Red Carpet Highlights and Quick Summaries of Oscars


This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. I embrace award

ceremonies and enjoy seeing what the rich and famous are wearing.

This has been something that goes way back to my childhood. I

would ‘negotiate’ before I even went to kindergarten, to stay up

late to watch something.


It would go like this, “Mom and Dad, I would like to watch “The

Sound of Music” or “May I stay up and watch, the Miss America



Then, my Dad would say, “Name your ‘points.'”


This meant using adult negotiating skills and debate ‘points.’


I would promise to set the table, take a nap before dinner and I

would not be grumpy in the morning on the way to the babysitter’s.

I raised my three children in this manner, which really did not work

whenever I married. They thought parenting was a monarchy, I felt

it was a democracy, each person’s ideas and thoughts equally valid.



The Red Carpet before the Oscars, February 22, 2015:


I watched, “E!” for awhile and then switched to “Ryan Secrest and

His Crew on the Carpet.”


On “E!” Gilliana (sorry, not sure about the spelling but they called

her, “G” for short) had on a red lacy dress with her light strawberry

blonde hair looking very glamorous and off the 50’s “Society Pages.”


America Ferrrara had a gorgeous emerald green glittery sleeveless

dress. She looked beautiful.


Anna Kendricks’ caught my eye, along with many who have given

their reviews. She wore a peach dress that had a halter with a slit

in the bodice, revealing skin but no cleavage. It was tasteful and she

looked radiant in this color and her hair was swept up on her head.


Gina Rodriguez wore a royal blue dress that is from a designer,

which I apologize you may research the name but it is eco-friendly

material made of an environmentally safe material. I am not sure

if this means it will bio-degrade? ha ha!


The low cut, bejewled peach dress on Jennifer Lopez, with its full

skirt and floating, flowing train behind was so beautiful. She is just

exquisite, in her taste and ability to not age a bit. She looked like a

Princess in this flesh-colored dress.


“Common” the rapper who joined musical forces in writing and

performing the song from the movie, “Selma” named “Glory,”

was on the Red Carpet in a white shirt, white bow tie and black

tuxedo. It had soft black velvet details on the tux’s lapels. Their

collaboration was an excellent way to make their song relevant

for the times.


Reese Witherspoon wore a white dress with a black satin sash-like

stripe across her shoulders about four inches wide. It made her

look like she was from Audrey Hepburn’s period of fashion, a

real class act. There was a narrow one to two inch belt of this

black satin fabric at her waist line. Reese wore her hair down and

looked very stunning.


Dakota Johnson, who just performed in “50 Shades of Grey,” came

with her famous mother and also, knowing her last name, you may

have guessed this but she is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie

Griffith. She had a slicked back brunette pony tail and she wore a one

shoulder red dress with diamonds or crystals along the edge of this.

The red was a perfect compliment to her porcelain skin and dark hair.



Eddie Redmayne looked like a teenager, with his hair a little punked

or messed up. He is the actor I was rooting for from the movie, “The

Theory of Everything.” He played Stephen Hawking. Last night, he

looked handsome in a dark blue tuxedo with black details. The designer

was McQueen. His wife, Sophie, is expecting and looked radiant in her

white dress.


Benedict Cumberbatch (who played Alan Turing in the movie, “The

Imitation Game”) and Eddie were saying they would be having a big

British ‘bash’ or celebration after the Oscars, including wives, along

with Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley and Felicity Jones, who was Eddie’s

costar. Ben wore a white tuxedo and llooked debonair. Both the men

were saying they felt they had brought the rain to California. A joke

since it is ‘always raining in England.’

Benedict repeated what Eddie had said, “We will all hang together

later on.”


Felicity Jones wore a silver-almost pearl like eggshell colored dress.

I heard someone else call it eggshell. It had a bluish tone to it from

a distance and yet, in brighter light looked pink. She is an attractive

young woman and her dress was pretty, too.


Robert Duvall’s wife is younger than he, not sure how much but it

is noticeable. She wore a peach glittery dress with deep, low cut and

revealing cleavage displayed. He was up for his performance in the

film, “The Judge.”


Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill looked stunning. Faith’s short

hair style and dress was beautiful. Tim looked like he was ready for

the military with his very short hair cut. Later, as he sang the great

song, “I’m Not Going to Miss You,” from the Glen Campbell docu-

mentary, he wore his traditional cowboy hat. This tribute filmed

Glen’s family and friends who traveled around the country giving

a final concert and tribute to Glen, before he totally forgets who he

is. It was to give recognition and public awareness of Alzheimer’s

Disease, which he has had for awhile. The film documents how his

temper and frustration comes and goes, too.


