Bizarre Happenings and A New Beginning


Two Coworkers’ Stories


The first subject matter is my friend, Amy. I have some doubts about

the man who doesn’t like to be kissed on the mouth. But, guess what?

They have made incredible arrangements and plans for this new year.

Amy and Roy are heading to Missouri. Not just any town, but a fine

sounding one with the name of New Amsterdam.


They found online a three acre farm, barn and fences to hold their

horses in. If you remember I have posted about Amy’s horses, Spirit,

Sapphire and Lokie. Roy has a wild horse which puts Spirit’s wildness

to shame! His name is Lickety Split. But they call him “Split.” Doesn’t

his name show imagination and doesn’t it conjure exactly what this

horse tends to do?


Anyway, Roy and Amy have made more plans than I could imagine in

such a short time. They have given notice at the place they rent to live

in Cardington, they have told the barn that houses their horses they

will no longer be paying for their stall or feed fees. Amy has ‘put in’

for a transfer to a Kansas Advance Auto Distribution Center about

a 45 minute (one way) drive. She has over fifteen years in working at

the good ole’ D.C. #23 here in Delaware, Ohio.


I have my fingers crossed, since there are a few doubts, concerns and

worries for such a huge under-taking, relocating and a new job, to boot!

If you are one who sends prayers or well wishes into the air and don’t

mind including Amy and Roy, you would make me feel much better.

(When more than one are gathered in His Name and pray, sometimes

mountains can be moved!)


In honor of my sweet Amy, please listen to these two songs:

Pure Prairie League’s song, “Amie.”

Carole King’s song, “So Far Away.”

I shall miss Amy, but we are connected since she likes my posts and

reads my blog.  Plus, since she has email and a cell phone we can stay

connected. One way or another!


My other story is much more intriguing and less worrisome. My good

pal, Tammy has joined me for lunch, along with first and second breaks,

for almost 6 years now.  She has two big cats, along with the feral kitty

who has become tamed and one English Shepherd dog. She has a good

boyfriend from years and years ago. I wrote an old love story post about

them. Tammy and Mike, the “Fencepost Buddies” love story.


Anyway, her sister and brother in law have a neighboring house which

has been through a lot of trauma in the family. They have had the same

family living there and there have been rumors associated with this farm


The farming family had an open door policy recently giving away

all of their household belongings. The farming equipment was sold

in a public auction.

The house and furniture are considered ‘haunted.’ Her sister took

three intriguing antique trunks and two tall vintage dressers.  She

felt very ‘lucky’ to have not had to purchase these beautiful ‘finds.’


She shared one of each of the trunks and dressers with Tammy.


Here are the strange things that have happened in Tammy and Mike’s

house since they brought the furniture into their home. There have

been several times when one or both of the couple have felt unusual

‘presence’ and an accompanying cold burst of air. They have had

times where they left the house with all but one light left on, only to

come home and find the entire house ‘lit up like a Christmas tree!’


The weirdest things have been pull chains on fans, which when they

would turn them on normally, like in the summertime it would be at

the light switch since there are ceiling lights on every fan in almost

all the rooms of their house. They shut EVERY fan off, by pulling the

chains in November.


The fans should not ‘turn on’ when you turn on the overhead fixture,

just the light should go on. Both parties, Mike and Tammy, are

adamant they are not trying to prank each other with the lights or



No one can explain the recent way a curtain pulled out into a bulging

shape either. Nor can they understand why when Mike was taking

off his breathing mask to prevent sleep apnea, it was hurled out of

his hand. He felt a tug or pull on the mask.  More than once!


Someone at work suggested shouting these words,

“Go into the Light!”


Another gave some herbal or natural remedies to cast out demons.


So, my good friend Mark C. who works in my building and is in

the area below me often in the Aerosol Room knew someone to refer

this couple to about the ‘haunted’ furniture. His good female friend

named Ruth has a son who came and toured the house. He felt the

‘presence’ and also, when the lights were out, thought there was a

‘ghostly shape’ in two areas of the house. He is one of those ghost

hunters who has a website, too.


The trunk and the dresser are gone now. Ruth’s son hauled it away

to keep in his barn. He has a group of associates who want to use

some kind of machinery to detect ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits.’


When she was adding things for the table of my coworkers, Tammy

told us that “rural legend” around her small town (not Delaware,

Ohio) ‘they say that this homestead has been in the family for quite

some time. The story goes that the wife of the farmer went mad

and the granddaughter who inherited the farm is in her thirties

and been institutionalized in a mental hospital.’


