What a “Bummer”



May 8, 2015.

My purse was taken.

It was just beside my feet,

on the floor possibly on the

other side of the post of the

computer table.

I felt so stupid.

I heard that people had had

this happen before at the library.

I was not able to pinpoint how

or when it happened.

Blogging in the computer room.

There were no familiar faces.

There was a crowd of people.

I quickly used the landline,

free of charge to library clients.

I called my dear friend, Jenny.

Told her my youngest daughter’s

cell phone number.

We had plans to meet at Verita’s.

I would be late, delayed

by specific circumstances.

When the nice bicycle cop arrived,

the library doors had been locked.

The library security guard had been

talking to me, busily jotting down notes.

I was trying to breathe deeply and not

be a ‘cry baby.’

The library security guard told me there

have been thefts of purses, while women

were looking at books on a shelf, their

back turned. There have been wallets

taken which were set on the computer or

on the copy machine while change was

being requested.

Officer Sean Franks, after he completed

the report gave me my Case Number.

He calls it, “Case # 15-943”

“The Case of the Stolen Purse.”

There are surveillance cameras so the

thief or thieves will be ‘found.’

When the car came by with Felicia and

her friend, Jonida, I told them I would be

there shortly.

The young bicycle cop, Sean, let me know

he felt my daughter was attractive.

He is a caring and sympathetic man.

I thanked him.

I was able to get the whole report finished

and joined the trio of party-goers at Veritas.

Jerry is Felicia and Jonida’s

(who I have been writing Yonida, since this is

how you pronounce her Albanian name)

partner in their Better Blends business.

We were planning on drinks and appetizers.

Delicious, beautiful presentations.

I could not concentrate.

So much to do.

I would meet back up with them,

promising and apologizing,

at the Solar Bar to listen to

Morgan Treni,

beautiful songster, lyricist and true local

talented musician.

I knocked on my landlord’s door.

He allowed me to sit and call the different

credit card companies, which I had written

into my poinsettia-decorated Christmas

Address Book.

Hint, hint:

Do this, do this now!

Pete offered me a beer and told me his wife

Nancy was out picking up a pizza.

Even my family cell phone numbers needed

to be consulted.

I left messages/voicemails on three phones.

No one answers to

unrecognizable phone calls.

I drove out to Kohl’s before their doors

closed at 9 p.m.

Replacement Card will be in the mail.

While I listened to Morgan’s beautiful voice

singing her original music, I started to relax.

As I watched Andrew Shaw pound on the

keyboard, while singing “Sitting on the Dock

of the Bay” and “Stand by Me,” I felt okay.

I walked home to my apartment and almost

didn’t want to turn the lights on.

I just wanted to crawl in between my sheets.

No, follow my regular routines.

I had to ‘set’ my radio alarm clock.

No cell phone with its catchy little tune

would be awakening me.

As I brushed my teeth, scrubbed my face

and prepared to go to bed,

I realized this is kind of ‘self-absorbed’

to be melancholy over a purse and its

various contents.

I closed my eyes and tried to go through

all the different images of the two hours

I was in the library blogging.

There had been a few sneezes.

There had been an exchange between

a married couple from one location to

the other.

The teens were not the ‘regulars.’

The adults had not included ones I am

familiar with, first name basis.

No Jessie, Charles, Jonathan, Tricia or

Mike from second shift at Advance Auto.

There had been a stroller, with a young man

who had leaned over to look into the face of

his baby. I had seen the couple but did not

know them either.

I could not with my eyes shut, looking at the

film in my mind, see anyone directly coming

over to my area, leaning down to put the

purse on their shoulder.

I eventually fell into a restless sleep.



May 9, 2015.

I woke up to hear the song,

“Fight Song” being sung by

Rachel Platten.

This suited me and caused

me to leave it on, as I made

my bed.

I would drink coffee, eat my

breakfast and follow a

Plan of Action.

Step One:

Go to Chase Bank on

South Sandusky Street

and talk to Lisa, Bank Manager.

Ask her suggestion about

carrying cash or checks for

the next week, until new VISA

debit card arrives in mail.

Everyone was so kind there.

Step Two:

Go to Rte. 23 and travel north.

Head towards the Bureau of

Motor Vehicles.

Get in line with long group of

Saturday morning people who

need Driver’s License, Boat

license, new tags and chat with

a nice, neighborly woman.

She told me she lives out in the

country down by Lewis Center

with two sons, ages 25 and 28.

