Some Continuing and New Threads


The way our lives are woven together, each of us have common

threads. We have interests that are diverse, but there have been

so many times in my over two years of blogging, where I have said

something about having ‘exactly’ the same thought or ‘truly shared

moments.’ I have some bits and pieces I cull from sources, some

are ‘Aha!’ moments and others are just fun ones that don’t really

teach anything. The conversation amongst my readers has made me

feel like friends chatting about this and that. So, here are three ‘new

to me’ finds to share with you.  Hey, FUN is enough reason to do so!


Do you remember Dick Tracy? The comic strip or movie with Warren

Beatty? I think my brothers were the ones who made my Dad read this

comic strip aloud on Sundays. I was more interested in “Hi and Lois,”

“Dagwood” and “Peanuts.” There was an adorable and clever one box

comic, in the daily newspaper called, “Family Circle,” I really liked too.

Well, the first comic I mentioned, “Dick Tracy,” is coming true. When

he used to lean over and talk into his watch, this is ‘happening’ come

January, 2015.

Here are some examples of watches in the very near Future to check


A.  Apple Watch, will cost around $350 and will include a ‘built in

fitness tracker and apps for many things to do with exercise. The

face of it looks like a mini computer. I am afraid I may need a

magnifying glass to look at this, but it is highly rated and many

are anxiously anticipating its release

B.  Samsung Neo Gear 2 Smart Watch is aimed at costing $200.

One of its most heralded feature is its portable music player. This

would be one feature that may get me to buy it!

C.  ** Dick Tracy-like, the Motorola Moto 360, has the ability to

be able to talk into it, while it is on your wrist. It is also the most

likely to ‘fool’ someone, since it looks like a real watch. It has the

traditional circular face, analog display and the highly toted,

voice-activated controls.

By the way, Dick Tracy was originally going to be called,

“Plainclothes Tracy.” Chester Gould wrote and illustrated this

comic strip from 1931 until 1977. Wow! That is a long-lasting

comic.  It was surely enjoyed for its clever story lines, some

gunfights, but the wizardry of gadgets and forensic science

were also featured. The first one was in the Detroit Mirror

newspaper, then it was syndicated throughout the U.S. via the

Chicago-New York syndication, Hearst publications. If you

have never seen the “Dick Tracy” movie, my own children

enjoyed this immensely, after my Dad bought it for them. It

has Al Pacino, Madonna, Glenne Headley and Dustin Hoffman

in the fine cast. This is filled with unique and ‘evil’ characters.


The upcoming Tim Burton is fascinating to me. I had two of

the paintings that are often featured with waifs with lovely and

incredibly big eyes, they are haunting in their sweet and lonely,

sad looks. They are not ones to be forgotten either. It is a shame

that the artist was taken advantaged by a man. This story will

be on my 2015 list of “Must Sees” since I am a minor league artist,

who liked to paint pictures for children and young adults. I use

pen and ink with watercolors, although have been known to do

walls, murals and hand-painted toy chests and wall borders.

The movie is called, “Big Eyes.” It has Amy Adams, who you may

have seen in the children’s animated mixed with the streets of

New York, in “Enchanted,” the war story with Tom Hanks, “Charlie

Wilson’s War,” more about fund-raising and the movement to make

an impact or in the 2013 movie, “American Hustle.” She also was

in the movie, “The Fighter” with an emaciated Christian Bale and

played a woman who enjoyed cooking like Julia Child, next to

Meryl Streep who played Julia, in “Julie/Julia.” If those aren’t

enough reason to watch this, the villain who ‘stole’ her art is

played by the brilliant character actor, Christoph Waltz. He was

in a movie playing a German in “Inglorious Basterds,” also has

been in “Django Unchained” and he is actually from Austria and

is 58 years old. (When not playing a maniac, he is quite handsome.)


Look who is twittering up a storm about Cleveland: Valerie Bertinelli.

I love this woman who is a dvoted Cleveland fan, even before “Hot in

Cleveland” television show came along. I think every three months I

have to remind you of the ‘genius’ in this comedic group of four famous

women who originally were ‘stuck’ in an airport in Cleveland, but found

their way to a boarding house rental with Betty White as their landlord.

Every time, I mean this, I watch this show I am almost peeing, due to

the laughter that spills out. I guess some of the Cleveland jokes bring

me back to the “Drew Carey Show,” which brings me back farther to

the lively duo of “Laverne and Shirley,” which takes me back to my

childhood love of “I Love Lucy.”

Anyway, Valerie’s son is named “Wolfie” so she posts or twitters about

Cleveland on her “Wolfiesmom” space. I don’t follow Facebook nor do

I have a clue about Twitter. I just love to read about her becoming a

household favorite for many up in Cleveland. She is married to Tom

Vitale, who has a technological company called, “Veebo.” It is like

an app, because it connects local businesses wherever you visit,

around the world to your phone. This benefits small businesses since

it increases their sales, via mobile tech-app.  Next time you are out of

town, if you had “Veebo” you could be receiving texts that offer you

discounts, coupons or free pizzas.


