Is It Too Soon?


Really, is it too soon?


Can we all laugh and joke about the subject a bit?


We are in the midst of it. . .

In the thick of it. . .

Knee deep, chin deep and over our head in it. . .


Yes, right.


Chilly Weather.

Sub-zero temperatures.

Relief on the horizon.


I enjoy wordplays and this one just jumped right at me.

In the middle of the night, literally.


When the snow plow was noisily scraping the ice off the

Ohio Wesleyan Parking lot, when a big chunk somehow

bounced off my bedroom window pane.


Wish that chunk were like my good middle school friends,

ones who would break out of their houses, give a ‘chink’ or

‘clunk’ at my window on the second floor of my house.


Wish it were my Romeo, who would make me fly to the

window and ask,

“Why are you Romeo?”

(Aside: You do know that the words,

“Whereforth art you Romeo?

Means,  “Why are you a Capulet?”

or “Why are you my enemy?”



Know this is not so esoteric or meaningful. It was written

as the hour passed three a.m. and I was to get up at 5 a.m.


It is all about “Chill.”


Hope you enjoy the way my mind played with the letters

and the meaning of this word.


Fog can give me a chill.


It produces an icy thought.


Chills going up and down my spine are both thrilling and

frightening. It can be eerie and baffling, too. Some things

create emotions which give one person chills, while another

one won’t react or show stimulation in their fear zones.


definition of “acrostic” is given to mean a poem or other form

of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line

spells out a word or name.


Acrostics of alphabet using the theme of Winter, drew a wide

collection from my mind.


I numbered each one so I could ask you if you liked any of

these, you may refer to them by number.

Or feel free to use another word as a “springboard” and make

up one of your own.

I chose to use the singular letters adding up to the word:








Let me know if any of these give you ‘chills.’
















3. This one I doubled the letters, “CCHHIILLLL!”



Creeping cold,

Heaping helpings,

Icy igloos,

Latticework licks,

Liquid lightning.


4. Again, double the letters, double the challenge:


Crisp crystals,

Intricate Icicles,

Lightly laced,

Lazy liquids,

Hilly heaps.


5. This one was one that uses a slang meaning of “ice”

or “to be iced.”

(Just in case this doesn’t translate to another language; it means

‘kill’ or ‘to murder.’)

I like to think of it as a dramatic, yet simple way of expressing

ending a love affair:








*The above five little playful uses of “chill” letters are my

own creations. Please give me credit for the silly word

sets of acrostic poems, if you should wish to use them.

~reocochran thanks you!


When my kids were going through middle school, they used

this often expressed combination of two words. It is a friendly

and caring expression, using the word, “chill,” in it:


“Did you forget to take your ‘chill pill?'”

“Boy, that man needs to take a ‘chill pill!'”


In the seventies, we probably didn’t create or originate the way

my friends and I would use this word:

“Hey, ‘chill’ out!”

“You need to ‘chill,’ man!”

This meant to let the other person know in a non-threatening

manner, to calm down or relax.


Isn’t it funny how we may ask someone to “refrigerate something”

for us, but if we have something special, we may ask them to “Put

it on ice” or “This needs to be chilled before serving.”

I sometimes forget that red wines are supposed to be served at

room temperature, while leftover wine usually is placed in the fridge.


When you think of an icy situation, you may wish to handle it in

a different manner than a chilly situation. I feel that “icy” people

are very much frozen and cannot change. Somehow, though, I

feel there is more ‘lee- way’  in ‘chilly’ people. Any thoughts on



When it is really cold outside, we all wish to bundle up. We

may wish to serve warm soup or sip on a hot drink.

Why do we love to make big pots or Crock Pots of something

that is hot, sometimes meaty and nutritious? This is due to

wishing to create warmth throughout our body.

But, wait. . .

Tell me this. . .

Why is one of our favorite toasty warm meals called, “Chili?”


When my grandchildren, who I nickname and often call my

“Grandies” whisper in my ear, it tickles my fancy. It gives me

little goosebumps and it makes me warm all over. This gives

me sweet and innocent ‘chills,’ too.


When a man is wishing to be romantic, or is a special part of

my life, he may whisper in a theater, the ‘chills’ are more of

a sensual and arousing kind. Maybe it is due to Pavlov’s

theory of using an impetus and an outcome. It is like such a

wonderful prelude, beginning to what may come later on.


My favorite middle of the night thought about “chill” was this

funny one. It is a ‘great rhyming word for First Graders.’


Have I got you thinking about “chill” or “chills?”


Did you think of a five or six word collection that creates

an acrostic for either of these words?


Last but not least, do you forgive me for bringing up this

‘touchy’ subject while Winter may circle back and freeze

us out?


I saved it until I saw Spring was just around the corner.


We are going to have a “Heat Wave” this week.








49 responses »

    • It always comes and yet, patience is not my strong suit, Colleen! I will try to keep my faith, and hope it won’t quit once it gets warmer. Sometimes, Spring is a big ‘tease!’