This was a good conversation

comparing ‘country life’ to the

small town of Delaware, Ohio.

She felt that she ‘is safe from

crime’ where she lives.

She may be wearing my

“Rose-colored glasses”

which I threw down or lost


Check was for $25.50.

I included a dollar for organ

donation program.

I asked to make sure if I were

still an organ donor, which someone

had told me I would have to go online

to renew this and they could not just

do this by word of mouth.

That person was misinformed.

Step Three:

Go to the library and check with the

day security guard to make sure he

was aware of recently completed purse

theft report. He went into the office and

returned, telling me the report would go

to the library director. Not to worry.

Step Four:

Write my family members a group email

which informed them I would not be able

to answer cell phone nor text until new

phone is purchased. Not sure if this will

be today. I am a little bit dragging my feet

on this step.

Step Five:

Let my fellow bloggers know so they may

learn to carry back up lists of phone numbers

and not in their wallets or purses.

Need them to be in your car or at home, in

an address book. I know there are so many

doctor, work, and other phone numbers I

will be sad that I didn’t have an upgraded

cell phone connected to that nebulous

“Cloud” everyone refers to.

I got a funny movie, “St. Vincent” off the

Boomerang Shelf at the library.

This movie has Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy

and Naomi Watts.

This film is a 3 day loan.

I also picked up, “Begin Again,”Β  which

I was pleasantly surprised it came up on

my “Holds” list.

I had been on a “Wait List” for weeks since my

youngest daughter liked and recommended it.

This movie has Keira Knightley, Adam Levine,

James Corden and others. I am looking forward

to this movie, which has music and relationships


All of the Steps have been accomplished.

Need a cell phone but not ready to go

through the hassle and will decide on

this later, after lunch.

There are good things going on.

This is not the end of the world.

Things could be worse.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day to all.


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  1. I hate that this happened to you, Robin, of all people because you are always the one to look for the best in people and to believe in the good all around you. So so sorry! What goes around comes around in this big world of ours….eventually. This person will get their due.

    • Barb, your words are like a balm and I will embrace you over the internet! hugs. Thanks for this sympathy. I will be only in a bad mood for a little while longer. Hoping that karma works, but not wishing anyone harm.

  2. Well I wasn’t fun but it could have been worse.. Being held up and purse taken… It will be okay.. Just think of all the good changes that will happen because of this event…. A new purse to replace that tired looking one! Yaaaaah a new purse.

    • Okay, so I will look forward to a new purse! Thanks for this perspective and I was not ‘held up’ so no worries about this kind of upsetting incident.

  3. That is a bummer. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and violation factor of it all. What a pain in the butt! I hope tomorrow makes up for all of the nonsense you have endured the last couple of days. Happy early Mother’s Day, Robin!

    • Thanks, sweetie! Your whole week of sunshine was a bright beacon and this is not such a big deal. I will get over it, hoping to be just fine after I get another meal in me. Ha ha! Hope you have a special surprise and warm feelings all day for your Mother’s Day tomorrow.

  4. Oh! I am so sorry Robin. A purse carries so many valuables and that too the purse of a lady!
    It is amazing how you could write about this theft and add a touch of fun and resilience…strange pals!
    Take care dear friend and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    • You see this as not whining, Balroop. This is so sweet of you and how you perceive me makes me want to be a ‘better person!’ Thanks for the special and kind words, my friend. Take care and hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, too. Hugs, Robin

  5. Robin, I am so sorry! How did I miss this post earlier today? I would have commented right away, especially since you were kind enough to come and comment on my post, despite what you have been through.

    I would feel exactly as you do. Our purses are us! They are an extension of ourselves and each item is personal.

    Have you thought of contacting your cell phone carrier to ask if they can track any activity on your phone? Have you called your phone to see if someone answers? If you text yourself it might put pingback tracks on your phone history for the phone company to use to locate it and perhaps identify whoever has done it.

    I don’t know how to help other than to say, hugs to you. Share more if you care to. By the way, my email is byrnes.beth@yahoo.com, if you care to have it handy for whatever reason.


    • I did not post this until just now. Right before leaving the library, Beth. Do not worry, I was writing comments and twice started this and closed up the rough drafts. It is sort of ‘whiny’ so wasn’t sure how to make it not such a self-centered post.

      Thanks for this my good friend, Beth. Helpful and good suggestions. I will call and find out if I have any of this capability on my simple Verizon flip phone.

