Awards I Missed and Friendships Accidentally “Lost”


May I use the excuse I swallowed sips out of

Alice’s cups of tea?  The result being a kind

of time-warp or life-changing experience

that happened due to this extremely

odd and strange adventure?


May I say that there are far too many friends

out there who are on my “To Do” list? Along

with my adorable six grandchildren who may

resemble the “Munchkins.” Maybe this is really

just my coming back from Oz  via a Tornado or

another exciting, rare weather extravaganza?


Oh, dear! I am going to tell you that there

are so many who recognize my apologies,

those who have been stuck in Spam-land,

those who I regularly read and follow, but

sometimes miss and don’t comment to you.

Then, there are the ones who are kind and

generous, who mention my name or blog,

who also give me nominations for fun awards.


I have a long list of thank you’s to hand out.

I wish to give a BIG Thank You

to all my followers!

You make me smile,

just by knowing you

are out there.

I love to see the little flags

and countries you all live in.

Along with reading

the comments and

pictures I see of your

faces or the images

you have chosen to

represent yourselves.


Thanks to Amanda for her wishing me to

have the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

Thank you for your

nomination for

this sweet and

extra nice


You may know already I will

hand out a few ‘shout outs’

to my newest



Here’s to you Amanda!

Cheers and thanks

for the fun celebration

where she said we could

sip champagne

and glitter

may fall




Check Amanda out at:

I recommend, “Amanda’s

Best Bits of the Year” post.


Also, if you like to look back for the award

post in November when Amanda awarded

me a nomination for “One Lovely Blog Award.”


I found a long-lost daughter who is very

creative and could easily fit into my clan.

You ‘had me,’ when you asked me, “Mom?”

Smiles to my new girl!


A wonderful friend and very artistic person

who brightens her posts with colorful, bright

and beautiful creations is Pauline King.

When I posted my January calendar

I shared all the activities, events and

holidays, including a few birthdays.

Pauline featured the fact that Rod Stewart’s

and Tom Selleck’s birthdays made her happy,

sending some of her readers to visit my post.

Thank you so much, Pauline! Check her out:

The Contented Crafter


Brenda just mentioned me on her blog that has

amazing poems, haiku’s with folk and fairy tales.

She uses her own original photographs and lots

of creativity to make her place a warm, inviting

and friendly place to visit. Brenda surprised me

with a nomination for the

“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”

Thank you very much, Brenda!

Brenda may be found at:


I received a nomination for “The Versatile

Blogger Award,” from my friends Maria and

Doris, who have beautiful and creative posts


full of sweet drawings and lovely storytelling.


Please check out this amazing combination:

Also, to see Doris’ ‘Terrains of Symmetry’:

To admire and enjoy Doris’ projects:


Now, I shall think of a few people who may have

never been presented nominations and suggest

each to pick any one of the three special awards:


“One Lovely Blog Award,”

“The Versatile Blogger Award,”

“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”


Each of the above awards has its own special designed

logo or patch to find, which leads me to remind you

to go to those who passed the awards to me, should

you wish to display the special and deluxe emblems.


1. Bela is poetic and features photos or artwork

to go with her creative thoughts at:


2. Funny Eli has his interesting male take

on the world of parenting. Find him at:


3. The beauty through words along with their

imagery is shown here. I enjoyed a pet post on:


4. Comfort and joy is found at Anneli’s blog:


5. Somehow, I feel compelled to share this

man’s thoughtful posts at:


6. Linda, who focuses on nature and outdoors.

We both enjoy birds and their songs.


7. Sometimes, you need to go somewhere to relax,

unwind and take in the most breath-taking views.

I have featured Tracy before but it has been ages:


8. Shel, we are just getting to know each other,

reading blogs and she already seems like a friend:


9. The prolific writer of “tanka’s” gives me quick bits

of “zen”  and sometimes sends my mind soaring at:


10. Sheila and I have re-connected, so glad we have.

You know what happens, time goes by and suddenly

you miss an old friend? Please check out Sheila at:


11. Somewhere over the rainbow, where

there are homemade colorful lanterns,


and markets of special, uniquely

patterned bright fabrics:


Sometimes, in blogging,

we don’t get evidence

we are following


in our Reader.

