If You Had 3 Wishes


This post will be a trilogy of incidents which could have been answers to my

wishes. If I had three wishes, I would possibly give a Genie out of his bottle,

tough ones to carry through. They would be to end hunger, to create world

peace and to help the Earth to continue on for centuries with our scientific

knowledge. Since no genies or magicians have been coming around lately

to ask me for my supreme wisdom, I will share things within a 24 hour time

period, which to me feel like magical and serendipitous moments.

Before this, I must add the silliest but one of my favorite ‘sweet’ love songs

was playing on Mansfield, Ohio’sΒ  ‘soft and easy listening music’ radio channel:

“Muskrat Love.”

Surprising me by how I felt so happy and uplifted, I must tell you to share, any

and all, happy songs you have heard lately. Of course, I will also let you know

this song came out written and sung by a lyricist and musician named, Willis Alan

Ramsey.Β  His song was originally released as, “Muskrat Candlelight.”

The most frequently heard version, which I caught the other morning on my way

to work, is sung by the fun and musically lovely group, “Captain and Tennille.”

They put their version of the song, “Muskrat Love,” out in 1973. Yes, again this

was during my high school years so silly, lovesick muskrats, “Susie” and “Sam”

are permanently etched into my memory bank. Sigh!

Happy Moments:

# 1 “Wish” (Past Neighbors)

Someone who used to live in my apartment building knew me during the time

we were moving Mom to a Senior Living Apartment facility. I was emptying out

my Mom and Dad’s Lake Erie cottage. I knew her four year old daughter, Amya,

had had an adventure, going to the ocean. I had heard her grandmother talking

about redecorating her Princess bedroom into a beach themed room. I was the

benevolent neighbor, which is always so fun to be able to ‘give’ without having

to break your budget. I hauled a car load one weekend of lighthouses, nautical

knick knacks, sheets, pillow cases and pillows which were specially woven in

lighthouse and beach scenes. I love that Amya would ask her mother to turn

on the lighthouses nightly for her ‘night lights.’ The family moved out two years

ago, Amya’s mother finding ‘true love’ and marrying, then having a little brother

for Amya. We have rarely run into each other, but we hug when we do.

I had asked my three children and none of them wished to have a thing from

the lake cottage. They hold firmly onto their memories, of course.

Well, here is the happy moment to share with you. I could not have wished for

a better, simple surprise. I was in the drive-through ordering an Everything bagel,

toasted with veggie cream cheese, one of those $1 iced coffees, (Tim Horton’s

small sized ones are on sale in April) and a box of 10 salty caramel Timbits. I

did not really notice, at first, that the white car ahead of me held Amya, baby

brother Zach, Mom and Grandma in it.

The Mom leaned out and yelled, “Miss Robin!”

The Grandma was turning around and allowing Amya to get out of her seat belt,

to hang her whole body out of the car. She was giggling and cracking me up. I

am surely blessed having connected with these long ago neighbors, no longer

apartment dwellers but last time I had heard, they owned a house with the new

Daddy, Mom, Grandma “Bo,” Zach and Amya with four bedrooms. They still

were as fond of me as I was of them.

This was enough of a surprise. But, as I gave my money to the drive-thru

cashier, the young man grinned and said,

“The car ahead of you had you covered!”

I looked ahead but they were out of sight. Such a sweet gesture!

# 2 “Wish” (New Friendship)

When I got back to my apartment building, not only having picked up Tim

Horton’s but having to get over $50 of pictures picked up from Walgreen’s,

I decided to park in the back. As I got out of my car, the woman across the

hall, another grandma, was holding to both hands of her little toddler grandie,

who is named, Teddy. Teddy has been on Grandma’s hip for about 11 months,

everywhere in the building. Sometimes plunked onto the floor in the laundry

room. Patty is an easy-going person and this was the first time I had seen

little Teddy walking. They were heading towards the safest of three bridges

from our building to OWU campus. She turned to talk to me, he sat down to

pull some weeds and throw a pebble in the parking lot. I told her about my

six grandkids ‘growing up’ since I had moved here eight years ago, just 2

brief sentences, since I had also found yogurt on sale for 75 cents at the

drug store, too. Needed to get inside, out of the sunny morning.