We all kind of shivered, thinking about the implications that the

women in this family may have been tormented by something



Tammy says there was a moment recently that both Mike and she

were sitting watching television and the dog ran up the stairs and

into the bedroom barking.  Both of them looked at each other

with a little bit of ‘fear of the devil’ in their eyes.Neither one chose

to go upstairs and investigate. Mike called to the dog to come,

while they didn’t even bother to discuss the implications.


Tammy said their living room curtain is not bulging anymore with

the shape of someone hiding behind it. Instead it made a weird

circular motion where it rustled along the carpet, when the house

was quiet and she was reading a book. She looked up and saw the

curtain sway, then rise up and whisk sideways. Finally, it was pulled

back. In mid-swing of the curtain, she tried to film it with her cell

phone. In the middle of the noiseless house, on the short ‘video,’

you can hear a clattering. We all noticed it and asked Tammy about

this, she answered:

“I got up to see what was going on, since both the inside cats were

on the sofa with me and the dog was at my feet.  I just wondered

what the noise was. It was not in the hall nor the upstairs, it was

in the kitchen.  It stopped as I approached it, but for one brief

moment, I felt like it were the sound of plates bumped together.

There were no plates in my sink nor did the sound repeat itself.

If Mike weren’t here to verify the lights and the fans, during past

incidents, along with the startling shape of the bulging curtain, I

would not believe any of this.  As it was, he thinks the dishes

clattering is highly suspicious of  ‘more aggressive behaviors.’ He

believes me and does not think I am imagining it. We talked about

this out on the road, in his truck. It is so weird but we sometimes

wonder if there is something which could ‘listen’ to us in the house?


What if the ‘ghost’ or ‘being’ is still in my house?”


I looked at Melvin and Felda.  Both appeared a little spooked looking,

as I felt goosebumps rise on both my arms and the hair on the back

of my neck stood on end.  Melvin’s family believe in voodoo,  as

well as my Filipino friends.  I am not sure Tammy really has any

‘beliefs’ but she really thinks strange happenings are going on in

her country house, despite the furniture being taken away and put

away in Ruth’s son’s barn.


“All I want is some peace and quiet. I wish this issue would be

resolved,” my good friend and coworker, Tammy lamented.


Do you have any suggestions for Tammy and Mike?

(They really don’t want to sell their house!)


Here are two songs to represent my feelings about the bizarre

happenings in Tammy and Mike’s house:

“Strange Magic,” by Electric Light Orchestra.

“Witchy Woman,” by the Eagles.


I love both of these songs and had not heard them for awhile.

Hope you enjoy the playlists and don’t forget to send some

silent positive thoughts out into the universe for Amy and Roy.

It couldn’t hurt to do this for Tammy and Mike, too.


Celebrating a serendipitous happy morning moment for me,

while driving to the library I heard this ‘new song:’

“Roller Coasters,” sung by the ‘indie pop’ band, Bleachers.

I found this to be really catchy and a fun song, reminiscent

of older pop songs.


Would you consider listening to just one more song?

I am off for the day on an adventure with my good friend, Jenny,

who is a retired teacher. We did not have to work today, ‘lack of



Hope you have a fantastic weekend!







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    • I have written a post about this relationship last fall, so that is how I refer to Roy. He was a cowboy/rodeo man that came to Ohio and seemed to really capture my friend, Amy’s heart. When she told me this, you may look back and read it, but I will tell you there was someone who said that it would be a ‘deal breaker’ and would leave him, another who rarely expresses personal thoughts, but shared she knew someone who couldn’t do this and was with someone in a long-lasting relationship. Anyway, this was not a deal-breaker with Amy and they are soon to be off, her transferring out of my warehouse we work together.
      Thanks for asking, my dear!

      • I’m glad it worked out for them. It’s an interesting issue, I don’t know if it’d be a deal breaker for me but something that I would definitely seek counseling for. But each person is different with their different needs so I’m glad those to found each other.

      • I am glad you were responding with your true feelings, sharing about what is written makes it more meaningful. Blogging is nice to have responses to one’s writing…
        I enjoyed your anniversary blogs and how you did karaoke in the early days of your relationship!

  1. “Strange Magic,” by Electric Light Orchestra. I love that song, Robin! Actually, I love anything by ELO. I hope you have a great day off. I’ll keep your friends in my prayers. Enjoy the weekend!

    • I appreciate the prayers for my friends. I hope all works out with Amy and Roy, but am not too worried about Tammy and Mike. Their life together has survived the ‘test of time!’ Friends and neighbors since they were young. I think that the less they worry and pay attention to what they are experiencing in their home~ the better!

