have appreciated the ‘Free Advertising!’
      Abrazos, Robin

  4. oh so much fun Robin 🙂 I did not get to see the meteor shower (our city is almost always clouded over in winter) I am sure your grandsons appreciated being taken out to spot pieces of sky falling 🙂 which is what I once thought. I have to agree with Micah that movie was really really good.

    • Thanks for joining in the fun, Yolanda!
      I am glad you enjoyed the Dinosaurs movie, too. I found it so interesting how the one tooth is found, which leads to the bird who knows the story. How writers can be so creative, time after time, amazes me. The waterfalls and the way Satchi falls in love with Sofie, (I think her name is…?) is so sweet, too.

    • My parents started the flashlight hide and seek while my brothers and I were young, when we had company over but we played this mostly outdoors. We took this ‘show’ on the road, carting our flashlights to our cousins’ house, which was extra fun since they had three floors to hide in!
      (I like to ‘give credit where credit is due.’) Luanne, one day… you will be wonderful, I just know it!

  5. You’re such a wonderful grandmother, Robin! So fun! Ugh…The Simpsons, I’ve never been a fan of that show and I’m amazed it’s still on the air. Bring back The Flintstones!
    Seinfeld, on the other hand, was one of my favorites. There’s never been anyone more funny, aside from Lucille Ball, as Kramer (I forget his real name). He cracked me up and Elaine was pretty great too.

    • You are so right about Kramer! He was hysterical in his animated actions, how he entered rooms and the apartment, along with his crazy hair and looks. Michael Richards, I believe, is his name. I liked Elaine, but sometimes she was sneaky and dishonest on ‘Seinfeld’ which I blame on the writers. She was so much more open and ‘likeable’ on her newer show. I liked Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in the movie she made with James Gandolfini, a love story with honesty in it.
      I agree, if I had had a choice I would have not chosen, “The Simpsons.” But my parents would not let me watch “The Monkees” show nor “Dark Shadows” soap opera. When I would go to my friend’s house, their parents let them watch these shows. I vowed to be the parent who would watch the shows but also discuss the shows my children wished to watch. I liked baby “Maggie” and also, how “Lisa” always was good and made good choices. My own view changed as I got older, watching Steven Tyler and other incredibly iconic people ‘act’ and use their voices in the cartoon series. It became a way to connect to my memories, too.

      It is not everyone’s cup of tea, I agree, Jill!

    • Doogie and Family Matters were good, wholesome family shows. There were annoying moments but there were always good lessons and meaning behind everyone’s actions. That father is a good actor, I have seen him a few other shows, unfortunately his name eludes me. I was so glad I posted this before (truly) I found out that Neil Patrick Harris was going to be one of Barbara Walters’ Top Ten Fascinating People. I think the subject of “1989” is interesting, just heard this is the title of an album by another of the fascinating people interviewed: Taylor Swift.

  6. As Christmas approaches I think back to those exciting days with my children when they were younger. It was great to read your post here today and time that you are spending with your grandchildren in December.

  7. Such a pleasure to see you enjoying with your grandsons and what fun you had. It is always good to spend time with children. Loved your posts. I enjoyed the visit and read the missed ones. Got some free moments today 🙂

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