Dressing Up


When children are little, you remember this, they love to be someone

else. They may play “Daddy” by simply wearing his shoes, clumping

around in them, or put his old, discarded tie or scarf on. They may

play “Princess,” by wearing a crown and a ballerina ‘tutu’ skirt.


The best part about children’s dress up clothes is that they are able to

use their imagination. A white coat or vest becomes the wardrobe of

a ‘doctor’ or ‘nurse.’ A fringed vest makes them a cowboy or cowgirl.

The  way  children love to try on different  hats and  come up with

their own choice of profession is amusing. Sometimes, my kids or

grandkids are ‘proper ladies’ while they also can be rowdy clowns

in the very same hats. The aprons I have can transform them into

a ‘chef’ or a ‘butler.’


Taking off his shirt, my grandson, Micah feels he is ready to ‘wash

dishes.’  He cracked me up this weekend, by telling me his ‘other’

grandmother”Mimi,” paid him ten dollars for cleaning the toilet.

I told him I would pay him one dollar if he did the dishes after he

helped make pancakes. He followed this comment with a big grin

and said,

“That’s a real deal, isn’t it, for you?”


As I was watching the S.A.G. Awards, (Screen Actors’ Guild),  I was

picturing the times when I would get ‘gussied up’ in my childhood.

I also imagined those lovely dresses the women were wearing ‘on

loan’ for me to try on and play ‘dress up,’ once again.



The Red Carpet is always a fun place in my mind to be. Here are

some of the people who looked ravishing or handsome last night.


In the  male category, there are only a few who I noted any kind

of unusual or fancy tuxedos.

~The Men~

1. Matthew McConaughey wore a azure blue tux with black tie

and pants. He had a nice look about him, although I am not as

crazy about his beard. He may be getting ready for another film,

but his beard was scraggly. And not like the ‘5 o’clock shadow’

stubble, which famous actors seem to gravitate towards, maybe

to look ‘more masculine?’ Not sure why this style is so popular.

Matthew  was looking more healthy than last year, when he lost

a lot of weight to look like an AIDs victim in, “Dallas Buyers Club.”


2. The British Eddie Redmayne looked outstanding.  He was

wearing a traditional tuxedo, but his boyish good looks in such

contrast to the role he had portrayed for his award nomination,

Stephen Hawking. At the awards ceremony, his hair was nicely

styled combed back with a few strands coming forward.

(In the movie, “Theory of Everything”he wore his glasses off-kilter,

his hair not cut well, and of course, his posture was sometimes so

crooked, he looked like he might fall out of his wheelchair.)

*Eddie Redmayne WON the Best Male Actor in a Movie, 2015.


3. Michael Keaton, who wore his hair so closely shaved he

almost looked ‘bald.’ I am sure the military haircut was part of

his dressy attire. The tuxedo had a black velvet collar, which

matched his black velvet bow tie. He was very friendly with a

big smile, which made him more attractive in this event.

(He was nominated for his performance in “Birdman.”)

*The movie WON for Best Cast in a Movie.

This is the equivalent to “Best Picture of the Year.”


4. Kevin Costner looked handsome but his wife was his best

‘accessory.’ He also was wearing black sunglasses. She had

on a beautiful scarlet dress with half sleeves and her blonde

hair was flowing down her shoulders.

She said she loved his movie, “Black or White.” He told the

interviewer he felt one of his legal speeches in the movie

was reminiscent to the one in “Inherit the Wind.” If so, this

would be a great reason for his movie to be nominated next

year for the 2016 film awards.


I usually choose brightly dressed women, but there are a

couple of fabulous white dresses to note also.

~The Women~

1. Keira Knightley was simply gorgeous in her deep purple

dress, showing her ‘baby bump’ when the camera caught her

facing sideways. But the layers of the lacy, plum dress actually

hid her form when she was standing ‘straight on.’ as she

presented an award.

(Nominated for movie: “The Imitation Game.”)


2. Viola Davis was stunning in her beautiful white dress which

accented her shapely figure with a ‘throw back’ style of a halter

dress. She looked thinner in this dress than any other gowns I

have seen her in this season. She had a short, styled ‘fro, which is

the shortened way of saying she wore an ‘Afro.’  This hairstyle

went perfectly with the 70’s style of her dress.

