Friends Are Beautiful


A few things about friends- –

They kiss or hug when greeting and parting,

Never knowing when they may see each other again.

So every word is kind, full of promise and love.

They stay in touch.

One never knows between good times,

When bad times may strike.

They are ‘there for you,’ no matter what.

They would defend you or help you,

Putting their own life in danger.

Friends leave ‘no stone unturned’

And ‘nobody left behind.’

They let you see all their sides and facets.

They are ‘real’ and ‘honest’ to a “T.”

Being themselves,

while you are yourself.

My Mom would say with family or friends,

“You can let your hair down,”

While in the 70’s a catchy phrase went,

“Letting it all hang out.”

No subject is off limits.

Sometimes starting with,

“I hope it is okay to tell you this . . .”

Time may pass, huge time gaps,

But the fragments and threads

Of your lives will continue to bind,

Picking up where you last left off.

Friends are also loves.

Lovers can be friends.

Taking rainy storms transforming them into sunshine.

Making subjects which seem obscure to ‘outsiders’

become hilarious,

“Inside jokes.”

Distance may part friends, but technology connects them.

Acceptance and warmth wash over past hurts or pains.

Age makes friendship more valuable,

Leveling all those who dare to get in their path.

We ‘know too much’ to let friends slip away.

Great minds think alike, so true with friends.

They share common belief systems,

Common causes or

Common faith in mankind.

~*~ Robin’s thoughts on friends~*~

The above is not a poem but some patched together ‘friendship squares’

for a ‘patchwork quilt’ which may come together.

Sandra Tsing Loh, 52 years old, wrote an insightful book which focuses

in this small sample on accepting yourself;Β  just as you are.

This piece was excerpted from March, 2015 edition, “Prevention” magazine.

Ms. Tsing Loh’s fantastic book is titled,

“The Madwoman in the Volvo:Β  My Year of Raging Hormones.”

“From my late 20’s on, I had these puffy eye bags. Everyone was always

asking me if I got enough sleep– even if I got 12 hours the night before.

So at 36, I decided to have them lasered.

They just zip out that little pocket of fat.

And you know what?

It was totally effective. Since then, I’ve found myself confident that I famously

do not worry about my appearance at all.

My kids tease me about it.

When I was in my 20’s and dating– well, unsuccessfully dating– I would try

to make myself look attractive, but now I try not to look at myself that critically.

I have a sort of potatoey nose, and my hair is still kind of a disaster,

but so what?

At 52, I think the most recent photos of myself are the best ones I’ve seen.

But I’m a little far-sighted now.

A pleasant soft focus–

that’s what age gives you to compensate.”



“To offer trust in times of need,

To see misfortune through,

To feel the pain when you are cut

Because they bleed some too.

To make no judgments heedlessly,

To defend from idle talk,

To know that only you can wear

The shoes in which you walk.

To share a tear in sadness,

To be first with a hand,

To be forgiving of mistakes

Because they understand.

To only be a call away,

To hear you laugh or cry,

To make your living better

And mourn when you die.

There is no greater tribute

To which one can ascend

Than to earn the simple title- –

The one that’s called a friend.”

~C. David Hay.

What do you think is an important quality of friendship?

Do you have a favorite quote about friends?


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  1. Good friends are treasures and we need to guard the relationship like gold. By the way, I think a blessing to us as we age is fading vision. I’ve also noticed that my mirror at home knows me and makes me look better than the mirrors I find outside, but that is just a brief digressive thought. This was lovely Robin and a valuable reminder to be and have good friends.

    • It is true about the mirror! I too notice that mine at home is compassion and great lighting because when I see myself in the long tall mirrors at the stores, I am quite shocked to find I look different and not so much in the best light! WUWT!
      Great article and it makes me like my significant other even more because it is our friendship that brought us and is keeping us together, although of course I Love Him, but it seems my past relationships based on only that seemed to not stand the test of time, but having a friend by my side who I desire too has been a great blessing and after almost eight years, we are still looking forward to our future!

      • I like how you shared your friendship with your significant other, which led to a great blessing of almost 8 years together. This is wonderful how you mentioned the quote from Sandra’s book which included the way our faces look softer while under our home lights and while we are getting faded vision, for those who are older. Thanks for this lovely set of comments, Jennifer!

