Dessert Destination Spot


Mozart’s Restaurant, Bakery and Piano Cafe

I knew about this place for years,

Have been there many times.

Was entranced

and reminded

by a couple

who visited,





Have you ever loved to taste pastries?

Do you like to nibble on cookies or cake?

While you are doing so,

Would you enjoy listening to a piano?

If you are ever in Columbus,

traveling South on High Street

away from the town

of Westerville,

into Clintonville,

Beechwold Area,

Stop at 4784 N. High St.

Columbus, OhioΒ  43214.

This is your delectable


You may enjoy having breakfast there.

It would be fun for lunch or brunch.

Dinners are lively and delicious here.

Friends who gather will

“Save room”

for dessert.

Of course!

Look around at the woodwork and the decor.

Mozart’s has plenty of charm and hospitality.

On one afternoon, with mother and child,

The pianist, named Mark Werling, played

Songs from the Disney collection.

Familiar strands of “Frozen,”

“Beauty and the Beast,”

and sweet Calypso songs,

“The Little Mermaid”

entertained the two guests.




Belgian Waffles

Chocolate delights

Caramel pralines

Layered tortes

Afternoon Tea

Might just

Make you

Feel like

You are



Whimsically written by Robin O. Cochran

March 24, 2015

Doesn’t this make you wish

to get a “spot of tea”

with a spoonful

of sugar?

Do you

take milk,

cream or lemon?

Inspired by “Columbus Parents,”

Article written by Marcia Frederick.


19 responses »

    • I am not sure, but this is a place I used to take my children, they seemed to understand they needed to ‘use their manners,’ Jonathan. My youngest child, Felicia and I were frequent guests there around 1986-1990. I have gone back plenty of times with my girlfriends and one nice man who met me there.

      • There is a little bakery that my son’s girlfriend works. The name of it is Theo’s. Oh my, their sweets are wonderful but their soup, sandwiches, and salads are perfect as well. They have a white chocolate/chocolate mousse cake that is mouthwatering.

    • You have a great attitude, my friend! I like to support independent places to eat and relax in, too. I like the words, “unique” and “alive” in your reply! Perfect description of Mozart’s!

  1. This post reminded me of the local coffee shops in Croatia, where ‘going for coffee’ meant ‘don’t plan anything for the next hour or two.’ Every block had one or two coffee shops where regulars would hang out and talk for hours. We were even shown a few hidden places where tourists didn’t go.

    I always ordered cappuccino because the espresso was too strong for me. In Croatia, coffee was just that, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina (that’s one country), the assortment of tarts and cakes and pastries was mind-boggling. I don’t know if that was the Turkish influence, but Bosnian coffee shops seem to double as bakeries.

    Now I want to munch on an almond croissant! – Mike

    • Oh, I love the layers of delicate pastry in a croissant! Yummy!
      I am so glad you added your international experiences and ‘flair,’ to my post, Mike. This was lovely about how people go to converse and stay quite awhile in Croatian coffee shops. I would enjoy the Bosnia and Herzegovina locations especially, due to their addition of pastries and doubling as bakeries. Our local ‘Hamburger Inn’ which is a diner, sells maple cinnamon roll, 2 for $1.50. They are outstanding!

    • This is definitely a slice of heaven, Pauline. I tend to have a ‘big’ sweet tooth, trying valiantly not to give in too often, though. It is not sugar which is my ‘problem’ but went through my forties with high cholesterol. Most pastries have high fat content, and not ‘healthy’ fat, like olive oil either! smiles! I do like the descriptive words you chose and they definitely apply to Mozart’s.

    • It was a fun memory the article evoked. I have been back many times with girlfriends, but it was in the 1987-1990’s when I took my youngest daughter, after we dropped her big brother and sister off at a half way point to Cincinnati. We would head north and sometimes since she had napped, I found going here to be so welcoming to children and not too costly of entertainment, either. You can sip on tea or coffee for hours, if you wished. Your local bookstore you wrote about reminds me of the atmosphere, open and welcoming. I miss our Beehive Bookstore, it closed now a year ago.

    • i just think it is fun to try this but it is nice of you to say this, Mark! I like the idea of a ‘trophy cake,’ for taking the cake and sharing some of my slices with all of you!

    • I could tell from your Ireland posts, you are quite familiar with tea and crumpets, scones, or pastries!! I do wish I could have a cupcake, the amount of frosting for every bite, this is exactly why I like them! Smiles back at you, Colleen!

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