Light Hearted Easter Egg Moments


If you don’t celebrate Easter but enjoy learning about other families’

customs this post may still be a good one to read. If you follow a

different religion or you don’t practice any at all, you still could add

something new to this post. Help make it multicultural and allow

us to “cross borders” into friendship together.  Although Easter eggs

were once considered part of pagan Spring festivals, they have

become Christian symbols of new life in recent times.

A cracked open eggshell could represent

and symbolize Jesus’ empty

tomb on Easter morning.

Coloring eggs can be elaborate projects, I have always enjoyed looking

at Ukrainian eggs with their pen and ink display of designs.  Our family

usually just used crayons to make designs on our hard boiled eggs

for Easter. Then, with the pungent smell of vinegar and the Paas egg

coloring dyes, we would put our eggs on wire ‘hoops’ or loops, where

they were  able to hold them while we dipped them in.

Even when I attended a Christian church with my last husband,

where they frowned upon ‘rituals,’ I didn’t give up hiding Easter

eggs, bunnies and baskets.

This was always part of my childhood and my own family’s way

of celebrating Easter.

My argument was:

Shouldn’t we celebrate and rejoice in Christ’s resurrection?

When I got a Christmas card from a relative in December, 2014,

which mentioned the death and resurrection, it took me aback.

I felt this was losing the “True Meaning” of Christ’s birth.

I like to focus on the image of Christ in his manger, his bed

made of harsh wood, with straw and blankets protecting him

from the weather.

Why concentrate on the torture and anguish of the Son of God,

who was made from God and man combined, at Christmas?

When Easter comes, even if I weren’t a Christian,

I would want to celebrate the story of someone,

who came back from the dead,

who rose to sit by his father’s side

and who told this simple message:

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

When it comes right down to it,

all religions, faiths, cultures and

people of the world could agree.

If we treated everyone the way

we wished to be treated,

we would not have any wars.

Nor would we have poverty,

unclothed and hungry masses.

I may use plastic eggs to hide,

I may not always follow the rules,

I may not attend church regularly,

but Easter represents a lot to me.

Caroline Rhea says this funny quote:

“I lied on my Weight Watchers list.

I put down that I ate only three eggs. . .

but they were Cadbury chocolate eggs.”

Here is an Easter fact to enjoy:

“Each year, the PAAS Dye, Co. sells more than 10 million egg-coloring kits,

which consumers use to decorate more  than 180 million eggs!”

(Source, wikipedia.)

~**~”I would rather have one rose

and a kind word from a friend

while I’m here, than a

whole truck load when I’m gone.~**~

I truly believe in this.

How many flowers end up at funeral homes and

how many flowers did the person enjoy

while they were alive?

Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrows keep you Human,

Failures keep you Humble,

Success keeps you glowing,

But. . .

Friends. . .

Keep you going!”

**~ Author Unknown~**

May you have a blessed Easter.

If you should not happen to follow

this belief, may you have a special

celebration with or without any

faith involved.  Spending time with

loved ones is always  a blessing.

Please share something you enjoy

doing, cooking, decorating or

something you have been doing

in your garden, with Easter or

Spring as your guide.


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  1. Our special Easter observance will be baking pupa cu l’ovas. That roughly translates from Italian to Easter bread. It’s cookie dough shaped like a cross or a basket around a hard boiled egg, baked, and then glazed and sprinkled with colored sprinx candies. Italian Catholics will probably recognize these.

    Thank you for your gracious Easter wishes. Happy Easter to you, Robin.
    – Mike

    • I enjoyed hearing about Florence and your Easter bread wrapped around the egg, Mike. I love the name: ‘pupa cu l’ovas.’ My Mom once made something like this, We enjoyed this and she must have gotten the recipe from a magazine or a friend.
      Thank you, Mike for finding this post. Funny thing was it was posted today (by me, of course) and I was surprised to see it wasn’t in the top spot on my blog. Wondering if you received this in your email today? I am wondering when others may get it? It says on my statistics site I posted this on March 28, 2015 when I posted it today: April 2nd. There is something strange about this occurrence, especially since I did not pre-set it to be published for another time. Just came in today the old fashioned way to post and pushed ‘publish.’ Thanks for letting me ‘vent’ about this, since i had a busy week at work, took car in, bought Easter things for trip to Mom’s and also, went to the dentist after work… First time since either Sunday or Monday and silly wordpress gets this out of order!
      Hope you have a very special Easter celebration, Mike!

      • I am so glad you do, but I was puzzled before I reblogged this, you can see how wordpress had put it ‘behind’ my older posts. I was hoping to not have to reblog it but when people don’t look at their emails or see my post, I felt it needed to be in better order. Not sure how to go through this process. Thank you for telling me most people will have seen this first post, even though I was worried! Smiles!

