Cleveland and Ohio Ties


Some notes and quotes of interest will be included in this collection

of Ohio and Cleveland ties. I enjoy trying to find newsworthy articles

that may enlighten others from different areas of the country or world.

Hope you find something which is ‘new’ and interesting here to read

and think about. The subject matters range from three famous people

who led purposeful lives, one which was cut short and covering the

diverse subjects of advertising, music, art and solar energy.


Please let me know which little tidbits you found here may have

meant something to you.



My Mom is the one who planted many seeds of literature, language,

art, nature and music in her children and students. My Dad was the

one who taught me lessons about science, space, philosophy, history

and religion. Curiosity was an area they both instilled in me.


At my Mom’s Senior Living Apartments for several months family

members and actual residents had their artwork on display. It was

interesting how many different abstracts, photographs, needlepoint

and other fabric-based art pieces were presented. There were still

life’s, which included one of the best detailed watercolor art I had

seen in a long time. This golden orange train was one that caught

my eye, almost every trip down to the dining room during the

months from October until December, 2014.


The picture of the train, another of an outdoors scenery, along with

the preciseness of his watercolors drew me in. I had to know more

about John N. (Jack or “Franz”) Keeler.  He resided in Westlake,

Ohio up until his death in 2012.  His wife, Betty, is still a current

resident at the senior living apartments where my mother lives.


It is a fascinating history of a man who served his country during

WWII’s European front years,  as a member of the U.S. Army Air

Corps. He came home to pursue art and advertising, his own choice

of opening one of the first in America’s merchandising (advertising)

agencies. The name he gave his agency was, “Point of Power,” and

his client list was famous. His clients included Alcoa, Carling Black

Label beer and Chevrolet. His unique, detailed artwork is beautiful.


It would have been nice to have met the man, Jack or ‘Franz” Keeler.

Since he lived a long and purposeful life of  92 years. I would have

liked to know more about him. What helped him to choose using his

art through advertising.



One of Otis Redding’s last public appearances was on a popular radio

station in Cleveland, Ohio. Can you believe Otis would have only been

74 years old had he lived beyond his shortened life of 26 years?


The Cleveland radio station was playing a December tribute to this

musical legend who died in a plane crash in 1967. When I heard the

list of songs Otis Redding had already produced in just 26 years of

living, I tried to picture what a huge impact and the ‘body’ of songs

we may have been able to hear from Otis had he lived a longer life.

Here is Otis Redding’s list of popular songs:

“These Arms of Mine”

“Try a Little Tenderness”


“(Sittin’) On the Dock of the Bay”


The words the radio announcer sent out to us, December, 2014

gave me a chill and left a haunting impression. He described Otis

Redding as a personable and likeable guest back visiting their

radio studio, in 1967. These words spoke volumes when the radio

announcer added,

“Otis (left us and ) got in that great bird to Heaven.”


Conan O’Brien talks about many national sports teams, including

the Cleveland Browns football team and basketball team, Cleveland

Cavaliers. Even though he is from Massachusetts, he often mentions

Ohio. I was putting on some “Burt’s Bees lip balm, when I overheard

him being quoted as saying about “Burt’s Bees,”  in an interview.

Conan included some fun quips:

“Mind your own bees’ wax.”

“Just showing her the birds and the bees.”


Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz created from their candle

business, along with combining leftover bees wax,  the company,

“Burt’s Bees,” which came out of Maine in the 1980’s and was

later purchased for a huge amount of money in 2007, by Clorox.


As far as I know from another article I looked up about Conan,

he is legally able to officiate at weddings and did participate in

marrying a gay couple in his home state in 2011. He is such an

interesting and intelligent talk show host, also one who displays

a keen sense of humor and compassion.


This is not directly from Ohio, but is being shared by this Ohio

native, from me to you.

Another word being used instead of “circular” lately is,



Another set of facts not coming directly from Ohio is how

awareness of solar energy is found available while driving up

and down rural country roads of Ohio. Solar Energy is also a

part of our local political debate. You can see the large white

(to me, innocuous) solar windmills more and more across the

countryside. For some reason, they are often ‘boycotted’ and

are being considered a ‘nuisance’ in the eyes of some beholders.