Terence Howard, who awhile ago performed  in an Academy Award

nominated movie, “Crash,” and is presently working in the t.v. series,

“Empire,” looked great and discussed with Ryan Secrest his interest

in getting the recently ‘kicked off’ American Idol singer Rachel to

sing on “Empire.” He was saying his character, “Lucius wants to have

Rachel as part of his group of new singers. Lucius would like to be her

producer.” I enjoyed this exchange, since I not only enjoy American

Idol, I do often watch, “Empire.” Ryan said, “That won’t be a problem,

I will see what I can do. . .”


Zoe Saldana, who I will always picture her from the movie, “Avatar,”

but is a beautiful woman without any blue makeup on. (In the film

she wears a prosthetic that alters her nasal appearance and her face

is a lovely shade of blue.) She wore a pink rose-colored dress and had

her thick hair in a loose up-do, with curling tendrils around her pretty



Rosamund Pike, the actress from “Gone Girl,” wore a red dress that

was appropriate for her venomous character. In reality, she probably

is the sweetest person, as she portrayed in “Pride and Prejudice,” the

older sister to the main character, Elizabeth. The dress was a fantastic

one, which had a long slit and she posed with her one leg forward,

revealing a lovely leg. Her hair was up in a tight bun. She looked

very attractive with her smile making her whole face light up.


Sienna Miller, (another Brit), was wearing all black and glittery gown

with a train. She looked like a beautiful porcelain Barbie doll. Her hair

was golden. She was a presenter.


Keira Knightley, from the movie, “Begin Again,” (the last of the Brits)

wore a cream colored dress with sprinkles of pastel flowers, violets and

pink Spring Beauties among them.


Julianne Moore, from “Still Alice,” was wearing an off the shoulders

white dress. She looked beautiful with her hair up. I really loved the

way she looked in green with her auburn hair worn down at the Golden

Globes. She is a fabulous actress, who can perform many different parts.

She demonstrated classical beauty in her all white attire.


Viola Davis wore a pink satin gown and announced the four people

who were given lifetime achievement awards, shown on another day.

The one I recognized was, Harry Belafonte. I wished they had shown

more of this program but the time element always runs long, so they

have to ‘pick and choose’ which parts to show the audience. Another

famous woman/actress who I believe was in a wheelchair during the

awards, was Maureen O’Hara. My Mom really adored this actress of

the past. She was ‘feisty’ and showed ‘character,’ I can just hear her



Kevin Hart, the black comedian, wore a handsome black shirt and

tie, white tuxedo with black lapels. He made me smile, as he said the

person he wished he could get a “Selfie” with was Meryl Streep. It

is always nice to hear famous people being humble and not expecting

to be the center of attention. He cracks me up, whatever films he is

in. I realize describing him as a man of color, may be inappropriate,

but it is hard to tell you who he is, since he is in so many different

movies. He is usually a ‘side kick’ character…


Anna Faris and her husband, Chris Pratt, are in movies, but more

known for her role in the television show, “Mom.” Chris is known

more as his character in the television show, “Community.” They

were making jokes that they had a sitter or family member watching

their toddler and were going to use the chance of tonight’s plans to

carry on and have some partying later on, too. Anna had a silver dress

that clung to her in ‘all the right places,’ she is stunning while fixed up

in formal wear. Chris looks like the ‘leading man’ role he is growing

into. The two grew up and have been together for years, coming from

the state of Washington. He wore a traditional black tuxedo with a

white shirt and bow tie.




This is a set of random observations along with the awards that

were given out, with some reactions included.


“Everything is Awesome,” song from the “Lego Movie,” had the

silly guys from the t.v. cop situation comedy, “Brooklyn 99” in

the huge production accompanying this repetitive song. It was

upbeat and I have heard from my oldest daughter and my two

grandsons that it has a great message about accepting everyone

as they are. It was a fun and funny song in a positive performance.


“Whiplash” is about a cruel and demanding musical director.

This was the first award given out,

**Best Supporting Actor to J.K. Simmons.


“American Sniper” won,

**Best Sound Editing” award.


Adam Levine with Maroon 5 sang a wonderful song,

“Lost Stars.”

He and his wife looked beautiful but nothing sticks

out in their wardrobe to note.

This did not win the award for “Best Song.”


“The Grand Budapest Hotel” won two awards right off the bat:

**Best Costume Design

**Best Make-Up


(My opinion was, to tell you the truth, shocked. I felt that “Into

the Woods” and/or the three historically accurate films should

have been given a ‘bone.’ (“Unbroken,” “The Theory of Everything,”

and “The Imitation Game.” I have not seen, but have heard the

film, “Mr. Turner,” has lavish costumes and I need to see this since

my artist brother says he is a fantastic artist of his time.)


