Signs of the 80’s


Last week, if you watch “American Idol” television show, you saw some fun and

amazing signs of the 80’s:

There was the ankle bracelet with the ball that swung around and you could

jump over it, known as a “Skip It.”

There was the iconic basic colored cube called, “Rubik’s Cube.”

One of the young people called the night time sleeping toy, the Glow Worm,

a “centipede.” Not sure where they thought the 100 legs were?

There were the fun boxing guys who my babysitting kids broke within a week

or two after my son received it for Christmas in the 80’s: Otherwise known as,

“Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.”

There was the two women who really ‘chant’ their songs, rather than sing

them, known as “Salt and Peppa.” They sang and performed in a sexy song

with some good looking guys, “Push It.”

(Yes, they also are part of Geico’s commercials which like to bring back

oldies but somewhat goodies.)

David Hasselhoff, who is going to be in another episode of the movies that all

are called, “Sharkanado,” stopped by to get some laughs and elicit some

memories of his show, “Bay Watch.”

There was Boy George, who was the mentor and coach for the young

contestants. He was looking great, gave sound musical advice and

showed his caring, empathetic character.

The Judges were very gregarious and giving good critiques I agreed with 100%.

Harry Connick, Jr. seemed quite happy and pleasantly complimenting almost all

of the performers.

Jennifer Lopez is always beautiful and kind in her appraisals. She had one moment

when she had ‘goosies’ her highest praise for being moved by someone’s singing.

Keith Urban was singing to all of the contestants’ songs and got up and danced to

a couple. He is a genuine and caring man. I feel the comment he mentioned during

Joey’s performance was honest:

“My wife, Nicole, and my two daughters are up and dancing at home, with you as

you sang.”

Ryan Secrest is still a gracious, likable host. He hugs, shakes hands or puts an

arm around each of the young performers.

I voted for three of the contestants.

They are down to only nine.

Here are some of the contestant’s names and the songs you will maybe wish to

check out how their renditions were. I enjoyed several ‘new takes’ on the songs

from the 80’s.

Joey Cook- She is quirky and sometimes a little off-key but her energy and

fun attitude made her rendition of, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” the perfect

song for her to sing. She did not sing this better than Cyndi Lauper did or

continues to to so. I just cannot see her going mainstream.

Jax- I liked her version and appearance in her style of dress fitting the period.

She sang her own version of Bon Jovi’s song, “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

I realize it may not sound like you expect it to, but there is an element where

this one really soared. She is looking like Cyndi Lauper in her style.

Nick- He is attractive, Italian looking in appearance and he sings well. He has

a great attitude. I had never really found him to be ‘deep’ but his appearance

this week, singing his song made him seem humble and the stars see this side

of him, the judges really like him. He chose the serious self-reflection song of

Michael Jackson, “The Man in the Mirror.” Nick and his group, Beach Avenue,

got cut on “America’s Got Talented,” but he is doing well on this show.

Quentin- I felt he captured the essence of Phil Collins’ song, “In the Air Tonight.”

I haven’t really become attached to Quentin, yet.

Tyanna- She has an effortless way of singing, which is one of the amazing parts

of watching this 16 year old ‘powerhouse.’ She chose a challenging song from

an iconic singer and did well, gracefully singing, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

She is more of a stand and sing performer, but Harry gave her high praises, by

saying he could hear this song on the radio and feel she ‘made it current.’

-Clark Beckham, who I predicted early on, may win 2015’s, “American Idol,”

sang an original version of, “Every Breath You Take.” This is the song which gave

Jennifer Lopez her famous ‘goosies’ or ‘goosebumps.’ This version of the song,

Harry mentioned he took it away from the almost-stalker status of this song,

leading it into a more pensive and thoughtful one. It is more like I picture the

song to be supposed to represent. One of adoration for someone, with a sense

of wishing to protect and watch over them. Clark did very well in this. Although,

I did feel he should have listened to Boy George who suggested he drop his

song a key. He made a joke saying, “We will see if he goes for an ‘F’ or a ‘G.'”

I am not sure how many people noticed my comment but I have on a few people’s

blogs, mentioned how much I enjoy Clark Beckham.

