Patches of Thoughts


There were a few loose ends rolling around my mind. Sometimes

I will post about snippets of news. This made me picture today a

patchwork quilt. The way the colors and patterns are beautiful,

connecting along the edges of each patch, with fine stitching.


Connections between my friends who are bloggers sometimes are

tenuous like fine threads which may or may not hold up over time.

There are some where similarities and commonalities have become

discovered and developed over time.


These unique people have woven intricate designs into my heart.

This has led me to believe our close relationships carry value and

weight. As friends do, over time, we have learned more about each

others’ daily lives. Sometimes, even the ones who create space and

distance, open up on their blogs to include personal news, too.




In recent posts, there have been a few questions I have found

answers to, along with situations which don’t warrant a complete

post on the subjects.


Did you hear that Dr. Seuss’ wife found a ‘lost’ manuscript from

years ago for a new book to be released in July?  It is called,

“What Pet Should I Get?” The commentator who announced this

made a joke, “Well, of course it will be a Cat in a Hat!”


I overheard someone say they “lost” a love along their path in life.

It made me think of the song, “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.”

(This song was originally sung by the Righteous Brothers in 1964.)


It may interest you to know I have a different ‘take’ on the subject.

I never felt I ‘lost’ after having loved someone deeply and with a full

heart. Especially if the love was returned with the same depth, even

if it didn’t last. Since the original loving feelings made an impression

on my heart and are in my memories, they will never truly be ‘lost.’

What do you think of this thought?


On someone’s post or comment, sorry I am not quite sure whose,

I mentioned the Hallmark movie, “Away and Back.” I recommend it

since it is about relationships and has beautiful Trumpeter Swans.

A little girl in the movie also mentions  one of my favorite books.

She says her mother used to read to her the wonderful E. B. White

book, “Trumpet of the Swans.”


When I was describing the baby swans, hatched from eggs and the

children of a widower trying to raise them I couldn’t remember

what those adorable ‘chicks’  or ‘goslings’ were really called. In

the middle of my shift today, their name popped into my mind:

“cygnets. ”


Mom and I loved this movie which has a serious role for Jason Lee

to play. (He performed the character of “Dave” who yells, “Alvin!”

in the Chipmunks recent movies. He is also of television fame, on

the past silly but addictive show, “My Name is Earl.)  The Hallmark

film also had a feisty naturalist female part, well-acted by Minka Kelly.

The three children characters range from 11 – 16 years old.


A friend of mine, who I met two years ago through match. com,

still thinks about me and sent me Sneak Preview Tickets to see the

new Kevin Costner movie, “McFarland, U.S.A.” I knew I was going

to be busy with my grandchildren’s musical program and chili dinner,

so I gave them to one of the ‘clerks’ in our Bin Order Filler department

at work. Michelle is a calm ‘oasis,’ always upbeat, so I was pleased

to be able to pass these tickets forward to her. She told me that the

movie is inspirational and worth going to see. Her boyfriend enjoyed

the running part of the movie. Michelle liked the international cast and

the emotions expressed. The guy who works for the Columbus Dispatch

sports section is named, Gary. This movie comes out tomorrow in our

local theaters. (They felt it was cool to attend this special preview.)


Speaking of Gary’s, there is a bit of news about a younger man with the

same name.


The other man, who I wish my oldest daughter would meet someday,

named Gary, is moving into my apartment building. Today, he told

me he had signed the lease, got the keys and was going to have a good

friend and his father help him to move in this weekend. I am glad to

have a coworker in the building, since it is nice to share rides, from

time to time.


When I first moved in there was a Ron, who actually knew me for the

first two years while I was still teaching. When I knew I would have

to switch careers, he is the one who persuaded me to try Advance Auto

distribution center.  He has since met a great woman through his

church, moved out and is now working for a correctional institution.

