Nature’s In Tune with Spring


“Today, while the blossoms still cling to the vine

I’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wine.

A million tomorrows shall all pass away,

‘Ere I forget all the joys that are mine,


A dear old campfire song, which I have mentioned

before, comes to mind when it is Spring, along with

meeting for a hike, park visits, looking at nature and

fun moments ahead.

I received an early ‘picture message’ on my cell phone

today. It brightened my morning and started this busy

day off with a good message. It was from my youngest

brother, about his latest race.

Rich Oldrieve ran in the Bach Race, winning first place,

with his golden retriever beside him. His ‘catchy’ message

was simply:

“First man, First dog, First Bach Race.”

(Held on Baldwin Wallace campus, benefiting the BW

Singers, honoring Bach’s music.)

I hikedΒ  forΒ  three miles or more, with my youngest

daughter, Felicia, this morning.Β  We met at 10 a.m.

at Highbanks Park, part of the Columbus Metroparks


The park has tall ledges, which once Native Americans

had used as natural ‘look-out’s’ for other tribes and


This also provided protection for later, a family of pioneers

who chose this rugged terrain to settle on. There is a small

grave site, which my own children and babysitting kids

liked to stop and examine this. They were fascinated by the

old grave stones, since a couple of the deaths were of


The Joseph and Sally Pool family settled there in 1812.

The Pools traveled from New York to Delaware County

(Sharon Township), eventually having 13 children.

We walk at a fast clip, I was listening to her business plans,

recent marketing endeavors and exciting connections. The

wheels for Better Blends are definitely spinning!

My side of the conversation was about meeting a fellow

coworker, Debby, at Cracker Barrel for Friday dinner. She

is in receiving department at my warehouse. She is a recent

widow. One who is amazingly strong, has such a positive aura

about her. Her granddaughter, Kaylynn saw ‘angels by the

hospital windows,’ while Debby’s husband was taking his final


Debby regaled me with more wonderful experiences and about

her life ‘well spent’ with her hubby, Bill. Debby was only 17 years

old when she met Bill. When they waited until she was 18, she

married a 37 year old. She felt who loved and adored her. They

had two daughters and two sons together.

Debby says, “I could not have asked for a better 43 years

together, Robin.”

I recounted some of this conversation with Felicia, telling her

that Debby and I talked about my meeting my first husband at

age 18.

How we would have had 42 years together, married in 1978 so

we would have had a 37 year anniversary. “It was not meant to be,”

but I could relate to feeling strongly for someone at such a young

age. Having hoped I met ‘the man of my dreams’ at an early age.

I could see it possibly working out with a different combination.

Felicia remonstrated, “Don’t dwell on the past, Mom!”

I mentioned I made a good friend recently, who is an artist and

potter. She likes my pen and ink watercolor children’s pictures

while I am excited to see more than just photos of her pots which

she will sell at the Delaware Farmer’s Market, both on Saturday

mornings and Wednesday evenings, starting soon. I told her

that Marty is single, so we may end up going out together to

share a drink, keeping our eyes open for possibilities.

I drove away from our hike, coffee and lunch at Panera Bread

restaurant, feeling uplifted and more completely involved with

my youngest daughter. Texting and quick phone conversations

keep us in touch, but we really need to have ‘face time’ to feel

connected. Hugging is necessary, too!

We had bought blue and white frosted cookies for dessert

and to benefit Children with Autism. This is the most yummy

cookie, almost like a butter shortbread, with blue sugar

crystals sprinkled into a puzzle piece pattern. (“Pieces of Hope”

with proceeds going towards Autism research.)

If you have a Panera close by, try one or two of these delicious

cookies, please.

Heading North on Route 23, I face more traffic.

Leaving Highbanks Park, Panera Bread and passing Camp

Lazarus, I see all the signs of people wanting to get out and

interact. The Home Depot parking lot was packed, while the

Boy Scouts camp parking lot was crowded, too. This is where

families were hiking around and seeing new growth, climbing

up and down creek beds, seeing the little waterfalls, too.