      My youngest daughter called the phone and left text messages last night. At the end of the night, she texted, “You’re mean! This phone has had photos on it since my niece was only 4 months old and now she is 4 years old. Bring it back to the library and put it in the drop box!”

      Thanks for the email address and I may just delete if off the reply above… hugs. Have a fantastic Mother’s Day and looking forward to hearing about Annabelle in a few weeks. You are a special auntie.

      • Oh good, Robin. I felt badly. Yes, Annabelle is on the horizon and I am so looking forward to having her here. It is good of you to mention it.

      • Did I remember to tell you that I love books illustrated by Steven Kellogg?You may see if you can find these at the library for Annabelle. My Mama’s a Llama and Rose and Pinkerton books. Rose is a cat who confounds the Harlequin Great Dane, Pinkerton. My grandchildren love to look at the wild and crazy pictures and listen to the stories, too. My oldest grandson and I got to meet S. K. and he was one of the nicest and most encouraging children’s authors. He is so renowned and acclaimed, but down to earth. I bet you know him and are nodding your head.
        Skyler’s favorite is “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.” Trust me and check these out of the library, Beth. They have great language usage, interesting plots and lots of details in the pictures! Smiles!

  6. Oh my! Goodness gracious! I have had two purses stolen, well, one I left on the top of the car and drove away from it, but those who found it could have returned it; the other time I had given a donation to a wandering man who said he had a sick family member…blah, blah… I set my pocketbook down for a moment, on my front porch, after he left…I didn’t know he was waiting to take it, which he did, with bill money, unfilled RX’s, and Christmas gift cards I hadn’t used yet.
    This an act of vandalism and you have been victimized. The day this happened to me, I determined to not let the ‘dark’ side win, by giving in to the real fear I felt and the supreme sadness at having lost all that was in my new, over sized, pocketbook. Once I gave in to the reality of what really did happen, I was able to deal better than when I tried to talk myself out of the emotions I was feeling. So, yes, it could have been worse, but it is also ok to take time to heal, because there is a victim feeling that you now have that you didn’t have before… Bless your heart!

    • Jennifer, thank you for telling me about the two times you had your purse stolen. This is so true, neither time did it have to go that way. Someone could have returned your purse in the first instance, the second one was just ‘mean!’
      You are giving me a good idea about maybe letting myself get sad and emotional at home. You are the first one to tell me to indulge my sad feelings. I had a pair of Transitional lenses glasses which it sounds silly but that and my cell phone are what I ‘miss’ the most. I also lost some gift cards, too. The glasses were a silly, frivolous move on my part, black with jewels on the side pieces. I only wore them twice out on walks with my girlfriend. They were my fancy sunglasses, which usually I wear contacts and brown ordinary sunglasses. I did not have insurance and I bemoan about that one the most. Bless you and hope you never need to feel like a victim again!

      • Right! After losing things that mattered to me, I do appreciate what I have now more, but not in a physical way like I covet stuff, but yes, like your glasses, it was so very personal and only you understand what they meant. I suppose the only thing to take from such instances is for us to learn and grow and realize all this is temporary anyways! I do feel for you! God bless!

      • Jennifer, it does seem we worried about sounding focused on our possessions but we both agree, neither were. Blessings sent your way and I had a lovely visit over on your blog today!

  7. What a bummer Robin!! These acts leave us feeling so violated don’t they? My home was robbed once and I felt as if I had been raped – it was an awful experience. It knocks us off our feet in a way – our trust is shattered! But it also wakes us up a bit – and proves that we can handle a small crisis too. Look at how you methodically worked your way through the list of things to do! Look at all the people out there willing to help and assist – not everyone is a troubled soul whose heart is so damaged they must steal other peoples things to make themselves comfortable. You may get some of your things back – stolen bags are often found discarded in dumpsters as all the thieves are after are the cash and credit cards. New phones are fun! Maybe it is time for an upgrade πŸ™‚ I hope you feel better soon and your light shines brightly once more xoxo

    • I am thankful for your sharing the way you felt when your home was robbed. This would be an incredible feeling of being violated, Pauline. I feel bad for this to have happened to you; much more serious than my purse. I will take time to allow the sadness to come out, as Jennifer just mentioned, I tend to ‘stuff’ these things down into my mind and this is worse than letting myself go.
      I like your seeing the positives in my plan of action. I hope that I may get an upgrade on my phone, but we will see! I especially like your sweet wishes, Pauline. Hope you have a fantastic day and the rest of the week, too.