Someone announced that 47 years ago, the Academy Awards were

postponed in honor and respect for the assasination of Martin Luther

King, Jr. It happened only four days before the program/awards

ceremony was scheduled. This set the tone for the song, “Glory,”

that had John Legend singing in a soulful and lovely tone, while

playing the piano. Then, Common came out and added his powerful

and staccato rapped words. I felt the idea of juxtapositioning Jim

Crow laws (preventing blacks from voting) with the bald eagle

in the lyrics was powerful. Every time I hear this song, it has been

on three awards ceremonies, I always find something ‘new’ to focus

in on.


“Glory” from the movie, “Selma” won,

** Best Song.


“Whiplash” won an award for,

**Best Picture (or Film) Editing.


Patricia Arquette gave a fantastic and inspiring speech as she

accepted the award for,

**Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “Boyhood.”


(She spoke up about the need for Clean Water, she mentioned

a specific company that her family supports and also, exclaimed

about “Women who have stood up for so many other peoples’

rights, need to finally, once and for all, be given equal pay for

equal work.”)


I liked, Rita Ora’s song, “Grateful,” which was lovely and simple.

This song did not win any awards.


**I wrote a post about “Big Hero 6” and declaring it deserving to

win Best Animated Children’s Film and it did!

I had taken Skyler and Micah to see this when it first came out.

There is a special school in the movie, where young people or

teenagers can attend to work on future inventions. The big, white

puffy robot with the film’s name captures your heart. It is empathetic

and caring, there is a time when it has to have this amazing quality

‘turned off’ to help fight in a situation. In the end, everyone realizes

the gift and magic of a ‘feeling robot.’


Two who weren’t nominated in this Academy Awards Ceremony,

Jennifer Anniston who was nominated for a SAG and Golden

Globe for her work in “Cake.” And David Oyelolo who performed

the character of Martin Luther King, Jr. in “Selma” who had been

given nominations in the other awards shows, they got up to give

out an award together. Neil Patrick Harris pointed out more than

once about the controversy of ‘lack of color’ in the Oscars this year,

as well as saying something funny about the two ‘rejects’ giving out

awards. (Not using the word, ‘rejects,’ though but the meaning was

given, anyway.)


“The Grand Budapest Hotel” took another  two awards,

**Best Production and Set Design

**Best Cinematography

(Now, adding put to four awards.)


Lady Gaga was, for me, one of the major exciting highlights of the

whole entire evening. You may wish to google or find her on Youtube,

singing the songs from the 50th Anniversary of “Sound of Music.”

If you have not been watching her or listening to her singing in an

enchanting voice, accompanying Tony Bennett on their collaboration

album, you will be amazed. Simply amazed.


When Julie Andrews came out and thanked her enthusiastically and

with such praise, you know that Lady Gaga will never forget this night.


Meryl Streep was weeping, had a hard time keeping her voice from

faltering as she introduced the people in all aspects of entertainment

who had died in 2014. Here are the names I recognized and decided

to list for you to sample and you will be surprised at the few who may

have slipped by last year. Also, a few who were not recognized or

honored, too.

Mickey Rooney

Bob Hoskins

James Garner

Elizabeth Pena

Maya Angelou

Anita Ekberg

Edward Hermann

Mike Nichols

Ruby Dee

Louis Jourdan

Sam Goldwyn

Richard Attenborough

Robin Williams

Rod Taylor

Lauren Bacall, plus many more directors, animators, film editing and

makeup, costumes, along with movie reviewers from all around the world.


When the names were finished being listed and their painted in watercolor

faces displayed, Jennifer Hudson sang a beautiful song for those who have

gone on. It was, “I Cannot Let It Go, my forever love. . .”


“Selma” got only the Best Song Award.

“The Imitation Game” only got one award.


“The Theory of Everything” actor who portrayed Stephen Hawking,

Eddie Redmayne won,

**Best Actor


“Still Alice,” actress, Julianne Moore who portrayed a woman with

Alzheimer’s Disease won,

**Best Actress


“Birdman” won:

**Best Director

**Best Screenplay

**Best Picture of the Year


Funniest moments were Neil Patrick Harris pointing out the seat

keepers, while the ones were up accepting awards, going to use

the bathroom or at the bar, along with ones who were giving out

awards. Octavia Spencer was asked to ‘keep her eyes’ on a clear

box which had N. P. H’s predictions in it.  He also came out in

his ‘tidy whities’ to show solidarity for the “Birdman” cast,

who apparently one of them feels it is ‘lucky’ to wear them,

mentioned on another awards show or interview.  The most

funny moment that was to ‘fix’ the mistake John Travolta

made by mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name on the awards

ceremony last year. She read John’s name in the most goofy

way, he came out and they hugged and were smiling at the joke.