*Viola Davis WON for the television drama,  “How to Get Away

with Murder.”



3. Felicity Jones wore a beautiful pastel pink dress that criss-

crossed across her shoulders. It looked like an Audrey Hepburn

styled dress, while her dark hair was pulled back and up. She

was lovely in this and she held herself well, very mature in her

appearance. (She played Stephen Hawking’s first wife and was

nominated for this role in “Theory of Everything.”)


4. Reese Witherspoon was wearing white with her hair slicked

back into a pony tail. The hair was okay but her dress was very

classic and elegant. She created a lovely ‘demure’ look with this

white dress. (She was nominated for her role in  “Wild,” which

she was almost the only character and in every scene.)


5. Uzo Aduba wore a brilliant yellow dress with some designs on

it which made her look very pretty. She is a medium sized woman

who can also look masculine, while wearing her ‘prison garb’ on

the show, “Orange is the New Black.”She looked radiant the whole


*Uzo Aduba WON for her Best Actress in Comedy Television Series.

She was exuberant.


6. Julianne Moore, with her auburn colored hair and her gorgeous

green dress looked like a young Irish lassie. Her emerald dress was

shimmery and almost like a mermaid in its appearance.

(The movie Julianne Moore was nominated for was in a recent post,

“Still Alice.”)

*Julianne Moore WON Best Actress in a Movie.


7. Julianna Margulies wore a blue dress which was beautiful and

she looked regal. Her choice of wearing her hair pulled back

accentuated the dress, but I prefer her thick hair down.  My

favorite time she appeared on an awards show this season was

when she was the one to give George Clooney his “Lifetime

Achievement Award,” which made me smile. Did you ever watch

those two as a couple when he was a doctor; she a nurse on “E.R?”

The award was given at the 2015 Golden Globes.

(Julianna Margulies has been nominated for her role in “The Good

Wife” and won before.)


8. One of my favorite funny women, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, wore

such a fabulous black, long-sleeved lacy dress. The sheerness of

the black lace and her long, curly hair style looked captivating.

I felt the black lace dress seemed ‘vintage’ and liked the way

it looked on her.

(Last year, she was nominated for her role in the late James

Gandolfini movie, “Enough Said.”)


During the television program of the SAG Awards, there was a

preview commercial for a movie with live actors and actresses

in a new version of, “Cinderella.” After watching all the fancy

dresses and tuxedos, I was wishing I could head on out to see

this upcoming movie.


I have always enjoyed both the Disney animated version of,

“Cinderella.” Along with the various movies which have done

a ‘take’ on the idea of a mean stepmother and two self-centered



“Bippity boppity boo.”

See you in my dreams, pretty Cinderella!





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  1. You remind me so much of my favorite Aunt, Robin. She always followed the celebrities, loved the Red Carpet and all of the award shows. Me…not so much. I am happy to hear Julianne Moore won for best actress. I loved the book and I think I’ll be able to see the movie…it will be difficult though.

    • I am so glad I remind you of someone who was a ‘favorite Aunt,’ Jill! I think I got the ‘bug’ early on, did you ever read the post about my babysitter who became “Miss Cedar Point,” then she went on to be “Miss Sandusky” (Ohio) then, “Miss Ohio,” and my family all traveled to Atlantic City to see her crowned “Miss America?” I think she gave me the ‘bug’ that caught my interest for all time… glamorous, smart and such a kind young woman. Later in her 40’s she had a stroke. Her name is Jackie Mayer. She worked with people with strokes and gave speaking engagements to encourage people to try different things, despite their challenges and handicaps, Jill. I still treasure the photograph of her as “Miss America,” which we bought. We did not go to her room nor behind stage. We just let her know we were there by yelling like crazy, along with others who sat together in a group. It was a fantastic experience and even my brothers were excited. (I was 8 years old.)
      I will get around to seeing, “Still Alice,” in the next 6 months, since it really sounds like Julianne Moore did an excellent job. We will get teary-eyed, Jill.

  2. I passed on watching the SAG Awards show after sitting through the Golden Globes a couple weeks ago. However, your descriptions of the elegant formal wear was at least as captivating, if not better than having viewed the show.

