Musical Notes


When David Letterman took over for Johnny Carson, it was not a

pretty sound heard around the country, possibly the world. There

were four letter words, profanity being blurted out and there was an

inexplicable sadness for ‘losing’ the off stage private person, on stage

hilarious man. Who could replace Johnny?

My parents  were open-minded  and would routinely enjoy ‘new’ things,

which meant they eventually watched, “The Jay Leno Show” and “The

Late Show with David Letterman.”

There was a night owl lurking in both parents, even while completing

their careers, they were ‘stout’ and ‘devout’ late to bed and during the

week, early to risers.

Now, retirement changed this but that is another story!

I was flabbergasted that TONIGHT will be the LAST Christmas show

with David Letterman where he features the fabulous (‘dahling’) woman

known to many as “Darlene Love.” You must have heard her singing, even

if not on this show, but David’s Late Show band leader, Paul Shaffer,

was the one to have discovered her and encouraged David to have her on

his show, particularly singing (should I say, ‘belting out?’) this marvelous


“Baby, Please Come Home for Christmas.”

She came in short hair, blonde hair, long and wavy hair, sometimes even

crimped hair, she changed her octaves over the 18 years of being the one

who heralded in the Christmas season’s last week before evening show.


David Letterman has declared her (or ‘dubbed her’) the Christmas Queen!


There is someone or something that brings Christmas into your heart,

if you follow the tradition to celebrate this holiday. . .

Who or what makes the holiday come true?

David Letterman sometime almost 30 years ago said,

“It’s just not Christmas, without Darlene Love on our show.”


If you cannot listen tonight, don’t have DVR to save this momentous

occasion, then find her and look her up on Youtube or listen to her one

one of Phil Sceptor’s brilliant Christmas albums, recorded in 1963…


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  1. I thought no one could replace Johnny Carson as our late night host and entertainer, and he was unique. And yet Jay Leno and David Letterman have built their own legends.

    I think Darlene Love is a great part of Letterman’s tradition. I watched her YouTube video of “Baby, Please Come Home” and WOW! What a joyous experience. Thanks for mentioning it. I don’t have a television, so I was not aware of her talent.

    Merry Christmas! – Mike

    • I am glad you have a computer so we are connected through our blogs and friendship, Mike. I am happy to remind people of famous singers and artists, along with many different topics that each reader can sort through and choose what they wish to select to read!
      I am so glad you mentioned that you were part of the group who weren’t initially happy to see Johnny Carson retire. I know there were many…
      Merry Christmas, just in case we are not as closely in touch this coming busy work week! I have to work on Sunday, to ‘earn’ my Friday after Christmas… I posted a more spiritual post about gratitude to cover today and tomorrow… smiles and hugs to you and Florence, also ‘hellos’ to family members, too!

    • Thank you for being able to be gently persuaded to explore some more! I could not believe Paul S.’s luck that he was in a nightclub and heard Darlene, introduced David L. to her and off they went on a marvelous and exciting 28 year span friendship and Christmas tradition. Thanks for checking her out, my dear!

    • You are never ‘clueless’ my friend, Barb! I believe that many fascinating people slip through the ‘cracks’ due to their not being on a daily or weekly show or enough advertising… Happy to have led you to a bonafide wonderful woman, she seems just as talented today as she was years ago.

  2. I grew to admire DL over the years. I especially liked watching the change that happened to him after the birth of his son – he became a great example of how parenthood wakes previously self-centred people up to care about the world and it’s issues. I enjoyed watching his pride in his boy when he shared little stories. I haven’t had a TV for over two years now and as a result have fallen woefully behind on the state of American politics, the latest idiotic scandals, the latest movies and music all of which were garnered in watching The Late Show. I enjoyed Dave’s Christmas antics with the tree especially – and the annual visit of Darlene Love who I knew nothing about previously. She sure can belt out a song. Like you I have enjoyed her different looks over the years. Even though I no longer watch TV I shall have to track down this episode of The Late Show. Thanks for the reminder Robin! xoxo

    • Pauline, I understand the world may be a better place, if we didn’t have television inundating us with stuff and some ‘trash,’ too. I totally can see why people don’t have televisions!
      I am so glad you added these extra special David L. details of how you saw him grow into a better and deeper man. Some of this comes with age, but parenting brought out such a loving and committed side of DL, too. I also loved the shows where his mother was on, she was such a hoot and you could see she was down to earth, too. Thanks for this lovely set of comments, Pauline.
      Isn’t it a little funny, that David L. met Darlene L. and their initials are the same? I had to start your sentence over since I had thought you were talking about Darlene! ha ha!

  3. thanks for sharing, i had no idea about darlene. the thing that makes my traditions all kick in is when rudolph airs on tv. no matter how old i get it still does it to me )

    • I love Rudoph and appreciate your sharing this starts your holiday gearing into ‘full swing,’ Beth! Burl Ives’ singing for “Frosty” and “Rudolph” are always ones that cheer me up, while on the radio, too!

    • I am so glad you found some fun in my musical post. I appreciate this and hope to read more of yours soon. I am on a tight schedule for a few days so will try to read when I can and catch up after the holidays. You will find some writers continuing and some going on hiatus! Enjoy your holidays!

    • Oh, I understand, Jill! I always watch the re-caps on the computer at the library or if it is Friday, I stay up later! This was a wonderful evening with the special shows with Pres. Obama and family “Christmas in Washington” and the adoption/foster children philanthropic musical program, “Home for the Holidays,” last night! I cried during each of these, one for a certain song and the other for the meaning shown by real live families who chose to widen their family numbers by including very much ‘forgotten’ and lonely children. One story was just so beautiful, Jill… Did you see either of these programs?
      Hugs and best wishes for happy, calm holidays with lots of fun thrown in for your family!

    • I am hoping to go over and read about your cocoa and Christmas lights outing, Colleen. Thanks for checking her out, man is she a powerhouse singer: Still! She gives me goosebumps! Smiles for you and yours…

  4. I look forward to it every year and she leaves me an emotional, crying mess. Her voice is genius, I completely adore her. Christmas won’t be the same without her and the appearance on the show with Jay Thomas.

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