I like this famous quote from the inventor of electricity and

Milan, Ohio native:

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.

What a source of power!

I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal

run out before we tackle that.”

~Thomas Alva Edison, 1931.


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    • It really shocked me as I was driving to my Mom’s over the holidays (December, 2014.) I think he died in December is why they had been discussing his music and legacy, Anneli. It is hard to believe he was so young, his voice showed character and depth for someone so young. It would have been nice to be still listening to him!

  1. I always learn something from your posts, Robin. I did not know Thomas Edison was a native of Milan, Ohio. I also gain new insights into music since you follow the scene more closely than I. But then, you live so close the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the epicenter of rock and roll history. – Mike

    • I am glad I give you something new to think about or to add to your mental file of trivia, Mike! I also appreciate you pointing which things were new to you. I am always hoping to find that everyone found something worth reading about when I collect these facts and thoughts. Cleveland may not be the epicenter of rock and roll but it does have a fantastic museum or Hall of Fame, Mike!

  2. The Otis Redding info was great since I’m a big fan, but the most interesting part of this post was about the Burt’s Bees founders and company. Teresa works at a regional retail store called the Mast General Store and is the department manager for merchandise – Burt’s Bees is one of their best-selling products and we always have the promotional items in our house! Very interesting…:)

    • I think it is cool they started out as a candle company and then Burt brought in his bees wax, it feels funny writing it! I do feel it is a great product and so glad you mentioned Teresa’s work experience or environment where it is also featured. A ‘best selling product,’ and all natural, too! Smiles!

      • Glad to take you on my trips and so glad you said you “Absolutely LOVED it!” Colleen, just back pedaling to see comments and making sure I let everyone know I appreciate your visits!

      • 🙂 I know. I’m doing the same right now. Going backwards and trying to catch up!!!!! I appreciate yours….and right now I’m on another trip to another city….

    • Yes, Conan is indeed! I am happy you found my mentioning solar power to be meaningful, Brenda. I don’t know why people don’t like the wind turbines, they don’t look ‘bad’ nor do they block views. They are very narrow and slim, like wisps of clouds. Oh well, this is how people are when you talk about Progress! smiles!

    • Yes! The Dog Pound used to be my ‘stomping ground’ and it didn’t cost very much to watch the Browns, either! I am glad someone you know is there, and are loyal viewers or fans of the team. I just watched, Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner over the weekend, in a fun and well made Cleveland movie, “Draft Day.” It reminded me of the great baseball movies Kevin Costner used to make, “Field of Dreams” and “Bull Durham…” Take care, my dear!

    • I appreciate this very nice comment, Mark. I am blessed but sometimes, I am afraid I didn’t understand science nor math to the level my brothers did. My Dad was not disappointed but dismayed at times. (Sometimes I got C’s in the subjects he adored…) I like the idea of curiosity coming from my Dad, this is a very good thought. Thanks so much and now, I can be happy he saw that in me, I am sure he did….

      • I was not good in science or math, either, Robin. I often think God gives us abillity in the languages/art or sciences/math, but rarely both. It is the rare individual who can please parents in all of the above, right? 🙂

      • I saw this comment, Mark and not sure if I answered it. I certainly agree, God gives us ability in certain subjects. Sometimes, I label them as ‘our gifts.’ I do feel we writers have more of an artistic nature, liking music, the arts and creative thinking. Thanks for this comment, belatedly answered….smiles!

      • Never worry about not seeing
        a comment I make, I am hopeless
        at keeping up with your posts,
        actually I am terrible at keeping
        up with everything in WordPress
        at the moment but I am hoping
        to get back on track soon Robin
        and when I do you will be seeing
        a lot more of me 🙂

        Have a really happy Monday 🙂

        Andro xxx

    • Thank you, Jo. So sorry, back pedaling to other posts is not my strong suit! This was definitely an ‘eye opener,’ his voice and songs showed an older ‘soul’ within Otis. I love this and how you said it about his voice staying with us forever, Jo.

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