Grandma Patty said,

“Robin, I am so hoping my grandchildren will enjoy going up and down the

hills, walking across these bridges and feeding the ducks. It has been hard

since I got divorced, knowing that I don’t have a house for everyone to get


“Everything will be fine, Patty. Trust me. This is a lovely place to have your

family visit and they may end up ‘stepping up’ to being the hosts for family

occasions. My older son and daughter even make me plates of food, ‘To go.'”

We hugged and I grabbed my five bags, one from Tim H’s and held my iced

caramel coffee in one of my hands. As I walked to the back door of the apt.

building, I again felt a wave of warmth and satisfaction wash over me.

# 3 “Wish” (Family)

My last wish to be answered today is going to happen around 5 p.m. This

will be Easter plans, postponed due to Jamie and Trista, Marley, Makyah,

Lara and Landen going to Myrtle Beach for the entire Spring Break.

We will have a traditional Easter ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes, deviled

eggs, asparagas, cookies and Nana’s Easter Egg hunt. I put dollar bills in the

green eggs, wrapped Starbursts and Tootsie Rolls in the others. The kids will

have it out in their fenced back yard. It is more of a “race” than a “hunt.”

If you had three wishes, would you go for lofty world goals?

Would you feel like asking for good health, some wealth and other personal

goals fulfilled?

Let me know if you have a favorite silly love song.

Which of course leads me to remind you of Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1976

song, “Silly Love Songs.”


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. I love your wishes Robin. And your day. AND TIM HORTON’S ICED COFFEE AND SALTED CARMEL TIM BITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a happy wish! I’m a gonna wish for some of those today! πŸ˜€

    • I am loving your loving my wishes! I definitely recommend warming the salty caramel timbits up: if you don’t consume in the car on your way home, Colleen! Smiles and what a happy 24 hour period, which was just the right amount of fun and blessings.

    • I am smiling that you even knew the song, since some of my younger friends at work claimed they had never heard it! I think hearing it in 6th grade would help to make this a special and memorable song. Just silly enough not to make you think it is ‘too corny!’ I had the Partridge Family’s songs playing in my 6th grade ears! (Oh, and the Monkee’s and the Archies….) Smiling big at you, now!

    • Thanks for liking (loving) my wish list and hope to stay connected. I have a limited time on the computer at the library and sometimes get a little behind on my reading, but I do try to catch up on weekends. Bless you, my new blogging friend!

  2. this reminded me of when one sister and I had to clean and distribute all the memories stored in my mother’s house after she had died. The absent sisters got more than their share, but we ended up happier.

    The second memory is that in about 1976 or so my roomate dragged me to a concert at the old Coliseum in Richfield ( Outside of Cleveland ) to see Paul Mcartney and wings live. I never go to concerts… but forever I remember how when he sang the opening chords of Yesterday – I got goosebumps.

    • I like your being kind to the sisters who were not there, making sure you gave them special memories, even giving them more! The gifts are very lovely and what a sweet brother you were.

      The song, “Yesterday,” would give me goosebumps, too, if heard by Paul McCartney live! I have never seen any of the Beatles singing live, although I know exactly where the Coliseum in Richfield is! I went to a lot of wonderful concerts but never saw the Beatles, the Stones or Billy Joel. I have written posts about the concerts but will answer questions if curious. I used to also frequently listen to music at the Agora in Cleveland. Small world! I grew up in my younger years in Sandusky, then we moved when I was in 3rd grade to North Olmsted, then in 7th grade to Bay Village. I was a ‘west side girl.’ Did you ever go downtown to see the stores for Christmas? Did you ever see the incredibly tall Christmas tree at Sterling Linder? I am wondering if we have an overlapping memories… smiles and take care from Robin

