Punishment Must Meet the Crime


It seems the news is following my blog. This refers to a recent post

explaining how I stuck my ‘foot’ in my mouth in February. I may have

rubbed someone at work the ‘wrong way.’ I think time will help heal

this situation and I am cheerfully talking to the persons involved

while ignoring their one or two syllable responses. (“Yes” and “No,”

are ones most being expressed.)


**My ‘punishment’ may or may not ‘fit’ my crime of being passionate

about equal rights.**


Now, I see on the news, that college students are really in deep trouble.

They ‘should have known better.’ The Columbus students at Ohio State

University piled many people into their apartment, plugging multiple

technological devices, television, stereo and probably phones charging.

Fifteen students were all standing outside a large and old house, where

the place had caught on fire early this morning. Fortunately, only the

one sleeping on the mattress pushed up to the plugs got minor burns.


The fire department member who spoke to Channel 10 news let all the

listeners know there was a mattress pushed up against this messy and

dangerous conglomeration of plugs into an outlet. They are now,

what the newscaster ominously stated, “homeless.”


**Their punishment should be to have spend time in a beginner’s

course called, “Electricity for Dummies.” They should have to show

a ‘graduation’ certificate before any other landlords allow them to

rent again. This was a mistake they will never make again. **


The second group of college students you may have seen their hateful

video, come from Oklahoma University. They are making national news

for spouting derogatory comments and racial slurs in their thoughtless,

drunken filmed tape. These men from the SAE fraternity, should be

‘ashamed of themselves.’


The fraternity boys ‘know better,’ too. If I were their parents, I would

never spend a dime on them again. They would have to find their own

way home from college, the car keys taken away. I could not believe

this insulting SAE group of men.


My Dad, brother and first ex-husband all belonged to a different type of

fraternity men. They may have ‘partied’ hardy, but there was definitely a

higher level of integrity. They participated in philanthropic projects and

during Christmas, collected toys, food and clothing for needy children.

My brother and my ex-husband also were participating in the seventies

movement of wanting diversity in their membership.


My friend, Melvin when the lunchtime noon break came around and

he saw the news story about the fraternity, stopped to ask me what I

thought of them.


Melvin and the guys were watching television in a different direction

from our table. Their t.v. was on the Sports Channel. I assume more

“March Madness” going on. He said he could not believe the college

boys had actually filmed their mean-spirited rant or rap.


My friend, Melvin exclaimed,

“What were they thinking, Robin? Are they stupid or what? Now,

you know you need to blog about this one. Preach it, Robin! Tell

them what kind of penalty or punishment they need to serve.

I don’t think picking up trash on the side of the road matches the

hate leveled in their words.”


Just in case you don’t wish to search for what is called, “Racist film

by college fraternity men,” I will tell you the content.  It said they

would not want to have any  “N-word”  joining their fraternity. It

goes on saying more nasty stuff. It is posted on many sources of

social media, just look it up.


With Melvin’s encouragement a few of us brainstormed, (women

who are mothers.) We came up with the following service to keep

the men ‘on parole’ rolls. This would have to be closely supervised,

parole officers checking in on the guys at ‘work sites.’


**We think the young men from the Oklahoma U. SAE fraternity

should participate in both an elderly and youth oriented program.

The programs should serve a diverse community of people and help

the boys to ‘see the light.’ (Melvin, I preached it!)**


The places we came up with were for them to volunteer for 100 hours

of community service at an inner city soup kitchen, homeless shelter

or an impoverished area’s nursing home facility. They need to meet

the elderly face to face, help them with more than just surface



We added an extra 100 hours of working at an inner city daycare

facility. We would like them to look at the faces of a wide range of

children representing ethnic groups at a center for children. We

would like them to think about the hateful words they said in their

‘chant.’ Another punishment would be to change dirty diapers.

Well supervised by the daycare center’s staff. Careful use of wipes

and special lotion, so the babies and the toddlers will not experience

any discomfort.


The discomfort should be for those young men who felt they could

express themselves in such a disrespectful way towards many

who may never have wanted to join them anyway.


