What does your wings’ sauce say about you?


Today, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were on their CBS

morning show called, “Kelly and Mike.” They were discussing

chicken wings, which got me thinking about re-blogging the

post I wrote about last year, one which focused on chicken


Their “new statistics” included our country will be consuming

around 2.8 million chicken wings, while watching the Super Bowl!


The two television gracious and funny hosts were also able

to discuss a survey which had the results of what our favorite

chicken wing sauce to dip them in (after they are baked with

any of the slathered on flavors.) No source was cited on their

show, so here goes the ‘facts:’

1. Ranch dressing

2. Barbecue sauce

3. Blue cheese dressing and hot sauce were tied in this third

place contest.


Kelly mentioned her son likes ranch, so she assumed it would

be ‘most popular,’ while laughingly saying, she would choose

blue cheese dressing but skip the wings! It was also funny

that this thin person who really works out a lot was concerned

about the unhealthy aspect of blue cheese dressing. She went

on to say she savors a ‘lettuce wedge salad with blue cheese

dressing but would just eat the dressing since she likes it so

much. I liked her candor in this expression of her taste

preferences, as I am one some of my loved ones say,

“Mom orders dressing with a side of salad!”


Here is an article about hot sauce wings and how it reflects

your character. Later, you will find some history about where

in the United States, chicken wings came from. It is a widely

contested fact and at least two locations contend it is ‘their

place,’ which made the first hot wings. If there is another

country or location you have heard of or ‘know any facts

about,’ please add to the comments section of this post!



Drew Cerza, the founder of Buffalo, New York’s “Annual

Wings Festival,” describes the types of people who

choose certain sauces for chicken wings.


Here are four popular variations of wings’ sauces and

a personality analysis, short synopsis of the type of

person you may or may not be:


1. Garlic Parmesan Sauce.

“The person who likes this is creative, fearless,

and yet in control.”


2. Mild Hot Sauce.

“This person doesn’t take many risks. He or she

accepts life as it is. This person is rather



3. Hot Sauce.

“This is a bold person. He or she throws on the first

down, (if a football player) goes for the touchdown on

the fourth, (metaphorically,) and wild and crazy.”


4. Atomic hot sauce.

“This person is aggressive, doesn’t need napkins and

doesn’t like to lose.”


I enjoy mild hot sauce, enjoy the garlic parmesan if not

on a date, and really enjoy the sticky, sweet sauce that

is derived from using terikaki sauce in the recipe. My brothers

like the Jack Daniels’ barbecue sauce baked on their chicken

wings. So delicious!


No, these are not definitive descriptions of people, just one

man’s (Drew Cerza’s) opinion!


I thought I would throw in a short history lesson of Red Hot

Sauce which originated as a recipe made by the Frank Tea and

Spice Company, in 1896! This company was in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Much later, the bottled Frank Red Hot Sauce came out in 1969.


The family who is credited by Frank’s Red Hot, for creating

the combination of chicken wings, deep fried and then dipped

in their sauce is the Belissimo Family. Although an article in

1969 written on their restaurant, does not cite this dish.


In 1980, Teressa and Frank Belissimo’s son, Donald, started

circulating that the story goes like this. Due to having a storm

in Buffalo, New York they were having a ‘run’ on food orders.


Their bar/restaurant had run out of most of their food at one

point in the midst of this storm. People had come to seek

comfort, shelter and something warm to eat at their little bar.


Teressa prepared the chicken wings, serving it with hot sauce

mixed with a buttery sauce. Hungry customers devoured them,

thus they claim the “origin of buffalo chicken wings.”


Frank’s Red Hot Company supports this Italian family’s ingenuity.


There is one other contender for the original “buffalo chicken

wings” and that is a man named John Young who used the name,

“mambo sauce,” in the mid-1960’s for his chicken wings covered

with sauce. His Buffalo, New York restaurant registered their

change of name in 1970, to John Young’s Wings ‘n Things.


Just a little bit of fun ‘trivia’ and I always like to hear about

where things came from! Even if there is a question about

this. The first Public citing of “Buffalo chicken wings” was

on NBC Today in 1980.


Last fact for the day, credit for this football snack’s surge in

popularity was during the four consecutive years that the

Buffalo Bills were contenders in the Super Bowl, from 1991

through 1994.


Now, please share your favorite dipping sauce and also,

if you like Buffalo chicken wings? How HOT?!


Tell me, will you be rooting for a football team this Sunday?

Which team do you want to win at the Super Bowl, 2015?

Hey, don’t get upset but I am going to get off the neutral

“fence” I thought I would sit on, and say:

“Go New England Patriots!”


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  1. This explains everything…I used to get Garlic Parmesian sauce every time I got wings at Pizza Hut. Then, after a few times, I decided it was much too salty…and now I don’t eat wings unless I’m off flying somewhere….