    • I am blessed by having a closer connection with you, Beth. I do feel like we have become friends, knowing more about each other.
      I also like the ‘fading vision’ comment, which helps while looking at oneself, but also while looking at someone who is also of ‘our age,’ so to speak. We see the beauty in each other, less focused on the wrinkles. Life is better with a softer focus, but you, as a photographer capture light, beauty and magnificent shots with details included, Beth!

    • Yes! Great addition to the qualities needed to have long and enduring friendships! I feel criticism must be kept to a minimum, unless persuaded to give an ‘honest’ opinion, then one must try to do so!

  2. Aw, Robin, what a precious post. I’ve learned the meaning of the word friendship here at WP. I cherish what I have learned. As for looks, funny you should say you think you look the best yet, I too feel that way about me. I’ve attained a softness, a gentleness to my face which looks good on me. I’ve had to fight with so many “darknesses within” in order to find the “real me”. So in doing that, I have found the real me. (smile) Have you, Robin? My guess you have! (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

    • I hope that we all feel much more secure, as Sandra Tsing Loh was commenting about her feeling much better about herself. I am so glad that the beautiful inside and out, Amy, is feeling the same way. I do agree, we need to accept ourselves to be able to appreciate our inner beauty shining outwardly. Amy, thanks for this sweet complimentary set of comments! Hugs back and with you, my friend!

    • Cindy, you help our world to be more beautiful through your photographs and fun comments that get us to feel light-hearted and ‘free.’ Thanks for saying this and hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

    • Another ‘truth’ being spoken. Thanks so much for reminding us, but we can help to make our family and neighbors see us in a more positive light… just saying. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  3. Awww! I like the “friendship squares” πŸ™‚ In a quilt of friends, Robin, you are absolutely there for me!! As for quotes, which you asked for, this one has a wonderful truth to it:
    “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit”. – Aristotle
    … Sending you hugs for the weekend!

    • Christy, this is such a lovely comment, seeing how I was trying to put some ‘friendship squares’ together, but didn’t feel I took the time to make it ‘perfect’ as it is a ‘work in progress!’
      I love the Aristotle quote, which is such an ancient piece of wisdom, so glad he wrote it into stone or something which would last all these years later.
      Smiles and hugs sent your way, which I hope you will have a special weekend, young friend!

      • You do send the nicest comments back to me, Robin! Yes, your friendship squares turned out well in your post. I’m glad you enjoyed the quote as I did like reading your post xx

  4. My concept of friendship has changed over the years. I used to think of friends as people I could depend on – people who would always be there for me when I needed a little extra support. I also found that to be a bit too needy on my part.

    I now think of friends as people I can be close to without needing to be close. I have come to appreciate friends we have made during our travels, and I will always have the desire to be with them again, whether or not that happens. I feel as close to them as ever, and I am grateful for the technology of Skype and Facebook to stay connected. – Mike

    • It is a miracle to be able to have the technology we do have. I have kept friends by writing letters and family continues to do so. My two brothers are on Facebook, my being only on LinkedIn and WordPress limits me a bit. My best friend, Sandy, from third grade and my ‘old’ neighborhood in North Olmsted, Ohio writes me once a year but she says she laughs out loud and reads my funnier pieces or posts to her husband, Warren. We stay connected in a tenuous way, where we don’t call each other, even during sad times.
      I am thankful for getting to know you, Mike. I feel that you analyze and figure out what other ways things I write about could be included to really add to my posts. I am so happy you thought about the way your idea of friends and friendship have evolved. This is so true, the part you expressed about even if one may never meet the friend in person, the friendship continues on. Love this, Mike!

    • I like your adding this great and admirable quality of friends, “through thick and thin,” Kirt. Such a really good way of putting it, too. I feel we are friends who like beauty in nature and art. While I may not post my art, since it is not high quality, I have it in my ‘heart’ which you show in your photographs and paintings, Kirt.

  5. I don’t have a favorite quote. But what I love about friends is not having to explain things. If I want to explain they listen. If I can’t explain they don’t need it. If I try to explain and fail they say it’s okay, it doesn’t matter. There’s a comfort, even when we’re uncomfortable with what’s going on, there’s a comfort in going through it together.

