Versatility Needed for Infinity


Thanks for patience and comfort given during my police and theft adventure. I am grateful to know you and found out how much you support me. So nice to know I have a wide spread safety net.

If possible, we could (with help from future, scientific advances) stay in touch for an indefinite period of time.

Does this, perhaps, scare you?

Attention Fellow Bloggers and thus, New Friends:

You are hereby given the choice of accepting nominations for both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Infinity Award.

The sky’s the limit.

Many thanks to my new follower and generous friend, Mithai. Please check her blog for rules and fun facts to help you get better acquainted.

You are incredible, Mithai, on your blog and in wise comments.

I will be foregoing your needing to read more about me and will do two things on this post.

I will include my newest fellow bloggers.
I hope to share some entertainment endings, summaries of finales of favorite television shows and more. . .

Here is a list for award nominations and possibly introducing some interesting posts for you to enjoy.

1. Lis:

2. Small Town Girl:

3. Marissa:

4. a guy who has a sense of humor:

5. Joel:

6. She’s sweet and gives me a younger perspective:

7. Photos and thoughts:

8. Holley:

9. Cheryl has a brother who nicknamed her “Cheffie:”

10. Bela who is friend in Hawaii:


11. AB:

12. Bill with thoughts and bicycle:

13. Harbin:

14. She has historical story that caught my interest and I wanted to stay:

15.  Balroop Singh who writes Sublime Shadows of Life:

16. So kind and funny:

I just know I left someone out. I try not to repeat same blogs on Award posts.
If you look on my long list of key words, there have been many award nominations. You may have been named.

Here are some special ‘regulars:’

Brenda, Jill, Mark, Mike, Colleen, Barb, Anneli, Jenny, April, Pauline, Jules, Cindy, Judy,  Kirt, 2 Beths, Smitty, 2 Sherri/Sherry’s, Marylin, Yoshiko, Nigel, Jonathan, Evil Squirrel, Tracy, Amy, Ian, Ann, Esther, Andro, and you may know who you are and forgive my senior moment!
You are all winners to me!

Other recent winners were:
Sawyer on The Voice.

Clark came in 2nd while Nick won American Idol #14 season.

The finale on “The Return ” meant there was a possible flood, but one man standing on overlook seemed to prevent the flood.

The final episode after years of watching,  “Grey’s Anatomy” shocked me. I was nearly sobbing. You may look this one up since it had one bright moment. A beloved character died. A reminder of the very first episode of intern meeting long (off and on) romantic love and later, husband.
“E. R.” and “M*A*S*H” are still favorites.

The finale of “Secrets and Lies” was creepy. Little girl killed neighbor boy. It turns out jealousy and learning he was her brother, sharing a father tipped her overboard in savage killing description. Ryan Phillippe was great in role of stressed and accused man. Juliette Lewis portrayed in a unique, outstanding way the serious Officer Cornell. Other characters were realistic, too.

Catch Juliette Lewis in a new series called, “Wayward Pines.” Matt Dillon, Melissa Leo (of fame as mother of Christian Bale in the movie,  “The Fighter.”) and several recognizable actors started last Thurs.

Billboard awards show seemed not as exciting, in many ways, as the previous
CMA awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Golden Globes, and fantastic Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift’s new song, “Bad Blood” was good but I liked “Blank Space” better, along with always enjoying her young and independent songs. She is growing a broader fan base every day.

Sam Smith lost his voice due to vocal chord surgery and had clever signs during a pre-filled award moment.

Best moments:
Van Halen band singing and playing rock and roll sexy “Cannonball.”

Good to see Britney looking healthy and dancing with Iggy Azalea.

Tribute to Mariah was very nice. She accomplished winning 18 award winning years. She sings (usually and this time superbly) like a beautiful songbird.

Tribute to B.B. King could have been much better. It seemed like an average homage and he truly deserved all and more accolades.

They went all out again mentioning Paul Walker. New film of fast and furious completed and music was good. I like theme song, “It’s Been a Long Time” due to reflecting both loss of young actor and nostalgic tones.

The hosts were Ludicrous and Chrissy Teague. Ludicrous did fine and is articulate while Chrissy may be smart in real life and is married to the amazing John Legend, she just seemed to be channeling dumb blonde cliches.

I enjoyed the fun and crazy homage to “Pulp Fiction” in the Fall Out Boys’ song, “Uma’s Praises.” The disco dancing and multiple women who wore short styled dark haired “iconic” Uma wigs.

