“Cinderella” Day and “Flashlight Night”


It was fun picking up the girls and seeing their expectant smiles. They had a bag

packed with two sets of clothes and pajamas included. I had spied my 6 year old

grandson at Marley and Makyah’s house. He tried to hide behind the sofa to give

me a ‘scare.’

Once he succeeded in my acting surprised, “Oh my, Micah, you gave me a shock!”

He asked if he could come and spend the night? I told him “Cinderella” is not just for

girls, didn’t he wish to come with us? Micah had been jumping on the trampoline with

his two girl cousins. The motion of jumping appeared again, “Please, can you come

pick me up after “Cinderella” ends?”

All the older kids, Lara, Landen and Skyler were at their father’s houses having their

weekend visitations. I mention this because it seems like I have the youngest more

often, which is true. Parents are happy to send them off and have plans for their

own ‘date nights.’

“No” was Micah’s firm answer.

“I will enjoy sleeping over and save my movie time for when, “Home” comes to

the Strand.” (Our local movie theater.)

I did not pursue the whole persuading him to come so Nana would not have to

head towards his house, then to dinner and lastly, to my apartment. I mentally

agreed with him, “Home” with the man from “Big Bang Theory,” will be very


Jim Parsons’ voice while portraying the purple alien with multiple talents and

little legs and arms already has caused me to burst into laughter. The ad where

the alien hears music and ‘cannot control his arms which are up in the air,’ makes

me smile.

While in line to get our tickets at the theater, we saw several children dressed up

as Cinderella. There was a look on Marley’s face of reproachment. As if I knew

people would dress their kids up for the movies. I should have thought of this, I

guess. This may be a ‘cautionary tale,’ for those other grandparents and parents

who read my posts. Dress them up in their “finery,” maybe add a tutu if you don’t

have a gown for them to wear.

We got in line for the ‘kids’ meals’ which are only $3.50. This includes a paper tray

full of popcorn, a kid’s drink and a full size packet of candy. The girls shocked me,

instead of ordering either fruit snacks or M & M’s they chose the York peppermint

patty candy bars which now have mint chocolate chip filling inside them.

Those two children are such cute copy cats! They also chose Sprite. I had my

usual $7 complete ticket (over 55) which includes medium popcorn and medium

drink and had thrown in (“sh-h-h!) an almond Snickers bar in my purse from home.

When we entered the theater, we chose the back row, which meant we could easily

escape due to bathroom breaks.  It was nice to be in the newly renovated side

theater with the comfortable seats and cup holders on both sides on the arms of

the chairs. Someone beside me said, “This is better than my lazy boy.” There was

a younger couple sitting holding hands. I didn’t think they ‘fit’ the lazy boy group,

which is really wrong of me to stereotype the company.

One of the best parts of going to this new edition of Cinderella, was they showed

an animated short about Anna’s birthday from “Frozen” fame. It was not part of

the original film nor was it part of the Upcoming “Frozen 2” movie. (Expected out

in June, 2015.) It was sweet and every time Anna’s sister sneezed little snow blobs

came out of her mouth. Eventually there are lots and lots of sneezes that look a

little like snowmen, two balls of snow and a pair of eyes.

This is a summary and review of the newest 2015, “Cinderella:”

I felt the young woman who played Cinderella was fresh and innocent looking.

I enjoyed the scenery surrounding her country mansion. The setting is lovely

with farm animals, horses, ducks and geese. The characters of her father and

mother were warm and loving. I felt sad, did get teary eyed when Cinderella’s

mother dies. This was so sad. Then, later when her father died, she continued

to work hard on the farm, trying to keep her stepmother and stepsisters happy.

Her attic garret is quite a mess, one where I would not send my ‘worst enemy.’

Since she gives such a wonderful performance, we will see more of Lily James,

the actress who portrays a sincere Cinderella. Her scenes radiate compassion

and caring towards the little creatures, lizards, mice and geese who become her

only friends.

I think Richard Madden did a great job as Prince Charming. He wants to be

part of the kingdom, not wishing to be a Prince. While hunting with his men,

he sees a stag which Cinderella persuades him not to have it shot. I think

we will be seeing more of Richard Madden, too. His tenderness towards his

father, who is ill, is very well acted.

I enjoyed the role of Prince Chaming’s father, played by Stellan Skarsgard.

There is a nice familiarity when he calls his son, “Kit.” They both show

their affection for each other; as a kind father and loving son should.

I felt you wish to protect Ella from the evil stepmother who is superbly played

by Cate Blanchett.

Here are the girls’ commentaries on the movie while leaving the movie:

Marley exclaimed,

“I loved the fancy dresses and the way the Prince lifted Cinderella up

while they danced. I like that Ella learned how to dance from her father,

while she put her feet on his shoes. I want to have pink and white roses

at my own wedding, like Cinderella did!”