On a serious note, there is a new invention costing a couple hundred

dollars, but is well worth it to victims of brain disorders that create

poor arm and finger mobility. It is being ‘touted’ for people with

Parkinson’s Disease and other muscle disorders. But I have a friend

who works at Advance Auto who was fascinated by this news. When

he eats peas and such, he almost drops half of them. His name is

Mike, who went ‘car surfing’ in his twenties, which means he was

like an idiot, daredevil thinking he was young and would live forever,

standing atop a car which was speeding. He had severe brain injuries,

he is often at the library, playing video games, at age 38 or 40 (age

guesstimate?)  Here is the motion-stabilized spoon which is being

offered by Liftware. It creates a ‘steadier hand,’ creates balance for

people. It is a motor-driven spoon that ‘counters’ movements with

an inner mechanism.


Hope this was both an informative and fun post.

Do you have any new technological gadgets that we may not have

heard of or used?

I am mainly a ‘technologically impaired’ woman so any new research

or products will be appreciated.

I like to expand my horizons daily!



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  1. I love the gadget for people with Parkinson’s. It is my hope with technology we can help so many people do things they weren’t able to before. In schools we now have a device that helps students who are non-verbal communicate. It’s been so incredible to read their words and thoughts…sometimes even a miracle! Thank you dear friend for sharing this!!! Oxox

    • I know you would love the new movie, with Stephen Hawking’s story, Tracy! It has a wonderful story about his love and learning from his younger years. “The Theory of Everything,” is what it is called… I kept calling it the Everything is Relative on one of my posts… smiles!
      I loved that you get to see this non-verbal communication device. It fascinates me, too. Thanks for choosing the special spoon gadget and telling me this information, too. Hugs back.

      • Yes, you who are so scientific would love it, besides it being a positive message not to give up when you are diagnosed with a debilitating disease. I loved its message of perseverance, Tracy!

  2. I saw Amy Adams interviewed about “Big Eyes” and the actual woman/painter on 60 Minutes, was it? Darn, can’t remember. I was shocked at the level of control her husband had over her that she would allow him to take credit for her work for decades. She is, of course, deeply regretful but felt she had no choice. She was so afraid of him. That should be a very interesting movie indeed.

    Good old Dick Tracy!!

    • I am glad you saw an interview about the artist who created those beautiful and sad looking children, mainly girls. I am sorry I missed the interview, Barb.
      I just saw an advertisement in one of my recent magazines. I think it was either Good Housekeeping or Woman’s Circle. Did you know Ladies Home Journal is now not going to be mailed out, Barb? So I chose to ‘spend’ my subscription leftover money on Better Homes and Gardens. I will always enjoy looking at decorations, along with good ideas for crafts and healthy suggestions, too.
      I enjoyed looking at your beautiful and magazine-worthy Christmas decorations with the blue spruce branches… you were really creative with the dried hydrangea flowers in tipped sideways cups, too.
      Yes, good old Dick Tracy!! I remember that iconic raised arm to look at his gizmo watch. Oh and what a square jaw he had! smiles!

      • I like Country Living and enjoy recipes my girlfriend, Jenny, tries on me from Southern Living. There was a magazine with pancake recipes and for three Fridays in a row, we tried the flavors of German Chocolate, Oatmeal whole grain and some kind of Razzleberry sauce, (This is made up, it probably had blue, rasp and strawberries in it!)

  3. The Parkinson’s spoon sounds interesting,albeit expensive. I bought a spoon, fork, nice set from America some time back for Pop, not computerised, they have heavily weighted handles that try to steady his hands. Would be wonderful if he actually used them and didn’t leave them in the drawer!
    Hugs 💙

    • Thanks, Jen for sharing that there are more reasonably priced and helpful silverware that are weighted. I know the price did seem rather exorbitant, but over the years it would be used, it might be ‘worth it?’ maybe… Otherwise, hoping it will be like original televisions and computers, prices may come down on the special adaptive spoon.
      I am smiling at your comment about Poppa Penguin who leaves the special silverware in the drawer! This was so nice of you to share the fact there is an alternative kind of adaptive equipment in America and can be ordered, too. xox

      • If I had known of it earlier, I probably would have bought him those instead of the ones..that remain in the drawer! He is a ninny muggins at times. You’re welcome, like to input when I can – 😀💜💙

      • I am giggling at the British expression, “ninny muggins,” Jen! Your input is always charming, witty or informative, so I am always grateful for all of your gifts you share with us. Hugs!

  4. I saw the Smart Watch, and like you, I immediately thought of the Dick Tracy 2-way wrist radio. This was a gadget my techno-nerd friends and I had often talked about during my days working at Intel. And now it is here, and at a reasonable price for a new geek-toy. Very cool!

    I may have to watch reruns of Hot in Cleveland based on your review. I love Betty White, and Valerie Bertinelli has been a delight ever since her days on One Day at a Time, with Bonnie Franklin as the mom, Mackenzie Phillips as her sister, and Pat Harrington as Schneider, the maintenance guy, who got all the good punch lines.

