Truth or Dare?


Who would think a pack of gum would get me thinking of my pre-

teen years?  When overnights would include such fun and exciting

games as, “Truth or Dare?” The gum is made by the Wm. Wrigley Jr.

Company, Chicago, Illinois  60642. Its label says, “RPM 5 Gum.”

It has “Truth or Dare” (some space and on another line), “Play and

You Could Win.” This gum product tastes like a citrusy-fruit flavor.

I would say it has a sour ‘front’ flavor changing into a sweeter ‘after’

flavor. It contains some not great’ sounding ingredients given as:

Soy Lecithin, Phenylketonurics and Phenylalanine. I am unsure of

what these would do to you, if you ate pack after pack, let alone

chewing to get the flavor then discarding it, as I do.


The clever side of the gum pack says:  “Post your truths. Share your



The inside of the pack has a number which can be logged in to

“5TRUTHORDARE.COM” If you do so, you are entered to win

possibly a “$10,000 Adventure” or “One of 100,000 Instant Prizes.”

I seem to be going on a lot about the package facts, but here is the

fun part of the pack of gum,

Each stick of gum has a golden wrapper with 3 different choices.

I decided to write down just two gum sticks’ worth of choices:

1. The first stick of gum that I chewed from this pack had these

three choices on its golden wrapper:

a. “Dare:  Record five different sounds made with this gum


My reaction, you may be able to talk muffled through it,

you may be able to attempt whistling (like a blade of grass)

with it between your lips or you could just crinkle it and make

scratchy sounds from the wrapper.

b. “Truth:  If you were granted one wish what would you

ask for?”

*** This is up for grabs if you wish to answer this in the

comments section…***

c. “Dare:  Visit five places today that you’ve never been to.

Post pictures at #5TruthOrDare.

***If you have some extra time to spare after reading this,

please fill us in on five places you have never been to, that

you would wish to go.***


2. The second piece of gum that I chewed, after lunch had

these three choices given:

a. “Dare:  Do as many push ups as you can in one minute.”

***Sorry, I did not ‘take this dare!’

b. “Truth:  What foods have sent tears streaming down your


***I will ask you, do you wish to answer this one?***

c. “Dare:  Drop what you are doing and play air guitar.”

Okay, I did this intentionally by Melvin, since he is one

of the crazy people who would not make fun of me. So,

I stopped him up in the Mezzanine, filling orders and

pushing our carts, he was coming from one direction in

a row of products, I was coming from the opposite way,

facing him. I got in front of my car so he could see me,

I leaned forward with my air guitar and then, to be more

dramatic, I got on one knee, closed my eyes and held it

above my head.

Then, I calmly went back to behind my cart and continued

forward. When we got together in the middle of the aisle,

Melvin being the ‘cool dude’ that he is, looked at me and

smiled then he said,

“So Robin . . . Was that Santana or Jagger?”

(I sure did want to hug him for this great comment, which

completed my Dare so well! I mean, I could not have asked

for a better reaction!)


At slumber parties, as my friends and I got older, we liked to

try and slip out of the house. Sometimes, it was quite innocent

and we would sit out in the cool, damp grass, whispering.

Other times, we had asked a group of guys to come by, which

would involve a little bit of logistics and stamina. There were

times the guys would be later or not even show up. We never

necked or made out with the guys. We may have held hands or

gotten a hug. We would tingle with anticipation for what kind

of moves the guys would make on us?

These were much anticipated and filled with excitement, just

to get this attention and level of participation and interaction.


When I reached high school age, my parents liked us to come

home, so it was rare to get to have sleepovers or go somewhere

else. My favorite parties, (have probably shared this more than

once), were marching band, science club and theater after parties.

The drama group was more likely to be wilder and have some of

those “Truth or Dare” situations. I always smile when I think of

the times when the marijuana joints were passed over my head

or the chivalrous guys would say I didn’t have to carry out some

of the more sexually oriented ‘dares.’ It was a fun way to pass the

time and I did do two dares after I reached 16 years old. The first

entailed going in a closet with a boy for, “__ Seconds of  Heaven.”

I have heard people say how many seconds their friends would

count out loud, but I swear my friends counted to “Seven.” Does

not sound like very long. . . Was it due to rhyming with “Heaven?”