    BTW – Micah sounds like a quick-witted lad. You don’t suppose he inherited some of that from you, do you? – Mike

    • I would not expect many men to be watching this but I do feel it can be entertaining for everyone. I also have loved the shows since I was a child. Thanks, Mike, for the compliment about my descriptions!
      No, his Dad is quite a conversationalist and uses big words with him. He asked me a lot of questions this time about my apartment that were rather ‘eerie’ in their awareness of others. He asked why I had a kitchen table in my big room instead of the kitchen, I got the measuring tape out and he figured out it would not fit in my tiny kitchen. Then, he asked me about my furniture, did I buy it or was it here when I moved in? I asked him why did he think this may have been here before I moved in and he told me that it looked like a hotel or magazine picture. Who in kindergarten thinks like this, Mike? I wish I had asked these kinds of questions to my grandparents. I do know that Micah has a great sense of humor and when I said “real deal” is also known as a “bargain,” he asked me how to spell it so he could remember the word! ha ha!
      I bet, if you started writing things down about your own grandsons, they would ‘sound smart,’ too. Hugs, Robin

      • I never talked down to my girls, and my daughter also does not talk down to her boys. The oldest one uses big words like, It ‘literally’ happened just like I said. I also make fun of when he overuses words like ‘very’ and ‘really’. One time when we were saying our goodbye’s, I teasingly said, ‘And I will really, really, really miss you very, very, VERY much.’ And he just replied, ‘I see what you did there, Papa.’ 🙂 – Mike

    • I was hoping with my opening words, people might either share a story of how they liked to play ‘dress up’ or ‘pretend play,’ as a child, Colleen. I would not expect most people to choose to do this. I think from your own blog, I have gathered you are a hiker, a person who loves the outdoors and festivals. You are not someone who enjoys ‘fussy’ dressing up stuff! Hugs, Robin

      • 🙂 Actually….I should fess up….. I don’t like “fussy” dress up. But I do have a pirate outfit for the Renaissance Festival. The Irish Pirate Queen. With daggers. And sword. And a like weaponry. 😉

      • Oh, Colleen! I got you to spill about your costume for the Renaissance Festival! I love this adventurous Irish Pirate Queen side of you, with weaponry! Thank you so much for sharing this with me, it means a lot. I just thought you would say you used to dress up while plaing ‘house’ or play doctor…

  3. Dressing up to create make believe is one thing – I was always Peter Pan when I was a kid – but having to “get gussied up” as you so eloquently put it leaves me cold. I’m comfortable in casual – the thought of having to dress up for an occasion fills me with horror – not least because I’d be expected to wear sheer tights and I can’t abide the feel of them. Also, wearing a strapless cocktail dress in minus degrees is just miserable. I’m reaching for my cashmere as I think of it Brrrr!

    • I am so glad, Jenny, you shared who you liked to dress up as! This was one of the conversations I was going for!
      I totally understand this about some of my very best friends. It is jeans or corduroys and sweaters in the winter and capri length pants or jeans with tank or t-shirt tops in the summer! I also appreciate your honest abhorrence of getting all fixed up. I enjoy going to weddings, just to decide which of my three or four nice dresses I have to wear. To each his or her own, right?
      Viva le difference!

      • Absolutely. One of my career dreams when I was a teen was to be a fashion designer or a dress buyer, so you can see how things change. I was happy to see other people all glammed up, just not for me. I did do a course in fashion journalism though, but only because I thought it would be a quick way in to writing for a magazine.

      • I appreciate your candor and am not sure if I knew this about you or not, Jenny. I do remember that time the women were at a craft sale and they were making comments and you felt they were being a little judgmental. Not sure if I have read about your fashion design dreams, but now I know! Thanks for agreeing we all can have our different perspectives and get along. I got Colleen to ‘spill’ by being persuasive. She does dress up in a costume for the Renaissance Festival. This was fun!

    • Thanks, Seyi, for this sweet comment and enjoying my post about dressing up, too! I am sorry you were not given a proper response in a timely manner, since I found you and 28 others who I follow! in my Pending Approval area of wordpress. How annoying to me and sad for you. So, hope you have a wonderful week and a belated Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!

      • It’s alright my friend, I have hundreds of my friends in the same holding cell. I just visit as many as I could. My valentine was cool, hope you had a great time too!
        Blessings. 🙂

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