I have a soft spot for Little Big Town. They sang that old song. “Life in a Northern Town,” awhile back which has “Hey now, maw maw” sound effects. It was such a good rendition with Sugarland and Jake Owen.
In their combining forces with Faith Hill . . . they again captured my heart.

Please accept your deserved award nominations, dear friends, new and old.

If you watched a good finale recently or are still watching something, let us know what we are missing.

I recommend “Call the Midwife” and “Mr. Selfridge” on PBS.

Let me be one of the first to tell you Grissom’s character is coming back for the series “CSI” finale. I liked William Peterson and this will be


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. You are gracious in acknowledging worthy bloggers and faithful followers. I remember when you got your first award. Now you have accumulated many along with the many fans who follow you. I am pleased to count myself among them. – Mike

    • You know it just makes sense to spread the awards to new friends but always wish to include all. Hope you are having a great week, Mike. Happy Memorial weekend and am heading to mom’s on Friday. Hoping my brother will cook out 🙂

  2. Thanks for the big recap, Robin. Grey’s Anatomy is coming back for season 12, I wanted you to know. I hear Kathryn Heigl is coming back as Izzy to make up for the death you mentioned.

    Congratulations on your awards, as always.

    And have a great Memorial Day Weekend, my dear friend. 🙂

    • Mark, I am so excited that you shared news about Grey’s Anatomy since you are on top of things! I wrote a long message and must lave sent it to the Cloud ha ha!
      I liked the early years when they were interns and hope Sandra Oh may stop visit. Felicia.likef the Izzy love story with Jeffrey Morgan but cannot remember how to navigate to check this name out. When his character died and haunted the hospital we liked that, too.
      Are you happy about Sawyer winning? Thank you for adding cool facts, Mark. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!

      • George was the name of the character, I recall, Robin.

        I did not think that Sawyer deserved to win, Robin. I thought he was the third best, behind Joshua and the country woman singer on Blake’s team. He’s a nice kid with an interesting voice but I think he’s limited in his range of variety compared to those two. Ah, well. He’s bound to improve.

        Finally, you are just getting the hang of your new phone, obviously. Do you miss the keyboard? I would hate it, frankly. I know you are gracious and thankful to Felicia for the updated Smart phone, but if it’s hard to operate, go back to the libarary. And keep your purse clamped tight to your knees!

        Have a great weekend for the holidays, Robin!

      • I liked the man with curly hair who sang with Sheryl Crowe. Was his name Josh? I was a fan of India. The show was a great finale. I will write better posts at the library. You are right about that! Her business partner got this and called it a burner phone. So, at least it was not expensive, Mark. At least I can watch t.v. and relax ha ha!

      • Yeah, the curly haired guy was Josh. I liked him the best, too, Robin.

        So you have a burner phone. Nobody can trace you now while you’re watching TV and relaxing, ❤

      • Sending you big smiles on our agreeing Josh was great. I think he will still make it in the musical world. Hoping all is well with you. I got a swell photo of Skyler with his bass at a concert. Not too complicated since only 4th grade but the 100 kids from 5 schools had learned to pay attention to the teacher in each place and their music really meshed well. Then Micah had art class gift from his mom and me. He did a painting and made me crack up. Plenty of chimneys and he told me in the Fall wants to take pottery.
        Thanks for telling me about George’s name. I like actor in movies, too. Happy weekend, my friend.

      • Hi, Mark. Someone suggested “Denny” may have been the character who Jeffrey Dean Morgan played. Our favorite country song expert who has Apple Pie and Napalm in her blog title. 🙂

  3. You have no shortage of followers and friends Robin, and rightly so, your posts are entertaining, thought provoking and a pleasure to read.
    As for movies and serials, we are currently enjoying reruns of MASH, other shows we are following is Selfridges and Downton Abbey, which I believe is the last episode, one great Australian show you might like was called, A Place to call Home. That one finished too early for me.
    Anyway my friend, wishing you all the best.
    Kind regards.

    • I will look on my show schedule for your recommendation. Thank you for sharing which shows interest you, too. I am glad you like some of the same! Selfridges set and costumes with interesting tid bits of history make it a good show.
      I watch Downton Abbey but not as closely.
      I am going to try and keep up with blogging but need rest now. Sweet dreams and look forward to your posts. 🙂

      • Just letting you know, I enjoyed film about the Australian female group called the ” Sapphires” which you probably knew about the Vietnam entertainers and also, about how fair skinned girls were taken away.from families. One of the girls became a maid and she had to run away to join the band. Chris Dowd is the actor who becomes their manager. I liked him as a police man in Bridesmaids.

