Bits and Pieces


There have been a few odds and ends that have been rattling around

in my mind. Some are not worthy of an entire post, some I could in

the future, expand and expound about them. There are interesting

little tidbits that I heard recently on the news or read in a magazine.


One article of interest was found in “University of Dayton Magazine,”

which was about the UD Flyers’ football team in 1939,  going out to

California and visiting a famous alumni. I love any kind of ‘archive’

photographs, this one with the dashing movie star, Tyrone Power,

and the football team, all in their coats, ties and dress pants caught

my eye.


My favorite Tyrone Power’s movie is called, “Witness for the Prosecu-

tion.” It turns out this was one of the last movies he ever made. Sadly,

at age 44, the action movie star was battling with a sword, had a heart

attack and died on the way to the hospital. The movie he had been

acting in was called, “Solomon and Sheba.” I have never seen this one

nor his beginning two either.  “Merchant of Venice” was his first film

and his second movie, which earned him popularity and a place on the

billboards was, “Girls’ Dormitory.”


I believe we need to have a new version of this, a ‘re-make’ of this

light-hearted movie. I sense this would have innocent humor, with

sly innuendos. Nothing like the current R-rated comedies which rely

so much on stupid jokes and mean acts.

(Yes, this comment is a little ‘tongue in cheek.’)
Anyway, Tyrone Power originated from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was

the son of an actor and grandson of a comedian. He had, as they

frequently say, “acting in his blood.” He was born in 1914 and the

sword-fighting scene which ended his life, was in 1958.


A quote from the “UD Magazine,” uses the source of an Arizona State

University Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies describing

Tyrone Power as:

“Mystical, darkly handsome, a glorious matinee idol and a rather

‘forgettable’ actor.”


Although this comment is rather harsh,  Tyrone Powers was chosen

in an actor’s popularity poll taken of University of Dayton students

and he was found to be number four. The university newspaper took

one of their students from ages 17-18 up to ages 22-23. This poll was

conducted after the UD football team had visited 20th Century Fox.

The tour had contacted and was led by Tyrone Power, an alumni.


Tyrone Power may have ‘grown’ more serious over the years,

following several ‘good looking’ and ‘attractive’ stars and starlets

choosing parts with more depth in the characters and plot lines.


Here is the list of the Top 3 Actors ahead of Tyrone Powers

(from the UD newspaper poll, taken in 1939):

1. Errol Flynn

2. Jimmy Stewart

3. Gary Cooper


While he led a short life, Tyrone Power ‘lived large,’ in my mind.

Here are a few examples of Power’s personal adventures:

1. Served in the military, as a United States Marines, as a pilot.

This was in 1942, during WWII and one particular exciting time

was during transporting materials to Iwo Jima. Next month, on

my February calendar, I make note of the famous day when the

U.S. flag was raised on Iwo Jima.


2. “Wild” in his love life, dating co-stars while the movies were

being filmed, just to move on to the next movie and starlet.


3. Like James Dean, he enjoyed riding a motorcycle.


4. In his 44 years on earth, he was married three times.


5. Rather ‘scandalous’ for his time, he relied upon the income of

his second wife. Financial support in the acting world, sometimes

did have the “leading woman” making more than her husband.


6. “Mark of Zorro,” was a favorite movie and the poster is still one

of my favorites of all time. His work as a ‘swash buckling’ leading

character and dangerous criminal were displayed in, “Jesse James”

and “The Black Swan.”


February 27th- Coming up next month, another famous actor and

director, a genius of his time, is going to be featured at the Gateway

Film Center. This is called an “Independent Cinema in the Heart

of Columbus.” I love the catchy title, “Magician: The Astounding

Life and Work of Orson Welles.”  I am going to see if my friend,

Anna,  or my guy friend, Bill, will go with me to check out one of

the films presented there.  I would like to see the documentary of

this famous Hollywood legendary star and director.


A small little ‘bit of wisdom,’ which could be used in so many

different ways is the expression,

“Pachoko Pachoko,”

which in the Lake Malawi area of Africa means,

“Little by little.”

This conjures much meaning in such a succinct form.


The CBS Morning has a great feature every week on their Sunday

program which is called, “The Week at a Glance.”  I noticed the

Hall of Fame Awards for Theater were going to be presented on

Monday, January 26, 2015.