Makyah was excited to tell her favorite parts, which surprised me even

more than Marley’s. (Kyah just turned four years old on March 1, 2015.)

“I liked the cute mice. I think the one who likes to eat and carry his

cheese around in his mouth, is so cute. I liked the way the Fairy Lady

(Godmother) turned the pumpkin into the thing (coach) she rode to

the castle in. It broke the building up. (It breaks the walls of the green-

house up.) The mice were funny when they were horses, Nana!”

(My helpful fill in the blanks for the items Kyah was not familiar with.)

Flashlight Hide and Seek. This meant we had to clear the floors of all toys.

I also make little areas available for them to hide in. I take luggage out of

the bedroom closet. I remove the brooms and small vacuum from the pantry

closet. I take the ladder out of another location and I dried the tub out,

after the girls’ bath time. This is one of the favorite places to hide, pulling

the shower curtain closed. Of course, I am sure they don’t realize the

flashlights glow through the curtain, only Skyler and Lara, who were not

here to tell them this, which they usually ignore.

Three children have flashlights, Nana does not. We do take turns and it is

always fun to be the ones hiding. I don’t mind being the one finding the kids.

I like to say, “Looking under the table and not seeing anyone. Hmm…

where can those children be hiding…”

My hiding places are ‘in plain sight,’ since I am not interested in trying to

fit into different tight places. I tend to lie under the coffee table, try to hold

the door of the bedroom (or bathroom) as close to the wall as possible,

while hiding behind it.

My last place to hide was under the blankets on the bed, with pillows

on my head. This allowed a gang of tickling children and hugging, too.

Kyah likes to tag along and hide with someone which I usually ‘assign’

this each time. No one balks because they love the game.

Micah’s rendition of playing Barbie with Ken was hilarious. He had the

dolls join him in the kitchen, the only place cars can roll on flooring.

(The rest is carpeted.)

I find it interesting, the girls allow him to dictate, or direct, every choice. The

car race where the Barbies and Kens were audience while Micah utilized my

school whistle’s shrill noise to designate the beginning of each car race was

a great way to pass about 20 minutes’ time.

This play acting was a new version of his many ideas to make Barbies watch

his performances. Tractor pulls, truck rallies and motorcycle races, along with

once he chose to have an “Alien Invasion” of a pool party the girls had set up.


We enjoyed playing a game of “Storm the Castle.”  Micah has made this up,

which uses 10 cards formed into triangles for each person. These pyramids

of cards use the first row of 4 cards as a base in front of you, three cards next,

two cards and one is the top of what he called “castles.” Each one points at the

middle of the floor area. The rest of the cards go in a pile in the middle.

Micah set this up while I was bathing the girls. This has been a new way of playing

a combination of “Go Fish” and “War.” He is still ‘refining it. We have played this

before together, just he and I.

The games (sort of) goes like this:

When you ask for a card of another person, they can look for it, while leaving their

cards turned down. If it is not there, you can tell them to “Go Fish.” If you have a

higher card than the one they are looking for, you can suggest you want to take

on the other person in “War.” Micah is a product of a father who plays video games

so he uses the words, “I challenge you to war!”

It was made up, as we went, since there have never been four players before.

Although it was not very organized, patience and attention was shown by all


Micah allowed Marley to win, since she had both Jokers and both Kings. He told


“In this game, aces are ones and they are ‘losers.'”

Somehow, Nana figures out how to ‘lose’ every card game; so no one else ends

up in last place.

We watched, “Hotel for Dogs,” with Emma Roberts, Kevin Dillon and Lisa Kudrow.

It is an older movie, I did not check when it came out. I enjoyed the elaborate sets

in an antiquated hotel, which must have conveniently closed down and been given

‘condemned’ status. The furniture and different areas created to allow homeless

dogs, in a big city, to have a home instead of going to the pound.

The dogs are adorable and each one ‘worms’ there way into your heart. There

are dogs of all kinds and the 4 children who tackle changing the place into a

habitable one for the dogs.The film is with real people and dogs which shows a

lot of ingenuity, training and imagination. It also means you must suspend your

sense of reality and allow yourself to accept the unique situation. Marley, Micah

and Kyah laughed at the place where the dogs got showers and the location

where the dogs could use the bathroom. There is a ‘chute’ for the poop to go

down into bags, which then fall into a dumpster.

We all spent time together, snacking and staying up far too long into the night.

After breakfast and cleaning up the apartment to Nana’s “Clean Up” song, we

took a wonderful walk up and down steps and across three different bridges,

over the creek and found the creatures we were looking for. . .

We found each other giggling as we fed crackers to the “quackers.”

There were six ducks. We enjoyed the sunshine and the visit came to a close

by noon.

