Exclusive Membership


Do you belong to any clubs, organizations or places of interest?

This is a short post that holds three pieces of history.  They are

smaller than a 3″ x 5″ index card. Each has elements of nostalgia,

excitement, childhood memories and personal information.


I was looking through a stack of my parents’ postcards.

I found items belonging to my mother tucked in between.

Each is rather

fragile and



Item # One:


Bright red,

Yellow details,

Unique wording

made of rope lasso:

“Hi – Yo Silver”


No. 13240


Picture of familiar



black eye mask.


Date: 4/20/39


“This is to certify that

Rosalie Mattson

is a duly qualified

member of the

Bond Bread

Lone Ranger Safety Club

for Boys and Girls

~ The Lone Ranger ~

Sign your name here  ________________. ”




“The Lone Ranger Secret Code






The top line of letters is in Regular order.

The bottom line is a second alphabet,

EXCEPT it starts with the letter, “B”

and ends with the letter “A.”

Using the Lone Ranger Secret Code

the word “BOND”

would appear as,



Copyright 1939, T.L.R., INC.

East Bond Bread . . . 3 Times A Day!”


My mother would have been 11 years old,

when she got this Lone Ranger Safety Club

card for boys and girls.

I wonder what the

bread card


her to?


**Any clues to share about this

card would be of interest to me.


Item # Two:

The next item is quite tiny,

size of a ticket for a raffle.

It holds a lot of information

on this pale dove-gray ticket.


“Fort McHenry

National Monument and Historic Shrine

Baltimore, Maryland

Inner Fort Admission. . . . . 10 cents

Federal Tax. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 cents

Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 cents

U. S. Dept. of the Interior

National Park Service

International Ticket Company

Newark, N. J.”


**Can you imagine such a small

charge for such a treasure and

hallowed place in history?


A yellowed library card,

The East Hartford

Public Library card

Rosalie Mattson

17 Oakwood Street

East Hartford,


May 19, 1940.


There are multiple dates

stamped on this card.


When I think of childhood,

I remember my pride in

carrying my Brownie

membership card.


My Sandusky Public

Library card around.

They were kept in a

tan leather wallet.


I remember one of my close friends, Amy, having a Mickey

Mouse Club card. I also know she carried around a Blue Birds’

membership card. These were kept in her red leather wallet.


My Dad belonged to several clubs, but took quite a lot of pride

in his being a Boy Scout Leader. He was also a member of Bay

Men’s Club and the Ancient Astronauts Society in Chicago, Ill.

He carried around a “Diner’s Club” card and belonged to the

“Brown Derby Birthday Club.” Dad joined the Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame when it opened its Cleveland establishment, 1983.


These days my grandchildren belong to Webelos, Cub Scouts,

the Delaware County District Library, Chuck E. Cheese birthday

club, Dora (or Bob the Builder) Nickelodeon, Jr. club and more.


My own three children had 4 H membership cards and pins.

My son stayed in Boy Scouts up through elementary school,

while my oldest daughter stayed with Girl Scouts through her

Delaware Willis Middle School years. They belonged to PBS’

“Sesame Street Club” and did not join the Barney Fan Club.


I get my gas and produce my Speedway Rewards card and

belong to the same Subway Club the commercial man, Jared

belongs to. I like to receive free birthday burger from Ruby

Tuesdays and print out coupons from other restaurants.

I am a proud member of the Godiva Chocolate Rewards club.


It doesn’t have to be an ‘exclusive’ club or organization

to make it a fun place to be. It can be a fishing or running

club, it can be one which includes your circle of friends in

your faith, who gather and label themselves, a “Bible Club.”


Would you mind sharing a memory of a special designated

card, a piece of nostalgia or whimsy, something from your

collection of memorabilia or a current ‘club’ you belong to?












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    • Oh, so glad you were one of the ones carrying membership to the “Juliette Low clubhouse,” Did you ever have a friend who belonged to the Blue Birds organization for girls? Isn’t it cool to belong to the library? Every day, I discover unique features of the district library system. Today, I found out that they have prints to ‘rent’ of famous artists and board games. . . Have a super weekend, Jill.

  1. I am not much of a joiner these days, although my first act as a new resident in Bellingham was getting my library card, which I have done in most of the countries in which I have lived. I am also a registered volunteer with the Bellingham School District. I spend two mornings each week in support the 8th grade algebra classes at one of the local middle schools.

    I used to be a joiner. I was a member of The Mountaineers, the Northwest’s equivalent of The Sierra Club. I also was a member of Seattle’s Mountain Rescue Council. And I was a first aid and CPR instructor for the American Red Cross for many years.