    • This was a wonderful Easter message, Jill. I am glad you found something in this post which made you feel it was a message. I like this one about trials, which once trials are over, doesn’t it seem that people rally together and if it were work or family, they got closer afterwards? Smiles and hugs to you and yours. May your Easter be special, fun and have pleasant memories included. (I know your Christmases have memories attached, as do our Easters, Jill….)

    • Well, maybe you and the Mrs. could have fun decorating them and hiding them. Only do remember where you hid them… ha ha! Eggs not found in the grass can be smelly while caught by a lawnmower in the summer, but even worse when inside! ha ha! Thanks for reblogging this message and hope you have a blessed and happy Easter, Jonathan.

  2. Such a heartwarming post. Thanks for sharing so many valuable messages that have and still continue to withstand the test of time. We used to celebrate Easter when I was a kid. Our grandmother would get Easter eggs from nearby stores and as kids we’d be really fascinated. At that time India was truly secular and respected all religions equally, but now times have changed and it saddens me. Easter eggs are really hard to find now as is the material to prepare them like looking for a needle in a haystack. But the joy and sweet memories of our Easter celebrations still lives in my heart and no government can take that away from me. This post brought back memories. And I can’t thank you enough. Wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Easter. Best wishes to you. 🙂

    • I feel blessed for this special message you gave me today. I am always happy when I am able to bring back happy memories, my dear friend.
      I wish you were able to still do this, since it could be like a game and not a religious event, which should not ‘rock any boats’ over there… Anyway, it is hard not to want to talk about special times we have with my grandchildren and family. I always wish to have someone add their own traditions they really enjoy and celebrate.
      I hope you know I love the way people in countries sprinkle colored dust or flour (sorry not sure of the material but do love the look it creates of a rainbow upon people’s heads!) Is this something your friends or family do? Take care and may you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for making me feel good about my writing, too. Smiles, Robin

      • Oh! I always enjoy reading about your traditions and how life goes on there, I find it most invigorating.
        Yes, that festival called Holi when people throw color powder made of arrowroot or rice flour on friends and family. But what I enjoy most about Holi is Bhang (a sweet drink made by blending in cannabis paste with milk and syrup). Though not many people consume it anymore, my family doesn’t either, but I never say no to a pleasant cannabis high.. *LOL*
        Thanks again for sharing your wonderful posts 🙂 My best wishes to you and your family. I hope you have a blessed Easter and a great weekend! Take care dear friend. 🙂

  3. As kids we had traditional Catholic Easters. As my kids are older and have so many family obligations in so many different directions we have managed to get together every Easter for dinner. And will again this year. Though even now we are still trying to concrete our plans! 😉 Happy Easter Robin!

    • It is hard to have family members all gather at a certain time, Colleen. My son, his wife and the four children, hers and theirs together, are heading on a vacation. So, not sure when will give them treats and toys but will have oldest daughter and two boys in tow on way to Cleveland. Thanks for mentioning you also had traditional Catholic Easters. Our Episcopalian ones were probably similar, white cloth gloves, hats on heads, boys in suits or vests, girl (me) in dress. I have a picture of the three of us on the front swing with my brothers in their plaid vests and bow ties, I am wearing a red dress with white details. My Mom ‘broke’ the pastel rule, I think! ha ha!

      • We had mass, ham, basket hunts, egg hunts, big families and chocolate. 🙂 We’ll see all of our grands tomorrow. A little bit of chocolate treats and spring clothes to look snazzy in! 😉

      • I like that you put in Mass. Did I tell you that my brother got up to help the Episcopalian ‘priest’ serve communion on Easter and Micah saw his Grand Uncle get up. so he followed him to the front of the church? Rich later told me he should have let him stand there since he wanted to be up close, but he waved to his wife, who got up (she was sitting on the aisle) and escorted him gently back to the pews. Then, when people got up to take communion, Skyler told me later, he had never had wine before at a service. He didn’t like it….
        I love ham, your basket huts and egg hunts, big families (when my son’s family gets home from their Spring Break vacation, we will hold another Easter egg hunt…) I like the fact you buy them some spring clothes to look snazzy in, Colleen! My parents did this for my three kids, it helped my budget, too! I hope it all went as planned! Smiles!

      • I had been buying so many toys at Easter it was turning in to another Christmas. I figured it was losing the point. So I help a little with the clothes. And go enjoy the dinners and the chocolate. The kids do their own church activities now so that doesn’t involve the big family any longer. But we still manage a lovely Easter. 🙂

    • I am so glad you enjoyed this post very much and also colored eggs for Easter and enjoyed lots of chocolate, too. II like to eat lots of chocolate, too. I especially liked while younger, white chocolate bunnies. This is such a sweet response and I can read it and understand it perfectly but not able to respond in the best quality Spanish. Besos and abrazos, mi amiga.
      “Feliz Pascua, mi amiga.”