I do remember playing ‘tricks’ on girls in their sleeping bags at Girl

Scout camp. One was we would get hot water dipping one of their

hands into a container. Supposedly, sometimes people would then

‘pee’ in some age groups. We did not have this happen. Ever. We

also took a person out of our tent, using three girls to help us and

put her in another bunk bed in another platform tent. Switching

beds was hilarious, we thought, at the time! Our ‘dares’ seem rather

tame now. The common things we liked to do at slumber parties

were to fix each other’s hair, practice make-up skills, call up boys

and usually hang up, prank call other people and play with the

mystical Ouija Board, calling for Spirits to come forward. This

would raise the hair on my arms. We liked listening to music,

practicing our ‘dance moves’ and watching late night movies.


In answer to one wish I would make: Good health for my whole

family. (Hoping longevity would accompany this unspoken wish.)


In answer to the five places I would like to go:

1.  England, Ireland and Scotland.

2.  California; Driving across the country.

3.  Hawaii or an Island cruise.

4.  Canada; More around the whole country, not just

where I have been to. (Niagara Falls, Toronto and Quebec)

5.  Australia and New Zealand.


What do you remember being your bravest “Dare” that you took?

Were there any memorable ‘antics’ or ‘challenges’ you did not take

but someone else did?


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  1. oh, robin. this all brings back the slumber party games: truth or dare, prank phone calls, pranking each other, ghost stories – all so fun and so harmless, but exciting none the less )

  2. The biggest dare for me was going out with a ‘gang’ of guys (many of us were on the high school football team) and we TP’ed the houses of the cheerleaders of our high school. We also threw eggs before we high-tailed it to the next victim’s house.

    Fortunately, my best friend and I were in his car separate from the guys in the bed of the pickup truck, and we left early. Apparently, the word we were on the prowl got out, because we found out the next day that the county sheriffs were waiting at the last cheerleader’s house when our gang arrived. There were about a dozen guys whose parents had to pick them up late that night (or early the next morning) at the county jail. I don’t think anyone pressed charges, but there were some mighty pissed off parents.

    I was lucky, and I learned an important lesson that day. If you are going to screw up, do not get caught! (Maybe that was not supposed to be the lesson, but that’s what I remember from back then.) – Mike

    • I am laughing at the end of this comments’ section, your lesson was not what a parent would get or hope you would get, but a typical teenager’s response: “Don’t get caught!” I liked TP-ing houses but my parents emphasized that eggs could be bad, hard to get off of cars and houses, too. I had someone prank me at Halloween this year, with an egg smashed on my windshield on a sunny day. Wow, was that difficult to get off and lots and lots of water and soap, I ended up using my ice scraper… Mike, thanks for telling us your high school prank, I bet you were a cute football player who flirted with the cheerleaders! smiles

  3. I took some dares I don’t want to talk about here hahaha. And I think I’ve already told you about our fainting game, which of course was a dare. Squeeze each other until we fainted.

    • Luanne, thanks for sharing about that fainting game. I was going to say something, if you didn’t mention it. Glad you saved me worrying about telling too much! I am laughing, since I can hardly believe you would do anything to be embarrassed about in a dare. Now, you just made us see you in a different light.

  4. Never slept over much after elementary school–the big thrills were reading Mike LeBlanc’s dad’s Playboy Magazines (yep, under the bed) and staying up late to watch Belushi & Co. on Saturday Night Live. In High School, we often stayed up all night–riding around town, two guys on a moped we must have looked hilarious–me at 6’3 225 and the other guy 6’4 240–the thing could barely hold 20mph. One time we were hanging around on the local university football field when the cops spotlighted us from the gate. Cornered, a bunch of us sprinted for the bleachers, split up, and threw ourselves down between rows, below where the light could hit us. Lazy Cops just kept spotlighting, even though they could have rounded us all up if they’d got off their butts and out of their car–a hilariously un-imposing Plymouth Volare. After about ten minutes they drove away, but we held out for a little while and waited–sure enough, they drove around the parking lot and tried to sneak back, this time with their headlights off. Brilliant, right? Except that they were in a well-lit parking lot. We just lay there, cracking wise, until they gave up and really left. Great night.

    • I am so glad you shared these personal stories with us! I am laughing since Yes, my brothers read these magazines. When we had Science Club recycling pick ups in high school (1970-74) the boys would grab these magazines, some like Hustler and Penthouse were quite scandalous! Some of us girls were thrilled when we got our hands on Playgirl and saw dear Burt Reynolds and someone else with just a hand in front of their private parts. Some strange members of S.C. would keep the naked African tribal photos from National Geographic. What nerds!
      Anyway, I am so excited to hear about your riding on the moped, along with your friends who nearly got caught by the police.
      Talk about ‘nerds’ those police in a well lit parking lot without their lights on, were kind of ‘corny’ weren’t they? ha ha ha! I am nearly snorting with this funny part of your stories. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Oh, I wish you would have posted a picture of your playing your air guitar! 😀

