Resolve: January Monthly Post


Resolve: it means a few different things to each person. Sometimes,

it means what will get you to keep a few of your January “New Year’s

Resolutions.” I also like the meaning of being strong and sticking to

one’s convictions. This definition fits this the best: “Decide firmly on

the best course of action.” Following through is implicit in this one.

Great attributes to pass on to your children, while others around you

may see this outstanding characteristic in yourself. It is not pointless

to set goals, I believe. It means you are going to try something new,

let others know your choices for change and set personal expectations

of your goals.

This ‘resolution’ can be something you have added to your resolutions

annually or can be a brand new one. Life is busy. Never so much so to

not fit one more activity, exercise, habit or ‘tradition’ into your routines.

After all, you may have doctor appointments and job responsibilities, but

you may just open and see your  2015 calendar  as a ‘blank slate,’ ready for

exciting and new possibilities.



Flower: Carnation           Birthstone/Gemstone: Garnet

Already, I like the month’s flower, which has such a great and unique scent.

The color of garnet is red, which is also vibrant and snappy for this colorless

month we are facing in our Midwest. Hope your corner of the world will have

both color and beauty in it.


January 1-

Happy New Year!


January 2-

Bank Holiday (Scotland, England/UK).

“Statutory Day” or “Stat Day” for New Zealand and possibly Australia.


January 5-

Full Wolf Moon.


January 6-

“Epiphany” or when the Three Wise Men reached the manger to see

the King of Kings, some who worship Jesus Christ will find this day

a special remembrance. Thanks, Doris, for the important reminder!

Feliz Navidad!


January 8-

If Elvis Presley had lived, this would be his 80th birthday. I listened

to several of his Gospel songs, some with Christmas in them, over the

holidays. He was a fantastic singer with a lot of heart. If you happen

to live close to Tupelo, Mississippi, you may go enjoy a piece of

Elvis’ birthday cake, served at 1:00 p.m. This was where Elvis was


If you live closer to Graceland, you may go there almost all day, to

receive a piece of his 80th birthday cake, starting at 9:30 a.m. when

the cake-cutting begins! (You may enjoy this live streaming from )


January 10-

Celebrate Rod Stewart’s #70 birthday. Happy Birthday, dear Rod!

Last year, 2014, while on his world tour, an interviewer asked him,

“Do you ever tire of singing some of your classic songs?” (I still love

listening to ones like, “Maggie Mae.”)

Rod answered,

“I still love to sing ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ and added: ‘It’s so joyous.'”


January 13th-

Last 1/4 Moon.


January 16- The Persian Gulf began in 1991.


January 17-

Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests in celebrating Ben, to purchase a

Benjamin fig plant/tree, which helps to remove toxins from indoor air

spaces. (Ficus benjamina).


January 19th-

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Schools, public offices, the Post Office and libraries are usually closed

on this day in U.S. I have attended city and town breakfasts which give

the money for the meal to needy causes, in MLK, Jr.’s honor.


January 20-

New Moon.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, (2015) suggests this month to “plant bulbs

and destroy weeds during full moon times,” then during new moon to try

a different kind of house plant during the winter months. This month’s

featured plant, the air plant. This is like Spanish moss in its ability to

survive without much care of nutrients. Plant nurseries and some shops

have glass globes which can be suspended in small offices, along with

homes on clear plastic ‘threads’ of varied lengths. This creates a very

decorative and appealing January sight. Care includes, ‘light misting’

and feeding using a folian fertilizer, along with placing where it will

receive bright, indirect light. (Fluorescent offices are perfect in this

respect, while you may separate ‘offspring’ to create more plastic or

glass globes, helping spread positive oxygen into spaces.)


January 21st-

Evil Squirrel reminded me this is Squirrel Appreciation Day,

wherever you live in the world that has squirrels!



January 27-

Australia Day.

Celebrate with the Aussies you know!