On my own post, I mentioned in a “news snippet,” that Clark’s version of “Georgia

on My Mind” made me believe in him as a ‘winner.’ His rendition of, “When a Man

Loves a Woman,” made tears come down my face. He has also sung his heart

out in, “House of Blues” and impressed past American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks

in Clark’s performance of “Takin’ It to the Streets” in another week on the show.

I felt it was quite a great response from Taylor Hicks, since he himself nailed the

Doobie Brothers’ song himself during his year of victory!

Rayvon- He did a fantastic job on the song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

This Tears for Fears song is harder than one would think, listening to it, to show

emotional connection on. I felt it was a ‘tough sell,’ while Boy George said it was

hard to ‘read’ Rayvon.

-Qaasim Middleton- Since he got saved last week, he really wished to give a

great performance to show he deserved the ‘save’ by the judges. He chose

the song, “Addicted to Love.” This Robert Palmer song is one where it also is

hard to show an emotional connection. I felt he did an outstanding job and I

like his big smiles, he is one who I hope will be able to grow and develop into

a popular finalist.

I recommend if you liked “American Idol” in the past, to at least check the

season’s finale. The show will include the judge’s performing, past winners

and many major performers coming together to make a great show.

I enjoyed the commercial for “Home,” and my oldest daughter, sons Skyler

and Micah, included me in her birthday celebration yesterday.

We saw this clever andΒ  funny children’s animated movie together at our

local theater, the Strand. We headed home where I brought the delicious

famous Bun’s Restaurant Fudge Cake (along with I could not resist buying

some of their frosted egg cookies) and celebrated her #35 together, as well

as with her boyfriend, Mike.

Do you watch any of the performances of “American Idol?” Have you liked it

in the past, but given up more recently?

Do you watch, “Singing Bee” or “America’s Got Talent?” Do you have a show

in your own country where people try out while singing or entertaining?

I used to watch, “Dancing with the Stars,” but do peek in a few times during

commercials of another show. Do you like this one?


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. I only watched one season of AMerican Idol. The one when Taylor HIcks won. I haven’t watched since. Though I did enjoy it, I think the timing of the shows never worked out for me to watch. But I do love watching the clips of people singing and will sometimes go to Youtube to watch some. I love your ability to review and entice me with words. Makes me curious. πŸ™‚

    • Colleen, thank you for letting me know the power of my words! ha ha! It makes me happy just to write what I saw about the 80’s and who I feel may be the ‘leaders.’ I knew Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson would do well, in those pre-trials.

      I really wanted David Cook to win (and he did either come in before David Archleta or second place) after he sang perfectly one of the greatest Leonard Cohen songs, “Hallelujah,” a few years back. I think his brother died and he had some personal struggles, which means we may someday hear about him again…

      I like to ‘predict’ but never place bets on anything. I hope that the ones who are doing well, will continue to do so. They made it to the Top 9 which is fantastic, all in itself.

  2. I’ve been watching over here. We watched this episode Mr. S and I. I have to admit Mr. S doesn’t like J.L’s goosies, but I don’t mind them. I love Keith and Harry, his humour is wonderful. The only thing is I keep missing the episodes 😞

    • I am a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ with the times this year. They don’t seem to be consistent, Jen. Maybe this is true over on your side of the pond?
      I understand some men adore Jennifer Lopez’s ‘immature’ expressions, after all she has little kids, but I have heard the same thing from one of my brothers saying, “Why doesn’t she say the singer ‘gave her chills?’ or “gave her goosebumps?”
      I have always liked Harry Connick, Jr. and am so glad he stayed as a judge, the trio seem to be very compatible and never mean or ‘snippy’ towards each other.
      Oh, Jen, do you have a favorite singer, yet?

  3. it seems i rarely see the shows anymore, somehow happened naturally over time, but i always enjoy stopping by occasionally to watch and i thank you for updating us, )

    • I like the Singing Bee, a cappella singing, along with the Voice. I have never gotten attached to “America’s Got Talent” and gave up on watching the “Dancing with the Stars.” There are so many programs to watch, Beth. I almost wrote a post about the “I Heart Radio Awards” yesterday, but they were fun and exciting, but no one who changed from other award shows.