  8. That’s terrible! I hope they catch whoever did this and I hope you get at least some of your things back. How sad to know that there are people in the world who would do this to another person.

    • Anneli, this is sad to know people do this. I was laughing at my younger daughter texting the ‘robber’ to my cell phone about how ‘mean’ he or she was. She did shut down my phone and we will see what kind of phone I will be getting maybe Monday or Tuesday. It turned out rather inconvenient since all 3 of my children work weekends. I am on my youngest daughter’s plan and pay her $30 a month on top of her college loan (partial payment) checks. She may surprise me with one that needs Wi-fi or internet, which may be what I need while away from the library. Smiles for your hoping they catch the ‘scoundrel,’ Anneli!

  9. Oh Robin, what an awful thing to happen. You sound so calm about it… I’m so sorry you had such a horrible experience but I admire your attitude: it’s not the end of the world, you are absolutely right – it just stops it moving for a few seconds. Happy Mothers Day weekend to you xx

    • Jenny, thanks for these supportive thoughts and a compliment about my level headedness, too. I hope no one I know goes through this but have had a few people share they already had this happen to them. Sad that people don’t return the purse in the library book drop, they could do this and make my day! Smiles! Happy Mother’s Day half way through today. Not sure if you will see this, but have a great week, Jenny.

  10. I am sorry to learn you had to go through the loss of your important cards and your personal items. You have a good attitude about being able to bounce back quickly and not let this incident overwhelm you.

    You are a better person than me. I was so upset when my wallet was lost to a pickpocket in Rome that it spoiled most of the rest of my week there. I didn’t even want to leave our hotel.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Robin!
    – Mike

    • Hello Mike, I have heard of this happening in Rome! When we were there for our honeymoon (12 years ago) I only carried a fanny pack with really very little in it! I have heard some horrible thefts (camcorders, cell phones, wallets, purses, travelers checks, etc.)! Sorry you feel victim to that because it unfortunately happens…Cheryl

    • I remember your honesty about posting about how disheartened you were in Rome. We were really paying attention to your travels and I loved all the Italy posts, Mike. I will try to ‘wallow’ as Jennifer suggested sometime soon. This may help me to get it out of the hidden recesses of my subconscious mind.
      Meanwhile, off to my son’s house after 3 p.m. All 3 of the kids worked this weekend, while son’s wife ‘manned’ the fort with my grandchildren. Felicia works a double today, so already spent the gift card she gave me on Friday with a lovely Mother’s Day card and handwritten special letter enclosed. The ‘new’ outfit is going to be worn on Thursday at a ‘meet and greet’ down in Columbus, Ohio with my good friend, Anna, driving me after work. She is like my friend, Jenny, retired and available, but does date a lot more than I open my schedule up for. Smiles! Thanks for listening and the nice wish for a good day!

  11. Oh Robin, I’m so sorry this happened…and in the library of all places. I guess we have to be on guard wherever we go. I hope your landlord plans to change the lock on your apartment. Thank you for the reminder. I don’t carry credit cards in my wallet. I do have Xerox copies of everything inside my wallet. Despite this major inconvenience, I hope you enjoy your movie and you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. xo

    • Oh, this is the strange thing but in my one pocket I had my keys and on my head I had a regular pair of sunglasses. So, no need to change the locks since the robber would need to get in the front or back door with a key and even then, would need a second key to open my apt. door.
      My new Transition lens sunglasses are what I am most sad to have lost. I had gone a little ‘glitzy’ with encouragement from daughter so they were black with jewels in the corner of the glasses on the stems. They are only worn when I get tired and take my contacts out and am out on a walk or what we determined would be appropriate ‘beach or pool wear.’ I have a plain old wire rims pair for at night, Jill. The ‘special sunglasses’ and my cell phone were my main losses. No insurance, alas. And I don’t feel like going through my home/apt. insurance for the missing items. I will check what the deductible is, though.
      Going to my son’s house after the library, since he and oldest daughter had each day shifts to work. My youngest daughter, Felicia, her friends and boyfriend, already treated me to wine and apps, along with she bought me a Kohl’s gift card.
      I already shopped and found the cutest outfit to wear from Kohl’s. It will boost my confidence since I am going to a ‘meet and greet’ in Columbus, on Thursday, with Anna. She will drive since I have to work. She will do her own way of ‘gussy-ing up’ and be fresh and full of energy.
      Cross your fingers I meet someone male and nice to hang out with, Jill! Smiles xox

      • I’m relieved to hear your keys weren’t in the purse. I’m sorry your about sunglasses. I know how expensive those can be even with insurance.
        Oh! I’m excited for you. I can’t wait to hear about the meet and greet! xo

  12. Robin, this is an extremely annoying situation and you did a terrific job describing all that having a purse stolen entails. Wishing you a peaceful and Happy Mother’s Day and hope that the video in the library identifies the person who stole your purse.

