“Capturing Camelot”


In Columbus, Ohio many wonderful displays come to be shown at

“The Schumacher Gallery” located on the nearby campus of Capital

University. From January 19 through March 25, 2015, you may view

the artistic work of famous photojournalist, Stanley Tretick. This is an

exhibit I am going to try to see very soon.

Stanley Tretick was given the great and valuable experience of being

present at the White House during President John F. Kennedy’s

years in office.ย  John and Jackie Kennedy were revered for their

youthfulness, energy and attractive appearances.

They became what some would call, “American Royalty.”

Many still consider Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis one of

the historic American icons of fashion. She embodied the word,


There was a serious, deeper quality of beauty shown in her face

and posture. Jackie demonstrated poise and class, while still

showing warmth in her smiles aimed toward her husband,

newspaper reporters and two children, John John and Caroline.

There was a combination of romance and storytelling in the

way the Camelot period is shown and told. It is a fascinating

piece of history, ending in tragedy. It captured so many of

our minds and eyes, while watching it unfold.ย  Finally, the

famous assassination and funeral were ones we could not

take our eyes off of either.

There are many movies I could recommend about the story of

Jackie and John Kennedy, including the piece in the recent

movie, “The Butler.” The film covered five different presidents

the butler served. In the movie, there is a poignant scene with

the butler concerned for Jackie and later, his bending down to

talk to Caroline, hoping to help her feel better by offering to get

her a snack or a toy.

We grew up watching the film, “PT 109” about John Kennedy’s

military service which included an accident. This played havoc

on his own personal ongoing pain that wracked his body. Cliff

Robertson did a fine job in his portrayal of JFK. I liked the

movie, “Parkland,” which depicts Jackie’s courage and ‘grace

under fire,’ when her husband’s bleeding head was in her lap

on her clothing. This is also a surprisingly well done piece of

history about the final moments at the hospital. Zac Efron

really redeems himself with this movie. It may erase his

horrible performance in the awful movie, “The Neighbors.”

The advertisement for the display of photographs come with

this riveting description:

“John F. Kennedy was elected to the White House and the

American people embarked on a journey of 1,000 days into

a mythical world that former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

would recall as Camelot.”

Stanley Tretick’s Iconic Images of the Kennedy’s brochure

closes with these words:

“Capturing Camelot reflects the magic of an era that

continues to inspire affection and nostalgia.”

You may wish to check the hours and there is a Schumacher

Gallery Face Book page, as well as this phone number:

(614)-236-6319 or check out the website listed below:


Seeing the exhibit is like seeing part of our own history,

the pieces we may wish to remember in this lovely way.

The personal photographs are ones which show the one

behind the fairy tale, give us their personal moments. We

all like to look at photo albums, famous or our own family’s.

There is a part of me, maybe possibly all of us who grew up

during the sixties, who will never forget the Kennedy family.

Remembering Camelot and all the possibilities, it seemed to

reach for the stars and into our dreams.

What’s happening where you live?

Do you like to look for exhibits and special events which come to

your area only once a year, like the “Home and Garden Show?”

This next weekend, Vanilla Ice is going to be at our “H and G Show.”

Have you checked out any local galleries or “One of a Kind” events?


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    • Thanks so much, Anneli. I do feel one of my favorite photographs of Jackie is ‘engraved in my memory,’ where she has a long gown on, simple makeup and long, white gloves on her delicate arms. Do you have any favorite photos in your mind of the pair?

      • I didn’t pay a lot of attention at the time but I remember having the impression that they were the closest thing to royalty that wasn’t royalty at that time.

  1. Nice post, Robin. I had to laugh when I read about Vanilla Ice. Now I can’t get the song out of my head…Ice, Ice, Baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ What the heck is he doing at the Home and Garden Show? You must investigate this. xo

    • I am laughing at this, too, Jill! The commercial had that very song and he didn’t look too bad, for someone his age, Vanilla Ice is there to promote fun, I guess!
      I have mentioned to a few people that I used to go to this with them, while a home owner and gardener, telling them if they decide to go, let me be a ‘third wheel,’ please! I cannot believe how much fun it is just walking around and seeing the displays and little oasis like areas, with plants, gardens, fountains and it feels like Spring there, too. So far, I have to say no one is heading there and I do have a great reason to go visit my Mom, no bad weather forecast! My brothers, sister in law and I will take Mom out on Saturday night for the celebration of 60 years passing since she married my Dad. We have done this every February since 2001 when he died. I will be leaving on Thursday night after work and coming home on Sunday afternoon, Jill! Thanks for laughing and getting me to laugh along with you, it is so silly but many of the people in my kids’ age group (29-35 years old) may be checking him out. I heard that he would perform, too. Last year, I believe Bethenny Frankel and some of the handymen from those dream house programs were there. The year I went I was with a guy who liked some of the cabinets and different interior displays.
      I am now heading (on the internet) to look up who else is going to be there, this year…. Have a fantastic weekend, Jill and try to get the song out of your head, replacing it with a different favorite of yours…. smiles!