The amazing and positive result of this film coming out in the media,

was college students and other people gathered on campus. Many

joining hands, some putting their hands upon each other’s shoulders.

There were a few past SAE fraternity men who came forward, were

vocal and expressed displeasure at the film. The group consisted of

more than one race in their unified peaceful demonstration.


The result of their protest was at least two young men were expelled.

I hope their punishment will be to do some of our suggested activities

mentioned above. This would help clear their conscience and hopefully

‘clean the slate’ they muddied.


Going from the sloppy electrical mess some college students

resulting in their now smoky and damage apartments in Ohio

to the Oklahoma University debacle, you can see a very huge

downward slope in behaviors.


The news moved on to this sick subject.


The last headline story, you may just wish to skip.


It is always a tragedy.


One that seems to happen at least once a week.


I wish I knew the statistics on boyfriends, family members

or caretakers who harm

young children.


The most recent story horrified me. I worked for a couple of years

at a battered women’s shelter, where usually the woman were the

ones who were hurt. There were also children’s stories which made

me sob at night. This ‘hardened’ woman will share the fact that

yet another person, in the U.S. raped and killed a little baby. The

most recent case was in Arkansas. The little baby girl was only

8 days old.


By the way, you don’t want to search this subject. There are

many stories, one after another on this subject. Steven Smith

in Ohio, on Death Row, asking for parole, a man who raped a

6 month old baby girl, Autumn. A woman who raped her

10 month old son.His name was Ashley, like the character

in the movie, “Gone with the Wind.”


I quickly closed the pages of articles on this subject.


**Everyone was thinking the death penalty for these persons.

Another table beside us, with some young men from Heavy

Bulk pitched in, agreeing with many in consensus.

I feel the person who does anything to a defenseless person,

child or elderly, should have their sexual organs taken away.

(Since women do this crime, sadly, I could not just use the

word, “castrated.”) The person should not get to just take

the drugs that ‘kill’ their deviant sexual appetites. This is

too dangerous, the consequences too extreme. I would not

want to trust them to take the drugs. Surgery is all I could

think of. . . I don’t advocate the Death Penalty. **


I am not sure how the justice system will handle any of

the above cases.


What I sometimes hear as a defense, but am in disbelief of, is the

thought of “freedom of speech.” (As in the SAE fraternity case,

Oklahoma University.)


Anyone venturing a ‘judgment’ or opinion?




“You do the crime, you pay the time.”




About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. If there is one thing that seems to set this generation of college fraternity members apart from their predecessors, it is that they appear to be largely oblivious to how visible they are to the world via the internet thanks to smart phones, Instagram and Twitter. These days you cannot act or say whatever comes to mind without the risk that the public will be made aware of your words and deeds almost instantly.

    I agree with you, Robin, that there is no punishment too harsh for those who would exploit helpless persons, young or old. If castration were an option, I would wield the blade myself. And that is saying something, because I am not a violent person, nor do I like the sight of blood. – Mike

    • Mike, I am so thankful for your perspective on all of this. I am not a violent person, but the news has been rampant with cases and the pages upon pages while trying to find the one we just heard on the news, made me sick. This has to stop. Why in this civilized country people have such deviant and abusive tendencies.
      Thanks for saying you felt the college students must be oblivious or something to have not realized the footage of this episode of self-indulgence would be played and replayed. I liked how one of the young men was apologizing. I hope he was sincere, not just being told to do this.

    • I cannot fathom behaviors of most of this post. The word, “awful” covers this well. Thanks so much for reading this long, extended essay, Anneli.
      (The college students who mismanaged their circuitry– I did take pity upon them, Anneli!)

  2. At work we often discuss the inability to fathom such horrific behaviors and crimes because we do not have the mindset, lack of compassion and humanity that would allow us to do these things. I cannot comprehend them.

