Animal Resources


This will have both wild and domesticated sources for you to check out about

animals. I feel I need to be kept abreast of endangered animals and also, some

of the ways we can protect domestic animals which have been turned into ‘strays.’

My open heart won’t allow animals to suffer, although when given a choice, I will

give to Columbus Children’s Hospital and March of Dimes to help out children


I heard on the radio today, that April is also the month to keep abreast on

the subject of Parkinson’s Disease. I had a dear mother in law who has this

destructive disease and would donate or wear a ribbon signifying my belief

we need more research funds to ‘cure’ this rampant disease. I admire Michael

J. Fox in his continuing to perform to help let us be more aware of it, too.

I also believe in supporting the military (paralyzed veterans) and local humane

societies get my donations, too.

Did you know that there is a black bear sanctuary in America?

Located near Orr, Minnesota, there is a 360 acre location where not only bears,

but white-tailed deer, bald eagles, beavers, mink, pine martens (birds), fishers

(birds), timber wolves, red squirrels, bobcats, blue jays, owls, ducks and other

birds take sanctuary.

Did you know about the American Tortoise Rescue lobbies?

This is a source for legislation to ban the importation of non-native species of

tortoises. The location of their offices is in Malibu, California. Unfortunately,

the negative aspects of importing turtles and bullfrogs, such as salmonella,

parasites and even TB are being argued against by Asian food markets.

A recent California law was revoked due to claims of ‘cultural bias.’

Did you know there is a specific and only Association of Zoos and Aquarium

certified wold facility in the world located here in America?

The Endangered Wolf Center is located in Eureka, Missouri. They have been

breeding and re-introducing wolves into the wild for 40 years now.

The results of this center have helped to increase the gray wolf population frm

nine to 235 in managed care, with at least 75 out in the wild. The red wolf

population from only 14 to 160 in managed care, with more than 100 being

released into the wild. Every pack of Mexican gray wolves roaming the

Southwest and 70% of the North Carolina red wolves can be traced back to

the center.

Do you remember the television series that Marlin Perkins and his wife, Carol,

hosted? He is the original founder of the wolf center. Marlin Perkins was both

a zoologist and such a great star, helping many to become more aware of

the world of nature surrounding us.

I think it is very important to support farmers and their animals, too. Buying

local eggs, vegetables and meat from farmers in your area, help to sustain

the economy where you live.

Here are two resources on vegan lifestyle and farm animals’ rights:

Christian Samper, Ph.D., CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society says,

“Zoos and aquariums help the public better understand the natural systems,

that make all life possible. The hope is that what people understand, they

will appreciate and what they appreciate they will work to protect.”

(Source: Sandra Murphy, freelance writer in St. Louis, MO.)

What you can do on a personal level for animals:

1. Volunteer to walk a dog, foster a cat, make phone calls or help with

shelter paperwork.

2. Spay or neuter your own pets and consider adopting from a shelter

rather than shopping at a pet store.

3. Donate to support rehabilitation of an abused animal. Donate to

other animal humane societies or dog pounds, food, blankets and

other needs. Our local Delaware County animal shelter will put on

its sign on Rtes.36/37 their monthly ‘needs’ or ‘requests.’

4. Pick up litter, especially plastic rings and other things which can

harm water fowl, when walking along beaches and near waterways.

5. Be a conscious consumer and don’t let factory farm prices

influence decisions.

6. Tell or write companies what is acceptable or not, via purchases,

emails or phone calls.

7. Lobby politicians to support worthy animal causes.

If you have any questions about who to donate, there is a place called,

Animal Charity Evaluators who can provide a list of charities, along with

rating them for their effectiveness.

This poignant comment from Diane Sullivan, Assistant Dean and Professor

at Massachusetts School of Law will surprise or shock some of you:

“Pets are considered property, and until that changes, it’s harder to make

a difference. Farm animals have no rights at all. Animals are sentient beings

with rights commensurate with the ability to feel pain and even be valued

members of the family. They deserve far more than a property classification.”

* * * *

I feel my fellow bloggers are always thinking about animal rights. Many have dogs,

cats and other ‘critters’ along with helping organizations with animals as their focus.

Please feel free in the comments section to add your own suggestions  and add

to our contemporary and pertinent discussion.