  4. I have not made a habit of watching American Idol or The Voice unless my wife catches someone too good to be missed. However, after your reviews of the latest finalists, I went to YouTube, and I’m glad I did. The performers and the songs they chose were great! What impressed me was how polished these performers are at such young ages. Thanks for bringing these talented young people to my attention. – Mike

    • Mike, this was an extra step many would not bother to do! Thanks for taking my advice and checking out the current finalists’ songs for the 80’s show. I do feel the shows go through quite a lot of moments where you don’t really need to watch the whole process of choosing the ones who get to the top.
      I like that Florence finds ones for you to check out, too. I watched the show last night, with Kelly Clarkson songs being the selection and again, did feel the contestants took chances, tried new ways of singing them. Kyanna, Clark and Nick were my favorites but the girl named, Joey Cook, did a cute 40’s spin on a song Kelly Clarkson sings currently.

  5. I’m still watching, Robin, but I like “The Voice” and its singers this season better than the
    “American Idol” finalists. I still have not picked out a favorite on either show. Thanks for your passion for writing about the young singers, my friend.

    • Mark, you are most welcome and I happen to love a couple of singers on Pharrell’s team, Mia (or Meah?) and the young man who is a rocker. I don’t know why his name was on the tip of my tongue… smiles! (I want to say Sawyer.)

    • Christy, thanks for enjoying the shows. I just mentioned to Mark, I happen to love Pharrell’s team of singers, with Mia or Meah being a great little unique voiced young woman and Sawyer being quite good, too. Who do you like? Have you any favorites? I sure enjoyed seeing Kelly Clarkson this week, along with Kyanna, Clark, NIck and Joey’s 40’s take on a current song K.C. still sings. Fun catching up with you, my dear!

      • Oh, yes Boy George has a mature but calm way of coaching. I enjoyed his perspective and his friendly attitude towards the young people on American Idol. Christy, I have had a busy week just now getting here, since I took Mon. through Wed. off from blogging! Yikes! Hope you are well, happy and having a great week, too!

  6. I have been watching these serials for quite some time in bits and parts but make it a point to catch the grand finale for sure. The competition is so stiff and that is one thing I am worried about since it is so sad to see them quit at a crucial stage. They look totally dejected and hopeless.

  7. Hi Robin, I have been watching both Idol and The Voice. By the way David Cook did win that year!
    It is Mia (young 16) she is unique and young (On the Voice). We will see how the votes go for top 12? Interesting. Idol’s format this year is quick and quirky. I do love Jax very unique and also young (18). Quentin has a quality like a not so stoned Jimi Hendrix vibe about him. (I should tell you I love music especially the oldies 60’s-70’s-80’s-90’s). Tyanna is so young and effortlessly belts it out. Joey is my least favorite – way too goofy for me not mainstream at all. Not yet sold on The Tn. dude yet. I do like Nick it reminds me a bit of Chris Daughtry on Season 5. We’ll have to stay tuned! Have a great day. Cheryl

    • I meant to answer this and let you know, I agree with many of your choices.
      I am grateful for you to remind me about David Cook’s win, Cheryl! I was sad to see Quentin leave (A. I.) but believe he would be a quirky one who may make a movie or t.v. show, maybe? I liked his showmanship! I also liked Tyanna and was so sad to see her leave yesterday. She is beautiful, sings like a bird and is interesting, too. She seems to have an ‘old soul’ in her. She will go far, lots of future offers in her life….
      I like Sawyer, Mia and India (I think) on the Voice. I have watched a little bit of “Nashville” just to see Christina Aguilera go country.
      I agreed yesterday that Clark (on Amer. Idol) needs to connect with his audience. I felt the judges seem to be leaning towards Jax, who is interesting in her voice, pretty in her appearance but I am ‘not feeling her.’ Smiles!

  8. I hadn’t realized this show was still on. It definitely has brought some amazing talent into the industry. The eighties have become my favorite decade to reminisce about- and revisit. My only realty show that I watch these days it Top Chef– I call it my food porn. πŸ™‚

  9. Well done. I wish the bevy of talent shows had not taken away the relevance of music as a vital tool for change. The drivel (especially in lyrics) that comes out of these shows has taken away a voice we used to have. A vital one too, I might add.

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