One of Those Days


Roller Coaster Hump Day

It took a few days to gather my thoughts,

To make this as interesting as it was.

It started out a dreary, gloomy day.

There was some potential in forecast.

The designated gathering of the

“Unofficial Delaware Babysitters Co-op”

Was planned to be held at Bun’s

Which is a classic restaurant.

Hopefully, we would remain in decorum.

The potential of doom was pronounced

At morning meeting.

10 1/2 hour day.

Would I make it to the gathering?

Would my daughter and her sons

make it to their Lego Club meeting?

Longest work day ever.

Day dragged by and finally ended.

Why is it fun times go so much faster

Than incredibly boring times?

Clocked out at 5:30 and

“The Girls” were meeting at 6:15.

April 8, 2015.


Daughter and two grandsons stopped by

On way to Lego’s Meeting

@ Delaware County District Library.

Where animals and zoo worlds

Were to be subjects built.


Breast Cancer had brought

Our meetings back into synch.

We had stopped saying,

As we ran into each other,

Parking lots, pool, restaurants

Downtown festivals, hugging as

We fiercely meant it saying,

“We must get together”

and finally made a commitment.


Looking backward:

Babysitting had begun

Fall, 1986.

My ‘run’ had ended

Fall, 1993.

We had enjoyed parks, beaches,

Sledding hills and skating rinks,

With children eating, playing,

Really knowing each other.

Two of five women; still babysitting,

Others moved into new work arenas.

We had been ‘like family.’


Last gathering had been in 2014.

1808 Restaurant,

Breast implants squeezed,

Bawdy jokes, hilarious communion.

We skipped Winter, 2014-15.

MRSA had set into one breast implant.

Cause for concerns, individual moments,

Small visits with prayers and worries.

Full remission; again promised.


Current Meeting of Friends,

Subject matters discussed:

Sexy Landscapers at one member’s house.

Wearing collared uniform shirts, underneath

“Wife beater” or tank tops,

Muscular, sweaty bodies extolled.

Wishing to buy or rent a house to have

Brooklyn bachelor brothers plant my yard.

Past dates where advances had occurred,

Subject of two people’s private business

Brought out more laughter,

“Did you know not all Italians get circumsised?”


Neighboring table remnants of

“Happy Hour” men,

Volunteered to

Take photo of

“The Girls.”


“Catching Up”

End of Summer, 2014 Singles activities and

Dates discussed and analyzed.

Silky soccer shorts, penis size guessed,

Biker man dating teacher mentioned.

Cleveland Indians date for one,

Columbus Symphonic Orchestra another,

While happiest member going on a Cruise.

One daughter got a divorce;

Another moved in with a man.

New job, new location.

Distance means meeting halfway.

Two of us with wedding dresses for

Daughters interrupted wedding plans,

Hoping they may eventually be used.


New Subject discussed,


Generation Gap between younger mothers

And older, wiser mothers and mother in laws.

Styles for baby rooms,

Connor (new member since last gathering) has

Chevron gray and white ‘accent’ wall with

Hunting theme.

Discouraged camouflage sheets,

One member insisted to send back to store.

Harper (2nd new member since past meeting) has

Chevron gray and white, with aqua accents.

Two of us needed photograph

To know what Chevron pattern looks like.

We mourn the loss of pastels,

We miss the primary colors trend,

We long for the bright and cheery colors.

Discussed dragging our own children to

Car dealerships,

Grocery Stores,

Shopping Malls,

Along with waiting until they went to sleep,

To fit in ‘date nights.’

Newest grandparents are being requested

To fill in for parents,

To allow ‘Going out on date nights.’

Tsk-tsk-ing but glad to have the little ones.


Fashion Trends and Decorations.

One member’s new business,

Going into Primitive.

Backwoods, toothless man

Selling stuff from his barn,

Being offered and trying,

“Piss Water” or “hooch,”

“Moonshine” the color of urine.

Discussed possibility of really being such.

Tasting like turpentine.

Hoping for her safety,

Recommending taking a friend next time.

While tripping over

Rusty rakes and wheel barrows,

Galvanized steel buckets,

Aged cranks and pulleys.

All purchased and transformed into

Gardening Community wonders.

Making money out of junk.

A different member’s new project,

Changing Early American style to

“Shabby Chic”  which resembles,

“Country French.”


Wishing I had tried the fruity Sangria,

Glad I had raspberry iced tea instead,

Needing to head on home.

“American Idol” my excuse,

Others not in such a hurry.

Wondering what I would miss,

As I yawned, walking slowly back home.

~~Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve Cochran~~


How does ‘stream of consciousness’ work

for posting?

This saves a lot of words, but seems like

giving you ‘sound bytes’ instead of highlights.

Please let me know!


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  1. It feels very interesting Robin! Some things left me wanting more, some things were more than enough!!! 😀 And some things explained it all. I liked it. 🙂 I can imagine these thoughts running through your head as you walk back home, wondering the best way to write this all down. I enjoyed it.

    • Thanks, Colleen, it is totally okay to say this and I do feel it had a little bit of a rush to it, but I had kept the story in long enough. Bottled up and then I ‘gushed’ it out! I am glad you explained the pluses and minuses, which helps me a bit… for next time! Smiles!

  2. SOC..ah the joys of trying to keep up with someone else’s mind 😯 I’m like Colleen, some I was what the? Some and?? Some ..oh saucy beast 😝 very interesting, comical, informative and just a little confusing ( said nicely) xxx

    • This is okay to let me know this, so I can improve and make next time more clear, Jen. I am smiling despite some of the downfalls to writing it just how it came out. . . I am smiling also at my being called a ‘saucy beast!’ I will try not to make it so confusing, if I ever attempt this again!

