Just making an informative post today. No special editing or elaborate

historical references. A plain old piece where I tell you some things and

hope something new or needed will give you a smile or help you to be



Tomorrow, Monday February 16, 2015:  There will be a Grammy’s

Tribute to one of my favorite uplifting singers of all time:

Stevie Wonder. The famous names and artists expected to be there

at this live performance are remarkable and legendary. Just in case

you didn’t know this wished to fill you in on the musical evening.


Yesterday, Saturday Februrary 14, 2015: I went from the library into

a white out storm, which was totally unexpected. I stopped by the

local Strand theater and checked to make sure they would be open

at the 5:00 p.m. show time. Yes, they were surprised Delaware, Ohio

was on a Level Two Snow Emergency and that the library, as was all

the city agencies and offices were closed.


I went to see “Sponge Bob Square Pants: Sponge Out of Water”

children’s animated film with my grandkids and my oldest daughter.

Marley, Makyah, Skyler and Micah, with Carrie, all thought the film

was funny. Especially, since we have all seen the regular cartoons on

television. There were at least ten other adults there, 5 couples, who

were not there with children who showed signs of amusement and

one couple lingered through all the credits, as my family so often

does this.


It has Sponge Bob’s regular voice, which critics have complained of

his whiny, high pitched voice. The kids don’t mind his voice and did

the critics expect him to lower it for a full length feature film? I laughed

at Antonio Banderas who plays a pirate during the real people sequences.

I was also smiling at the seagulls who sing the song from the t.v. series,

which drives the pirate crazy.


The funniest and best part of the film was that Sponge Bob could not

count on his friends, Patrick and his boss, but became a ‘team’ with the

little guy, Plankton. He is usually his enemy but showed a ‘softer side.’

The movie emphasized ‘teamwork’ and Plankton, throughout most of

the time he was working together with S. B., called it “T.M. work.”


At the end, everyone goes back to their original character roles. I wanted

to tell those who love squirrels, Sandy is usually a squirrel under water

with a scuba diving helmet on. She is a positive, friendly squirrel friend

of all the show’s animated characters. She goes a little berserk when the

Crabby Patties aren’t available at the Bikini Bottom restaurant. Up on

land, with real living people, she becomes a real squirrel breathing air.

There is a weird role of a dolphin and time warps and time traveling but

I liked the film. My oldest daughter liked it, too. The couple who were in

their thirties, no children, next to me were roaring! They were literally

and repeating some of the corny jokes and lines of the movie, too!


Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Sponge Bob Square Pants was a

Marine Biologist with a sense of humor when he started the series,

writing most of the original stories in 1999. He now has a team of

comedic and creative members to keep the stories interesting, as

well as relevant.



As far as the little M & M girls spending the night, we had dress up

with crowns, bumblebee outfit, jewelry, make-up, and the flower girl

dress. We read a whole collection of six Beatrix Potter books, along

with a few of the Christmas books. We ate Cutie oranges/tangerines

and snacked on chicken nuggets and french fries. We had pancakes

for breakfast and they didn’t like the vanilla yogurt with the kiwi

slices, blueberries and strawberries in it.  Even when, I Nana tried to

rinse the fruit off.


I will keep you all informed about work. My ophthalmologist is still

going to be working on my excuse letter. I will call them during the

week to see if the final draft is completed if they don’t call me soon.


My son and his coworkers had a busy night on Valentine’s Day, with

several people like I was, driving through the snow to pick up the kids

and then, we walked downtown through the snow to the theater. My

oldest daughter gave me a delicious meatball wrapped with a biscuit

treat, which my M & M girls weren’t the least bit interested in trying.

So glad the restaurants and theater were allowed to stay open, for

their Valentine’s Day customers.


By the way, the Strand was showing “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and I

think it was sold out. A perfect way to celebrate love and romance,

if you liked this book or the theme of the movie. Kids and I were

just fine enjoying silliness and nothing too upsetting at the kids’



Hope you all have a great week.