When I left the library yesterday,  I headed home.

I did my laundry, dishes and a few other chores.

But I can safely say this. . .

My one bedroom apartment always seems more empty than usual

on nights after I have had those little ‘munchkin visitors!’


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. I love your stories about being Nana (which I can relate to – as Papa). I love your descriptions of the games you play. Made up games the greatest – using Barbie and friends as spectators for tractor pulls and car races, Flashlight Hide-and-Seek, card games! You described it all so well I almost thought I was there with you.

    Your movie review was fun, too. It was similar to a review in a local paper here in Bellingham. My favorite part of your story was recounting Marley’s and Makyah’s favorite parts of the movie. You never know what children will remember most. They sure had a great time with Nana!! – Mike

    • I am so pleased this was fun to tell and you are a wonderful listener, Mike! Thanks for letting me know which details meant the most and also, appreciating those imaginative settings for the Barbies and Kens.
      I would have been happy to share a flashlight and include your own special ones in the games. You are a very loving Papa, which you could tell stories about your adventures and I would happily listen to yours! I was pretty excited about the parts of the movie the children chose. Marley’s thinking of her own wedding day, this is interesting how a movie can produce future thoughts in a child. Also, Makyah’s interest in the magical transformation, was similar to my own favorite part. I felt the father, King Charming, was gracious in changing his mind. He has wished his son to marry a Princess or Duchess, but realized when he saw his son’s emotions and feelings about Cinderella that true love is more important than ‘titles.’ Good message, one which may make a little ‘dent’ in the princess movies… smiles!

    • Thanks, Mark. This got me chuckling… No tutu for Nana. I felt going to the pool party last weekend and having to shave my legs in winter was enough of a gift in the past couple of weeks. No dressing up for Nana. They entertain me, while I do help to orchestrate equilibrium. The madness doesn’t ensue into hysterics, since i have a neighbor who goes to bed early, even on weekends… smiles!

      • Tutu, too. It is a great way to make it a triple play! I missed it, getting a little loopy and need to go home and eat dinner. Watching the Rizzoli and Isles season finale. Will watch a little bit of The Voice, too.

  2. Terrific review, Robin! I love the comments you included, by your grandchildren. You’re a wonderful grandmother. Now it’s time to enjoy the peace, and rest up for the next blockbuster movie. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jill, for enjoying the post and saying you loved the children’s comments. This means a lot to me.I think you would enjoy this movie, Jill. It is really sweet!
      I am excited to see the animated film, “Home,” with my oldest daughter and her boys. They told me the movie is “Coming out just in time for Mommy’s birthday!” This will be my treat, along with a gift and possibly sharing one of my restaurant gift cards my Aunt and Uncle sent me for Spring and St. Patrick’s Day. (She turns 35 on March 29th and the movie comes out on March 27th.)

  3. what a big night! and morning. you are such a great nana creating special memories for all of them. and i know what you mean about it feeling quiet and empty once they’ve come and gone again –

    • They leave a big space to fill, those adorable grandchildren you have and I have, too. Thanks for the summary and mentioning ‘creating special memories.’ I feel we do this and yet, we are the recipients of so much back from the experience!

  4. What fun, Robin!! What a wonderful nana you are, the way you play with them! Was the movie for adults or only for children? And was the dress really blue or was it white and it looked blue?

    • The movie, “Cinderella,” was nice for children but many adults tend to come to our local theater matinees. I saw a young couple holding hands, maybe they will get married and remember seeing the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming. It was a sweet movie. The countryside and animals were really great, too. Smiles, Robin
      I think the dance gown was blue at the ball, the wedding dress was white. Good questions! Do you have the answer to the colors? Was there a trick, Luanne?

  5. Hehe how were you supposed to know to dress the kids up for the movies? I only dressed up once for a movie, which was when I was going to the premier of Sex and the City in theater. I glammed it up, hehe! The part when you write about your grandson trying to scare you made me giggle. I think kids like doing that to adults for some reason 🙂

  6. Pingback: The Influence of Fairy Tales | Writer Site

    • I am blessed with this pingback and wish to send you a great big hug! Thanks for this compliment and I appreciate your enjoying my post about my grandchildren so much! Smiles sent from Robin

  7. Funny, I wrote about Cinderella today thinking of a childhood book, and then the Disney movie. I think I’d like to take my 6-year-old granddaughter to this Cinderella movie. As long as the glass slipper isn’t only for tiny feet! Yes, I feel the same after watching my ‘grandkiddies.’ Tired, happy for the quiet, but missing them immediately.

  8. A great review and entertaining story.
    I could visualize the smiles on the kids faces, and the amusing answers to their likes, particularly the little mouse with the cheese.
    I enjoyed my visit.

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