    • It sure would be nice to have some of the contents returned, Carol. Thanks for this thought of how annoying it can be to have this happen and hoping they catch the thief!
      I am having a peaceful Mother’s Day so far, while I will have dinner at my son’s home with his wife and children there. I think my oldest daughter will be there, too. Hope you have a wonderful week, Carol.

  13. 😦 I’m sorry Robin. How horribly nasty of someone to do this to you. I’m glad you had some uplifting moments. Aside from the theft and loss of ‘things’ there is the loss of trust. The loss of time it takes to replace everything, etc. I hope you get your items back.

    Hopefully the weekend turns out to have some bonus good moments and you have a wonderful mother’s day.

    • I hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day, if you should happen to see this, Colleen. If not, may it be a lovely week for you, my friend.
      I have some plans for the afternoon, both oldest daughter and my son had to work today. Youngest has a double shift, so I have already used her gift card and had a nice evening on Friday with her and her friends.
      The loss of trust will be re-built and I am sure that it would be nice to get some of the ‘things’ back, but if not, I am going to be fine! This was not nearly as dramatic as the day when vehicle ran over lightpost and nearly killed you and friend. You had such a frightening event that must have taken quite awhile to even process that. I remember things like that and realize my loss was rather minor and not at all ‘dangerous,’ Colleen.

      • Thank you Robin! Happy almost over Mother’s Day to you!

        That event was certainly frightening. And your event, though maybe not as frightening, is still horrible. Someone went purposefully out of their way to victimize you. But I appreciate YOUR attitude about it. So I should take a better attitude about it. πŸ™‚ (But it still makes me angry) πŸ™‚

      • I appreciate how you rallied for me and were angry at the one who took this from me, Colleen. It will be fine, just wanted to let people know, maybe even help others to be more careful. I am definitely sitting with my purse on my lap, right now! Smiling back at you!!

    • Thanks, did you happen to ask me about movies on a post? I have gone back and cannot find which one it was on. If you don’t mind repeating this if you were indeed the one who asked me, please do. I tend to think I will remember to go back and comment if it is an answer I may need more time to write back about…. a hassle is a good description of this!

      • I think it was about if you remembered “Laugh in” – you might be too young. As I looked through – I saw the blog with your guest post pictures – nice – the Jacob’s Field ones brought back some memories.

      • Thank you for checking out the photo montage. I did mention somewhere in a reply to you, it is easy to lose track…. Yes, indeedy! I am old enough to remember Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In. You bet your sweet bippy! That show was a great precursor for SNL and also, introduced me to dry humor and wit, like George Carlin. My parents liked other variety shows but did allow us to watch Laugh In.

    • I am saddened to know this has been something, disappointment in people, many times for you. So sorry. This makes me sad. I hope you and I can still keep looking at mankind as a glass filled half full or more than that!

      • I visited your posts and hope I mentioned lots of healing and get well wishes are sent your way. You are a blessing and such a source of love and positive messages. Take care and hope you are recuperating each day and feeling better every day.

    • Thanks, Sherry. This is so kind to wish they could catch the thief but mainly I wish they would put the purse and its contents into the library book chute.
      If you happen to check this, hope you also have a wonderful day and week, smiles!

  14. Oh, Robin, that really sucks. “What a bummer!” indeed.

    Over the years I’ve had my car broken into (and my 8-track player stolen, which tells you how long ago that was — I bet some of your readers don’t even know what an 8-track was!), and my apartment broken into (stole my 35mm camera, my Commodore computer, and — insult to injury — my luggage, which they used to carry off my stuff).

    They just last month my credit card company calls me to ask if I’d bought clothing from an online place in Connecticut. (No, I absolutely did not.) How someone got my CC number I’ll never know. The card wasn’t stolen and I only use it in a few places — mostly grocery shopping. That one, at least, resulted in no damage. The CC company was on the ball!