Then, there was a nice man named Don, who has retired and moved

to Florida on February 14, 2015. On a different shift, I do have a male

neighbor named Pete. None of the above were the ‘right’ ones to try to



Saturday is a busy day for concerts at the Delaware Hayes High School.

Skyler, aged 10, will be performing in the gymnasium with his cello.

Right before his performance, my granddaughter, Lara, will be singing

with the middle school chorus in a completely different location! In

the auditorium.  If you don’t see any posts or comments, there are my

plans and if you are in the area and wish to sit and listen to some funny

musicians and young chorus members, you may run into me there.


Speaking of music, I enjoy watching “American Idol.” I believe the

singers who come from other shows are good singers, but there have

been many fantastic ‘discoveries,’ from this fine entertaining show.

I am going to tell you ‘who to watch,’ and I hope he makes it to the

Top Ten. His name is Clark Beckham.  Last night, he performed

amazingly well, at this beginning level of rounds, still not cut down

to 25 performers. His song was, “Georgia on My Mind.” Wow!


Last but not least, there were a few people who were asking me why

in the world Vanilla Ice would be at this weekend’s Home and Garden

Show? The answer will surprise you! Vanilla Ice is a regular handyman

and also, an entrepreneur. You may find him on not one, but two HG-TV

shows. My girlfriend, Jenny, told me that Vanilla Ice buys homes, repairs

and decorates them quite elaborately. They are very lavish in their decor,

which are then sold, this process is called, “flipping houses.” Jenny thinks

he looks handsome and not aged like other singers. The other show is even

more interesting, she told me. It is called, “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.” She

says the people probably are really Mennonite, since they allow themselves

to be filmed. Vanilla Ice has learned how to do carpentry work, woodwork

and is very skilled, according to my ‘source.’


Do you have any special weekend plans?

I hope everyone manages to stay warm, healthy and enjoy your weekend.






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    • I am smiling with this honest mistake, my dear! I liked the Vanilla Ice song which is popular, but also liked the few snippets of his shows I saw at my friend’s house. I am in a one bedroom apt. so don’t really watch HG-TV anymore! I do think he is attractive, shows a sense of humor and he is talented. He ‘re-invented’ himself and this is nice to know, since sometimes we all need to make changes to stay alive and interesting.

  1. I like the title 😌 I keep forgetting American Idol is on, I love watching it, especially the judges. I’m keeping warm this weekend. We have 34 tomorrow and higher on Sunday. Planning to chill tomorrow…hopefully. Sunday attempting to take mum and pop out for lunch to a friends. Dad hardly being able to walk and mum flying off the handle..may prove another interesting day. I hope you have a lovely weekend. 💜💜

    • You are such a lovely woman, think this time out with the mum and pop penguin may help all of you. Going out and away from the deadly, daily drag, can be very invigorating and I shall have my fingers crossed and a few prayers sent up to the Heavens, Jen!
      I walked over to the library since my car is buried in a drift, only 3 inches so far but the top limit is 8 inches. Central Ohio is not like dear Beth’s Michigan, Mark’s New York, or all the nice friends I know in New England. We are blessed with manageable levels of snow and I enjoyed the ‘white out’ sensation while I returned the film, “Boyhood.” I shall try to get my review finished before a Level Two comes. It turns out last week they sent us out of the library when it had just changed from One to Two emergency level. Our third one is you can get a ‘ticket’ from a police officer if you are driving a vehicle unless an emergency worker, cops, fire and medical field personnel. On feet, no problems! Smiles and thanks for the kind wishes. Sorry to say, the grandchildrens’ arts and musical performances were cancelled at 9 am today!

  2. I feel all caught up on your news, now Robin. Vanilla Ice. I asked my husband the same thing. Of all people to be a handyman! I hope we can continue our long, loose blogging friendship. It is always pleasant to stop here with my morning cup of coffee. Belated Happy Valentine’s day.

