International Landmark Decisions


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and arriving in just a few

days, I thought I would share global progress in the area of Love

for All Couples.


There are still a lot of areas in the world,  including some states

here in the United States, which I think need to progress and

accept persons who are seeking same sex relationships to be

legally validated. The wish for these committed partners is to

enter into matrimony.


Unfortunately, when we hear the words ‘equality for all,’

the meaning behind the words is not always clearly

understood nor allowable in certain aspects. We still

don’t extend the same rights to everyone.


Here are some landmark decisions for the world in this

area of legality of same sex relationships and marriages.


Chile:  Lawmakers introduced a marriage equality bill on

December 10, 2014. It has not passed yet, as far as I know

of the bill’s progress.


Finland:  Marriage equality will come on March 1, 2017.

Wait a few years, this is what is being given as a choice.

Parliament approved a measure on December 12, 2014

but needed changes in other laws which will delay the

implementation for this law.


Ireland:  Voters nationwide will take up the question of

marriage equality in a May, 2015 referendum. Prime

Minister Enda Kenny announced December 16, 2014.

Polls show 70 % of voters approve of this decision.


Scotland:  Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster were the

first couple to wed after Scotland expanded marriage

rights on December 16, 2014.  They married just after

midnight at the British consulate in Melbourne, Australia.


Slovakia: Voters were going to decide the issue of marriage

equality in a national referendum by February 7, 2015.


Help all to receive their hearts’ desire in Life.


Wishing  everyone a

Happy Early Valentine’s Day.


Please share freely where you stand on this issue, I will

respect your personal choice. Also, if you live in a place

in the world where you wish the laws would change to

include same sex marriages, fill us in. If there is any new

progress being shown in your country, please let us know

what strides are being made in laws and acceptance, too.


At the 57th Grammy Award’s Ceremony, Sam Smith thanked

his male ex-boyfriend who broke his heart, leading Sam to

create his lovely song, “Stay With Me.” Sam took home four

awards on Sunday, February 8, 2014.



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  1. Thanks for the international update, Robin! Very interesting…my home state of South Carolina became the 35th State in the Union to recognize marriage equality November 20, 2014 – I am proud to have been a part of the movement for social justice for the GLBT community in South Carolina for the past 30 years. It’s been a long time coming, and we still have other issues to address; but we’ll celebrate the good times in 2014. My partner Teresa and I were the first ones issued a marriage license in our own Richland County that day. Yesterday we celebrated being together for 14 years…I am thankful for her and for the realization of basic human rights and dignity for all the citizens of South Carolina.

    • I am proud of South Carolina joining the states who have made this possible. I appreciate so much your sharing the 30 year struggle letting others know how much this means to you and your partner, too. I have read your posts, some have facts about your personal life, but here you let all of us know more. Thanks so much for joining this post with additional and meaningful information, Sheila!
      Congratulations to you and Teresa, Sheila! I have posted about my good friends who have been together probably twenty years, Sandy and Suzie. I also have mentioned a few sad situations of friends of our family who have struggled and committed suicide: Daniel and Benjamin are two of the ones who weren’t strong and could not persevere. (Separately, not a couple.)

    • Leslie, can you put a link from your Valentine’s Day song to one of my next posts? This would bring some ‘traffic’ back and forth from our blogs, too. Thanks and you are going to be on my next award post, working on it tonight… smiles!

      • I’m not sure how to do that. If you like you are welcome to beblog the song to your site. I’m going to put it on my blog tomorrow.
        Oh I don’t do awards. But thank you anyway.

      • I always feel like it is a bridge between my blog and yours, so don’t worry, your name and link doesn’t require posting about the award. Plenty of my friends are still my friends, after I nominated them. I like to expand people’s horizons and always use newer connections. Don’t worry, be happy and enjoy if anyone visits…

  2. In NZ same sex marriage has been legal since early 2013. And really that was just a formality. I don’t think much about it as it is no more usual – or unusual – than any marriage nowadays. It is not the political/human rights hot potato here that it is in your country. Of course there are still bigoted people about, but there will always be uneducated and fearful people. It is best just to ignore them and carry on – I think they will eventually die out.

    • I am so glad you mentioned New Zealand, Pauline. I was not sure without researching all of my fellow bloggers’ countries, so asked for your help. Thanks for providing the year of early 2013. We do have 35 states who permit legalized marriages between same sex partners. So, out of 50 states, not too bad… We do have our problems with acceptance, too. Ignoring people, if you are in a situation, usually works best, but in my ‘circle’ of friends, I tell people off and warn them about ones who are bigoted. I did a whole post about that “Duck Dynasty” clan. Smiles!