    • Hi Ian, on this May 21, 2015 post you will see your name as a great person who is on my list of “Regulars.” I call you all “Winners.” Don’t worry, it doesn’t say anything which you would need to do. I apologize for not adding you to the list on my Epic Award Nomination list. So hard with such a challenge. You are special to me and you may not worry about not receiving it, since I was wrong. IT doesn’t say you have to accept but I meant to say you may choose to accept the Versatility award!
      Please forgive my sassy comment. I was reading more than trying to upset you.
      ♡ Robin Have a terrific weekend, Ian.

      • Thank you Robin for your beautiful comment, please don’t apologize for not adding me to your list, being a friend of yours on word press is award enough, and being classified as a regular is the icing on the cake, thanks Robin. Cheers.

  4. I will need to call in and find out what this post is all about, it seems ages (it is ages) since I was in WP but I am really swamped with my writing at the moment, but I will try calling in later and catching up a little. I hope that this comment finds you well and happy Robin 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Hi Andro. No worries about having a busy life. Good luck with your writing and did you see your name in my list of old friends in this post? I was glad to see your face/gravatar. I wrote a reply and am getting used to this phone having a mind of its own. Hope you have a memorable weekend with delicious treats and try to be good 🙂

    • They lived in a trailer park where we played cards or shuffle board while waiting to go to beach. In Sarasota, one visit, we went to the Ringling Brothers mansion tour. I will never forget my awe. It would be like touring the actors mansions in California.
      Cheryl, so nice chatting with you. Must sleep now 🙂

  5. congrats and thanks for the connection to some bloggers who are new to me and i look forward to reading. glad you made it through your crime crisis, you could write a short book or story about it –

    • This may or may not be a repeat message. I am losing some of my words. Hope to do better with time and practice!
      Crime book sounds intriguing, Beth. May wait on that for awhile 🙂

  6. You are too sweet, Robin. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough time as of late, but praying for better days ahead.
    You my friend deserve the blogging machine award. 🙂 I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do. xo

    • Jill, I still am learning how to find my posts! Grateful for my new phone and may still drop by library to see many friendly faces.

      This is such a thoughtful comment, Jill. Thank you! Heading to Mom’s tomorrow.d excited to see her. Brothers and sister in law told me Mom will need to move to other part of building. When she fell and broke a couple ribs, they realize she will benefit from more supervision. Originally, I had said I would’ve 3 hours away and be her companion since going to assisted living means 2 x cost. This is not really what I feel would benefit my mental health. I would miss my grandchildren, friends and kids. Rich said he could go by every am and make sure she ate breakfast and take meds. We shall see and hope you have a pleasant Memorial Day weekend, Jill!

      • I know it is trite but true: Jill, we are blessed and life while challenging still “beats” the alternative.:)
        Hope you have fun and see your parents. xo

  7. Congratulations on the award and it is well deserved 🙂 You are a light in the blogging world and I love coming to visit (sorry for being away as I was in publishing book land – done!). Nice you pointed out great bloggers; I know some but not all so will have to check them out! Aha, I saw as well that Sawyer won The Voice. I had thought it might be Koryn but nope it was the young boy! Wow, his life will change forever 🙂 Hugs to you!!

    • Christy, I would never keep track of who has been away except to say I am glad to see their little face!
      Congratulations on your fantastic accomplishment! So happy for you!
      Sawyer was cute and many voters are young. I found him to be both talented and genuine. I was busy and overcoming a bump in the road of life. Waiting for my 6 yr old grandson to finish his own version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. We have an Arts Castle here in Delaware, Ohio. Hope you will continue to enjoy making the rounds with possible local TV and radio. I believe in you. 🙂

      • Thank you kind friend for you words here. You do leave such wonderful comments for me! The book is doing well and having your support is priceless. Oh wow, Starry Night is a big project for a 6 year old however I hope he finished with a wonderful sense of accomplishment! Do you have many grandchildren?
        Indeed, Sawyer is very genuine. He has great hair too! I think the top 4 will all do well outside of the show. I look forward to reading more of your posts soon and wish you a beautiful weekend xo

      • Christy, I have a son who married a woman with 2 kids and they had 2 more. My oldest daughter has 2 so I am blessed with a total of 6 cuties.
        Thank you for asking and being interested.
        Nice chatting about the Voice. Your comment about Sawyer’s hair made me smile.
        The Van Gogh print was displayed to inspire the kids and they talked about details. Then she had one class just traching them how to paint the stars, then the cloud swirls and they drew houses with crayons and the cut them out and glued them on the paper. Micah put lots of chimneys on his houses:)
        I could see you doing projects with nieces or children like this. You have a creative spirit. Blessings sent your way.