What makes this interesting to me is that I watched, “Amadeus,”

on Saturday after Micah went home. The main antagonist of the

film about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was Antonio Salieri. In the

movie, this character is played by F. Murray Abraham. Definitely

nice to have this coincidence, seeing an actor I admire and it would

be a great awards show to be able to attend.


There is an anniversary of the German “Death Camps,”  Auschwitz

and others this week; January 27, ’15. A day of memorial and tribute

to those who either died or survived their horrendous experiences



All those Star Wars fans, who have money to splurge on memorabilia,

there will be a major auction on Wednesday.  Hope you have a fun

and happy mid-week celebration. If you don’t have money saved for

buying souvenirs, you can always indulge in watching one of the “Star

Wars” movies.


Thursday, Amy Poehler is being given “Woman of the Year” award by

the Hasty Pudding Theatrical group. She is best known for her comedy

skits on “Saturday Night Live,” along with her “Parks and Rec” t.v.



Harvard University’s group is simply called, “The Pudding.” In 1897,

John Wheelwright described the cross-dressing theatrical group as:

“A kindly association of men of all ages in a gay evening of simple



I am sure Amy will have a ‘ball’ and she will fit right in, too. I hope to

check this out ‘after the fact,’ on YouTube. I enjoyed when Neil Patrick

Harris’ was given his Roast for “Man of the Year” another year.


At University of Cincinnati, there will be a police enforcement

symposium, incorporating all aspects of agencies, beginning a

meaningful ‘conversation’ about their performance in the pursuit

of justice. This will be held on Friday, January 30, 2015.


The other activities, on Saturday and Sunday, were so quickly

spoken that I did not catch them. They said something about what

President Obama was going to do and something about the “Annie”

awards show is for. Keep your ears open for these two upcoming

subjects in the news. . .


Tonight, there will be a spell-binding special mini-series about the

Revolutionary War. It is titled, “Sons of Liberty” and ironically it

has mainly actors who are not American.  For example, George

Washington’s character is portrayed by Irish actor, Jason O’Mara.

John Hancock is played by British actor, Rafe Spall, in a sort of

flamboyant performance. (Interesting; hm-m!) The British actor,

Marton Csokas will play General Thomas Gage.


I am looking forward to checking out this television event on the

period of time historically where we were “enemies” with the Brits,

while seeing them portray the leaders of this revolution. Interested

also, in who they have playing Benjamin Franklin. The British actor

who portrays Samuel Adams is Ben Barnes. This presentation

will be on the American History Channel.


“Sons of Liberty” is n conflict with my S.A.G. awards ceremony,

though. The Screen Actor’s Guild show will be tonight, also. May

need to ask Jenny to ‘DVR’ the other show, or just pop in on it,

during commercial breaks. I just love award ceremonies, along

with the Red Carpet pre-shows.


In our brains, scientists, researchers and physicians have studied

many things. The newest findings of where ‘happiness’ can be

found through the measurement of the area of the brain called

the “striatum.” There even is a new numerical formula which is

able to ‘measure’ happiness by our brain’s reactions to rewards.

The formula, though, relies on our reactions to our expectations.

This was also featured on CBS Sunday Morning, January 25, 2015.

I am sure this combination of numbers and processes can be

found somewhere on the CBS coverage, it was shown written in

numerals and I could not write it quickly enough, nor would I

have been able to comprehend this.

Apparently, if you have high expectations, as so many positive

people walk around and hope for the best do, than the way

the numbers may reflect lower amounts of happiness. This

brought up a commentator’s valid question,

“If you go into your day with little or no expectations are you

more likely to experience a measurable amount of happiness?”

This portion of the program was titled, “Not Great Expectations,”

should you wish to examine the research and reactions to this

new equation.


I have featured another article or post about brain studies, which

used endorphins and other information to measure happiness.


I will still head off every day, ‘into the world,’ with lots of hope

and high expectations. I tend to believe you will receive more

and will acknowledge more simple acts and things which will

give you bursts of endorphins and fill your life with happy

moments. I could not go out, seeking nothing and expect to

find happiness. This just goes against the ‘grain’ of my brain!


What did you read today that gave you ‘pause’ or something

to think about?


Have you any new information or something you may not wish

to fill a whole post about, but wish to share here?