    • Colleen, these are not funny situations but it is funny, that when I replied to Anneli, I just wrote the word, ‘fathom’ on the above comment. Here I come to yours, you included it. (You said it first, I just didn’t read it soon enough!)
      I am glad you also think and discuss these things at work. I felt funny replaying the disgusting parts of the news yesterday, but it was so strongly upon my mind. I could not help myself!
      Thank you for listing the lovely emotions we hope most people still have, Colleen. “Compassion and Humanity.” We need more of these in the world!

      • Indeed we do Robin. Though I work in an environment where we see terribly sad situations, I am surrounded by people and agencies full of people who are the epitome of compassion and humanity.

    • Thanks, Beth. You said it all. I appreciate your reading, not trying to bring anyone down but it was weighing on my mind. My friends and I were trying to figure out whether rehabilitation for the last ‘sick’ group of people would work. Today’s post is much more positive, as yours are such rays of sunshine and help bring comic relief into our lives. I am thankful to have you here and over there, too. smiles!

  3. I have read two statements regarding standing up for/against something — silence equals consent (I think that was what it was–meaning if we don’t speak up, then we agree with the offender). Also, freedom of speech does not equal freedom of lack of thought or compassion.

    • April, this is so profound. You captured both directions of the situation. Silence and also, free speech. Both have consequences and need to consider thought and compassion. Love this so much, April! Sending you a warm hug for these thoughts!

    • Thanks, dear Jill. This is such a tough post, one that I felt a little nervous, it is awkward but we all think about the news. It preys on our lives and inhabits our thoughts. I got it all out and today, I thought about hospitality.
      I just finished a short book, one with some of our own memories and nostalgia, too. Jill, it is called “World of Pies.” It is written by Karen Stolz. She is a bit older than we are, she was born in 1950. It covers a story of a family starting when a girl named Roxanne is 12 and continues into her adulthood. It is only 149 pages. She includes recipes at the end. She helped me get into a lighter frame of mind, Jill. I read the whole thing in one night! smiles!

      • It is like a Hallmark movie in a book, Jill. It has a few bumps but is really clever. The person grew up in Michigan but set her story in Texas. I would have to set my own stories in Ohio, since I have only been in an airport and on the monorail around a big city in Texas. Thanks for this comment, Jill. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be taking the M & M girls to see the new “Cinderella” movie later this afternoon. Take care!

  4. I don’t know that this is anything new, sadly (and I’m not saying that this is typical fraternity behavior by any means). What’s different is that today’s technology allows everyone to see this kind of stupidity. Idiots will always be with us; we’re better able to ferret them out nowdays.

    • I like this expression, (changing it to become a slogan: “We’re better able to ferret idiots out nowadays by using today’s technology.” Thank you sincerely for reading this serious post and giving a great summary of it, too. Smiles!

  5. Good for your for speaking up for human rights. I agree that it is difficult to think of the correct punishment to fit these crimes and ‘freedom of speech’ is no excuse when racist words are spoken.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for reading this serious piece. It weighed heavily upon my mind. I thought all afternoon about what had happened in these situations.
      It was helpful having a conversation with my fellow workers, too. It provoked me to write about our consensus of which punishment would be appropriate for those guilty parties.
      I like how you consider this speaking up for human rights, Elizabeth.

  6. I have strong opinions on the vile people who defile such young innocent children, ‘I might say kill them,’ but would that change anything? I think prevention is really important, how could one spot signs of such an impending attack? And, how could justice be truly applied? Raping and killing an 8 day old baby, it just shows how perverted the human mind could be when allowed to roam aimlessly. For once in my life, I don’t really know what to write, but stories like this should be told, it’s important. Thanks for sharing this my friend!

    • Seyi, this was such a deep and well written response to a horrible, unthinkable crime. The way you mentioned prevention, it would be my first hope and direction, to help make people ‘whole’ because only ‘broken’ people who have been abused probably would do these despicable crimes upon babies and young people. I am so glad you were not upset and wishing I had not posted this, which I may not want to open someone’s post to read such a subject. I appreciate that you feel it is important to share and discuss. Thank you, Seyi. I will check your posts out now! Smiles!

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