  8. Thanks for stopping by!
    I loved Grissom, and stopped watching CSI when he wasn’t on it anymore.
    You are the third person who’s recommended Call the Midwife, so I suppose one day I’ll watch it.

    Congratulations on your award! 🙂

    • One day, you may watch this show but there are many other entertaining ways to pass your time, my dear.
      Thanks for congratulating me. I appreciate your loving Grissom. I liked it when Sarah came back and showed in one episode a computer conversation with Grissom, where he had a safari type hat on and was looking at bugs or insects. Just like him to do this when he retired! Smiles back at you!

  9. Congrats on your awards, Robin! And thanks for the mention … , friend! Curious minds would like to know it you could have possibly packed any more into this post then you did. HOLY MOLY! Really? LOL I agree with you about BB King. He was a great and his tribute could have been much better. Ah, how quickly this world forgets. 😦 Anyways, have a wonderful holiday weekend. I plan on having FUN, spending time with a good friend, and getting out to visit at least one park, camera in tow. Much Love to you! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • I like these curious minds out there. Ha ha!
      I try to make up for a few gaps while I was coping.
      Amy, I am glad to know you admired B.B. King and felt his life could have been given more time and memories.
      You seem filled with great plans and hope your time with good friend will be precious and time passes slowly enough to savor.

      • Thank you, Robin. This is the first weekend since my Dad’s passing that I even have the motivation to have some FUN. It is a bright and sunny day, and how I look forward to my magic hour (evening) to take pics. May your weekend BE fun too!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

      • I hope you will be able to feel his presence with you. So sorry that you lost him and not sure I said this before to you. You are in my prayers. I still talk to my dad and hope to continue to see him in the stars. He worked at NASA. In heaven 14 years.

        Mom broke a couple of ribs when she fell. She is not happy with mushy food necessary due to ‘vegas’ nerve. She is in therapy and grumpy this a.m. 🙂
        She wants to go to store and that will be a challenge! xo take care and lots of hugs sent your way. Did your Dad love nature?

  10. You have such a big heart, Robin. What a nice inclusive post. I like “Little Big Town” a lot!! I don’t watch any of the shows you’ve mentioned so have nothing to add there other than “Call the Midwife.” What an excellent series that is. Right now we’re watching “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix. It’s pretty good – Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin playing the wives of two law partners who leave them for each other. It’s a comedy with moments of poignancy. I think you’d like it if you subscribe to N. Happy Memorial Day, my friend.

    • I have heard good reports of this netflix show. I am hoping to catch on tapes at library, Barb. It is always good to add such new details so readers who may have missed the release. I am so happy you watch the Midwives and nurses. I am fond of the more awkward nurse who has husband and baby. She is funny, unintentionally.
      I also like the short, blonde nurse who flirted with a minister but need to find out if he fell off scaffolding while working at church. Hope he didn’t die.
      this needed a cuppa and scones or biscotti, Barb. 🙂

    • Thank you for such a kind comment. I hope you will feel free to accept nomination for these 2 awards. I am liberally handing them out to my friends. I appreciate your being here.

    • Even though I may have forgotten someone in this, I hope you saw your name in my list of long-lasting friends, Cindy!
      Thank you for stars in the sKY this really was so sweet of you.

  11. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Denny Duquette. He’s starring opposite Halle Berry this summer in Extant. I didn’t know Little Big Town did a cover of Elvira. I’m only familiar with The Oak Ridge Boys original version. I’ll see if I can find LBT doing it, I would love to hear it!

    • Thank you again for telling me Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s name and his character was Denny!
      I also wanted you to know Little Big Town joined Jake Owen and Sugarland in a remake of a British song, “Life in a Northern Town.” The sound effects which resemble in some ways Elvira’s are, “Hey, now, maw maw.” So I was close but not quite close enough. I loved this song and remembered the older song which came out in the 80’s. I posted about this on my Neil Diamond post today! 🙂

  12. That was his name! Thanks for filling in the gaps. I may be humming the wrong interludes in the remake of an old song. This is not the Elvira song. I will think of the old song they do which was done by someone else with a little bit of sounds. If I come up with it, I will let you know.

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