If you have a favorite cause and would like to provide a link, please feel free to do



About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. Robin, this is one of my primary causes: animals and suffering. We are in the dark ages in terms of how we deal with animals, even domesticated ones. People don’t realize that they are indeed, as you say, sentient. It is one of the reasons I have been a vegetarian for most of my life: I cannot conscience the way “food” animals are treated. It is hidden away from sight and involves unimaginable cruelty.

    For years I have given to over three dozen charities. Some are for children, others for animals. The problem is of course, one never knows where each penny is going. I try to research them and have stopped giving money to some of the bigger ones that use a lot of the contribution for their own overhead.

    As for illnesses, there are so many. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, because of course you want to help solve all these problems and give as much as you can. I have found that once you start donating, you get flooded with dozens and dozens of pleas for more donations to other charities.

    We have times when we do more than other times, depending on our finances. But one way I help is by refusing to eat any animal product, including shunning most dairy — an appalling industry.


    How wonderful you are to be so caring and sensitive.

    • I am not quite as remarkable as you are, Beth. I admire those who don’t eat meat. I try to buy meat and eggs from sources like local farmers.
      I agree the food animal industry is appalling, Beth.
      I also agree it is so hard to just donate to a few, since then you become flooded with requests. We can only do ‘our best,’ in this regards. I do admire how you also are worried about animals and children. I feel they need our protection and hope to always have a little ‘extra’ to donate to these causes. I appreciate your thoughtful comments on this subject, Beth. Take care and Ihope I can stay in such a positive light, through your eyes.

      • Let me say just quickly, I hope it didn’t sound like I was being ‘holier than thou’ or self-righteous. I am a natural for being vegan, I have never liked heavy food so it is easy for me. I don’t like killing animals but if it is done swiftly and if their lives were pleasant up until that sad moment, it is better than what is going on in most of the industry right now. Anyway, I am not at all remarkable. I am struggling to figure this life out, just as you are dear Robin.

      • I did not mean to imply and would never label you such. Don’t worry, I may have come off defensive, but mainly wanted to explain, one of my good friends around here, helped me to put all 3 of my kids in 4H (I was always a scout…) and her family had a farm while she was growing up. After her mother passed away, her Dad remarried and his present wife makes delicious cheeses from her cows’ milk and also, has ‘free range’ chickens. So, Jenny sometimes helps remind me it is ‘ok’ to keep the farmers ‘in business.’ Smiles and we are cool, I am on the same page as you, I believe, politically and environmentally, too.

  2. Marlin Perkins was the man–but what was the name of the guy who actually did all the safari stuff? Jim? I used to watch that show, mesmerized. It’s nice to hear old Marlin has a legacy.

    • We had a Jungle Jim who was at Cedar Point, who raised white lions and tigers, had a small little ‘zoo,’ at Ohio’s recreational amusement park. I am not sure about Jim, who did safari stuff. Here in Ohio, on David Letterman, and other shows our Jack Hanna is our Columbus Zoo Director. I loved Marlin Perkins and I bet there are Youtube tapes with his show and voice. He certainly was a good advocate and left a legacy. Thanks for saying he was mesmerizing, since I felt this way, too.

  3. I love your advocacy for animals. I have been fortunate in my lifetime to have witnessed magnificent animals in their native habitats. I learned that the National Park Service recently began studying whether or not to reintroduce grizzly bears in the North Cascades National Park. While there is a healthy black bear population, it is rare for Northwest grizzlies to cross the border from Canada.

    I just recently read a news article about a nationwide scientific program called the Christmas Bird Count (CBC), where volunteers join forces to count birds across North America. For over 100 years have helped monitor the rise and fall of various bird populations related to habitat, predators, climate change and other factors. From this article I learned that house cats allowed to roam outside are one of the leading causes of bird deaths. Also, wind turbine blades kill over 1/4 million birds every year, especially at night. As you might expect, data has shown many bird species are nearing extinction. – Mike

    (PS – Forgive me for offering this correction. I wish to point out that pine martens and fishers are mammals related to otters, mink, weasels and badgers.)

    • Oh, thanks, Mike, for helping me to keep my facts straight. I appreciate when people reada and help add or correct things. I can only do as much as I can with the time and brain which may assume things…So glad; since I used to have a purple marten house, I assumed pine martens and fishers were related to birds…
      I am sure hoping to someday see the wild creatures out West. When you didn’t need a passport, though, we went to Canada a few times, into Quebec, Toronto and of course, around Niagra Falls. The New York and Pennsylvania areas have some of the same native animals which are up north, so I also saw moose in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…. Almost as good, but not quite! Smiles!

