The girls at work got their hair cut.

One had blonde “tips” on her brunette ‘bob.’

Another had decided Spring meant pink “tips.”

Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” needed ‘tips’ from bar customers.

When an old-fashioned man “tips his hat,” he shows respect.

“Hot tips” can help someone win a bet:

Which team is going to win?

Whose horse is the best runner?

Which jockey is the most competent?

Is it best to buy stocks while they are low?

Which company’s stocks are going up?

Who will ‘throw’ the boxing match?

Where is the best food around?

LocalsΒ  who know the ‘in places’

May share their ‘tips.’

When things go awry, some may say,

“It’s just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg!”

Drinking margaritas on a bar stool, don’t expect to

Stand up straight, may be a little “tipsy.”

Serving drinks, the barmaid or bartender need ‘tips.’

Serving food, the waiter or waitress deserve ‘tips,’ too.

Be careful when you are in a rowboat or canoe- –

Don’t want to see you “tip” it over and get wet!

This reminds me of the Presidential campaign:

Tip a canoe and Tyler, too.

No, “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too” in 1840,

Which was shortened to “Tip and Ty.”

(William Henry Harrison and John Tyler.)

Although vegans may be dismayed,

I enjoy my sirloin ‘tips’ medium rare.

Do you wish to give me healthy “tips?”

The poison “tip” of an arrow killed the warrior.

When the artist uses his extra-thin felt “tip” pen,

His drawing includes so many details.

Speaking of felt, do you make sure to chalk

Your billiard or pool stick’s felt “tip?”

When you get out of the shower,

Do you use a Q-tip?

My ‘dandy’ Grandfather wore cordovan

Leather wing “tip” shoes.

Have you ever experienced a chill or thrill

Running up your spine. . .

From the top of your head to the “tip” of your toes?

When someone whispers in my ear,

I feel this same exhilarating shiver.

Children in ballet class look so awkward

As they attempt to balance on the ‘tips’ of their toes.

Yard darts are called “Jarts” which

Have really sharp “tips” to stick into dirt or grass.

I like when children have suction cups on the “tips” of

their darts to stick to walls and other flat things.

Word plays are enjoyable to engage in.

Can you add some more “tips” to this volley?


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    • I like these new choices, Beth. Sound like my favorites. I especially have things which are on the ‘rip of my tongue’ but sometimes cannot retrieve them out of my dusty brain. ha ha!

    • It is one of my favorite kind of posts. I have written about regrets, patience, ‘frame’ and its different forms and several ‘definitions’ posts. Wordplay is a lot of fun and makes me smile, Anneli. Hope you and the Captain are well and seeing more and more Spring signs, warm breezes and happy moments.

    • I would love to tip a child over, but no, you can stay as you are, Mike. I like ‘fingertips.’ I did think of the silly song, “Tiptoe through the Tulips” with Tiny Tim and someone else above added the Tipperary song.
      Thanks for trying your best, you are a good friend, Mike.

    • I am laughing at the way you mentioned stretching your brain first thing in the morning, Pauline. I goofed up with a shipment, had to run to the warehouse shipping floor at 6 a.m. today. I put a box of 15 items in the wrong tote. I lost my I.D. badge earlier this week. Glad it is the weekend!

    • E.S. this is a perfect addition to the Tip’s list. l hope Tip O’Neill would get a kick out of this one.
      I am waiting on a few more to comment but did think of a major one…. want to know it?
      “Crime Tips” or “Police tips” but if you are a crook, “Don’t ‘tip’ off the cops!”

    • Oh no! That is a kind of silly song to be your new ‘ear worm,’ Jill. Hope it will be replaced! Smiles and hope you have a fun Mother’s Day, too.

  1. I nominated you for Infinity Dream Award and Versatile blogger award. Do have a look and express your self according to the rules of the games πŸ™‚ Happy Blogging!!
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Mithai, this is so sweet and did not check blog for a couple of days. Thank you so much! Happy blogging and I will get to this soon. I will write over weekend a nomination post and will include your blog. πŸ™‚

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