I did not feel it was funny, but I hope he doesn’t get in trouble

for this comment, but Sean Penn mentioned something about

the Mexicans who directed, “Birdman” may need to get their

“Green Cards.” (Awkward moment, I felt.)


Did you see any of the awards, replayed or in actual real

performance and appearance time?

What was your favorite part or parts?

If you don’t watch, which film were you hoping to win,

did it?


















34 responses »

    • Although this is old, I am letting you know I appreciate your enjoying “Sound of Music” and the comment was so sweet. Reminded me of the Tom Cruise movie it came from! “You had me at. . . hello.”

  1. I know you were on Cloud Nine last night, Robin. 🙂 I was so happy to hear this morning that Julianne Moore won for best actress in “Still Alice.” I’ve yet to see the movie, but the book was excellent. The attention that’s being brought to Alzheimer’s Disease as a result of this movie, makes me very happy.

    • I am sure the movie will be good, I have myself on all kinds of waitlists, Jill at the library. I am reading “The House Girl,” which has a modern day lawyer working on the reparations for slavery bill and then, a girl who is a slave who is going to run away, but she also painted and her owner took credit for the pictures. It is very good, I can imagine it being a good movie. I am looking forward to checking out “Big Eyes” and “Mr. Turner.” I am very pleased with Julianne Moore’s win, too! (Actually was a little sleepy and not on Cloud Nine in the morning… ha ha!)

    • So glad you watched this and found her to be beautiful. I love how you described her, too. “The fairest of them all!” I appreciate the compliment but I am sure they have more accomplished writers for the entertainment news. I enjoy writing about them, this was fun. Thanks, Cindy!

    • Thanks, you can see a few gaps if you study it, Anneli. I would have researched the answers to my small gaps but I ran out of time.
      Thank you for giving me credit and warmly saying you were impressed, Anneli!

  2. I was forced (?) to sit through the Red Carpet portion of the show. Florence is the one who tracks on all the stars and who they are married to, etc. However, I know Faith Hill is married to Tim McGraw. (Why are so many women cutting their hair short?)

    My least favorite look of the night (other than John Travolta’s creepiness) was Lady Gaga, although she did a nice performance tribute to Julie Andrews. Overall, I thought Neil Patrick Harris was only adequate as the host, which was quite a disappointment after seeing the Tony Awards opening number. None of his jokes were particularly funny. The highlight of the evening for me was the performance of Glory and John Legend’s acceptance speech.

    I am surprised Boyhood didn’t win Best Picture, but Birdman was a good alternative in a field of powerful movies. Eddie Redmayne deserved the Best Actor award portraying Stephen Hawking, and the rest of the acting awards were appropriate. I now have several movies to look forward to over the coming months. – Mike

    • You know hair styles go in phases, Mike. It is a good question, though. I am sure you could have read a book, which is what I used to do during football games I was not ‘keen’ on.
      I understand that Lady Gaga is an ‘acquired’ look but believe me, this was one of her understated looks. She has very dramatic and interesting make-up but Tony Bennett’s collaboration album and her becoming friends with him has brought out a much more conservative look.
      I enjoyed the song, “Glory,” and John Legend’s acceptance speech, too.
      I really am looking forward to your seeing, “Unbroken,” “The Imitation Game,” “Mr. Turner,” maybe?) and “The Theory of Everything.” I feel “Boyhood” meant a lot to me, but could see it not being as interesting, in some respects as the historical movies. I will try to watch, “Birdman” but a good male friend described it as ‘weird’ and ‘rather boring.’ I usually trust his opinion, too. Thanks for the summary, Mike, and the time you took to write it all down, too!

  3. Karen and I watched the whole show, Robin, but not any of the pre- Red Carpet stuff.

    I must say, I really disliked Neil Patrick Harris’ job as host. I thought he was smug, unfunny and borderline disrespectful to some of the presenters and winners. It made the evening tough to stomach for me.

    • This is too bad, since he is an intelligent and talented actor. Too bad, he needed to work on his jokes and so sorry the experience wasn’t as good as it could have been. I always liked Billy Crystal and they showed on another show, that Bob Hope was quite a fine host, ‘in his day.’ Smiles for trying this, anyway, Mark!