    I guess I will always be affiliated with The Teamsters after becoming fully vested in their retirement system. However, I think my proudest membership was as an Explorer Post leader affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America when I taught a coed group of teens the skills to become mountaineers. One of my greatest achievements (and theirs) was taking them to the summit of Mt. Rainier, the 5th highest mountain and one of the most challenging climbs in the lower 48 states. – Mike

    • I bet being an Explorer Post leader was a really wonderful (and worthwhile) experience, Mike. I may have heard of your fantastic climb, but forgotten the details and your motivating teens to keep on climbing, was more than a lifetime experience, it is continuing to motivate them. I am sure of this! My Dad had only a few NASA people come to his memorial service, but there was a B.S. co-leader and two of his ‘boys,’ along of course with my two brothers…
      I think the Mountaineers is a cool group and I have donated regularly to The Sierra Club, getting their impassioned pleas to sign letters for Bills to be produced to prevent destruction of nature and to preserve what is around the country, too.
      I am proud of your volunteering for algebra classes which is a great way ‘to give back,’ Mike. Your belonging to The Teamsters makes me smile, too.

    • You are so right, our tribes do define us. You seem like a racer, besides being a cyclist. My youngest brother ran in cross country and track, sometimes I can ‘spot’ another racer. In this response and sense, you seem to be a member of a tribe of those who enjoy bicycling… smiles!

      • I was always interested in bikes – in fact some of my true best memories as a kid were on them.

        After high school, played rugby and studied martial arts ( lots of anger ), but once and this is a true story, a friend and I went to a bike race just for fitness and fun. I was very fit, and when I went to the race, I didn’t have any cycling kit so many people ignored me. I was so mad that I decided that I decided that I would pass any one in front of me with bike shoes. After the thirty or so miles, I ended up 5th. I remember how surprised the presenters were when the kid in the rugby shirt and tennis shoes took the ribbon for 5th.

        Now I’m just an older fellow who rides for pleasure – but here’s who I used to be: What was the quote in “Death of a Salesman” – “I used to be somebody” 🙂


    • I had a Brownie flashlight I would use in the olden days, in the coat cloak room in first and second grades. Got in trouble for that, but it was well worth it! I am glad you enjoyed the Lone Ranger Club, weird how it says, “Hi Yo…” I always ‘heard’ it as, “Hi Ho…”

  2. Thank you for your like of my most recent post, 022615 – The Bridegroom And The Bride. I noticed that your like came very quickly. I thought that you might be working on your blog. I wish you will with all that you do with your writings. Please have a blessed evening.

      • I am blessed with your interest in keeping me informed. Thank you so much for this promise, too. I wrote about one of my favorite hymns today, “A Mighty Fortress.” I hope you are well and happy spring to you!

      • Thank you. I will check out your post. Please know how much I appreciate all that you do with you blog, and all else that you do. By the way, this first day of Spring has been “yucky in the South,” but, God’s in control. Again, thanks for everything.

  3. It’s impossible for me to leave your blog so quickly. When I was about 10 a membership card was actually Coca-Cola bottle tops. With those, kids could watch a Saturday morning movie in the downtown area where I lived. It’s amazing that the movie theater is still in that same location, although it is used for stage-type productions. Something that was not as nice to me was when I was supposed to go on a school field trip after school; I think I was in third grade. I can still see myself sitting on the curb outside of the school, where I “got left!” I can’t remember how long I sat there but eventually I realized that it was time for me to go home. If your page were long enough, I could write about many years of things, most of which were nice. If you can remember, I published a post on my blog about “Christmas In The 50s.” Those were nice thoughts. Please keep up your good work. You are very special.

    • Thank you so much for this lovely post, which meant a lot to me! I am so sorry from time to time, my wordpress account sends people to the dungeon of “Waiting or Pending Approval.” This has happened before. Is it perhaps due to your adding a double “c” on your wordpress account? Not sure why, but you are now released.
      As far as your wonderful and kind comments, I appreciate your sharing about the Coca Cola bottle tops and also, sad to read about your being left behind for a field trip from school. Wow! Did your Mom or Dad go and ‘storm’ the school? I would have been outraged. This really broke my heart!
      As far as going to your blog, I need to play ‘catch up’ and also, check out your Christmas in the 50’s post. Thank you for letting me know about it, reminders are always welcome here! Smiles, Robin

      • Can’t you just seem me sitting on the curb, with my cotton top, blondish hair getting a bit wet from the mist in the air? (that part of my story just came to me). I don’t know if I ever told anybody about my “being left behind!” (Oops! I shouldn’t have said that!). I also was going to take song flute lessons, but something got in the way of that , too. But, my area of town was largely Jewish, so I received blessings just by “being.” … I really am glad that you checked Christ In The 50s.” Let me recommend two others that I wrote that share that sentiment: 121014 – Christmas Hallelujah and 120714 – Christmas Of Simpler Times. I understand your time crunch. Anytime that you made a comment on my posts, I am deeply blessed. Please have a blessed evening.

    • We never sewed in Brownies, cutting, gluing and possibly hiking, but partying in the Brownie leader’s big country kitchen was my favorite memory. Mrs. Auble was my babysitter and Brownie leader, we fed baby lambs in the kitchen. (I even wrote a post and the little ‘tag’ on the side column says, ‘lambs and milk bottles.’) Fun times! So sorry about your ‘whatever’ experience!