Take care and God bless you

for all the kind and thoughtful comments.






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    • This is such a great comment, using the ‘perfect cure for a dreary winter day’ is quite creative! Thanks for this!
      I am hoping you noticed Stevie Wonder, which you wished he had been featured longer at the actual Grammy’s. They knew this was coming up, I suppose. Your three part articles about the Grammy’s were so awesome, everyone should check them out for all the details!

      • I am not sure if I will get to see the whole show, but will definitely try to juggle with another favorite Monday show. Wish I weren’t addicted to the “Bachelor” (which I don’t have DVR service since I like to keep my cable bill down…) I should be embarassed to admit this, but wish the Stevie Wonder Tribute Show were on Sunday night. Next award show I will really be writing about is the Oscar’s and then, may do something on the CMA’s, too. Smiles, Robin

    • I do feel so much for the northern east coast especially, Barb. But I did see your snowy photographs and felt it a real ‘crime’ and ‘shame’ since you should be ‘safe’ from freezing weather. I would hate to be buried under the level they have in New England!

  1. Last valentine’s my honey and I went to the lego movie. We were exactly like that couple you had with you at the Spongebob movie. Sounds like you had a fun couple of days 🙂 I bet your grandkids love their Nana-time

    • Thanks, sweetie, for sharing your Lego adventure movie with us! I bet you are getting excited about the upcoming possibility of someone to take to such fun films. I am so glad you enjoyed such a pleasant evening last year. Now, come on. Spill.. . what did you do this year? smiles! (There were many adults in the side theater of the Strand, watching “50 Shades of Grey.”

  2. Whether it was a coincidence or not, Florence and I also enjoyed a Valentines Day movie date. We saw “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” We both liked the movie, which featured Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, and starred Taron Egerton, a British television actor.

    The storyline was intriguing and the action scenes were heart-pounding stunning. We both gave it 4-out-of-5 stars for its fun factor, but viewers should be cautioned — the R-rating is well-warranted.

    Maybe this would be a good option on your next date night, Robin. – Mike

    • I don’t have date nights, just male friend nights sometimes… I wondered when I saw the advertisements if this was imitating the Avengers, since Coin Firth uses a cane or umbrella like the man in the television series. My Dad had a big ‘crush’ which my Mom teased him about, on Diana Riggs, in the t.v. series.
      I will definitely try to go to this, since I love adventure movies, Mike. So glad you added to this post with another movie review. Mike, I value your opinion and recommendation!

    • Thanks for choosing some of the highlights of my post, in the food and snow category. Along with reminding me you enjoyed the Sponge Bob movie, too. It was not as ‘bad’ as I expected. I was telling my oldest daughter that some of the movies for children impose girl/boy interest. For example in the “Airplanes” movie, (“Fire and Rescue”) they had some of the planes go to a bar and there was a silly pick up line given, meant for the adults. Still it was refreshing how Sponge Bob emphasized to the children that people get along better, while participating in team work. There was the slippery episode on the back of a bikini clad woman, though… ha ha!

    • Well, if I had a partner, I probably would have dragged him with my grandkids and we would have chuckled a lot at the movie together. Meanwhile, my oldest daughter and I snickered and laughed out loud! Your Valentine’s Day is pretty typical, from what I heard at work today. Smiles, Robin

    • I am So Glad! It is nice to enjoy something, which has been around since 1999. My youngest was 13 when it came out, so we didn’t start watching it until my grandchildren came along. I like how positive and happy Sponge Bob acts! Thanks for affirming your enjoyment of this funny series.

      • The best episode was when Gary TheSnail went off with Patrick.. Of Gary why did you have to leave…. Classic!

      • This made me smile wide and am so happy to hear about this episode, too. Oh, Gary why did you have to leave! That sure does sound like a classic line, if I ever heard one!