  2. I think this describes you, even though I only ‘know’ you from blogging! Thanks so much for letting me know this about you! Confirms my beliefs in you, too! Take care, Robin

    • So great to know this! I kind of thought that you would like them “hot,’ Beth! I have liked mild hot sauce for quite awhile and have used it to spice up my chili, too! The blue cheese dressing with celery is especially a great contrast to the ‘heat’ of my mild or medium, hot sauce!

    • I am letting you know this is a repeat post, so your comment of January, 2014 is still up here and going ‘strong!’ and hot! By rewriting this, the comments came here. Hope if you ever see an old comment you prefer to delete or not be included in the re-posting, you will let me know. I added a few things but almost the same stories… smiles and enjoy a Sunny Weekend, Beth!!

    • Oh, I love ranch on chicken ‘nuggets’ and on carrot sticks, but blue or bleu cheese on mild hot sauce wings is still my favorite, Luanne! Thanks for this comment.
      Have you ever taken washed raw chicken pieces, rolled them in ranch dressing and added crushed, dry croutons on them? So yummy when baked in the oven (at 375 degrees) for between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on the size of the pieces. I have also sprinkled parmesan cheese over the top of the ‘wet’ ranch soaked pieces. You will not believe how delicious the whole house smells. One time, a neighbor in my apt. building came over and asked for the ‘recipe!’ ha ha!

    • I understand completely, but would prefer to see the Cleveland Browns be in the championship game! ha ha! less likely to happen than the 49-ers!
      I like to ‘root’ for a team, since the game becomes more exciting when I have a ‘favorite!’ Thanks for sharing this opinion with us and have a great weekend!

  3. hot sauce, with lots of blue cheese, please! i’m not aggressive, but i do love spice! pats for me, because tom brady was a michigan wolverine back in the day )

    • Oh, Beth! I am so glad you told me about Tom Brady being a Michigan Wolverine!! Gives me just another excuse to root for the Patriots!! I usually am ‘terrible’ with how much I love blue or bleu cheese, Beth. I have been caught by an ‘ex’ dipping in my own personal bowl of blue cheese a chicken bone (no meat left on it, just consuming dressing….!) ha ha! I never ‘double tip’ since I prefer taking a little bowl of fresh blue cheese dressing and declaring it my own. From my days as a server, you can relate to this, I have several variations of ‘souffle cups’ and they are great for maple syrup when you cut pancakes or waffles into strips for the little ones, still a lot of dripping going on…
      Have a fantastic weekend, Beth!

    • It makes it much more fun to choose a team, whether it is your real favorite or the best you can pick at the time, Barb! I love the blue cheese dressing and just ‘spilled’ with Beth, above, I like to buy stacks of those clear souffle cups so people can spoon more dip into them and place on little serving plates. All kinds of uses, but on game days, people can ‘double dip’ their celery sticks or other veggies in them, along with their hot wings, too. Hope you have a fantastic and sunny day, Barb!

  4. I have to go Seahawks….as a matter of fact we are getting ready to head downtown Phoenix as we speak to attend the Seahawk Fan Fest today! Lived in Seattle for 6 months last year when they did their first Super Bowl…was a ton of fun!! Here’s to a great game!!

    • Kirt, so glad I caught you before you left the house, my friend!
      Glad to also know of your personal Seattle connection. It is so wonderful to be able to have a favorite team and attend a Seahawk Fan Fest right there in Phoenix! Way to get ‘psyched up’ for the Super Bowl game!
      I will hope it is a great game, either way but still have more connections to the Patriots. I love a good football game, with fairness in the refs’ calls and great sportsmanship among the players, Kirt!

    • You are so nice to give this helpful and delicious suggestion, Danika! I was not able to find it in my pending approval part of wordpress until today. If it makes you feel better, there were several people who have been following me for over a year there! Smiles, Robin p.s. I hope to stay better connected in the future!

  5. OK. I’m not really sure where I fit in with the survey. I like MILD hot sauce – that means I’m wimpy, I know. I also love them slathered in bleu cheese dressing. We plan on having some tomorrow (Super Bowl day). Enjoy the game. I only watch it for the commercials. πŸ˜‰

    • Judy, I like mild hot sauce and bleu cheese dressing on my wings, too, The #2 example on my post, best applies to us. We are not wild nor take risks or chances, usually… That is how I interpret this one. The Kelly and Mike survey was not done by anyone I know, (they actually didn’t give their ‘source,’ Judy! While the one I listed with four variations, was given suggested personalities by Drew Cerza. He was the founder of the annual Buffalo, NY wings festival.

      I enjoyed the Budweiser commercial with the puppy who got dirty, hid in the hay or straw and then witnessed the awesome Clydesdale horses. The halftime show was peppy, clean-cut and the fireworks with Katie in her starry gown floating above the crowds was spectacular, in my opinion. What did you think, Judy?

    • Oh, so good to know this but felt bad about the one refereed situation, which seemed like favored the Patriots. Otherwise, it was a ‘neck and neck’ close football game, April!

      • Poor choice on the final play. I’m still shaking my head of the decision to throw that ball from the one yard line. Oh well, I’m looking forward to next season. πŸ™‚

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