January 29-

Celebrate Tom Selleck’s #70th birthday, with a viewing of one of

his older performances in “Magnum P.I.” (television series), one

of his ‘new’ performances in “Blue Bloods,” with a fine and well

rounded cast of policemen role models, along with a character

that plays his father as a past Police Commissioner and his

‘daughter’ is the District Attorney. This television show is one

which has a huge following, among whom are police around the

country. Tom’s fun character in “Magnum” made him a fixture

in our household television shows and now, “Blue Bloods” is part

of my Mom’s (and when I am home on a Friday night) my own

favorite shows. You may have followed Robert Parker’s mini-series,

where Tom played “Jesse Stone,” from R.P.’s past books. Sadly,

the author, Parker, died so the series must end. This can be found

at the library, in individual. Jesse Stone releases. I like the setting

of New England and there are a couple ‘bizarre’ murder mysteries.

In his personal life, you rarely hear anything about his life, since he

married his wife (Jillie Mack) in 1987. He is not known for too many

controversies, although, he has stood up for the N.R.A. which means

he supportsgun rights.

As far as movies with Tom Selleck go, my all time favorite has to

be the fun one he made with two other special men, Steve Guttenberg

and Ted Danson, called, “Three Men and A Baby.” My children and

grandchildren are very amused with this wild and unbelievable plot

line, but it is also heart-warming and sweet. I liked him in the comedy,

“Her Alibi,” while “Lassiter” and “Quigley Down Under” are good

action movies. (This became a rather long monthly tribute to the actor,

Tom Selleck!)

Happy 70th Birthday, dear Tom!


As always, you may add some dates that mean something to you or

your country in the comments for the month of January.

Thank you for making this monthly visit a fantastic one. I enjoy

all the additions I received last year to this monthly post.


Sir Basil the Great quotation:

“He who sows courtesy, reaps friendship.

He who plants kindness, gathers love.”

(Greek Bishop who lived from 329- 379 A.D.)


What challenges will you set out, for you or even your family?

Help get us motivated by sharing this with us, please.


I will make a friend out of an ‘enemy’ or one who I have had past

disagreements with.  I will give to a new, special charity, along

with continue to find more positives in my life than negatives.


A time of new beginnings, promises and resolutions is emphasized

in this Flavia, (poet and inspirational writer) 2003 quote:

“Our time on earth is woven of infinite moments,

Each holding a promise and its own exquisite beauty.”


In honor of the New Year of 2015,

Thanks to T. S. Eliot:


“Not fare well,

But fare forward, voyagers.”





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  1. On Jan. 8, I will listen to a bunch of my favorite Elvis ballads to celebrate wjhat would have been his 80th birthday, Robin. You are correct. His gospel voice was outstanding. I will listen to “In the Ghetto.” “Suspicious Minds.” “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” As a start. Thanks for this post, my friend. Happy New Year, Robin.

    • I am always blessed to know you will keep the music playing, Mark! Great selections here, my friend! I love “Suspicious Minds” and “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” So wonderful and hope you had a great new year, Mark with Karen and possibly daughter and son in law… smiles, Robin

  2. All our lovely boys are turning 70? Oh dear, it sounds so old – thank heavens these fellows prove age is more an attitude than a number!

    My favourite Tom Selleck role was his appearance in the Kevin Kline tour de force ‘In & Out’ where he pokes a bit of fun at his sexy persona and turns things around. This is still one of my favourite movies!

    Here is a ‘not that important’ bit of info to accompany your January 2nd mention: NZ doesn’t call Jan 2nd a ‘Bank Holiday’ that’s a term confined to the UK I think. Here it is known as a ‘Statutory Holiday’ [or ‘Stat Day’] which harks back to the five day working week when everything closed down – especially on a Sunday and at least half a day on Saturday. Along with the other national public observances that gave a total of eleven extra days off work for the populace every year, a day each was tagged on after the national Holidays of Christmas and New Years Day. That was a long time ago! 🙂

    My 2015 year is going to be all about improving my art – I am signed up for a year long course.and am very much looking forward to it! Happy New Year Robin xo