    • Thanks, Beth. It is more my fault than yours about staying connected. I tend to go in spurts. Last Sat. I sat down to use my possible 180 minutes of blogging, only three people in the library computer room so I startted like crazy to play catch up. 30 minutes later, they called on the loud speaker that we were all to go home, we were having a Level Two emergency. It had merely been a Level One in the morning! so, you see, I may have excuses and busy times, but my heart (and yours) wish to stay connected. Take care and thanks for the belated wishes, Beth!

    • I am hoping that one day she will be in the building, I will be walking with her, she will meet him in an unplanned move. He has a daughter, she has 2 boys. I know she wishes she had had a girl, she gave me reluctantly her Barbies for the grandies, Lara, Marley and Makyah. Carrie was my ‘girly girl’ wearing dresses almost all her life. (Even in college, she wore the 70’s long skirt style passed down from her ‘hippie’ mom, me!)
      I keep the dolls in my apartment, also set up a beauty center and restaurant shelves. I even have a Cracker Barrel server pad, so the boys and girls use this. Half of my one bedroom apt. is a kids’ play room, since originally my youngest and I had twin beds and one went over to my son’s house.
      Definitely, Gary reminds me of my Dad’s down home, simple roots, his energy and creativity. Gary is a ‘keeper,’ Jill. He just needs to look at women his own age, he has found in small town bars- younger women. So, hoping his move to the ‘bigger city’ of Delaware will open his mind and heart to women his own age, Carrie will be 35 in March.
      Remember I have a gorgeous bridal gown from her 6 year old’s (Micah Robert) Daddy’s proposal. He told her he could not go through with it, one month before the invitations went out. I paid off the two bridesmaid dresses, one for my youngest daughter and one for her teenager stepdaughter from her first marriage (she was going to be a junior bridesmaid. Skyler’s sister)… Marley barely fits the plum-colored satin, flower girl’s dress, so I have her wear it for special photos but not to play in. Soon, Makyah will wear it. (All the girls are from my son’s combination family, Jill.) This is long but you showed an interest in this match making and my heart became filled with hope for this, too. Thanks for listening, Jill.

  3. I was going to ramble a bit here… but your last entry about haiku has caught my attention.
    FYI my weekend -no plans as hubby is traveling.
    So I suppose I’ll catch up on stuff.

    • It is hard to catch up on stuff, really with your busy life and mine. My grandchildren’s music and arts performances were cancelled at 9 am and it is so sad. I wish it would not have been, fear they may not find time to re-schedule it. Skyler’s cello playing is ‘rough’ but possibly with a whole group it may have sounded better. Lara is singing fairly well, she has the fun attitude that would add to this chorus. My granddaughter ‘brought down the house’ on Tuesday in her kindergarten classes performance of winter songs. She over-emphasized words (imitating the teacher’s dramatic tones) while the whole class seemed silent. The curtains closed, serious lecture given to all the kids and then when opened again, the others started singing. My friends who are grandparents and my son and DIL all were laughing since Marley appeared to be a soloist. We didn’t even know the whole class was supposed to be singing and using their arm motions and body movements. Funny experience and lovely time had by our family at the Winter Chili Family event, hope the cancelled one comes back soon! Hugs, Robin

      • The weather is reminding us winter is not over by a long shot. I was going to wait for Sunday coupons but with the treat of 4-8 inches of show due I went grocery shopping this morning. I hadn’t really done so for a couple of weeks. With hubby traveling I was scrounging the cupboards. Good thing too. I finished unloading the car to notice the snow had just started.

        I hope they reschedule those performances. My guys were in choirs and involved with the back end of stage productions. My one son did the final act for two nights in his graduating year of HS for a fund raiser. Everyone loves magic.

        Little Miss (1.5) entertains me with her versions of the ABC’s and Itsy Bitsy spider. She was even singing a few words of one of the Frozen songs. (Mom is a Disney fan.)

        While trying to write the words to a story for Son of Son (4.5) started singing one of the songs from one of the Cars movies to caption his drawings.