    So I know how you feel. Sucks living in a world with thieves and con artists. Makes one wonder sometimes if cutting off their hands might not be a good idea after all.

    BTW: St. Vincent is an excellent film! It’s a very (very) dark comedy, and the Bill Murray character doesn’t give you much to like until you get pretty far into the film and begin to understand him and why he’s the way he is. It’s also an outstanding outing for Melissa McCarthy who finally gets to play a nuanced and sensitive character. (I’ve not liked the obnoxious roles she’s usually saddled with.)

    It can be a bit of a challenge to watch at first, but stick with it — it totally delivers!

    • Sorry to hear of your different adversities due to theft and credit card glitches. I would hate the worst, the apartment break in. I have never had that one, knock on wood. But when I got my car stolen, I found it hard to bear, too.
      Good to know your bank or credit card was on the ball, W.S. I have gone into my bank to tell them when I am out of town, so I won’t have any problems in other locations, for that exact reason.
      I did like “St. Vincent” and am glad you liked it, too. Melissa M. did a fine job and I do feel that boy will continue to grow and be a fine actor someday. His performance was great for a kid.
      I did not like that Bill M. took the money out of the child’s account, but did feel he was nice to his wife. Did you figure that one out early on? I thought she was his sister who did not recognize him.
      I liked the movie, “Begin Again,” because it is not a love story. It is a character development and independence reigns throughout. James Corden is a likable man who is really getting on the top of my list of comedic leading roles. He was in the musical, ‘Into the Woods,’ and then, I watch his talk show in U.S. and have watched his as goof ball, think his name was “Ned?” on the British comedy show…. He is in this and I so want Keira K. to realize he cares for her…

      I love 8-tracks, W.S. since they are very durable.
      Well, hope to write a quick update on the robbery so better close in the comments section of my blog. Take care, Smitty.

      • You asked about Bill Murray… Yeah, I realized that was his wife the moment their interaction began. That’s when the pieces fell into place, and I understood why his character was such an ogre.

        It’s kind of a neat scene, and an example of what makes the movie so interesting. You’re wondering what the heck he’s doing looking like a doctor (is it a con-game? is he trying to steal drugs? what’s going on??), and then they throw that business at you.

        It’s rather brilliant how they make him so unlikeable and very, very slowly show you who he really is. It’s also a redemption story, and that’s one of my favorite story themes.

      • This is a great addition and may get some curious readers to check out this finely acted film. Got a new phone and it is what I was afraid of: addictive! Take care!

  15. I am so sorry Robin, that you had to go through that experience.
    There is so much to do as you pointed out in your step by step list.
    I hope it all ends well for you and everything is once more in hand.
    Keep smiling Princess.

  16. Robin, my friend, Robin. I saw your post about the library’s reluctance to let you see the tapes from today first, screamed in my head OH NO and immediately came back here to discover what happened.

    Never, ever, blame yourself. Dirty rotten scoundrels will scoop up their prey, nothing you can do about it.

    It seems to me that you took all the steps you needed to to get your life in order from the moment you discovered the bad person or people had taken your purse. You are smart. You are strong. You are Robin.

    Remember, I have saved all the photos you sent me for that page. I will text them back to you when you get the new phone. Little steps to recovery. And I think somehow the cloud will have a lot of your data in it still.

    All of your friends and family are on your side. The bad people will have so much bad karma, they will drop off the purse and say good riddance! That is my hope and dream right now. Do you want me to call your cell number, and if it’s answered, put on my scary New York voice, and tell them what I’ll do if they don’t bring your purse and phone back to the library? I’d do it for you, Robin!

    • I think my youngest daughter turned it off, since she is the one with the phone on her plan. They would not allow me to do much over the weekend, she had double shifts. I wrote her an email since on Friday she, Jerry and Jonida were there and supportive of my feelings. They thought they could round up another phone for me… Meanwhile, it is rather liberating to be cell phone free! Almost like when I ‘closed up shop’ and let Felicia take her lap top and I called Time Warner Cable and turned in the computer/Wi-fi boxes. The smaller bill each month lets me run around more and eat out! It also keeps me from being too focused on the blog, Mark. I was kind of crazy, when Felicia would go to the bathroom or be on her cell phone I was checking into my blog…. No need for this kind of dedication… Smiles!