  4. Happy Resurrection, Robin! Yes, I love what you have written! You write so well and straight from the heart, with great simplicity! I had ten siblings…we each had a basket filled with the colorful straw and colored eggs. I was baptized Catholic and Lent was always a very solemn six weeks for our family. At least, I took it to heart and “suffered” through all of Lent—gave up something–usually, candy that was in turn, stuffed into a discarded shoe box. LOL Then Palm Sunday would arrive and we would all march into Church and were in the third pew from the front—my Mom said when she first arrived back in the little town of St.Michael’s, everyone had an assigned pew and the only one left was the one in the front. We would get our palms and after Mass, came home and braided palms. It was all rather solemn. Then Holy Thursday would come and off to Mass in the evening, followed by another hour of prayer late into the night–we had to “watch one hour with the Lord.” Good Friday was spent in quiet, reading the LIVES of the SAINTS. Holy Saturday was beautiful with the Light of the World being brought in with the services. Then the next morning, Easter Sunday was celebrated with bells and glorious organ music. AND I spent much of my life looking for ways to suffer…and certainly found them! LOL
    I was so happy to read your ideas and I agree with you 100%: “Why concentrate on the torture and anguish of the Son of God…”
    I am still working my way out to the Resurrection! and YOU are so correct: “I would want to celebrate the story of someone,who came back from the dead,who rose to sit by his father’s side
    and who told this simple message:“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
    Last evening I attended a UNITY service (my FIRST experience at this church…I have been going to different churches and Buddhist meditations) in any case, it was so REAL…and moving and Human! There were only 14 of us in attendance…and ONE male…a young 17 year old African American, two young Hispanic women in their 30’s who are trying to help the young man stay on the right track, and the rest of us were women in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The minister was a woman my age–she was so clear in her manner. We all sat down for soup and bread together…each one brought a bowl for the next person…and Mari, the minister, spoke of how she saw the person of Jesus…not a sermon…just conversational. Then people were sitting at the two tables, and one by one, we left the table conversation, and had our feet washed by the minister—and all the while normal, everyday talk was going on at the tables, smiling, giggles, and sharing life’s stories. It was the most NORMAL, down-to-earth service I have ever attended….ALL of this is to say, YOUR THOUGHTS on Easter resonated with me. Yes, CELEBRATE the LIFE of Jesus everyday and especially at Easter!
    I think IF all participants in religion would realize we all are seeking the LIGHT and to live the LIGHT is the call for everyone, regardless of religion, then, yes, as you said,”there would be no more wars.”
    So…this Easter, I am trying to live the Resurrection and BE ALIVE…and focus more on life and less on suffering. When my grandchildren return we will have an Easter egg hunt and speak of LIFE and LIGHT!
    Happy Easter, Robin!

    • I am so blessed with your passionate response to my post, Johann. Thank you so much for telling this like a story of your life, your faith’s journey to find a warm and special place that would embrace the happy message about Light and Love for our Lord!
      I was raised Episcopalian but did have to give up things for Lent. Did you see my post about Palm Sunday and Eco-Palms? I may have mentioned that we used to give up food, as a child, pizza, french fries or candy but as we grew up, we gave up television or the telephone, technology so we could mediate about Jesus’ walk. I did find out Presbyterians do well with their walks during Lent, which I still am a member but pay to have the newsletter and scripture passages for each month. They would send them ‘free’ but I wish to contribute to the postage. They washed each other’s feet, also liked how your new place of worship is very comforting and loving. Thank you for sharing, Johann!

    • Thank you for reblogging me, this is an honor and I am so glad you found we have similar views or ‘takes’ on life and our faith journey has some common themes, too. Thanks and may you have a blessed Easter and we will stay in touch! Smiles, Robin

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    • This is such a wonderful way to celebrate our new friendship. I am speechless at your loving reaction to my simple post! Thanks, Johann and may you have a Happy Easter, too. I think your memories and current path to find a spiritual connection reflect some of my own thoughts and path, too.

  6. May you and all you Love have a most special and Blessed Easter this year, Robin. I haven’t done eggs in so long, but I remember the fun I had in doing them. And making a mess in the process. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • This was such a lovely message, Amy! It is true, you end up making a mess but it is well worth the crazy process. Especially in our memories- it was fun! Hope you have a blessed Easter and celebrate in a fun way, whatever way you choose to enjoy your time together with family and husband. Hugs, Robin

      • The Easter bunny came early this year for me, Robin. He left presents in my garden. GRIN! You will see those presents on Sunday at Petals. (((HUGS))) Amy

  7. What a lovely post Robin ! You wrote such heartwarming messages and good wishes here that I am floored by your gesture. I painted few eggs once just to feel the whole process and joy it gives to me. Though it is not our festival but I totally agree with your views on positivity related to this day.

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