        They can be funny – children. Did you ever go through and check your e-mails. I sent you one a while ago that you never responded to…so that’s party why I haven’t sent another. Not sure if you are getting stuff from me.

      • Dear Jules,
        I have posted on only one post, that my filter on my blog is messed up, I have over 20,000 emails and mainly because comments are coming to me, despite my going back and checking that I didn’t ever want them to come to me. So sorry, Jules! My mailbox got full over Christmas and I didn’t even read a couple of cards sent through the email system. I just deleted most of what I could skim down the columns and made an effort to ‘start anew’ in 2015. I fall far behind in this respect.
        Thank you, Jules for sending me an email. I am so sorry I have not seen nor read any emails since January 15th and the ones I eliminated in big pages may have included your personal remarks. I am trying to go back and ‘unfollow’ people and put a better line of restriction on commenting back and forth. I prefer to just go to people’s posts and read, go back aways until I feel ‘caught up’ and then move forward. I am a ‘bad’ blogging friend, but remember I go to the library and I sometimes come and there is only a couple people here and I can write for up to 3 hours, other times I have 30 minutes and the wait line for computers cuts me off.
        So pleasantly happy to hear about Little Miss 1.5 and her ability to recite songs and little verses, “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” She sounds like a younger version of my outgoing Marley who is in kindergarten.
        Your son’s son is also such a creative boy! Singing a song as a caption for his drawing, so clever. Jules, you are a good friend for being here, I will try tomorrow to come back and tackle a few emails. Maybe find yours and my younger daughter who is working on opening a business, she has been sending me sfutt and I tell her not to, just print it up and bring it to me or send it snail mail, I tell her!
        smiles and hugs, Robin

  4. i agree about how precious the blog connections can be, and i like the many threads image. i’m very excited about the new dr. seuss book and can’t wait to read it. i might recommend it to my book club! this weekend, just staying in and staying warm, i hope )

    • It looks like the kids from Cat in the Hat are in it, too. I am so glad the original artwork looks authentic, since I actually rolled my eyes at the commentator who said a misplaced book rough draft was found of this famous author. I am glad it seems real, Beth! I forgot about your Book Club, this is such a great way to spend time. When I was going to our local bookstore, Beehive Books, I was going to listen to poetry and other authors who would visit. They closed over a year ago. Sad to say, since they even had a great place to listen to music,too.

  5. The musical-and-chili found fabulous, Robin! I would like to rest and catch up with some work this weekend. No plans other than that. I’ve gotten really overtired lately and would like to watch a movie on TV :)! And make pad Thai tonight!

    • I need to finish my review of “Boyhood,” and wish they had not cancelled the older grandkids’ program, Luanne. It will be nice to head home, since I got to watch the first movie mentioned last night, and I was able to pick up my next film on the waitlist, “Jersey Boys.”
      I have seen this in play theater venue but I do like movies with musicals. The best ones seem to cover a lot of different and wider locations. I really enjoyed “Mama Mia!” more in the film, since the island plays such an important part of the story, while the stage didn’t really give you the same emotional connection to the story. The music in theater productions is always fantastic, making it worth going. Oh, another example of a film that really became ‘better’ (to me) on screen was, “My Fair Lady.” The scenes with the race track and horses really came alive although Audrey Hepburn could not sing and Julie Andrews was so amazing in the Broadway soundtrack.I know you have actors in your family and would understand I wish I could have seen Skyler play his cello in a group. When a 10 year old is practicing, (unless he is a talented musician) the sound is not so great in its solo presentation. Lara sings well, but wish I could have heard the chorus. Both were cancelled at 9 am today, since there is a big white out and so far, 4 inches of snow and possibly 8 to be the total. Schools don’t really know if they can reschedule Saturday activities, especially being in the high school gym (the strings band) and high school auditorium (the chorus.)