  3. Wow what a wicked posting Robin
    and thank you for sharing these with
    us my sweet friend 🙂

    So, between SpongeBob Squarepants
    and 50 Shades of Grey I think you had
    a fantastic Valentine Weekend 🙂 lol

    Happy Monday my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Well, if you caught that the other movie was being shown, I am sorry I won’t be going to it. I wrote that I like romance and not necessarily the book or movie, which is on another post. Maybe in January? Sorry, wish a little bit of wicked had come my way, but was content with hugs and kisses from grandies. Smiles for your comments, Andro!

    • I appreciate that you mentioned the work situation and you are a comfort, listening to my complaints, Beth.
      I had a lot of fun with the girls. I sent Mark a photo of little Makyah in a bumblebee costume while watching “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs,” (very ancient version) and photo of the girls all bundled up to check out the ducks by my apt. They are on a bridge, smiling and waving in bright pink coat with turquoise lining and bright purple coat with neon green lining. I found the best deals right before Christmas at Sears. (They were under $10 apiece, got four new coats for son’s kids. Can you believe they were marked up to $65 original price for Canyon River Blues brand?) smiles and hugs

  4. I anticipate seeing the square panted fellow movie with the grands, but didn’t make it this weekend. Though I’ve never been able to watch a single show of his. I will watch the movie for the little ones. And I will be prepared to enjoy it!!!! Continued well wishing on the job front!

    And we only have a dusting here! I know the forecasters are calling for more…..but I have given up EVER believing that this winter!

    • I know the dusting is not much it was the brittle or bitter cold that really made our noses tingle while walking to the cinema, Colleen! The M & M girls wanted to go feed the ducks who have been quacking and raising a ruckus early in the morning. We took bread and threw it where they had lain, there were little webbed footprints but they must have found a different place to go… I sent Mark pictures saying, these will make you go ‘awww!’ (Makyah had a bumblebee costume while watching “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.”
      Colleen, it won’t be as bad as some may make you believe. Mark thought it was good, too! Smiles, Robin

      • I did read Mark’s review too. I will likely go. Sigh. 🙂 And have fun because of who I’m with. I have yet to go to a movie with the kids and not enjoy myself, so I know I will have fun. 🙂

    • I appreciate this so much and will keep you posted. I have at least been ‘put on hold’ for heavy bulk re-training, Brenda. Thanks so much for your mentioning this, my friend. I wanted to let you know that on Sat. my oldest grandson, Skyler will perform with a bass cello, but I am going to be honest, he is not very good! Smiles since you have such musical genius among your strings players, displayed by the performances you taped awhile ago…. Fun is always good, Brenda. I always picture you baking or cooking a warm meal and the kids gathered around doing homework and then, reading books and playing violins at your home!

      • Wow, you know that all happens. Often. Today, we made rice crispy treats with chocolate topping. And we played board games. We also put out a big banner-sized sheet of paper and all contributed to drawing a family castle. We had toads, a crocodile in the moat, a fire-breathing dragon, a band, a sleeping beauty in a tower, two witches sharing a broom stick, etc, etc. It was such fun. Staycations have their good sides. We never have paper like that on a vacation. And not as many markers either.

      • Brenda, thank you for confirming all of my happy visions of your family! When I think of the mural you drew, I would have to go to take it to our local educational book store, to have it laminated. Brenda, then I would wish to hang it inside your garage so headlights would illuminate this or hang it in a playroom… You could get sticky tack in blue or yellow…
        I love the toads and the fire-breathing dragon, a band! (how fun is that?) and the sleeping beauty, witches are a must to contrast between the good and evil parts of fairy tales… smiles!

    • Tracy, so sorry I have not personally told you that you and those up in New England, the Eastern seaboard are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been rather ‘scattered’ in my blogging and responding, too. Thanks for your sweet words and really hope you don’t lose your power or heat… this is such a dangerous storm and winter for you all! Hugs, Robin

      • Thank you my friend! We have missed some of the heavy snow (we have plenty on the ground already!) it’s just been the cold! Funny though how you get used to it!!! 5 below is the same as 20 below!!!!! Thinking of you and sending warm spring thoughts❤️️😊

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