  2. I always admired them! Occasionally I’ll go to a show at the Convention Center, (once every 4-5 years), but lately I’ve been to the Symphony and a play (The Glass Menagerie) and am going to see a play entitled, The Handmaid’s Tale on Wednesday.

    • I am so glad I checked in on my comments today and found your plans for Wed, Sherry! I hope The Handmaid’s Tale is beautiful and moving. Have a wonderful time and thank you for sharing the other ones you have been to.
      On a different note, I was surprised that the Columbus Ballet is performing, “The Great Gatsby.” I would love to see this, but cannot picture it in this genre. I am sure it will be beautiful, though.
      I like theater and usually go to at least one or two of the local university productions. Our church bulletin will publish the high school and middle school shows, too. It is amazing sometimes how young people put such depth into their performances.
      Being young, we could not help being entranced by the Kennedy’s, Sherry. I haven’t met one person who didn’t have something positive they recalled from that period of history. . .

      • You are such a nice person Robin…if you’re up for it, I’d love to take a road trip and come visit you over a weekend some time! Seriously! I don’t have to stay at your place, I could find an Airbnb nearby. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was a golden time, you are so right, Brenda. Thanks for not minding my revisiting history, too. Yes, the horror of the assassinations brought so much ‘home’ to us, It was like Viet Nam, impossible not to see on the television. We certainly went through a serious roller coaster of emotions during this time. You were too young to have experienced most of this, but I appreciate your looking back with us.
      I will be heading to my Mom’s this weekend, since the weather looks promising. Going towards Lake Erie, sometimes can be a ‘mixed bag’ of tricks in the weather department. I know Mom will worry if it is not good weather, this would postpone it just one week, if something ‘springs’ up. Take care and hope you are enjoying a workshop or conference…soon? I miss being in better touch with you, Brenda!

      • Conference is in a couple days. Eeek! I hope you get good weather, and that I do, too. Fingers crossed. I am too young to remember that time, but my parents are not, and I listen. Well, I hope. I miss you, too. Hugs, Brenda

  3. I grew up loving to read about the Kennedy’s. But I’ll be darned to recall any movies I’ve ever watched. I used to have a mini library all about the Kennedy’s. You make me want to see a few movies Robin, and maybe a few more pictures.

    • I bet there are many pictures of the family in casual settings, as well as the formal ones I remember well. I am so glad you grew up loving to read about the Kennedy family, Colleen. I was raised with various reading materials and did read, “PT 109” as well as seeing my Mom carefully cut out articles about the different events. It was definitely a hopeful period of time, wishing it had been able to continue while making changes, without violence nor horrible events. Thank you, Coleen.

      • I read “PT 109” and didn’t think anyone else ever read it! I was amazed by the family it’s self. I come from a large family. So I think my first “connection” was the large Irish family connection.

      • So glad we have both read this and can count this as one of the few ‘battle’ books I have ever read. That is how powerful the pull to know more about the Kennedy’s was for me, Colleen. Thanks for mentioning how you had a big Irish family and this would definitely create a bond for you, too. I sometimes forget personal things about fellow bloggers I consider friends, but will try to keep this in my memory bank!

      • I’ve forgotten more than I remember from the dozens of books I have read about the Kennedy’s. But I always can go back to rereading what I’ve forgotten if the mood so strikes me. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the big Irish connection will always be there, so I suspect it might just move me to read some more again.

  4. The Obamas recently visited our country and there are many things we came to know about the presidents and first ladies. Your post enriched me on this aspect. It is very interesting post. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am hoping the Obama family made a positive impression. I remember the world rejoicing when his first election as President occurred, along with celebrations from our own country. We were ‘ready for a change’ but some people are disappointed, others are wishing things would have gone better. It is a tough world for all of us to live in. I am glad you found some enrichment here, which means a lot to me, Rashmi. You enlighten me and inform me of many things I was not aware of, along with your positive spirit. I hope you have replaced things from the fire and will continue to hope the memories will carry you through this. Computers hold such great ‘albums’ of photographs, hopefully you have personal ones, too.

      • The high profile visit has been declared a successful one. All my things have been replaced except the mac charger which will take another two days. That is the reason i am not able to post pics. Hopefully soon. Hugs.

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