Ode to Green


Spring’s Popping Out in All Directions

“At our feet”

Soft tender, spring-green grass shoots,

Vines starting to creep.

Soon baby birds and chicks

Will ‘chirp,’ ‘cheep’ and ‘peep.’

“At arm’s length away”

Yellow-green leaves wrap around

Forsythia blossoms and

Pussy willow buds.

“Above our heads”

Bright-green decorative

Tendrils of young branches with

Dots of fuschia green amongst the brown.

St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks,

Three- and four-leaf clovers,

Children search for and we “look over.”

Slippery green Kermit and all other frogs,

Spring peepers sounding their alarms.

Emerald-green St. Patty’s togs,

Lime-green moss on logs.

“As dawn awakens”

Early rising robin pulls squirmy worm

From morning fresh, dewy grass.


“Under shining sun”

High noon warmth radiates.

Vagabonds travel near and far.

Hills spread down into valleys,

Rolling up into the mountains,

Along bubbling brooks and streams


“As day sets”

Weary golden sun with peach-orange embers,

Brilliant green’s ‘last hurrah’ shines brightly.

“Night is upon us”

Gray-green shadowed craters,

Create ‘face’ for the Man on the Moon.

On darkened branches,

Owl’s “who-who- who-ing”

And green has vanished,

Hidden from sight in the dark.

Written by Robin E. O. Cochran, 3/17/15.

Message written on my Aunt Amy and Uncle Orrin’s

St. Patrick’s Day card,

where there is a parade of joyful creatures depicted:

~ A mouse carrying a 3-leaf clover,

~ A squirrel patting a tambourine with a shamrock on it.

~ A bunny rabbit in a light green vest and emerald green jacket.

“May your path bloom

with shamrocks

and your heart ring

with song!”

Here is the end, closing with a St.Patrick’s Day ‘corny’ joke told over and over

again today, by my coworker and funny friend, Melvin:

“What furniture is chosen most often by people of all cultures that is made

in Ireland?”

Chuckle, giggle, and sniggers…

“Patty O’ Furniture.”


41 responses »

    • Oh, this is sad how some parts of the country (or world) have plenty of sunshine and ‘green’ but they lack water or rain. Thanks for letting me know, the ‘grass isn’t always greener’ on the other side! ha ha!

    • I went back to read this and caught your post on REO Speedwagon, by guest blogger. I always smile at robins, birds and REO, since my original initials, before I married were “REO” as in Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve! Smiles!

    • Thanks so much for the wishes, Beth. I had some delicious candy that was green, celebrated a little bit over the weekend, but not really drinking green beer (this year); unless invited to belatedly!
      Tonight I will have only 1/2 hour to blog, reading a few posts of others, since it is the monthly gathering of Lego Club at the library. It is now ‘official’ Micah can go, since he is 6 and of course, his brother, Skyler is excited to go since the ‘cut off age’ is 12 and he is 10 already! Smiles and hope you had a wonderful St. Pat’s Day, too.

    • I am glad you may have seen my post with this song (“Mr. Tambourine Man, er Squirrel”) included, my Bob Dylan “AARP interview exclusive!”
      Or you noticed the details in the card I described, more likely! Yay for squirrels setting beat to the Irish song and hope you did a jig, too! Smiles!

      • LOL! I remember the Dylan post, although the oldies station my folks listened to when I was a kid always played the Byrds version of that song, so I’ve always associated Mr. Tambourine Man with them instead. Byrds and Squirrels don’t mix, though, so for this one time, I’ll side with Mr. Dylan. šŸ™‚

    • I liked the idea of the proper spelling, Mark! Thank you for suggesting her cousin, “Paddy!”

      I had a few blank stares, so thought the “t” may help people “see” or “hear” the joke! I love that Melvin, he is a ‘cracker jack,’ you would enjoy meeting him, Mark!

      • I get why you went with the T. It is a joke more for hearing than reading, I agree, Robin. Still, you pulled it off so well! Melvin does seem to be my kind of people in your work tales, Robin, I agree. šŸ™‚

      • I am positive that his island parentage and his Boston, Massachusetts voice, paired with his Army tales and his huge sense of humor would amuse you for hours on end, Mark! Melvin and Mark may someday meet, but until then, you will often hear his ‘tales’ and jokes along my path in life!

    • I was hoping this may bring your creative self here to find a somewhat silly, but I had fun writing it- poem! Hello, Pauline! Thank you for coming by and I need to get visiting everyone. I am off in fifteen minutes to pick up my grandsons, Micah and Skyler to take them to Legos Club at the library!

  1. And a lovely St. Patty’s Day to you as well, Robin.

    I love your word images of the spring flowers. Spring has come early in the Northwest. The crocuses have long since given way to the camellias, azaleas, daffodils, irises and cherry blossoms. Tulips and rhododendrons cannot be far behind. Happy Spring! – Mike

    • I would love to be surrounded by the camellias, azaleas, daffodils, irises and cherry blossoms! Wow, when are you going to give us a tour of the Northwest on your blog, Mike? Please share some photos with all of us! Hugs and smiles for your kind wishes and I did have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day, too!

    • Jenny, it is a ‘stretch’ for me to call this a poem, but I had so much fun trying to make it sound a little like one. Thanks so much for the fun and enjoying the joke at the end. Always leave ’em laughing!

    • I meant to peek at your posts but we worked a 10 hour day, came to the library and barely got my poem/silly stanzas written before 9 p.m. came and went home…
      Hope you had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day and so glad I wished you one, a day or so, early! Smiles back at you, lassie!

    • Eli, such a marvelous comment to give my ode and now, I know it is your favorite color. It is a great one to choose! I hope you won’t have any allergy attacks, for real, yet. But, your saying it was ‘so worth it,’ made my day! Thanks!

  2. A wonderful St Patrick’s Day tribute here, Robin! The chirping sounds are on and all is green with … you know, I wonder why green is often associated with the feeling of envy? I say let’s change it to happiness and be that way today šŸ˜€ So nice to come here and read your poem!

    • It is a little stretch for me to consider this a poem, but I had fun writing it, tried to keep it in stanzas and orderly fashion.. so thank you, Christy for feeling it was ‘wonderful’ and love the idea of making green a special color. We need to change ‘green’s’ image right now! Smiles and hugs, Robin

  3. Enthusiastic green posting, green green everywhere, enjoyable entertaining reading my friend.
    Melvin should keep his day job till he masters art of comedian.

    • You are in a ‘tough’ part of the country, where the snow just went crazy this year (and last wasn’t so ‘hot,’ either!) I know it will come, we always feel impatient when it is just around the corner! Smiles!

      • This was a great way to use ‘glint’ I just included in my post about the woodcock’s mating dance in the high up sky, Brenda. I am sure I saw this and yet, I love how you mentioned the beauty and the sun shining on the piles of ice in the morning. I can understand if you didn’t feel like it was truly ‘green’ yet there! I hope it is getting warmer there, too!

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