I love watching the different people, getting out of cars, being

able to watch young parents with little children and strollers,

ones greeting each other as they emerge from cars, side by

side. People who meet each other at the park, families who

were gathering at the B.S. location.

Spring is in the air!

I had taken photos of trillium, both yellow and white, purple

and white violets, Spring beauties, May Apples, Johnny Jump

Up flowers and brilliant green mosses and undergrowth.

I would look at them once I get my blogging finished.

I need to be out of the sun, out of the library fluorescent lights.

to truly get a good ‘view’ of the photographs on my cell phone.

Later on, at 3 p.m. will be picking up my son and daughter in

law’s crew, taking them to Blue Limestone Park, here in Delaware,

Ohio. My oldest daughter and her two boys may join me, so the

‘cousins’ can play together and I have an adult to chat with. She

was telling me that my daughter in law needs to rest, while she

may wish to do her daily chores without all four kids underfoot.

Ice cream may ‘spoil their dinners’ but may get permission to

indulge all with such a treat, anyway.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and seeing lots of

beauty, joy and hope in your surroundings, however the

weather and situations going on around you are going.

“Oh, I’ll be a dandy and I’ll be a rover,

You’ll know who I am,

By the song that I sing.

A million tomorrow shall all pass away

‘Ere I forget all the joys that are mine,

Today. . .”


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. I married in college, Robin. If it had lasted past the 7-year-itch, which he scratched on the obvious level–many times–we’d be married 44 years now. Yikes! I’m not being flip, but that would have at least 40+ miserable years, and I can’t imagine the kind of person I would have become.
    But there’s something about remembering the “young love” and the impact on us. My daughter said the same thing yours did–don’t dwell on it–but she added this: “unless it’s to use him in a story where you need a horrible character who meets a horrible but funny end.” πŸ˜‰

    • I also started going out with my husband when I was young – seventeen – and we married when I was only 21 years old. We were together 40 years. Looking back the messages are quite mixed and something that I cannot quite resolve. I think when the separation comes relatively early, then you can wipe those years off, move on and work at having a great life. However, when the separation comes much later and you have shared so much together (so much of which involves the children), it is difficult to know what to do with the memories.

      • I don’t think this post is going well in my comments section. I don’t know how to get the two comments I wrote to Marylin to be posted by her. I think it all happened when accidentally your reply came out like you were responding to Marylin.
        I wish to apologize to you both!
        So sorry, Elizabeth and Marylin, for this accidental reply situation.

        Elizabeth, I appreciate your sharing here. I am sure your story is different in a few key factors from Marylin’s and my own divorce stories. It does seem quite baffling and confusing why you were married so long, 40 years, and it didn’t work out.
        But, I do feel you have grown to understand it is for the best, now. A long struggle to come to grips with this, too.
        I also think it is similar to the way my ex-husband and I would have possibly stayed together, but you were happy for the 40 years. I was not. . .
        It is difficult when I read your post, to see the marriage that seemed to be good and true love, somehow get washed away so many years later. I understand your different ways you had to go through this, which really was a challenging few years of adjusting to life on your own. I was so proud of how you shared with your son, then later when the wedding went by, your being able to write a meaningful poem and how you were able to get through the proceedings with good feelings, too.
        I am not sure if one ever totally forgets a love of their life. I did feel Dave and I had so much in common, his mother was both a teacher and an artist. My brother and Dave were in the same fraternity, Dave encouraging my brother to change colleges to be closer to us.
        In the long run, the marriage brought me a full ten years of knowing and loving Dave, brought me my two children. So, the positives outweigh the negatives.
        Thank you, Elizabeth for contributing to this conversation. Again, sorry about the way the comments got jumbled up! Smiles.

      • Hi. Marilyn and I know each other (through blogging) so that’s OK. Yes, It does seem unusual that we lasted forty years .. and then suddenly this split did happen. We had a previous catastrophe and I think that put pressure on our relationship as I was dealing with the catastrophe.