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  1. Imagine being so well known and famous but dying at age 44. What a shame. I think I saw the movie Witness for the Prosecution, but I don’t remember much about it. It was a long time ago. These guys you’ve mentioned were famous (and died) when we were just children. Still their names live on.

    • I am very happy you may have seen one of Tyrone’s movies, Anneli. I think he had talent and may have become deeper in his roles and better in his acting skills. It is always sad when an accident like this happens. One never knows what he could have accomplished and he may have given back to the world, too. Thanks, Anneli!

    • He was very handsome and I agree, a ‘pretty thing!’ You know he was one of the first ‘action heroes’ that I enjoyed! Too bad he died young, we will never know what he would have accomplished or contributed. He definitely gave his time in the Marines, not an ‘easy’ job!

  2. Those were lots of bits and pieces! I read a local news article about a 53 year old woman who, when two guys snatched her purse, in a grocery store parking lot, followed them and threw herself onto the hood of their car. She hung onto their windshield wipers and the thieves couldn’t get rid of her no matter how many times they did herky-jerky moves with their car. They finally gave up and threw her purse out of the window, keeping only her wallet. When asked by the police why she did this, she said she didn’t want them to get away with pictures of her grandchildren. She didn’t mind about the wallet, saying there was no money in it, anyway. Kind of reminded me of something in a Melissa McCarthy movie!

    • I am glad you liked Jimmy Stewart and Amadeus, Belle! They were both good, in their own way! I love old movies and like to hear details about famous people. I think about those who die young and ponder what they could have done, had they lived longer…

  3. i love your bits and pieces, robin. i think it’s how all our minds work and gather information, and you are very good at putting them down into words. mine tend to drift off into space quite often ) interesting learning more about tyrone power, my mother told me years ago that he was one of my grandmother’s favorites )

    • I can imagine he was quite a looker to your grandmother’s age! I like his movies and think he reminds me of a mixture of Colin Farrell in his dark looks and Liam Neeson in his agility. I cannot think of many actors who have both dark looks and agility today, although Sean Connery was quite swarthy in his day! I do think our minds wander a bit, sometimes they think alike but others they are crossing paths in different frequencies! Smiles!

  4. You covered so much in this post. I did not know Tyrone Power was from Ohio. That is a good bit of trivia. Florence is the classical movie buff in our household. We both used to like Errol Flynn. Then we learned he was a Nazi spy who met with Adolf Hitler after the outbreak of WWII. This ugly news overshadowed our appreciation of his movies, and now we cannot stand to watch a single movie he acted in.

    When you mentioned that you like to start each day on a positive note, you reminded me of when my daughters told me they would like to make the world a better place to live, but it was too big a task for one person to make a difference. I told them the world is made up of infinitely small details, very few of which become news stories. I said, ‘If you pass a stranger walking down the street and you smile and say ‘Hi’, is the world different than if you had walked by without making eye contact and you said nothing?’ They agreed the world would not be exactly the same, and they realized they had the power to change the world every day.

    I think you make the world better every day, too, Robin. Your blog certainly impacts many people, including me. – Mike

    • Thank you, Mike for your friendship and your lovely and kind words you said about me. I feel the same about you, my good friend!
      As far as Errol Flynn, this makes me sad. I hate it when we find out bad actions of our heroes and favorite stars.
      On a lighter note, to this day, my Mom is ‘mad’ at Ronald Reagan for leaving Jane Wyman for his ‘makeup girl Nancy!’ ha ha!
      Anyway, glad you found a few things to enjoy in my bits and pieces, Mike. You taught your girls a great lesson in how a smile makes a difference and they have expanded on this, I am sure over the years! You did well as a father and now as a grandfather! hugs!

    • I am so glad you added this part about Tyrone and Gary, which I agree with. Now, we shall see who will come to mind on another post, where we will see eye to eye on! Thanks, Bela!

    • I am glad you learned something or got some new info, Brenda. Sad, since he may have accomplished quite a bit. He had character and being a Marine isn’t easy either! I am hoping the Sons of Liberty will repeat again, since I only saw a smidgen of it!Thanks for the hugs and kind thoughts, Brenda!

  5. @”While he led a short life, Tyrone Power ‘lived large,’ in my mind.” – yes, indeed, RIP… he was not only very handsome, but a great actor, as well… you may know that Romina, his daughter has chosen to live in Italy since the 70’s…
    * * *
    have an inspiring week and friendly thoughts, Mélanie

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