      • Wow, so cool. My first concert at the Coliseum was to see John Denver. I saw at the Agora, Michael Stanley Band, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, and others. My favorite concert of all time was at Riverfront Stadium in Cincy, Ohio where Elton John had Kiki Dee with him. I loved, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,’ along with instead of singing, “Philadelphia Freedom,” Elton John sang, “Cincinnati Freedom” with a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap on! Those were fun times, going to concerts.
        The Rolling Stones will be playing here in Ohio, at OSU stadium but I am not going to spend that amount of money and be in a bleacher seat. Smiles!

  3. I love your three wishes – world peace, end hunger and longevity for the world using our scientific knowledge. I couldn’t wish for anything better. Personally, I would love to give my youngest daughter enough money to pay off her college loans and make her work life less stressful. I would also like to travel more since there are so many places I would like to see and friends we have made in our travels that I would love to visit again.

    A cute love song? I like “Love Will Keep Us Together.” It has a fun, uplifting beat and is also a Captain and Tennille song. – Mike

    • That is an adorable song, Mike. You are so right!
      I would love to erase my daughter and my debt, since I have to pay her money every paycheck to help her with her student loans which I think are still up there above $80,000. I will continue to also hope her blending healthy beverages business will take off ‘like hot cakes,’ Mike. I will include your daughter in a debt-free existence, too. Hugs!
      I think your wishing to travel more makes total sense, I would follow your blog wherever you and Florence went, you globe trotters, you!

  4. HI Robin! Your three wishes are beautiful. Meeting again with those neighbors must have been a wonderful experience, I can see it now! And having your drive-through order paid for was such a kind gesture. As for happy songs, how about “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles!! πŸ™‚ AND it is sunny here in Victoria too – bonus!! Sending you a big hug!

    • I feel warm all over, Christy, from the benefits of your caring hug, your sweet comments and the extra great song, “Here Comes the Sun!” You made my long day feel much better now. I worked from 7:00 am until 6:15 pm. But they consider this only 10 and a half hours since we clock out for lunch, etc.
      The way I feel now is revived. Thanks for sending me such lovely wishes back to me. Glad it was sunny for you up in Victoria today!

      • Oh sweet Robin! Whenever I read your posts and your comments I feel much the same way, as though I have received a smile in my life. Thank you for being a part of the supportive network in my life and I do hope that if you work today that it is a nice day xo

  5. What a positive 24 hours, Robin. I don’t know what my favorite love song would be, but I do have Captain & Tenille on my iPod. If I had three wishes, one of them would have to be to have my family enjoy long, healthy lives. Another would be an end to environmental destruction and that would include more humane treatment of animals, especially those hidden away on factory ‘farms’, for human consumption. I am not sure what a third would be as I wouldn’t want to use them all up in haste!! LOL. πŸ˜€ You must be a great person to have all this occur.

    • Beth, I like the wishes you chose and I would be cautious with your last one, too. I agree yours are very valuable wishes and I would like my children to have long and healthy lives, also hope to have my brothers and Mom around for awhile longer, if possible.

      I am not necessarily a “great person,” as you suggested. I do have appreciation, as I am sure you do too, Beth, for what happens around me. I loved the Easter egg hunt, with the older kids helping the younger ones. My son and his wife offered the children some of the ‘good’ chocolates my Mom had bought for them, which I was surprised. I would have (sorry to bust any bubbles or illusions of my ‘niceness,’ Beth) hidden the chocolate box away since it was fine and yummy chocolates, while the kids could ‘gorge’ on the jelly beans and starbursts I had put in their eggs. I hide $1 bills in the green eggs, but someone told me they hide up to $20 in theirs and encourage grandkids’ putting into savings accounts. This made me wonder if maybe I ought to try to do this, too? Well, if I win the lottery, I may! ha ha!