  3. I have two cousins were legally married in California when it first was approved in 2008. Their marriage relationships are every bit as strong and caring as any couple I know, including me and my wife.

    For the sake of those who wish to spend their lives with the one person they love most, I hope they get that opportunity no matter in which state they reside.

    Happy Valentines Day, Robin! – Mike

    • Happy Valentines’ Day to you, too! (Both Florence and you!)
      I am glad you mentioned how long ago California got the legislature passed. It is so strange why people cannot accept having two people who love each other get married. I like the words you chose, “strong and caring as any couple I know.” What a great testament to demonstrate the power of love.
      I almost attached the Huey Lewis and the News’ song, “The Power of Love.” What is your favorite love song? I think mine is Elvis or Neil Diamond’s version of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” but if I had stayed married for a long time, I always wanted to dance to, “Through the Years,” by Kenny Rogers. Hugs, Robin

      • Burning Love by Elvis and the song, Some Kind of Wonderful are such different but special aspects of Love, Mike! There are innumerable songs about the subject since love and heartbreak are the reasons many people write songs! I just was wishing to think of a few, so thank for filling me in on some that are excellent!

  4. Robin … Two women that I work with, who have been together for about 10 years, were able to legally tie the knot in Florida last month. It was a happy moment for all of us who know how caring and committed they are to one another.

    Same-sex marriage is not just an issue about the right to marry. There are also legal concerns, such as having the same rights that married couples have regarding adoption, health insurance, property rights, etc.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day.

    • You are so right, Judy. The ones who have had to separate when not married, have had very challenging times with split custody of children. In our company, anyone who is a ‘partner’ is allowed to cover the other with insurance. I like that you put more meaning to this post, by adding the extras that make a big difference in this long and hard fight that is still going on around the world. I have heard getting into Intensive Care Units, (I.C.U.’s) you have to be legally married. I would not hesitate to ‘lie’ if I were put in this situation. But determining how the end is going to be, all of this is important to make it legal, using a lawyer, etc.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!

    • Amen, sister! Poverty was supposed to part of the ‘War on Poverty’ in the 60’s which did get the ball rolling, thanks to President Johnson. Now, the world needs to work on Peace, Justice and Equality, along with finding good ways to teach others how to fish or raise chickens and plant some gardens to feed their villages. Thanks, Shelley!

    • This is fine and I understand how other people may not wish to have this accepted into law. I respect your opinion and would never say others have to believe in how I do. I wish to let you know that your comment was in my needing approval area of wordpress, although I have followed you for some time now. So sorry that we don’t agree, but we can still be friends, right? Smiles, Robin

      • thank you for understanding. friends are forever. we may have difference of opinion and its health approach to accept friends with open mind and open heart:) thank you for being there my friend ❤ u

    • I support differences in opinions, also respect your speaking up. It is okay to have different viewpoints, as well as being friends. Thanks for sharing and hope to stay in better touch. This comment, along with a few others, were in my waiting approval area of wordpress. Thank you for being here and may we stay friends. Hugs, Robin

  5. i am all for people marrying whomever they love, regardless of their orientation. as for sam smith, it reminded me of adelelle, when she won all those awards for the fab album that dealt with the man who broke up with her. –

    • Beth, this was a great comment about Sam and comparing his win to Adele’s when she had written some outstanding songs and rants against her ex, too.
      Great observation and thanks for opening the door to the Grammy’s and since I know you watched…I took 3 pages of notes on the Grammy’s and Red Carpet, but just went around on people’s blogs telling them, when they mentioned music which parts I liked. Didn’t you adore Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga? Wasn’t AC/DC the best way to wake up the audience and get them out of their seats? I also liked the duet by Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine and the fun times had by all that evening. I went to bed and woke up with red bleary eyes! I wasn’t crazy about Madonna’s “bulls” but loved the song. Last, but not least, I loved Electric Light Orchestra! Wow, our generation took the show and ran with it! smiles and hope you have fun with the kinders on the day before Valentine’s Day!

      • i fell asleep early on, but loved all the clips i saw after. you are so right robin, our generation was well represented. happy valentine’s day to you too )

      • It came and went with some funny moments, (Valentine’s Day) and am smiling at your falling asleep, I would imagine those kinders wear you out, Beth!