    • Marylin, this is something I may have missed in your life’s experiences. So glad you found a better one, having children who love and support your writing, too. I like this daughter of yours!
      It is true, our ability to be able to find someone may not be evident while young, although I do get a little misty over songs like Kenny Rogers’ “Through the Years,” and others. Glad to have a friend who understands and also, will remind me of the outcome being much better without him. I am his friend, he is the “Poppy,” while his wife is my grandkids’ “Mimi.”
      Funny side note, my daughter also told me that Mimi is kind of jealous of ME, since in my forties I was more like her, chubby, now have lost this due to diet and exercise.

    • Marylin, this is such a personal story which was helpful to me to know your past. I am glad you found your way through this bad marriage to a better one, with your family beside you all the way. I bet your mother was very supportive when you realized it was a bad decision.
      I accidentally wrote this reply and pressed reply under Elizabeth’s comments. Now, shall go and hope to repair the damage.
      I have made peace with my children’s father, since we all share holidays and grandchildren. The funny thing is that my ex-husband’s nickname is “Poppy” and his wife’s name is “Mimi,” while my daughter says Mimi is jealous of Me. I laugh since she isn’t really but she has gained weight, which I also did gain about 40 lbs. while in my 40’s and then, my teacher asst. and I worked hard to lose weight, being supportive of each other’s goals. I needed to, due to cholesterol, she needed to due to a higher blood pressure. It all works out, in the end. Anyway, thanks for sharing, Marylin. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  2. Don’t you love trilliums? (trillia – sp?)

    The daffodils and tulips are already gone here out west. The rhododendrons are getting ready to burst forth. It is a beautiful spring. Getting out for walks is like being part of the celebration. – Mike

    • I love the trilliums, which I must be also miss-spelling. Not sure, maybe will check this out later, Mike!
      I also enjoy the trees bursting out into their colors, the redbuds, the magnolias and the rhododendrums. Walks, while solitary, are the way to soothe one’s soul. With a friend or family member chatting and filling each other in, along with a peppy talk and quicker pace, can revive you, too!

  3. A lovely and uplifting post. Have I missed the fact that you do watercolors and have you posted them on your blog, Robin? I apologize if I am out of it. I would love to see them, if they are here somewhere. Meanwhile, we have a Panera nearby and those cookies sound delicious. My better half is working today so I am lazing around the house, puttering in the garden, reading an 800 page (my favorite kind of book) biography on Sinatra and snacking, lol! Have a wonderful Sunday. xx

    • I am smiling at the picture I get of you, from all these details, Beth. I am so glad you felt happier from reading this, too.
      I have only had one of my watercolors on a post, which went on Mark Bialczak’s blog. He offered to have me send my cell phone photos to him, which I included family, Mom, grandies and one watercolor. Maybe I should ask him if I could reblog these, then they would be on my own blog site?
      I love all kinds of books, sometimes the short ones upset me since i want the story to keep on going… I also like non-fiction. Have you ever read the book about Michael Douglas’ father, Kirk Douglas? I think it is called, “The Ragman’s Son?” You will have to tell me if you liked Frank Sinatra’s biography and which one is it, please? Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, Beth.

  4. So relaxing to read of your wonderful day, Robin. What adventures you have in a matter of hours! I did not know you paint, so you’d better post a masterpiece for all of us to see one day! Haven’t had the delicious cookie from Panera, that you spoke about,, but I’ll be looking! Panera started here in St. Louis about 20 years ago as the, “St. Louis Bread Company.” They began franchising , although the name remains the original in St. Louis. Love the place. Wonderful weekend to you! πŸ™‚

    • I am so blessed for fellow bloggers, who teach me new things every day. Thanks, Kim, for letting me know that the first Panera Bread came from St. Louis and is known as the “St. Louis Bread Company!”
      I also would like to let you know my art is of a ‘minor league’ pictures for children and old historic house drawings. I do feel my children’s books look and sound rather ‘nice’ and they have been useful for 4H and children’s Sunday school. I will have to consider re-blogging Mark’s post where I sent him a collection of my cell phone photos, one which demonstrates a ‘baby name picture.’ I appreciate your relaxing while reading my post, Kim. This is a lovely comment! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week, Kim. Hugs, Robin

      • Thank you, Robin. I probably got carried away, giving you an ‘education’ on Panera Bread! It’s been one of my favorite places since moving to St. Louis. Would love to see your work one day. Many hidden talents you have. Not surprising to me! 😊😊😊

    • I am now going to give John Denver credit for this song! We used to sing this when I was in Girl Scouts and did not know he wrote it or sang it.
      Thanks, Elizabeth for filling me in on this fact. Also, I agree, so sad about his early death. Also, I wish that he and “Annie” would have been able to grow old together. Remember, “Annie’s Song?” “You fill up my senses….” Smiles!