    • I think we already like birds and have a similar outlook. Thanks for this lovely thought. Are you far from Ohio, U.S.? I was just commenting on someone who used to go to Cleveland to hear concerts. I grew up in Cleveland. There is a friend who blogs who lives in Columbus, and I live only about half hour north of Columbus… We may still meet, let me know where you are, you never know.
      I would enjoy meeting each and every one of the fellow bloggers I have ‘met’ along the way. We would probably gab each other’s ears off! Smiles, Robin

      • I’m in the DC Metro area. So no, not really…but not exactly super close.
        I agree completely! I’d love to meet so many of the people I “know” because of our blogs!
        Gab each other’s ears off! YES!

      • The DC Metro area must be rather exciting! I am glad you feel we would have a great time, if we were ever to meet up. Thanks for the ‘love’ and sending you some back.

  6. Hi Robin,

    I love those wishes you have made in the beginning of this post…you have got a benevolent heart but it is good to be tough on the genie!
    There was a time we had so many wishes…some remained buried deep down in our heart! Now I can’t even think of a second one, the first and the most important one is – staying closer to my family, my children and grandchildren, receiving their love and respect and yes, second could be peace of mind.
    Do I sound self-centered?

    • It is perfectly acceptable to hope for personal happiness, along with being close to your family and having peace of mind, Balroop. I believe I said this would be however you would like to share your wishes. I appreciate honesty!

  7. Wonderful wishes darling. Mine? I have to selfish for daughter K to be rid of her borderline. For her to happy, settled, working. Third – no more puppy farms or animal abuse. My fave silly love song..um..err… and I would walk 500 miles…. Sings as I toddle off. xoxo

    • I am liking your song, “I Would Walk 500 Miles,” Jen. (Do you like the Seekers singing this song?) You are okay to feel this is a fun song! I would be glad to see you toddling along or shaking your ‘bootie’ to this… possibly to have a sip or two of wine, smiles!
      I like your personal wishes for daughter, K, along with your wishing that she be rid of this battle with all areas of her life. I would wish her to have no more struggles, Jen! The result being, K. would have a happy, settled life with a way of making a steady income. I do like how beautiful and interesting she looks in her modeling photos, Jen. I wish this could come to a financially great outcome. I also believe puppy farms and animal abuse must End!

      • Thank you sweetheart, yep I hear that song and I do get my boogie going..awkward πŸ˜‹yes that is all I want in life for her to rid of BPD and be happy. Yes I don’t mind the Seekers Version, but ye’ canna beat a Scots version πŸ˜€ hugs sweety xoxo

    • This was so nice of you to like my wishes just as they are.
      I like your song and need to get someone to put it on their cell phone. Too cheap to buy ear buds, today! Smiles and thanks for adding to this, Sherry.

  8. i love your 3 wishes and the 3 stories so much, robin. i have always loved, ‘love is the drug i’m thinking of.’ my 3 – love, kindness and happiness for the world.

    • This song, “Love Is the Drug I’m Thinking’ Of” will surely be one I recognize but will have to wait to listen to it. I am curious and wish I weren’t cheap today and could listen to all the songs people have listed, but will be heading home instead. Soon… thanks for adding your very wonderful wishes since they encompass so much. We need love, kindness and everybody to be happy! Yes, Beth!

  9. It’s a good day when three wonders like this make you happy, Robin. Very good day for you. A late Easter is still a great Easter! Here’s another silly ex-Beatle song for you, my friend. “She’s Sixteen,” by Ringo! “She comes on like a dream, peaches and cream, lips like strawberry wine, she’s sweet sixteen, she’s beautiful, and she’s mine oh mine oh mine!”

    • Oh my, oh my! This song by Ringo is silly but sung to a catchy tune.
      I liked how you said a late Easter is still a great Easter, always fun to hear such rhymes and engaging thoughts, Mark!
      I also was glad you like my being happy with my life, which I am always happy when things go smooth in yours, too. Thanks, my friend!

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