  6. Yes it’s high time same sex marriage is legalized throughout the world. It is a matter of personal choice. Thanks for bringing awareness on this issue from an international standpoint. Here in India, it is still illegal. I hope someday the Indian government learns to be more tolerant toward people’s personal choice. We do have LGBT parades often, but sadly not much has come out of it except people becoming more bold, which is a good thing.

    • I am so grateful you wrote about the LGBT parades and more bolder people standing up for their own personal rights in India, my friend. Thanks for sharing this. You know how your country originated taking colored powder and throwing it on others, to me it is like showering people with love and acceptance. We have ‘color runs’ where we do this, not necessarily for gay rights, but we do use a rainbow to represent the LGBT culture here.
      I am glad you believe it is ‘high time’ that same sex marriages be legalized. I was afraid I would step on people’s toes, but so far no one is over-reacting. I would have listened to a Christian perspective, which would have had its points and would have respected that person for speaking out, too.

      • The world sure does need more tolerance and acceptance. I feel sooner rather than later more and more people will stand up for their rights and governments and tradition would be no match for them. Nice to know about the ‘color runs’ you have there, that’s a good idea. I really like how you look at color as a means to spread love and acceptance. The LGBT culture is still taking shape here, it’s only now that people have started to ‘come out’, which I believe is strongly influenced by the western culture of being individualistic and bold. Traditionally Indians were known to be submissive and conventional. It’s really brave of you to have written a post on this. I applaud your initiative. 🙂

      • Thank you for considering me brave and also your applauding my initiative, too. I would hate any part of the world to be submissive, we all need to be free to express ourselves. I love positive thoughts and since two people loving each other and wishing to express this publicly is so much better than fighting and war! Smiling back at you, my friend!

    • It is confusing to me. too, Marylin. I do run into this subject matter a lot at my warehouse, negative thoughts run rampant, not among my coworkers who are my friends but among my other coworkers. I don’t choose to yell but do state my opinion strongly, “They aren’t hurting anyone and they sometimes stay together longer than other couples.” Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, Marylin.

    • I am so glad you found this interesting and wish this would have come up on my blog. I found this in my pending approval bin. It won’t happen from this day forward, since I am now following you, have been since last week! Smiles, Robin

  7. I can’t believe that there even has to be a law allowing same sex people to marry. That should be a given, a right, it should have always been a legal right. Consenting adults (no matter their gender) should always be allowed to marry the person of their choice and they should have every right mixed gendered couples have. Gender shouldn’t be an issue. It’s shocking that this is still being voted on. The thing is…why should people who are not involved, as in not getting married to a same sex person, have anything at all to say about what other people do? If that’s fair, then same sex partners should be able to decide what mixed gendered couples get to do. It’s so ridiculous. These ideas about who can do what have to be erased for the good of all people. If someone doesn’t like it, that person can marry who he or she likes and just mind his or her own business. Blah on those self righteous people who think they know what others should or should not do. Yuk and they should be ashamed of themselves for their egotism and arrogance. I am 100% for gay marriages and I don’t care who knows it.

    • I am a big proponent in being free to express yourself, as long as you are not hurting someone else. When it comes to loving someone, wishing to publicly declare it through marriage, you and I seem to be on the same page! Thanks for supporting this philosophy and adding such deep and profound thoughts here, too.I love how defiant you are in your words, too! I am respecting you for being so outgoing, forward and calling those who don’t think our way ‘self righteous.’ It is amazing to feel such a connection as I do with you, at this moment! I try not to step on many people’s toes, since everyone should be able to say what they think, but when it comes to being unfair, then it becomes an ‘equality’ issue, which you explained so well. Thanks, Gigi!

  8. Of course I am all for gay marriage. Who cares? I have to laugh when I hear those against it say that it threatens the institution of marriage somehow. As if the divorce rate among straight people hasn’t threatened the institution enough already. If it has survived a fifty percent divorce rate, I think it can survive the sliver of the gay population that wants to tie the knot. Sheesh. And of course Judy is absolutely right, married couples have protection under the law which has been withheld, unjustly, from these couples. More power to them.

  9. Paradelle for James

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    My son’s laugh, his heart behind, runs to the dog tree.
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    Cold weather breaks his heart, thick mind darts, my
    Son’s always angelic. Proclaim when tree awards attention.
    When we throw, talk, eat, he is so that, he even that.

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