  6. How like you to say you don’t think of someone you loved in the past as a ‘lost love’, particularly when your love was reciprocated by your partner. I could make that claim in recalling some loving relationships I experienced, but not all.

    I felt like the love was lost in my first marriage, a relationship spanning thirty years, perhaps because the marriage outlived the relationship. I don’t remember feeling anything but a void where there might have been some residual feeling of pleasure, satisfaction or sense of accomplishment other that raising two children. I guess that is how I have come to think of love’s opposite not as hate, but rather indifference. I cannot think of anyone that I hate, but there are some about whom I just do not care.

    I contrast that with the people I do care about such that they are all the more special to me… people like you, Robin. I admire your open heart and your upbeat optimism. – Mike

    • Mike, this was such a lovely set of comments. I also wrote a part of a post once, you probably saw way back… it was about the way people call themselves “hopeless romantics” or “hopeless optimists.” I even coined a phrase, so far I have not seen anyone steal it, either. It is to call these folks, like myself, “hopeFull romantics” or “hopeFull optimists.” I am not sure why the word hopeless is placed in juxtaposition to such a wonderful word as ‘romantc’ or ‘optimist,’ Mike!
      I understand indifference and believe others I have known have felt this, since sometimes staying too long ‘kills’ every last positive in the relationships. Thanks for your positive thoughts sent my way and enjoy your weekend, too!

  7. Hmm. Your comment on lost love made me think. When someone leaves, it is hard not to think that it wasn’t there in the first place. It takes some time to realize that maybe it was. That is a good place to get to.

    • I appreciate your being open to this consideration. I think it does make someone who did break up or have divorce happen to themselves, it may help to remember that there are many reasons why (at least in the beginning and many years after for some. . .) it can remembered with fondness. I guess it helps me, anyway. Thanks, Elizabeth for pondering on another subject I presented. I have spent many hours over our friendship thinking of your goals and perspective, growth and lists you have made. I admire all of how you processed your pain, moving into a good place of independence. I loved your images when you spoke of your son’s marriage and how you did open up to him to tell him about some of the things you had gone through. Adult children can be a comfort and also, give perspective on the marriages that end. My children are a blessing, as are yours, in this respect!

  8. I can relate with you about the blogging friend, Robin – love all the diversity they’ve brought to my life! As it happens, our plans are dinner out with friends before seeing McFarland, USA – I’m looking forward to it after seeing your friend’s remarks!

  9. You are so right when you mention the importance of friendship among bloggers. It is so precious and i miss my blogging world whenever I am away from you all due to technical reasons. I wish I could remain connected all the time but not possible in our country. I am leaving for Shimla( a beautiful hill station in Himachal state of India) this weekend. Hoping like heaven to be in touch.

  10. Robin … A few of the bloggers I’ve met over the past 3 1/2 years do feel like old friends. I include you in that group. We catch up on the news in our posts much as folks did back when the telephone and letters were the only form of communication. I worry when I hear news that something is troubling any of these folks.

    What did we do this weekend? We went to a horse show that our granddaughter, 14, was competing in. She came in 2nd in a non-jumping event, and 3rd in jumping events. We were there from about 8;30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. – a very long day. But it was well spent. We got to spend time with our family and the fresh air was invigorating. Hope you had a great weekend, too. 😉

  11. Aloha Robin! As for memories and loves lost, I will forever be grateful to those who touched my life, fathered my kids, and help me know both what I wanted in life as well as what I needed to let go of needing any longer. I look at my two daughters, who have it so together with their exes, it warms my heart. That everyone can be friends even in parting, when we all played such important roles in one another’s lives, is and was always my desire. And I don’t know if it’s just my generation, but it wasn’t possible with my first two marriages, unfortunately. Yet I still think of these men with gratitude, especially as it got me clear enough to solidify the third into a successful union that’s going on 25 years. For me anyhow, love isn’t something that dies, it simply changes form.

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