    • I am so glad you call these men, “lovely boys,” Pauline! I am still a big fan of many of the ‘oldies but goodies’ and refuse to think of them as really old!
      I appreciated the Kevin Kline comedy movie reminder. This was an excellent one, Pauline! I laughed and enjoyed the different aspects and side characters in the plot, too. Great one with Tom Selleck in it, thanks for reminding us!
      I am always happy to correct my calendar information, Pauline. I have an American calendar with NZ next to Bank Holiday, but I did think it was an UK fact, too. I did not know about “Statutory Holiday” or “Stat Day.” I will go back and change it, since it is nice to have it read correctly.
      I would like to take another watercolor course, acrylics course and a jewelry making one, there is a place in our town called The Arts Castle, which used to be owned by a family I babysat for. Their child was a good friend of my oldest daughter, when the non-profit organization turned this home into a place to study dance, music or art I was thrilled. My good, retired friend promises in 3 years’ time, when I ‘retire’ to a simpler job, we shall take a few courses there!
      Pauline, I am so excited to see how much you will learn and expand your creative talents from this year long course! Wow!
      Thank you for including my name in your post and a link back to this one, too. You are a generous and caring person, I am lucky to count you among my blogging friends! Hugs, Robin

  3. Robert Parker is my favorite detective story author! I’ve been a fan of his Spenser books since he started them in 1973. He started another series, about female detective Sunny Randall, in 1999 that’s also quite good. I’ve been carefully saving the Jesse Stone novels for a future date… never read any of them, but I’d really like to see the movie versions one of these days.

    • You will enjoy the series of Jesse Stone, both in book and film form. I miss the Robert Parker Spenser books, so glad you mentioned his spelling them with an ‘s’ subtly reminding me of this fact!
      I also used to like the character of the tough guy (“Hawk?”), too, that was both a bodyguard and friend. Spenser’s relationship with Susan was a strong one, but glad he portrayed some chinks in Spenser’s ‘armour’ and allowed his humanity to shine through his words… I will have to check out Sunny Randall soon! Thanks for this great ‘head’s up,’ W.S.!

      • Yep, Hawk. They toned him way down for the TV show (where he was played by Avery Brooks). Hawk is definitely NOT a nice man, but he’s a true friend to Spenser.

        You’ll like the Sunny Randall books, I’m sure! The pity is that there aren’t many of them.

      • Hawk is a tough guy and you are right, he was toned down for the t.v. show. Thanks for the suggestion of Robert Parker’s Sunny Randall books. I am almost finished with the silly cat books my coworker passes to me, by Lillian Jackson Braun. They are interesting since they start in the early 80’s and have some different areas of the mid-west Minnesota area featured in them as well as newspaper writing. The detective is a big man with a large mustache named Qwilleran. He has two cats and one is very wise, helps him in strange ways to solve the crimes. I liked one that was about art works, I think called The Cat Who Liked Danish Modern and the one about old antique shops. Each one has a whole different sort of mood to it, too. Anyway, she gave me two and am almost finished, will hurry over to see if I can get a Sunny book before I leave the library today, W.S.

    • I did not know that Tom S. was married to Jackie on Roseanne. Sadly, he must have divorced her and then married Jilly Mack. Sorry about this but each of our heroes has a chink in their armour. I forgive him, since I have been divorced, due to various irreconcilable differences.
      I agree there were some stints on Law and Order, he plays a great cop. This shows up in the New England location where his Jesse Stone has gone to ‘hide’ and ‘regroup’ leaving the big cities of California and an ex-wife in the story, behind…. Thanks so much for this one, E.S.!!

    • You have three family birthdays, Beth? I forgot that you may have mentioned this last year, too! Smiles and hoping the special days are all fun, safe and memorable…
      Definitely, we never seem to have a ‘slow month,’ just to breathe and catch up, do we, Beth?! smiles!

  4. Tom Selleck is 70? Oh my word! I just heard that Denzell Washington turned 60 recently. I was surprised to hear that.
    One of my favorite things to do before the start of a new year is shop for a calendar. I love it so much, I have a couple! 🙂 Happy New Year, Robin! xo

    • I have updated my two on the wall, but just received a fantastic one, which I will have to feature its details soon.
      Off to pick up just one lonely grandson, Micah! His brother is off at a ‘play date,’ so will have to leave and come back tomorrow… Smiles and thanks for your wish for a Happy New Year, Jill!
      P.S. Did you notice Hallmark lined up 5-6 new movies to show from mid-January until Valentine’s Day, Jill? I am excited…

  5. Pingback: Farewell and Welcome | The Contented Crafter

  6. Can we talk Tom Selleck for just one moment? Oh, what a giant crush I’ve had on him for years. The only man that can pull of a mustache like that and not look goofy. I adored Magnum, the Jesse Stone series, and now Blue Bloods! He is so good in that show pulling off such an air of authority. Also, I have to say that if you asked me what is your favorite song from high school days, Maggie May would be the first to pop into my mind. So you’ve brought me some excellent memories today, Robin. Wishing you the happiest New Year ever!!