This is what happens,

I am sticking to this story.



If you have been on any other list

of previous Award Nominations,

I truly do wish to give you a


each and every time.

I mean this, in all sincerity.






49 responses »

    • Thanks,I appreciate this so much. I think you have great music and many ways you connect all of your readers. I will have to see if you saw Lady Antebellum on the People’s Choice Awards last night.

      • This is weird, Jen. Red doesn’t seem as dark as black. Wonder if this is true when someone is colorblind? Is there an expert out there, or someone who is, to answer this perplexing trait of putting color into my comments’ section by my dear friend, Jen?

    • This is how I felt when I started my blog to rant about the 100 men I had met in 6 months, with only three being ones I wished to get to know! I got comments, sprinkling into my sections and then, “Whoila!” my first award! Glad to spread them over to you, who probably enjoyed several awards, but glad to send you another… Hugs, Robin

    • I was sincerely happy we are now connected, Anneli. Thanks for being here! Have a cheery and nice weekend. Ours has a sprinkling of 2-3 inches of ‘powder’ snow, which I brushed off. We are on four ten hour days (Monday through Thurs.) and am thankful to be up and moving off to spend time with a girlfriend. No readng today, just commenting!

    • Jill, you are probably the connector to several people who visit my blogs. I read your grand tour of writers this summer and was blessed with their warmth and creativity. Thanks for the congrats, I think I passed you a ‘sisters’ award last year since I feel we are truly close enough to be sisters. Smiles, Robin

    • I am so glad we found each other, too, Barb! I am thinking this is a wonderful way to spend time, honing our ‘crafts,’ getting to know a variety of people we may never spend together time in person but will hold in our hearts and minds. I saw a flower photo with a bumblebee that reminded me of the first nickname I have received here on this blog. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Off to shop at Tuttle Crossing Mall, since my friend Jenny got a gift card for Godiva’s and our closer mall, Polaris Towne Center does not have Godiva (nor Victoria’s Secret, smile! another possible gift card… for her, silly!) Smiles, Robin

  1. and you are truly a sweet prize for all of us, robin. and don’t feel bad about taking a while to get to all of this, believe me, i understand. i did the same thing and one day thanked everyone and all was right with the world once more. i don’t think any of us have a specific expectation or time frame, we all know we each have many parts to our lives and blogging is just one wonderful part of it. )

    • You described this perfectly and made me feel much better, too, Beth! I am glad we shall retire and head on out to be detecives, private eyes, dancers at parties and weddings, travel to exotic islands… well, in my imagination I see us going many places, together! Smiles,Robin

  2. Thank you for the shout out Robin! I have been feeling a little bad as, due to extra busy days, my commenting is dropping off somewhat and I was determined to leave you a comment on this ‘next post’ anyway – and the shout out ensures I do 🙂 xo

    Just in case any one does want to pop by I will leave you the correct address. It’s [It’s a crazy address right? For almost two years I keep thinking I will change it and still haven’t!]

    • Oh dear, I thought I looked twice to make sure each of these connected… So sorry, Pauline! I appreciate that you gave this and I will definitely edit out the wrong address.
      Hope you don’t feel too unhappy or bad, since we all get busy at different times. I sometimes open my email notifications and then, promptly close it! I have had over 20,000 sometimes! Yikes! I guess I did not set up the filters properly and it lets me know way too many comments and likes, along with other people’s comments on other people’s blogs!
      We have gone to a four day schedule, which does seem to taper down at our warehouse at the beginning of the year… I am fine with less work and a three day weekend is great, too.
      Enjoy, relax and hope you have some extra guests visiting, will need to change that as soon as I get off this section. Hugs, Robin

    • So glad you enjoyed receiving an award nomination and hope someone will find your lion face as a guest back on their blog, hoping they will visit your fine place! Smiles, Robin

  3. You deserve an award for trying to keep up with all the awards, Robin. I am a bad, bad award blogger for months and months now. I hope people don’t hate me for saying thank you to them and then not doing anything else because I’m just too darn busy.