    • Oh, Clarissa! Wow! You are such a sweetie. I appreciate your reblogging this and will check this and other posts, you know I fall behind and then, need to play ‘catch up.
      The idea of each person doing one kind act, then your great description of how this could spread like ‘wild fire,’ was wonderful! Thank you so much!

      • In my nine month travels, I’ve come across quite a few strays/abandoned cats, and it too heartbreaking to ignore. If everyone who share this post and do one king action, what a difference we can all make

  4. I love posts like these. close to my heart. From riding horses, to minding other families dogs in my home. I also support the Lost Dogs Home over here each month. I donate blankets to a company called Pets Haven, who take in, foster and find forever homes for all animals. I drop coins in the blind Dog recepticals. I have witnessed atrocities to animals in markets in Asia. I love wolfs, it sickens me to hear of dog fights, cock fights or those who torment and torture animals for there own satisfaction. I could go on and on and thank you for also mentioning Parkinsons. Hugs ☺️ x

    • Jen, I am so glad you saw me insert the Parkinson’s and did not wish to mention Poppa Penguin and his shaky hands unless you brought it up. I remember your telling me that you had ordered special silverware, after I posted about a ‘new’ (awhile ago) spoon which is weighted and helps correct the balance on it, so people would not spill their peas or soup.
      I believe in research for Parkinson’s.
      I also, am so glad you mentioned riding horses, helping people with their dogs and donating blankets to Pets Haven. I forgot about those blind dog receptacles, but agree, put my own coins when I see these. More rare recently to see those, used to be more frequent, especially around Cleveland…
      When we were in Mexico, we heard about the cocks fighting and would cringe and hope not to run into them, although it was ‘legal’ then. Not sure if it still is so openly done? They are against the law in U.S. I hate when people mistreat dogs, setting them against each other just to place bets. Thanks for this lively response to the post, Jen! Hugs xox

  5. Hey, Robin! This is a great list you put together! I like to think that my husband and I are making a difference with all the stray cats we’ve taken in (and gotten neutered if necessary). I do donate regularly to Doctors Without Borders and Mercy Corps. But we put so much $$ into our cats that I don’t purposely donate to any specific animal charity. Of course, back in the day when we lived in an apartment and couldn’t have pets, I donated to Humane Society, among others. That said, one of my husband’s coworkers works closely with an animal sanctuary. She also fosters a lot of cats herself so we sometimes give cat food, water bowls, etc. directly to her.

    And that was a happy nostalgia moment when you mentioned Marlin Perkins (and his sponsor, Mutual of Omaha!). I loved that show … i believe it was Wild Kingdom and it came on Sunday nights. Something the whole family could watch and enjoy.

    • Marie, you are most welcome any time, to find something happy or nostalgic among the various posts I write. This makes ME happy!
      Sometimes, like with the Jane’s, it is just an impulse. It is hard to find a ‘muse’ for a post, so the song playing in the movie, helped motivate me to investigate who originally sang it. Then, since I have only known one Jane personally, it had me wanting to make a list. You know how this goes… smiles!
      “Wild Kingdom” was right up there with our family viewing, thanks so much for including the advertising sponsor and the name of Marlin Perkins’ iconic show. It was popular in my family, sometimes more than Disney on Sunday nights!
      I agree, doing your thing as you are such a giving and helpful person already, making it ‘local’ is a great way to support animals. This is a good suggestion, over giving to national charities which spend money on the various things they send to entice you (or ‘guilt’ you) into donating.

      • You are so right that sometimes it’s hard to find a muse for a post, but now that I’ve finally made it to your blog, I would say the muse speaks to you a lot 🙂 Have a great weekend!

      • I am blessed with such a compliment, Marie. I don’t feel I have a muse, worry I lean on popular culture to make some of my posts seem relevant. Anyway, glad to have you visiting! Smiles, Robin

  6. i love that people donate their time and money to help causes, both big and small. i think it’s important to do so as a citizen of the world and teaches your future generations how to give back, and that it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or time, or a little, everyone can help in some way.

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