  3. i love this style and of course, understand it, as it’s how i tend to see the world and write about it. what a great group you are a part of –

    • There are a few groups I feel part of, this one we really ‘were in the trenches,’ while raising our own children raising other’s also. Some have gotten divorced, as mentioned, Sue getting cancer, then it was like you said, you understand this way of writing, which I appreciate this so much. I will try to be more clear, should I attempt this again. smiles!

  4. Robin, I loved this! Almost like poetry and you got soooo much info down. I belong to a ‘group’ of girls – we met at ante natal classes, had our kids together and now still meet up once or twice a year as a whole group, with several of us meeting one or two of the others more than that. The kids still all keep in touch and see each other when they can. We have no grandkids yet but for some it won’t be far off! When we meet up its straight back into conversation and laughs a if we’ve never had a break. Priceless moments, memory records. I’m going to have a go at your stream of consciousness thing, it really works, 😊

    • Jenny, this is so nice of you to say this.I am glad you have a group of women who had natal classes, (does “ante” mean after?) I went to prenatal classes, but my husband went, too.
      I like the sound of your ‘group’ of girls, Jenny.
      I would have written ‘too much’ had I written this out like an essay. What I was attempting to do was help you get the ‘feel’ of the experience of being part of this wacky group of women. Ones who went through raising their own children, while helping raise other’s, too.

      I think you would ‘handle’ this better, Jenny. You may even outline it! Smiles and thanks for trying to figure it out, while not being critical. I needed constructive suggestions, so would not mind if you had been critical! We all attempt to learn different styles of writing. Hemingway was someone who would have a whole paragraph of words, sometimes without commas! I am not saying my silly group of gals is anything like his subject matter and profound thoughts, smiles!

      • Your attempt at getting the feel of your group certainly worked for me. It brought back lots of happy memories from my own group, so I reckon it worked for me. As far as this piece goes Robin, I have nothing to be critical about!

  5. From an artistry standpoint, I found this writing style poetic. For edification in those areas you touch on and do not delve into, I could have used some more of your verbal insight.

    I guess if I were into scanning your stories, this style would work for me. However, yours is one of the few blogs that I follow closely and comment on regularly, so I prefer the more colorful prose of your in-depth writing. I do enjoy the variety, too. – Mike

    • It may have been good to write an outline and figure out the primary focuses, knowing some things may come out vague, while not wishing to reveal the ‘who said what’ either. I will usually use my ‘voice’ which you have come to know and seem to enjoy, Mike. Thanks for helping to set me straight, along with helping make it constructive. This is hard to do when one is summarizing on paper or in a post, while a friend may stop me and ask for details when they were confused. Thanks for being patient and taking the time to read this ‘girls’ night out,’ Mike!

    • Elizabeth, this was such a nice way of explaining my slightly poor efforts to summarize, ‘as a holiday!” It was not my typical post and am glad you had some fun with it. Have a wonderful week!

    • I am smiling at the fact you took the time to comment, Kirt. Of all my recent posts, there were others that may have been more interesting to you men! Smiles! Thanks for saying this nice compliment, too.

  6. It seems like poetry comes naturally to you and I’d like to see you capitalizing on that. Not comparing this to previous posts, but this was really… really interesting and insanely vivid 🙂 The condensed sentences allow much imagery to happen so it felt like it was playing in my mind like a movie. Very assertive. Thank you for sharing this! Best to you. 🙂

    • I love the words, “assertive” and also “insanely vivid,” Kabir. This is so lovely of you to give me these fine words to make me feel like it may have made sense and may have been interesting. I feel you tanka’s are very specific, which this one rambled a bit, could not lasso it and make it tame down! (Those are cowboy and rodeo terms, not sure if you all watch Westerns? smiles!)

      • To me, it did make complete sense, which is also why I found it so interesting and it didn’t ramble on at all, it was quite precise, I enjoyed it :-). Oh I love watching Westerns, I think I’ve seen most of the old Westerns, but they don’t make as many these days, so whenever I feel like I watch repeats.. Smiles to you too, my friend 🙂

  7. I want to say something positive about this poetry-prose alliance, which covers so many events like a whirlwind…my mind is actually feeling the impact. I know our mind works exactly like this…one thought having no connection with the other and I can understand the stream of consciousness cascading down but you have packed too much info. Honestly speaking I have read it twice to get some of the vagueness, which is an attribute of this style.

    Actually it reminds me of Eliot’s Prufrock and all those frustrating discussions we had when we discussed his style and as students we always said…what is this way of writing! Then there was James Joyce – another pain!! But we managed to laugh it off! we didn’t have Google in those days to get hints for analysis of such poetry and had to figure out ourselves. The professor who taught us Eliot was another cartoon or so we thought! Oh! too much of nostalgia! 🙂

    Well this is the bliss of having a blog…we can experiment all kinds of styles! 🙂

  8. Stream of consciousness is writing about whatever pops into your head, Robin. It doesn’t have to be about one day or one meeting or one anything, really. It can jump around just like the thoughts in your brain.

    Anyway, I like the style of your post. It reminds me of straight-ahead, just-the-facts newspaper reporting, the kind of stories where the writer wanted to get the whole meeting into the next morning’s edition, every detail. It was a cool way to write about your wonderful club of women, my friend. 🙂

    • I am really liking being called a straight to the point reporter of news, Mark! I am more of a rambling woman, so this is really a compliment and I may use this more often. It should be ‘easier to read,’ which helps when we all follow so many bloggers! Smiles and love the way you wrote this comment. “Wonderful club of women.” Nice comment!

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