    • I like the way you explained this, which means we all have someone who listens, whether things make sense from our own words or outside incomprehensible subjects we may be wishing to be hugged or held through, wordless comfort, too. Colleen, I feel we ‘get’ each other, although we may sometimes be on ‘different pages’ we try to understand the other’s perspective. Hugs to you, my friend.

      • πŸ˜€ Another part of friendship. Not always being on the same page. But sharing each other’s pages. And quotes. And saying “HEY! Guess what I just saw/read/” and got value from and wanted to share. πŸ˜‰ And then discussing the different way we look at it. And sitting back going “how about that!”. πŸ™‚

      • I liked this answer and addition, Colleen. We don’t have to be on the same page, respecting our differences but maybe widening our thought patterns, while listening. I have learned so much just being on wordpress. I feel much better informed about differences, one person sharing with me, at a time. Thanks for this and all the smiles you send me, Colleen!

      • You’re welcome Robin! πŸ™‚ I feel the same way. There’s always something to learn from people who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas.

    • I will check out your words on friendship, Balroop. We all ponder this subject, either when we write whole posts about it, or in passing subjects about our friends and how we deal with others in our lives. We each have our particular characteristics which mean the most for us, found in our good and true friends. I value your thoughts and enjoy how we are getting to know each other, too. Thanks so much for the link, hope others will check this out, too.

    • I am so glad you put this the way you did, Jill. It is so true. I like when people feel their friends are “like family.”
      Your oldest friend and you are so blessed to continue on, like no time has passed. I have a friend from when I was 9 and we still write once a year, but we don’t get together. My other friends, one from college is an intermittent visitor, while my ‘closest’ friends are from 1980 (Nancy) and 1992 (Jenny). My “gang” of babysitting friends land between the two of these friends.

      It is so nice to have more than one kind of friend, which I feel my blogging community may know more than my actual friends do about how I feel about work and other stressful things in my life. I hate to ‘burden’ my friends with passing negative thoughts, but feel it helps with a dialogue with my friends, ‘here’ who may also be going through something, too.

    • Jules, my friend. Thanks for helping me in the past to understand your family and how it changed over the years. We have had a few ‘off the record’ discussions. So sorry that I don’t clean out my email account, so we don’t have a space to do this again. (I don’t have my ‘filters’ on wordpress set correctly and every time I comment or someone likes or comments, the list gets to be so endless, that I don’t look anymore at my hotmail.
      I hope we are friends, maybe from a distance, but I feel I ‘know’ you and feel connected, too. Thanks ‘for being here,’ Jules!

      • No worries. I knew a gal who just deleted everything old in her email and started fresh. πŸ™‚

        Also one of the reasons I don’t have likes going to my inbox. While I understand the participle… and take advantage of the ‘like’ button occasionally – I think it is something we could all do without. At ‘B’ some days they say a piece has fifty views, but I have no clue from who, because only comments are allowed.

        Take care of yourself and your family – we will connect from time to time πŸ™‚

  6. Robin … “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere.” I don’t know who said it, but it’s oh so true.

    I love your thoughts on friends, too. πŸ˜‰

    • This is true. I like this quote but had not heard the leaves part of it, Judy. Isn’t this a strange thing to remember only half of a quote? Anyway, I have enjoyed how we have shared some interesting stories over our blogging time together and feel we would be ‘friends’ if we lived closer. Thanks for your adding this quotation. It is a great one, Judy! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Paulette, so wonderful of you to do this. I appreciate this so much! I hope to be able to read more posts of yours. I enjoy getting to know other bloggers. Thank you for the re-blog. Smiles, Robin

  7. What a great piece you wrote about friends. Thanks for following Totally Inspired Mind and I’m glad you liked my post about Helen Keller and the audio book. I listened to the whole book last night late in the evening. It took about two and a half hours.

    Paulette Miyako

    Is your name Robin?

    • Paulette- Yes, my name is Robin.
      I love the Helen Keller story, remember reading Annie Sullivan, her teacher’s story, too. I am glad you found this to be a ‘great piece’ about friends. I appreciate your interest in my posts and was glad to have found your blog. Not sure which other blogger is our shared friend, but hope to become better acquainted over time. I am leaving now to go to a park with my grandkids! Smiles, Robin

  8. Robin, I really enjoyed this post. I’ve got some amazing friends and I nodded as I read. This is what made me smile:
    Distance may part friends, but technology connects them.

    Yay! Facebook is good for connecting πŸ™‚

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