    • So glad we have the ELO in common and that song is so wonderful. Yes, Jill, you are so right, anything they played together was outstanding music!! Have a great weekend, too!

  2. In the air, yes! And a man who doesn’t like to be kissed on the mouth …hmmmm … wonder where he ‘does’ like to be kissed and hoping this isn’t a control issue around your friend …
    Still, we all have our demons to contend with and hearts that need soothing. Hope it works out for them.

    • Thanks, Bela. I wrote about this last fall and it created an interesting discussion. Some were quite frank in their opinions, some saying they would break up since this was a ‘deal breaker’ and another quietly saying a good friend had shared the couple she knew were able to get past this one aspect and she got used to this and didn’t mind the lack of kissing. It was interesting, so this was a follow up on Amy’s story with Roy. (Like a soap opera, the story continues… we shall see!) Thanks for this and also mentioning that our demons to contend with is a common thread amongst all of our lives. Thanks for this great one, Bela!

  3. I totally believe that there is at least one poltergeist in Tammy’s house. But the pranks seem harmless. They just want to be noticed. Once you stop fearing them and realize that they are just pranksters, why would you want to get rid of them?

    If they have a sense that they (the poltergeists) want to move on to where ever spirits go after we die, all your friends need to do is (with an open, respectful and sincere heart) talk to them–silently or aloud. Tell the poltergeists that they no longer belong where they are. That it is time for them to move on. Tell them to look for a familiar soul from that place of light and follow them to a place where they can rest and find peace. Of course, thank the spirits for cooperating and send them on their way with loving kindness. It works, but only if your friends feel that the poltergeists are unsettled and need to move on. Some just love hanging out and being playful.

    Believe it or not, I’ve done this kind of thing hundreds of times. I know what I’m talking about.

    • Lorna, this is so fascinating that you have sent poltergeists to their lights, along with dealing with 100’s of them. You gave me much insight to this, since I sometimes am skeptical and need to be reassured things are not being invented or made up. I will tell Tammy what you mentioned, also if they are calm and go about their lives, the pranks seem harmless, as you say. I guess there was some fear expressed by Tammy, which urged me to ask others for their advice. I appreciate your valuable comments and advice, Lorna! Hope you and Phil are doing well and keep on enjoying the bloggers’ circuit of your book tour! Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you, Colleen for both of these special messages and I shall pass the one on about telling the spirits to quite trying to scare them or their dog. Tammy and Mike never had children so their cats and dog are their babies. I like that you shared your own personal experience. I think this sounds like a sensible solution which may just do the trick! Smiles back at you and have a wonderful weekend, Colleen!

      • Thank you Robin. I hope it helps. It did help us. When we first moved in we were doing so much work it was very disturbing, I’m sure, to the energies or ghosts or whatever one would want to refer to these noises as. But I never once felt a negative or scary presence. But A LOT of incidents. Happy weekend to you as well!

      • I liked your straight-forward approach and I think Tammy will, too! Thanks again, Colleen. Hey, we need to quit this overdoing the thank you’s! ha ha!

  4. best of luck to amy and roy and hopefully all will turn out well. as for tammy and mike – that is so eerie, i’d get rid of everything asap if it were me. enjoy your weekend )

    • I appreciate your best wishes for Amy and Roy, Beth!
      I hope all works out with their new beginnings, maybe will keep them close and unite them, bond them. Reminds me of the settlers and how the mail-order brides usually worked out with their being far from their homes and families.
      I do think that is a great adjective for Tammy and Mike’s strange occurrences: “eerie!”

  5. I am sorry your good friend, Amy is moving away, although it will not be too far to maintain contact. I will put out good thoughts for their move and adjustment to their new surroundings.

    I am not a big believer in ghosts and spirits, but in light of all the evidence at Tammy and Mike’s and the fact that they do not seem to be crackpot personalities, I have to concede there is something going on that I would not understand. I hope these restless spirits leave them in peace. Maybe a good song for the spirits would be “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals. 🙂 – Mike

    • I am not a big traveler, since I try to pinch my pennies, Mike. I will hope Amy will come back but once they settle out there, horses and responsibilities will probably tie her down. I will hope and cross my fingers for Roy and Amy to work on their issues, keeping open minds and try to work like a ‘team.’
      I wish a song would send them out of the house, I think the C-Bus paranormal site (which I have not checked out) and Ruth’s son will help to try to send those spirits or something strange out of the place. “They” may or may not still be lurking, hate to say this, Mike! They have had their electronics (phone, computer and t.v.) recently bothered and weird things happening on this ‘new front of attack.’
      I used to love the Animals, Mike! They are an upbeat group with catchy songs! Thanks for the fun song shared here!

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