  5. Great spending this time with you today, Robin. Your friend was a fortunate one to find the love of her life at 18, a lasting love, and with such a big difference in age. Good for them. She seems to be strong at his passing, too. Hooray for Deb.

    Now, Robin, Marty. An interesting new fellow. I am glad to hear of this. You deserve this interesting development in your life. I hope he is a good and solid and intriguing man. Intelligent. Handsome. Rich! You deserve it all, my friend.

    Hooray for First Man and First Dog at the First Bach. Rich cracks me up with that text. Good racing, Oldrieve!

    Have a good Sunday, Robin. Enjoy our spring.

    • Oh dear! I guess I didn’t say ‘she’ somewhere in my description of Marty! She is a librarian and friend, who is also a potter. I am looking forward to seeing her pots she throws, glazes and cooks in her garage kiln. This was good to have a new friend who may go to movies or possibly night spots with. So, we can together look at men! Smiles!
      I also think to have had such a long life together is a special relationship and glad that Debby sees it in such a positive light. She is not likely to ‘ever look at men again,’ she is pretty adamant about this.
      I am so glad you saw this humor in my brother’s text, Mark. It cracked me up, too. I was hoping someone would notice this and YOU did! Smiles back at you, the one who notices details and is a great cheerleader/friend in my life. Thanks, Mark!

    • Bela, I sang this around campfires as a girl, then sang it to my children when they were getting ready to sleep. There was a ritual, including the Johnny Appleseed song being one piece of our bedtime prayers, too. I am so excited about your picking up the guitar and singing it. Too bad we cannot call each other up. I will in my mind tonight, it is Tuesday and this must be my friend, Bela’s voice in my head! Smiles, Robin

  6. Robin, thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite songs ever – I sang it many times – and the words ring truer today….A million tomorrows have all passed away by now in my life but today still belongs to me. Great post!

    • Sheila, so glad you recognize this song, which is being given credit to John Denver and maybe he found it like we did, in amongst country and campfire songs. I am liking the message, so glad you found this to be meaningful to you, too. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. (You, partner and dog, sweeties that you are.)

      • Yes, I hadn’t heard this song before. But how lovely to have read it on your post, it did bring back many memories, mostly of childhood, when we were all so carefree. πŸ™‚ Best wishes to you Robin, I hope you have a great rest of the week.

  7. Your friend who is a recent widow is so emotional about her 43 years spent in total bliss. I am so touched to see your relationship with your daughters. Yes hugs are important too and so the face time. God bless you both. There is always so much warmth and positivity I receive here but somehow I fail to understand why your posts don’t appear on my reader. I have been following your blog the moment I entered wordpress. I have to visit your page to check the new ones.Can you explain the reason? Regards.

    • I have been following you for quite some time, too. I am not often able to comment as much as some people but try to press like to keep in touch. I know it is not the same thing.
      I have accidentally “unfollowed” people and then, once I went back to following them, their posts come up in my Reader.
      I have a few people I follow who don’t come up. Don’t know why?
      Your posts come up. Yeah! I am not sure why there are these ‘glitches’ or mistakes in the service of our wordpress system?
      Why not go ahead and unfollow me, I won’t hold it against you. ha ha! Then, maybe a day later, go ahead and follow me again. If you want to, that is! Smiles and you are special to me, S n S! We have given each other hugs, special words have passed, and we are Friends! No matter what!

    • You are most welcome, Amy. I wish I could do more, since your photographs and messages in your poems and posts have meant a lot to me, my friend. Hope you have a beautiful week, Amy!

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