  4. I missed watching the Oscars, so thank you for this post 🙂 I’m glad birdman won best picture, I liked that movie, and also the grand budapest hotel, that was an amazing movie. Some other movies I look forward to watching – the imitation game. Thanks for filling me in on the Oscars 🙂

    • I am not sure why these comments seem so familiar… But I am apologizing for not responding to this lovely set of observations about the Oscars. I post at the library so sometimes I will start my blogging in one area, switch to another and forget to backtrack to another. I have not seen “Birdman” nor “the Grand Budapest Hotel,” but they both sound wonderful. I am glad you will try to check out “The Imitation Game,” which was one of the four movies up for nominations which I did get a chance to see!

      • it’s absolutely okay! and thanks again for taking the time to sift through these comments as wordpress shines at making it harder.. *lol* i have acquired the dvd of “the imitation game” which is what i have on for tonight.. so i’m excited! 🙂 i hope you enjoyed it!

    • I ended up being ‘sick’ from a migraine after work on Monday evening, didn’t go to work. Used 9 hours of my sick time, since they worked a 9 hr. day. I still have 53 hours left, though.
      I wish I had felt better, but this is how it goes. Hope you have a great rest of the week, Andro and an enjoyable weekend, too. End of February, thank goodness! Smiles, Robin

      • You have a good day today
        (Thursday) my lovely friend 🙂
        Those migraines are horrible
        so I hope that yours has long
        gone my dear 🙂

        Have a fantastic day today, it
        will soon be the weekend Robin 😉

        Andro xxx

  5. i so appreciate your awards ‘reports’, robin, as i usually cannot make it through a whole show and i miss a lot of them. i saw some of the red carpet and the first half hour of the show before drifting off. i loved the clothes this year, especially reese and tim and faith. glad gaga made such a splash )

    • Beth, glad you were able to see part of the Red Carpet and also, enjoyed the dresses and clothing choices. I agree, Reese with Tim and Faith were all looking mighty fine! I hope you get a chance to hear Lady Gaga’s voice in her performing the Sound of Music tribute, Beth.
      I am also happy to have been able to survive the night, but after work on Monday, came to post the review, went home to eat and woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine. Probably not the best way to start Tuesday, called in and said the fluorescent lights would not help my headache. My boss was fine, it had been 3 months since I took an hour off to go to a doctor. (I had collected 62 hours, now down to 53. They worked 9 hours on Tues. Oh well!)
      There are some great movies, I still need to see, “Still Alice,” “Wild,” “Grand Budapest Hotel and possibly “Birdman.”

  6. I was delighted for Eddie Redmayne, very well deserved. Pity that both he and Benedict Cumberbatch were in two different British films – both excellent. Also amazed that Mr Turner wasn’t mentioned – it was left out of the Baftas too

    • I am glad you saw these fantastic films, Jenny. You made a good point, in another year, several of these actors or films would have risen to the top. It was a great year, overall, in the variety and quality of presentations, I feel.
      I need to see “Mr. Turner,” but I am afraid it will be from being on a library ‘waitlist.’ Since it was down in Columbus only for a week, while the others remained long enough that I saw the British ones. I still would like to see, “Still Alice,” “Wild,” “Grand Budapest Hotel” and maybe in the right frame of mind, “Birdman.”

    • Did I tell you, Jenny I finally saw Mr. Turner? 🙂 It was well done, artistic in scenery and history but the character himself was sort of “gross.” Not happy how he treated the maids getting his “way” with them. He also married a horrible woman. Very realistic but there is my review in a nutshell. I love art in movies! 🙂 “Frida” was one of my favorites and “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.” Have you seen either of these? Smiles, Robin

    • Melinda, don’t read posts you aren’t interested in, dear. It is okay to skip on out of them. 🙂 I have grandchildren too. There are a combination in my son’s 5, some of hers and theirs together. My oldest daughter has 2 boys, youngest none and just dating.
      How old are your grandchildren?♡♡

      • 7 grands?? Wow! You have a great time at Christmas, I bet!
        My PP(Pudding Pop) is 2 and 1/2. Her sibling will be born in April. No definite news yet on its gender. But it will be their last, DD1 says. We’ll see what the future holds.
        So you have 3 kids? I have 2 grown girls.

    • Melinda, I love your pudding pop toddler who you watch PBS with. I sm excited about another one on the way. My children are girl, 35, son, 34, daughter, 30.
      Son married girl with 2 children, then they added 3 more. He had surgery and that will be all. They have 11, 9, 7, 4 and baby 4 months old.
      Oldest daughter has 2 sons, 11 and 6.
      Have a fun rest of the week. Try to relax and enjoy! 🙂

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