Light Hearted Easter Egg Moments



If you don’t celebrate Easter but enjoy learning about other families’

customs this post may still be a good one to read. If you follow a

different religion or you don’t practice any at all, you still could add

something new to this post. Help make it multicultural and allow

us to “cross borders” into friendship together.  Although Easter eggs

were once considered part of pagan Spring festivals, they have

become Christian symbols of new life in recent times.

A cracked open eggshell could represent

and symbolize Jesus’ empty

tomb on Easter morning.

Coloring eggs can be elaborate projects, I have always enjoyed looking

at Ukrainian eggs with their pen and ink display of designs.  Our family

usually just used crayons to make designs on our hard boiled eggs

for Easter. Then, with the pungent smell of vinegar and the Paas egg

coloring dyes, we would put our eggs on…

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    • Me too, Beth! Thanks for the wonderful and hope you have a fantastic time with your grandies.

      I had to reblog this since when I pushed “publish” on April 2nd, it actually ended up as a March 28 post?! Not sure what happened but I was not pre-scheduling it nor would I ever wish to post one behind schedule! Smiles and wonder at the glitches in wordpress!

  1. Robin—I’d like to apologize fpr some of my frevious flippant coments from the other day. Few have been a blogging friend as long as you have been to me. Although I often do isolate myself. from everyone==I wish to not become so here. I am so glad the way you are and how you blog! Me–I’m an old cuss, set in his ways! Thanks for not shoving me out into the cold. Friends? 😀 (If I can combat all these typos!)

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