    • I am always happy to bring good memories and thanks for the wonderful endorsement in my choices of including these two septarians! I am amazed they aged, since we cannot be a day over 40…. ha ha! I love the song and the shows you mentioned, Barb! Hugs, Robin

  7. Truly wonderful post, Robin. So much to comment on. I especially liked … Sir Basil the Great quotation:

    “He who sows courtesy, reaps friendship.

    He who plants kindness, gathers love.”

    (Greek Bishop who lived from 329- 379 A.D.)

    AND, the words about family. That one struck home with me, because right now I am in the middle of dealing with some family I have not in years, and the gunk I see and have been exposed to, I would rather not be. I will walk in Love, no matter how challenging it becomes, yet, too, I have a choice to who I allow in my personal life or not.

    Thank you for this great post!!! May all my January days be filled with JOY as with yours!! Love, Amy

  8. As always, I enjoy your look at the month ahead. January is pretty much the end of football season except for one more big game. The winter months seem to drag a bit if one does not ski, snowboard, or ice skate. A winter pastime is important to make the cold days and long nights not seem too dreary. Reading is now my primary winter recreation. Thank goodness for the local library! – Mike

      • I am so glad you saw this and felt it a worthy football competition. I thought the passes and catches were what caught my eyes, along with that outstandingly long run!! Thanks, Mike! (You know I really am not a football nut so the fact this game kept me enthralled says it all!)

  9. Thanks for these date schedules for January.
    I have been off-line for a little while as I have so much going on in my life, although things have now begun to settle somewhat. Thanks for all your support for me throughout 2014. I really appreciate it.
    best wishes for 2015.

  10. January 6 The Three Wise Men Day (Día de Reyes) in Mexico and It is bigger that x-mas for some people. I remember putting my shoes so I could get a present or candy back in the day.

    Feliz año Robin!!

  11. Between us, Robin, we have most of the special days of January covered without duplicating them. I don’t always make resolutions, but when I have and they’ve been successful, it’s only when I make one resolution. Any time I make several, they begin to fall away by the end of the first few weeks.
    The T.S. Eliot quote is one of my favorites, Robin, a perfect for beginning the new year.

    • Thank you, Marylin. I should go over to your post and read some more. I always feel you give me strength and courage to do the right thing for my Mom. Your choices are always so heart-warming and encouraging. You made me smile by your saying we split up the month of January’s special days!

  12. Dear Robin, it is always thrilling to enter a New Year – anything can happen, good or bad. Last year was not a very good year in my book, and I lost someone dear to me. But my resolution for this year is to let life back in and to really focus on what I love doing – namely writing! Wishing you all the best for 2015 too. xxx

    • Eva, so sorry I was not reading your posts so carefully and missed the serious loss of your loved one. I wish I had been there to help give you words of comfort. I certainly hope that the memories of this special person in your life helped to make up for their loss. I believe your wishing and resolving to allow life back in, will come true. You will find ways to heal and carry out tributes in your daily acts that will have the memories of your loved one within your own actions. Wishing you the best for 2015, dear friend.

    • I am belatedly rescuing you from my Spam comments! Thank you for wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in 2015. Sending you the same wishes back to you. I really don’t expect to find my friends there! Smiles, Robin

    • Yes, fare well, my friend, Brenda! May your 2015 voyage be done in a secure and safe ship gliding along waters and skimming beaches, your family together on this journey into this new year and beyond…

  13. Happy New Year Robin ❤ I do wish Elvis was still around. I was very very young when he passed away but I can still remember how my mother cried for hours on hearing of his death – it felt like we lost a family member. Resolve is a very strong word isn't it? like the word 'intend'. When we intend to do something chances are we do it. I don't make resolutions in January – I tend to set my goals for the year ahead in early March because by then I have got over the 'social fatigue' of the holidays and January madness.

    • March seems like a good idea, around here it is almost Spring, which makes you wish to be ‘renewed!’ Yolanda, I liked that you also incorporated the word, Intend. It is similar and has ‘weight’ to it, too!

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