Love is a Poem


For my friend, Brenda who wrote of love and threw out the ‘Gauntlet of Love.’

She suggested we all write a ten sentence/stanza poem about Love.

What better subject than Love to donate thought and space to?

My Love

My loving family helps ground me and helps me soar,

While showing their Love for me.

My lovely daughters prepare me food,

Giving of their time and love.

My loving son and his sweet wife,

Welcome me into their home filled with Love.

I find Love in warm embraces,

Given freely and lovingly by little ones.

Love abounds in moments unexpected.

Love overcomes all expected limits.

~* * *~Robin O. Cochran~* * *~

~~~~~~March 23, 2015~~~~~~

Will you try this Love Challenge given by Brenda?

Please see her beautiful poem filled with Love.

It is really one that surpasses all.


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    • Thanks, Jen. I appreciate your feeling they are beautiful and I do feel thankful for all I have in my life. It didn’t turn out very poetic, more light-hearted than I wanted it to be. Brenda actually wanted poems with love in them and only 4 words in each line, and only 10 lines. I broke those rules right away. Ha ha! Told her I am too rebellious to follow directions!

  1. I Thought I would give it a try. My first poem sounded too much like an excerpt from a Dr. Seuss book. My latest effort sounds like there should a sign at the end that reads – Burma Shave.
    Nevertheless, I will share what I came up with:

    Love can be a free fall
    A hit or a miss.
    It can spark with a smile.
    It can launch with a kiss.

    Some search for love
    both day and night.
    But you need not wait
    For the time to be right.

    We are blessed with the gift to give love a start.
    All you need do is open your heart.

    (Can you imagine the Burma Shave sign here?)

    Mucho amor – Mike

    • I am sure it is not at all like those quickie signs along the road!! You wrote a lovely poem, with rhymes and all, Mike. I adored it, glad you wrote it and hope you share it with Florence, as well as your daughters, too. I will be leaving and seeing you soon, or at least hearing back from you soon…. Take care and Hasta la vista, Hasta lluego. I used to go by “Isabel” in Spanish since I did not like Roberta!

  2. Thank you, Jonathan! I am leaving the library but needed to let you know Brenda has rules of only 4 words in each line, use Love in each line and it is a special idea, which I did not follow to a “T.” Take care!

  3. Great job, Robin! And those rules were given to me. I would never write such difficult rules. I would just say, write from your heart and with your own voice. You did that beautifully here!! Blessings, Brenda

    • Thank you for letting me ‘pass’ on this one! We both create our own roads or paths, sometimes following rules is important. I am glad you found this to be in my own voice, too. Poetry is harder than you make it look, Brenda! You are really ‘a hard act to follow!’ smiles

      • I may have used ‘perfect’ but I meant you write so well, showing time and practice, along with such interest in the subjects of the world and nature… Your posts are original and this is amazing to be able to keep on doing your posts this way. I like reading quotes, I do this, too, but writing is a challenge, Brenda!

    • Now, Elizabeth, don’t get carried away with flattery… although, I really appreciate your kind words. I am an amateur but love to give things like poems a try, from time to time. Thank you!

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