    My must-see movie coming soon has to be the new Pixar animated film, Inside Out, which is about the Emoticons inside the brains of the characters that control their responses to people and events. The emoticons are like ‘meta-characters. They let us see inside someone’s mind in a funny way while they are experiencing everyday life situations. The new trailer is hilarious. I hope the movie is, too. – Mike

    • Oh, jumping to the children’s animated movie, first! I would love to see this creative film and know who I would take… the two boys. I tend to not take the little girls since their siblings get a bit jealous of this. When their brother and sister go to their dad’s my own son’s two girls (the M&M’s) tend to come over and play at my house. The boys like to go out and ‘do’ things, even if it means sitting in a theater. We enjoyed the past two movies, which were “Big Hero 6” which was about a technological high school where a young man was working on an empathetic ‘nurse’ blow up robot. It was very nice for the boys to see this and there were many other inventions shown in the movie, I think someday you should rent this to see with Florence and/or the grandsons. Oh, the rescue planes movie was very good, too. But not as ‘deep’ or meaningful as the other one mentioned.
      I am thinking you would really enjoy Hot in Cleveland. Did you like “Frasier”? The nurse/companion for Frasier’s dad is on this show, as is the model from “Just Shoot Me.” The shows specialize in bringing in the cast of CHIPS and Emergency, along with the Dukes of Hazzard… it is a fun 1/2 hour romp and not boring, ever!

    • Oh, this would be so cool! My Dad seriously thought we would have nuclear powered individual space ships by now, (when he died in 2001, he was vaguely disappointed in the way the world didn’t have many of Space Oddysey features from the movie…) I am surely sad I can’t jet down to see my Southern blogging friends, come back in a day or two… Then, off to see you or Beth or Tracy or…. all of the ones in the colder area of the country I may save, if this Jetson’s car came ‘true’ until it gets warmer, Mark!

      • Oh, I support those who think we are being held back by some kind of conglomerate moguls! I love Oliver Stone and the seventies made me an ‘automatic rebel,’ Mark! I agree with this comment!!

  5. I love that the comics and cartoons predicted the future so well. 🙂 I FONDLY remember family circle. 🙂 And I love how you time traveled backwards starting with HOT IN CLEVELAND and ended up with I LOVE LUCY. That was a fun trip. 😉

    • This was so nice of you seeing my time traveling backwards, my friend Colleen! How wonderful that you noticed! I am so glad you enjoyed “Family Circle” where the kids were cute and sometimes misbehaved, but all in fun. I liked “Dennis the Menace” in his singular comic strip, too. I wish we were able to travel, as the Jetson’s, as Mark mentioned, wish the watches were going to be more reasonably priced and the special accommodations for those who live daily with handicaps, wish there were more at lower prices, too. Thanks, Colleen!

      • Like all new technology Robin, you watch, the older the technology becomes the cheaper it will be. Which isn’t good news for those who could benefit from it right now…..

        And I did enjoy these things. Thanks for taking me back. 🙂

      • You are right, Colleen, the watches’ price will come down… like all new tech things, they must become available in a more cost effective presentation. Hey, I sound like a business woman not a past teacher… ha ha!

    • I think “Family Circle” is a great and fun comic strip, Jill. I don’t always get a chance to see it these days. I sometimes put the memories of this comic in ‘past tense,’ due to not receiving a regular paper. I love it when my Mom saves a few of them and carefully cuts them out, mailing as ‘inserts’ in her weekly letters, Jill.

      I guess I probably already mentioned, I have a Verizon flip phone, too. I am not sure I want a bigger phone, nor one without a plastic indestructible screen, either. But I would enjoy one of those watches, once the prices come down… just saying, Jill, I may someday invest in one of them! Smiles!

      • I love that your mother sends weekly letters, Robin. We need to bring back letter writing!
        I don’t have any desire to have an iPhone. I like my alone time too much. At a recent luncheon I attended, half of the people at the table had their faces buried in their phones, it was very sad.

      • I am not sure, but the watch looks kind of cool, Jill! Especially the one with the old time face on it… I agree, letters can be kept and cherished. Mom is of the ‘old school’ where if I were to call her, unexpectedly, it almost ‘stops her heart,’ Jill! Her first words are, “What’s the matter?” smiles and hugs, Robin

  6. We had champak, chacha choudhry and chanda Mama comics during our times when the young Indians used to take pride in their mother tongue. Now sadly but ti it is true, children don’t want to read Hindi comics. Young India is addicted to English stuff, its good but what is more painful that not many books are being written in this wonderful and most ancient language due to lack of readers. All thanks to Globalization and western influence. I recently saw a pen which was especially designed to develop the motor skills of a child who has difficulty in hand brain co ordination. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • This is so wonderful for you to send me comments about the older styled comics in the India golden era of them. I wish that children would respect the past, too. It is sad that they don’t enjoy the older style. At least here, in U.S. we do look back at our historical comics, otherwise we would not have some of the Super Hero movies, Superman and others like Captain America are OLD!!

      Smiles and hugs, thanks for mentioning about the special adaptive pen, Rashmi! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my dear one!

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