On two ends of the spectrum,

Two unique people passed on,

Going into another place,

However you believe,

Or should it be,

“How ever they believe?”

The One Too Soon

~*~   Lauren Hill   ~*~

A young basketball player.

One you have heard of, maybe.

I focused on her first and only college game,

Held at Xavier University, larger venue,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was her ‘home team’ of

Mount St. Joseph vs. Hiram University.

Freshman year, November 2014.

Really wanting to be a student,

We all were rooting for her.

Hoping for her to spend all 4 years there,

Graduate, get a job,

Fall in love and marry.

At least to be older than 19.

Inoperable brain cancer: cause.

Family, innumerable friends and fans,

Left behind, bereft.

Lauren’s outstanding legacy:

1.5 million dollars raised for cancer.


~^~   Percy Sledge   ~^~

The One Not Yet Finished Singing

There were scheduled concerts in 2015.

Who has not been mesmerized by his voice?

A 74 year old singer,


To the max.

Someone whose bluesy, gritty voice




You to the core.

Love songs felt in your chest cavity.

Rhythm and Blues,

Soul and Pop.

“When a Man Loves a Woman,”

May have made more charts and sales

Breaking records with another younger

man, with long, blonde hair flowing,

(Michael Bolton did fine.)

I loved the original 1966 version best.

It made it to Gold,

An International sensation.

Inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame,

~Class of 2005~

Sample Percy’s songs,

“Take Time to Know Her,”

“Warm and Tender Love,”

“I’ll Be Your Everything,”

and “Sunshine.”

But, honey ‘chile, you ain’t heard it like

Percy slays it!

He had liver cancer, 2014.

Hospice, 2015.

Wife, Rosa, of 35 years

And family left behind, bereft.


William Shakespeare

From, “Romeo and Juliet.”

“When he (or she) shall die,

Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of Heaven so fine,

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun.”


24 responses »

    • It makes me tear up, all over again, Beth. I had written a post called, “Life and Death: Basketball and Christmas” about Lauren, back when they played the game. I am just thinking about her not being there for all the rest of the holidays. Hope her Easter was a wonderful one, Beth. Thanks for being here for me, sweetie.

      • Beth, it is so interesting that “CBS Sunday Morning,” had a story about Lauren, which was so well done, along with a memorial on Percy Sledge. I feel like a ‘cutting edge’ journalist. Ha ha! Thanks for this response, just updating you on the stories, in case you wished to see this segment and view Lauren, who in an interview cried saying she was happy to represent this children’s brain cancer subject, to help people to become more aware of the need for financing. Hope you are having a marvelous and sunny Sunday!

    • I was hoping to end the post with some sort of positive message. They were each special in their own way, Beth. Good thought each making a huge impact on the world. Thanks for reading this.

  1. I think your words on behalf of these two memorable people are as fitting a tribute as could be given. They were both worthy of your words of remembrance, and they each left a legacy that will live on.
    – Mike

    • Thanks, Mike, I think we had talked about Lauren on my other post, how it just is so sad. Life is fleeting, I know those who loved her made her have memorable last moments together, too. The fact they scheduled the game early in the season, the other team’s clapping, how she made the first and last scores, just this along with so many other things I believe Lauren was well loved.
      Percy was quite an interesting man, Mike, he began as a fields worker, then became a hospital orderly, singing at night. This was a great story and so glad he lived a full life, not too much pain or suffering. Both are fine where they have gone on, while we are left thinking about them. Hugs, Robin

  2. When I had cancer, I read many blogs about it. One thing I found that astounded me was the courage and hope of some of the women who were fighting breast cancer. With such an example of “courage in soft gentle places” – how could I be any less brave.

    • Thank you so very much for sharing this valiant fight against breast cancer, which I hope it will stay in remission or leave entirely!! You are such a brave person, so thankful you found comfort and solace, along with positive courage and motivation from blogs about the subject. It is such a wonderful ‘world’ where people reach out and share so much to help us to get through things. I have never been through much and yet, have felt such warmth here. Thank you for sharing your story here.

    • I like what you just wrote, too! I believe they will be around sending messages that they ‘made it to the other side,’ and all is well. Thanks, Jen. Your creative words mean a lot to me, such a kind gesture to add to this post.

    • Thank you, Jill for feeling it meant something to post this. I am just sitting here wondering, I read his story but didn’t look up Sisters Sledge and am thinking of their lovely song, “We Are Family,” Jill. Wonder how they are related, if they are? Smiles, Robin

    • This is such a kind reception to this post, Colleen. I feel you see the way they impacted others, which really does mean they lived a complete and full life, varied in their own special way. Thank you for the way you expressed this.

    • “CBS Sunday Morning,” nationally focused on their deaths. Both the Southern legendary singer, Percy Sledge and local heroine, Lauren Hill. It is a wonderful episode, which I felt blessed to see this morning, Brenda. Thanks for sharing the sadness and finding it to be ‘great,’ too.

  3. Basketball player, too young, singer, not old enough. Beautiful spirit, beautiful voice. RIP. Thanks for your tribute to Lauren and Percy, Robin. Very well done, my friend.

    • This was very nice summary and I agree with how you put this. Succinct and sweet. I was happy that “CBS Sunday Morning” covered more about each of these people today *Sunday April 19th. Thanks, Mark!

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