      • As long as you are happy, I am happy for you, Robin. I know what you mean about constant blog checking, by the way. I spend hours a day on mine and others on WordPress. It may be too much, as you say.

      • I think you take time to write about life, see movies and write reviews, talk to Karen, golf, bowl, grill out, travel and other things. I feel living alone I would get really ‘hooked’ and this was not a commentary on others. Mark, I hope you didn’t think I was referring to you!

  17. I can’t like this, Robin. I am so sorry this happened to you. I am glad you came up with a plan and you are carrying it out. The most important thing to remember is you didn’t do anything wrong, and it was nothing personal. You are a lovely princess. XOXO, Brenda

    • I love being called a ‘lovely princess,’ Brenda. I am actually believing how close we feel towards each other when you write such special ‘cheer up’ messages. You are my baby sister I never had… hugs to you, little ‘sis.’

      I also appreciate your saying I didn’t do anything wrong.

      I am actually feeling rather ‘liberated’ from my cell phone. I drove over to my son’s on Mother’s Day and asked, “Did everyone get my email to you?” They had not even looked at their emails, since I am always telling them I have thousands of emails and cannot get to all of them…

      I went over to my friend, Anna’s house and got an invitation to a ‘meet and greet’ onThursday night. She belongs to Match.com. I used to belong in the first six months of blogging and decided to give it up. I am steadily rebuilding my savings account, trying to get it to look a little like the chunk I took out of my STRS to save our house and pay our bills.

      It has taken since 2006 to get everything in such a good place. I get offered ‘platinum’ and ‘slate’ cards, but don’t ever want to get into this ‘racket’ but I do have a monthly VISA so I can keep my great credit. My goal is to put my car payment into savings now that my Dodge Avenger is paid off. Smiles!
      I hope you have a great rest of the week and happy weekend, too. It is the Delaware Arts Festival weekend, so I am looking forward to walking around on Saturday with one friend and on Sunday with my new librarian friend, Marty who is a potter. She wants to ask some questions about glazes and such. If you were here, you would take your children around the three block radius, possibly allowing them to have a treat from the concession ‘trucks’ or from Whit’s or Ollie’s ice cream places. We would run into each other and hug.

      • That is lovely, and I would love for your to meet my kids and give us hugs. What a sweet person you are. I would love to have a chance to talk to your friend the potter. I have a character who’s a potter in a new book I’m writing. I’ve visited lots of potter’s studios, but I haven’t done any pottery myself in many years. I’m glad your finances are looking up. Sounds like you’ve worked hard and didn’t deserve the bad luck at the library.

      • This will not be more than a bump in the road for me, Brenda. We use these as teachable moments. Cannot help myself. I know Marty is like we are, creative and caring about the world around us.
        I am happy you accepted this declaration of my friendship for you and your family along with hopes to meet one day.
        I am excited to hear about this book with a potter in it. There was only one man who I chose his spoon holder design with a golden caramel glaze with leaves that look like they are wood burned into it and a sweet bird tucked into the design. Marty took 4 cards and wishes to pay for higher level glazing techniques. I talked about birds with the man and he was in coffee shop later and talked again. πŸ™‚

      • I love it when you talk ‘research,’ Brenda. Let me know what you learn or I am willing to wait until your story or book comes out, ha ha!

      • Research is so much better woven through a book. So far I’m relying on my memory of doing pottery as a kid. It needs updating. The studio I wanted to visit wasn’t open this weekend, but perhaps I will find time soon.

  18. Aw Robin, what a horrible thing to happen. I hope you’ve managed to replace your cell phone now. Was the security camera helpful to the police? A reminder that we can’t be too trusting.

    • The man was at computer facing me and slid down and got my purse using his feet to pull towards him. Them bent down and put in his knapsack. I have been busy and using times and places to meet people. 9 days without phone and a few away from blogging. Thank you, Timi, for your concern.

    • Life has been different without a phone for 9 days, Shelley. Then busy times got.me behind in my blogging. . . Sorry this was a late peak at the post and hope to check everyone out tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  19. So sorry to read this. It just infuriates me that anyone would do this. I always keep my purse wrapped around my arm or my ankle if I’m seated, but we shouldn’t have to. I’m glad you were able to do all those tedious steps. I tried to find an address book about 6 months ago and it took forever bc I guess they don’t hardly make them any more. The one I got is the size of a deck of cards. I put everyone’s name and address and set it in my living room. I sure hope you get it back, and that person gets punished.

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