    In HS we used to play a board game, Group Therapy, that was really Truth or Dare in disguise. The wildest “dare” I ever did was to lean over and kiss the girl-friend of a guy who (a) was intensely jealous and (b) had a heck of a temper. She had to take him outside to calm him down, and I won that round. 😎

    • Oh, I could imagine your winning many rounds, you clever young man, (then)! I am so glad you shared this ‘wildest’ dare and that you didn’t get yourself punched in the nose or beat up either, W.S. I have never heard of this board game, but think it sounds cool since it could help instigate some good fun!
      I made the silly movements of an air guitar and we are absolutely not allowed to take photos at work, so thank God there is no proof of this behavior on film or going ‘viral!’ but While we were at break, Melvin and I replayed this, using the silly sound effects. (I used “Pa pah pum mah yow, you smell like a cow…”)
      Not too many people get shocked at how I act. I like to get laughs, what can I say? I was more timid in high school, turned a little more wild in college, re-inventing myself. Having grandchildren and teaching with Miss Karen for 9 years opened me up even more. She could tell stories once the children were gone, with lots of peppered language, which sounded like a sailor…

  6. Also, when I was 16, I was begged by a gaggle of sorority chicks to drive them past the TKE house so they could egg the place, with the implication that the girls would be reeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy grateful if I did. Knowing I was risking getting my ass kicked by a bunch of coke-addled douchebags I made the obvious choice and said “hop in.” Think eight girls in my piece of shit Ford Granada. It smelled like the perfume counter at Macy’s, if Macy’s also had a smokey bar. The girls threw their eggs. None of them hit the house. And I didn’t get so much as a kiss. Or even a beer.

    • This story didn’t have a happy ending, Chuck! This really was too bad since you risked so much to do this. The promises by sorority girls should not be believed, I suppose… thanks for this second treat of a story! I didn’t know the TKE house had coke addled members. Mostly met a lot of pot smoking and beer drinking boys in college.

  7. Oh, the memories you ignited of playing Truth or Dare at slumber parties. Sometimes boys would show up at the house and we would all giggle and scream, but never open the door. 🙂
    Speaking of gum, do you remember “Black Jack” gum? It was licorice flavored. It always brings back memories of my Mamaw.

    • My memories of Black Jack are strong, Jill, too. My Dad loved the flavor of this gum and anything licorice. He liked horehound drops and cinnamon red hots, too. I liked Good and Plenty candies but could not take straight up, plain black licorice, Jill.
      The boys weren’t allowed in at my own house, but we did sneak out at Sandy’s and sometimes, Susan’s house. Their parents were early to bed and slept soundly, while my parents were late to bed goers…
      Oh, it is so nice to hear abut your Mamaw, Jill. Such a sweetie, I am sure. Hugs for memories, thanks for sharing them.

      • Oh, my Mamaw was the greatest. I can still feel the warmth of her hand in mine and it’s been over twenty five years since she passed.
        Like you, plain black licorice was too strong. I did love the cinnamon red hots though!

    • There is nothing wrong with being someone who didn’t do wild things at parties, Colleen. My sleepovers were fairly tame and just glad to have had some to remember. I am sure you would have friends stay overnight, maybe watch late night television, too…

  8. My dear wife Karen and I want to go to Australia. I think we might as well see New Zealand while we’re down there. And hit Hawaii again, too, since we’ll be on that side of the world, Robin.

    Dares? Not me. Really.

    • In keeping with the fine image of a good man, of course you didn’t participate in any dares, Mark! I am smiling at your younger good guy image.
      I am so glad to know your interest in going to Australia and NZ.
      I wish I had gone to Hawaii, when my youngest daughter was there for a whole semester. She wished I could have been there for her Christmas, but really had a blast while there anyway. University of Dayton has an equal amounts of tuition with Chaminade U. over there. Felicia worked three jobs the summer before that Fall. So she could enjoy every last piece of entertainment there (besides attending classes and getting an “A-” average…smiles!)