  1. I wish I could have come up with a clever acrostic comment, but I came up empty.

    Happy International Women’s Day, and I hope you adjust quickly to Daylight Savings Time. That was always a challenge for me when I was working. – Mike

    • I woke up too early, but will eventually adjust to the time change. It is nice to be retired, but I would probably still get up fairly early, Mike.
      I appreciate your warm wishes for International Woman’s Day! This would have made a great post, along with on Saturday, while cartoons were on, I heard it was National Cereal Day! (I didn’t cover that this year, but in another year we all talked about our favorite flavors of cereal, Mike!) Smiles for the nice idea of trying to write an acrostic!

    • No, the gangster or mob’s way of icing is not our wish to have happen to anyone, even our own persons we may ‘dislike.’ Never, Anneli!
      As far as the heat wave, it is starting but it may still change back to cold. It was in the 40’s and I went for a nice walk before I went to a birthday party on Sunday. The evening party on Saturday was cold and had to wait for frost to melt off my windshield.
      Today, (Monday) we had 53 degrees, according to the bank on my way home from work. I walked to the library and saw pussy willows in ‘bloom’ which means the soft little furry buds were out! Smiles and thanks for wishing for a ‘heat wave.’ It made me think of that song with those words in the title of it, Anneli!

      • Martha and the Vandellas, Phil Collins and The Who all sang songs with the words, “Heat Wave” in them! I had to look them up and the group I was thinking of when you mentioned this, Anneli, was the first female group who included them.

  2. We still have warmth even though officially Autumn here now.
    Soon you shall have warmth
    Please may it arrive there soon
    Realistically it won’t be long
    In case you’re wondering
    Never mind the seasons change
    Gone will be the chill and wind

    • Jen!! You won the Prize of Originality and made the best Acrostics ever!
      I knew you could do this, easily, with your lovely, creative mind!
      I hope people will come and see S P R I N G by Jen!
      The funniest part for me was, “Gone will be the chill and wind!”

    • I am so glad you liked #4, Beth. I almost wrote lethargic liquids, since the creek was frozen and not moving very quickly, also how we all feel during the winter, or at least my ‘gang’ of couch potatoes in my family! We are not big at skiing, but have had a few walks and sledding experiences. Mainly, catching up on my indoor stuff!

  3. Or my remake of the song.
    I started a joke.
    Mine is:
    I started to smoke,
    what got the whole world coughing.
    But the second hand smoke was on me too.”
    I looked to the sky,
    burned out my eyes,
    what a pain in the head.
    Oh now,
    I couldn’t see
    forget my sunglasses
    and my Aleve”.

    • I enjoyed this so much, Mark. I like it when my kids call me, “Mamacita.” (Little Mommy.)
      I will take the ‘chiquita’ along with the ‘chili today, hot tamale’ line, too. Yummy subject matter, must go home and eat some dinner, Mark. Too bad I don’t have some Mexican food to microwave. . . I liked the ‘you’re getting warmer,’ so clever.

      • If you wish something re-blogged, come visit. That’s my new strategy…it’s inappropriate to keep chasing after friends–even good ones like you! Have you seen my latest, ’bout a leprechaun with a pituitary problem ? 😀

    • I think this “CHILLS” acrostic is wonderful, Brenda. I had not thought of ice cream for a few days now. . . ha ha! Thank you for loving my creations, too. Hugs!

      Need to get to the store on Friday, picking up Mexican ingredients since Mark made me crave tacos and tamales. He listed chili, but I am not in the mood for this one! I like Butter Pecan, Pralines and Cream and usually other variations of caramel swirl, Brenda. Not eating as much chocolate for some reason, lately.
      I am heading home to eat dinner and read, rest and sleep! (Maybe a bit of t.v., too…) I am smiling with you and always at your face on your gravatar, Brenda. A sweet photo of you!

      • Glad you liked my ditty. A little poetry is good for the soul. And a little ice cream is, too! 🙂 I am trying to sort out a computer problem. Ugh! Why can’t I print? Deep sigh.

      • Of course, you are my favorite poem/haiku and ditty writer, Brenda! hugs!
        I am one who relies on the technological service of the librarians who can help me. Yesterday, I typed up a storm, then the screen went black. We were both (the librarian in the computer room) puzzled that the energy saver seemed to not help my post to stay in the drafts. I have lost time on the computer but usually there is some remnant of my writing saved. Once a ‘tech’ guy came by, he said he believed I must have kicked the switch.By Golly, he was right! Duh! So, hope you have the printer up and working, deep sigh. I bet my Dad wished I had paid attention to all of his computer lessons. I wish I had listened to so much more than those, too. Oh well. He knew I loved him.

      • I am laughing at the computer printer, figuring technology out. Since usually I have tried a series of things at my Mom’s to figure out what she did to disconnect her cable, the way is usually not saved in my memory of the ‘how’ and so, I go back to good old ‘trial and error,’ Brenda!

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