    • Oh, we see you off reviewing movies, along with many other aspects of the entertainment world! You deserve to have awards and you are always generous in your mentioning others on your posts. This is all we wish for and you were SUPER nice to me last November by showing my pictures on your blog, too. Thank you for being here and everywhere! Smiles, Robin

  4. What Mark said is what I am saying!

    Congratulations on your awards Robin, you are a fantastic community blogger! Generous and attentive to the community you belong to. 🙂 And that is always appreciated. 🙂

    • I appreciate you and all the ones who comment and are faithful readers. Mainly, Colleen, you get me thinking and sometimes chuckling, both qualities I need extra usage of! If that makes sense… laughter and brain waves are activated on your blog and in your kind comments, too! Smiles and thanks for the extra endorphins, Colleen!

  5. You are on my list of people whom I ‘m going to recommend for Sisterhood of the world Bloggers award. I received it few days ago but couldn’t reply it due to busy schedule. You can update your post once again to include one more name. Congratulations for getting so much love and affection from your fellow bloggers and friends 🙂

    • I appreciate this so much, Rashmi. You are such an inspiring blogger, filling me with great art, photos and travel adventures. I take them and dream about them, dear friend! Sorry I will not be reading today but shall catch up with everyone tomorrow. Thanks so much again! Hugs, Robin

    • I have been down your dark path you have been on, saw the friends and family who were there, cheering me on. I am so glad you have the same thing waiting for you. I have hoped to encourage you along the way. My losses are definitely not the same as yours, mine were mostly material: loss of job, home and some beautiful artwork on my handpainted walls. Those are all surface things, your emotional scars were far deeper than mine. So glad you are on the upswing and have a yearly plan in place for the road to happiness, Elizabeth! Hugs and warm feelings sent your way, Robin

      • You certainly have cheered me on, dear friend, and I have appreciated your company and your kindness so much as I have journeyed along this dark road. Thanks in so many ways for shining me some light so that I may see my way.

  6. Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it 🙂 and thank you so much for including me in the list of nominations. I can’t describe how happy I am to know you like reading what I write. This is so very kind of you, thanks dear friend 🙂

    • You are so welcome and I meant it. I am sometimes sad when I don’t get to all the people’s posts, which don’t always show up in my daily Reader. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned, I post at the library and if someone is waiting for a computer, I must get off. I will try to be better at keeping up with you, my friend!

      • Oh I totally understand, don’t worry about it at all. There’s always so much that needs to be done and blogging is just a tiny part of that, however fun it is. These last few days have been super chaotic for me as well and to top it my internet connection died on me. Finally got it restored today. And now I’m gonna head straight for the daily Reader. 🙂 I wish you a wonderful day my friend 🙂 I’m glad to be connected with you through our blogs, its so amazing, to share and read about what everyone has to say. 🙂

    • Yolanda, this was so nice of you! I need to get caught up all the time, seems that there are so many people I enjoy reading, which sends me in so many directions… smiles!

  7. Aw, Robin. Sorry I missed this lovely post. My computer has died…again! It needs a new hardrive – which means I have to do everything via my iPhone (Little buttons + clumsy fingers = not fun!) It also means I miss things 😦 Could be 2 weeks or so before my computer gets fixed! A great start to the year! Argh!

    Anyway, congrats my talented blogging friend. I enjoyed reading this and will also enjoy checking out some new blogs 🙂

    Oh. And Happy New Year to you! X

    • Amanda, you don’t have to apologize! You gave me this over two months ago! I am embarrassed it took me so long to get my post written. I am so sorry about your computer. I hope you don’t have to go too long… I am smiling at your little buttons and fingers’ picture, since I have said this to my youngest daughter, who thinks I need an IPhone!
      I rely upon the library and sometimes it is not always available to write. I am able to fly through and comment, so will try harder to keep up with you. Hugs, Robin

  8. You make the blogging world (and the real world!) a beautiful place Robin!! Thank you for the award and thank you for being you! And I accept your story of drinking that tea:-) We all do from time to time!❤️❤️❤️

    • So happy, Tracy, you didn’t mind another award but I sometimes feel like re-gifting!
      Well, it could be those little bottles that said, “Drink Me,” too. But I felt that the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party made more sense… ha ha! (Silly me.)
      Anyway, hope that you are doing well this 2015, Tracy. Also, hoping you will continue to post your beautiful images of New England landscapes and scenery. I enjoy being there with you, at least in the photos! Hugs, Robin

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