    • I am so glad you are on the same page as the guy who was always good and always will be, Mark! I am amazed that neither of you have any stories to tell… hmm…
      Smiles and hope that you will feel young all your life, but don’t have to take any dares. Are you feeling any better, my friend? Love, Robin

      • Robin, I didn’t say I never took dares. LOL I just said those days are long over with and I am glad! Yes, I am feeling more like myself. Thank you for asking. It took quite a long time to recover from the stress of that snow storm and all we had to do, and finally I don’t feel as though I were dying. I really do appreciate you concern. Bless you! Love, Amy

  9. So much to respond to here. When I was a sophomore in high school, we lived in a Marshall, Minnesota, a.k.a. American Graffiti. Just the quintessential midwest town and an awesome place to live. At slumber parties we would sneak out of the house and get on our bikes and ride down the middle of the streets in our pajamas. Oh, the daring! Then if we were feeling really bad, we would tiptoe into somebody’s yard and turn a lawn ornament upside down. The crime! And then we’d get on our bikes and race back home laughing and carrying on. Once we got really daring and pierced our ears at a slumber party. That did not go over well!! Loved this post, Robin. I love the image of you with an air guitar. I know you rock!

    • I am smiling and grinning from ear to ear, Barb! You described such an idyllic town and also, some harmless fun which did make you giggle and feel quite naughty. It was wonderful in those days, just to sneak out and not get caught…
      I liked the idea of you in p.j’s riding a bike down the middle of the street. I am liking the way you say, “Oh, the daring!”
      Where were the cops in your town, by the way? (Maybe, eating donuts and drinking coffee? I know this is such a cliché! ha ha!)
      Anyway, I had never thought of the idea of the lawn ornament and the way you say, “The crime!”
      When I think back to those days, I am like you, thinking this was ‘Big Stuff’ and ‘Oh, what trouble we are causing…’ but it was just old-fashioned FUN! Thank you, Barb for sharing these details and reminding me of how much I enjoyed the movie, “American Graffiti.” I still have never had my ears pierced but I saw someone use a piece of ice on one side of the ear to numb it, then a piece of cork on the back of the ear, to pierce the hole.
      I did know one of my acquaintances who used to get into her parents’ liquor cabinet while we were so ‘daring’ to go into my friend, Sandy’s garage freezer and get her Mom’s cookie dough out of it and took big scoops of this and ate it. I still write to her, in New Jersey, who moved away when we were in fourth grade. Her Christmas card is in the mail.
      Oh, thanks for thinking I rock, Barb! You rock, in my mind, since you listened to Keb’ Mo’ and enjoyed his music! (while ironing… smiles!)

      • Yes!! Frozen ear lobes with potato instead of the cork!!! The agony!! Dying laughing at the cookie dough caper. We were so young and innocent, weren’t we? Wonderful you still write to that friend!!

      • So glad I amused you, Barb with the cookie dough caper! It seems like we were easily amused with being a little bit sneaky in those days… Hope my grandies will be so easily entertained…. Hugs for your being such a faithful and friendly commenter, Barb! It is true how we need to keep those friends ‘of yore’ since they know our secrets and our history, too. She writes an incredibly entertaining ‘mass’ newsletter, but it fills in the gaps. I did make watercolors for all three of her girls’ names and a picture she sent of her home I sent her back a pen and ink drawing of it. She shrunk it down and put a green and red wreath on the door, sending it as a Christmas card… while framing the gift of the artwork for her entryway. Sandy is one of the best friends, one to keep in touch with, Barb. As your Joanna is surely a ‘keeper,’ too!

  10. I loved this post. So much to share ! I was a daring girl right from childhood. Stealing fruits from the neighbour’s orchard or jump inside the fence to eat those fresh mango pickle kept under the sun before preserving it into tight lid jars had its own fun. I remember once I injured my leg while jumping from the wall into my neighbour’s garden to collect flowers. We had a big prize for plucking maximum number of flowers. Actually the land lady of the house used to never return our ball fallen in her courtyard while playing cricket so we tried to teach her a lesson one day. The most daring act of all is yet to come ! Once we were sitting and getting bored during summer vacations and all of a sudden one of us gave this weird choice: Ring the bell and don’t get caught. We end up ringing doorbells and quickly hiding behind the wall to see the reactions of the person, who used to look irritated not to find someone at the door. What fun just for a day !

    • Soul n Spirit, you showed a great amount of courage in your many adventures and capers. I really appreciate your personal sharing these in response to my post.
      I loved the memories of ‘stealing’ fruits, as well as the fresh mango pickle, too. I like pickled anything, so I would probably like this mango pickle. I enjoyed the plucking flowers and the ringing doorbells, too. I would be worried about my kids jumping off high places, so would have worried a lot about your jumping off the wall to get the flowers. I am so glad you didn’t mention it being broken… injuries are a shame while young, too.
      These events all added up to fun in our childhood, ways we really didn’t ‘hurt’ anyone but giggled with our mischief. Thank you so very much, Rashmi for sharing these… Hugs, Robin

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