    • You are so kind, Andro. I had my oldest daughter over last night and we were up until midnight. I had worked a ten hour day at the warehouse to ‘earn’ my day off on Friday. We were reminiscing about her favorite family trips, with my parents in their little Transvan. She wished we still had it to go on road trips with her two boys. My grandson, Micah, turned 6 today and his brother is ten, (my oldest daughter turns 33 in March! Yikes!)
      Hugs, Robin

      • I wouldn’t have believed you had a daughter of thirty three Robin, and hey happy belated birthday to your grandson Micah ( a nice name that ) 🙂

        Have a great Monday Robin 🙂

        Andro xxx

    • I wondered about this and now I know! (At least you have a library card, right? Colleen, today I found out we can ‘rent’ or borrow art prints and board games, along with video games… The wonders of the county district libraries… smiles and hope you have a perfectly wonderful weekend, my friend!

    • I think this is awesome, April. My daughter loved belonging to the Photography Club in high school and working on the yearbook. I was never in the past a good photographer, but many say I have developed a ‘knack’ for this over time and years. I wonder how many people who are saying they don’t belong to any clubs, if any belong to a road warrior group, like AAA? I hope you have a fantastic weekend, April. Thank you for your replying to this post. Smiles, Robin

  4. What great discoveries, Robin! I wonder if Bond Bread had kids decode special messages on bread loaf wrappers? That would be a smart way to market to youngsters to have them urge their moms to buy Bond bread, no?

    I don’t remember clubs so much, but I surely was proud of my library memberships, as were you. I’d walk to the library in Levittown, on Long Island, and come home with a big batch of books. When we moved to Stony Brook, the summer before eigth grade, then I would ride my bike, or more usually get driven by my parents. The library was at least five miles from our house, with a major road between us. Our next door neighbor, Mrs. Cooke, was the head librarian! She was so thrilled that the new neighbor kid was so into reading.

    What I also remember was my subscriptions to magazines. In elementary school, it started with the Weekly Reader handouts, which you had to have your parents give you money to sign up for or you wouldn’t get it. I made sure to get it. I loved it! Then at home I would get Highlights, and then moved on to Sports Illustrated, which I shared with my dad.

    Thanks for this great post to shake out my memories, Robin!

    • Wow! You need to get a job in marketing, Mark! This is a great idea. I am so glad you thought about the Bond Bread card. This was puzzling, since it was not that distant from the period considered the Depression, right?
      I am very excited about your lifetime love of books, I would be like that librarian, when I had a student or babysitting child who loved to read. Encouraging and trying to point out directions they may head to find out more. I was impressed with the distance you would travel to get your books, too.
      The other really great subject you mentioned was subscribing to magazines. I think this is an area I had forgotten, Mark. It is nice for children to receive magazines. I think my grandkids have had “Ranger” delivered and also, possibly “Highlights.” I used to enjoy looking at these fine magazines in the doctor’s office, trying to analyze the hidden pictures (which may have been the precursor to our own children’s love of “Where is Waldo?” or “Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?”) I read the women’s magazines, which summer issues had excepts of fiction and always love, Reader’s Digest. In fact, they sent me a ‘deal’ or ‘offer I couldn’t refuse,’ for a dollar an issue. You find so many subjects in them, which are often excepts from books and may help me when I am researching for my posts. Thanks for dipping into your memory bank and giving me so many wonderful ways you ‘belong’ and so happy you are connected to my posts, too.
      Have a great weekend, cannot wait to read about all the adventures you and Karen pursue…. smiles!

  5. These are wonderful treasures! I would have loved discovering them. 12 cents to enter the Fort McHenry National Monument. Wow. I do remember being in the Mickey Mouse Club, and watching the television show with such admiration. Now I’m in the Mt. Hood Cherokees, one of the two Cherokee Nation at large groups in Oregon. Being in this “club” is nice because it helps us feel more Cherokee, even though the reservation is in Oklahoma, and the traditional homeland is on the east coast.

    I like how you reminded us how many “clubs” we are actually in, if we include our library cards, punch cards for multiple sandwiches or drinks, gas cards, frequent flier memberships, and grocery club cards.

    • Crystal so glad I went to take a peek in my “Pending Approval” section of wordpress. I am so sorry you were in this pitiful ‘cell’ for awhile, but you and I shall become much closer now that you are out and I ‘sprung you!’
      I am very happy you shared something personal about your family. I would not have guessed you to be old enough to know about the Mickey Mouse Club. Also, the fact you mentioned the Cherokee Nation in the state of Oregon, this is a good piece of information not only for me to read, but if someone else happens upon this. Thanks for the great comments and the compliments about the post, too. Hugs, Robin

  6. I liked being a Brownie but hated Girl Scouts (dropped out eventually). Maybe because that’s when they started forcing the idea of what it is to be “a woman.” I have a book that states girls are their “most selves” at the age of 9, but after that, we start becoming what we’re “asked to be.” Not as fun. These days my wallet has Costco, local library, VA (Navy veteran), King Soopers (grocery), and driver’s license. Oh well, never joined a sorority either……

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