Baring the Elements


Baring Elements # One

Over this weekend,

The wind gently waved

My bedroom curtains,

Rhythmically in and out,

As if a Giant were snoring.

A storm coming,

The ducks in the stream,

“Quacking” more loudly.

The birds suddenly

Becoming quieter,

Memories come

Rushing back

From long ago.



When another storm

Had inspired romance.

Silky skin sleek with sweat,

Soaking sheets and slipping

Into each others arms.

A time when

Waves of passion

Not just an ember;

But a flame.

Darkened clouds,

Pelting rain,

Air swiftly swirling

Crashing thunder bolts.

A jolt to the system,

A pull on the heart.


Powerful memories.

It began as a sunny day,

Beautiful rainbow colors,

Wrapped in one bouquet.

The long drive had caused

Some moments of discontent.

Amiability and looseness

Were exchanged for

Tenseness and



In the night, it had become hot,

Sweltering within the four walls.

Air conditioner was not working,

Needing reported to concierge.

Restless turning, tossing sleep.

Balcony held immediate relief,

It sent its sensuous message.

It “called out” to us,


Breaking rules,

More common

Practice at

Age of 24.

Shivering both from

Intimacy and expectancy.

Fingertip to lips,

Indicating quiet,

Breathless meeting and

Entangling as rushing out

Into the night.

The thrill of being caught

Heightening bodies’ reactions.

Unclothed bodies hurrying,

Needs to be met urgent.

Bodies melting together,

Two people had become ‘One’

In earlier formal ceremony,

Two wild spirits tamed with rings.

Temperature dropping as wave

of clouds let out their drops.

Tempo quickening, to

Complete the moment

Taking us over the edge.

As sheet we had grabbed

To cover us was caught by

Unexpected shift in rushing air,

The sudden sky flashing,

Lighting up its jagged sword.

Whiteness of cloth

Grabbed from fingers,

Off it floated on the wind.

Up high and then down,

A plane being tossed in


Losing altitude and soaring

Downwards, thirty floors.

Over the balcony’s

Rod iron railing.

Lightning bright,

Symbolism blinding

with its Reality.

It was


a Sign.

Taking breath


The weight of

Our decision on


The white flag of




Oh, to be young again,






Baring Elements # Two

After effects are a pain,

Not rug “burn”

Not wooden deck “splinter-pain”

Not rooftop tar tiles’

“sandpaper sores”

Not in the woods,

Nature’s call to romance~

Poison Ivy.


It was paint mixed with sand on

Cement balcony

Gritty rash.


~*~ by Robin O. Cochran ~*~

Are there any similar paths you have

taken or places you have chosen to

be cuddling up to your loved one?

Any memories of dangerous situations

which may be written without much

embarrassment, to share?


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  1. I am so happy Robin to find this post on my reader finally. Now about this post, Oh, how so romantic. You reminded me of my early marriage days and prior to that. Cuddling to your loved ones is such a special feeling. Once we did the similar thing on our roof of our house under the stars. No one else was there in the house. It was a beautiful summer night, no electricity and we felt extremely hot without A.C., went up along with a mattress to lie down and indulged in common practice at 24. lol

    • Thank you for your being honest and sharing a special, private time with your husband, Soul. This is so sweet and I am also happy I am showing up in your Reader. These little ‘glitches’ can be so annoying. It is sometimes technology and sometimes it is wordpress… I hope you will always carry this beautiful summer night on the rooftop in your memories forever. This brought a big smile to my face. Thanks!

    • Here is my comment for your recent barbecued pork post: (2 times and still not on there!) “I love the aroma of meat roasting outdoors, particularly prepared with sauces. I also enjoy pork a lot and remember having this at a Pig Roast, also. Hope you have a lovely weekend! I wish that wordpress would record my messages for you. . .

      • I don’t know why it is happening. I checked my spam comments, awaiting in moderation too though I was pretty sure that it cannot be in moderation since you are a regular visitor. Thanks a lot & your patience is highly appreciated.

      • I tried to leave a comment, again today. It just disappears, it doesn’t say anything. I am puzzled and left you a comment about your recent trip to Dubai, missing or saying goodbye to your sons and also, how you showed the brightly colored trees. I am posting this to let you know, I wrote this and pushed ‘post comment.’ We shall figure this out! Smiles and hugs.

  2. Robin, this is lovely. I don’t think any memory of mine could be half as vivid here, so I will just say, you have expressed it beautifully and enabled me to slip back in time poignantly. πŸ™‚

    • Sarah, thanks for this honor of a comment. I view authors and poets’ views in such respect. When I try ‘my hand’ at what you all regularly are able to produce, I worry how it will be received. I am also grateful for your choosing which part resonated with you, Sarah.

    • Clarissa, I know this about your posts. They are not just about food, but how a historical moment or a special interest in a food produces your lovely posts. I once upon a time probably gave you an award for such poetry! Smiles!

      • No, problem, since we have been connected for such a long time, we don’t need to always remember everything. Sometimes we keep our friends so they won’t remember and we can pick up wherever we left off. You look like 28!! Smiles!

  3. Well, there was this one time when my girlfriend went backpacking with me in the virgin forest of Olympic National Park. We were 22, I was just out of college. We came to a meadow alongside the river. We had the place completely to ourselves, and we succumbed to the desire we both felt for one another. It was a beautiful moment – the sounds of a summer breeze blowing through the grass; the steady churn of the river flowing over half-submerged boulders… except for the mosquito bites I suffered while I bravely sheltered her body with my own.

    This outing was another step closer for us as a couple. We ended up married for 30 years. – Mike

    • Mike, thank you so much for sharing the personal details which included a lovely spot in nature. I enjoyed this and thought your did begin a life from this moment. It built part of the romance of your beginning years, which brought you a family. The memories are happy, which is good, even if it did not last a lifetime, you both made it work for 30 years. I am glad you had your ‘Second Romantic Chapter’ in your life, with Florence. It is now we need to have someone to share the last days, many left to go…. smiles!

  4. How wonderful to see your prose like writing become…well prose. Very sexy and sophisticated all at the same time and then you have the ability to leave me with a smile on my face. As far as those dangerous embarrassing situations…well I never kiss and tell….especially if there’s a chance of embarrassing myself, ha, ha!

    • Marissa, you share plenty of fun and excitement in your posts without the racy details! I enjoy your prose and poetry. You are very sweet to say it was sexy and sophisticated. I felt there were a few ‘cliches’ in there, but realize it is not being sent off to a publisher . . . just to share for amusement of my fellow blogging friends! Smiles, Robin

    • Well, this was about the honeymoon and we did have two children together, plus our four years of dating which were great to remember those days by.
      I like hugging him and seeing him at family parties and over the holidays. I also am grateful that his present wife is a good woman who suits him better than I did, Cheryl.

      • Cheryl, no problem. I am going to say I would not be ‘witlessdatingafterfifty’ though if we had stayed together. He is the father of two of my children, I have 3 exes. Smiles, can’t seem to ‘get it right,’ but I keep on trying!!

  5. Pingback: On the Floor | joeyfullystated

    • I am so happy you felt this way and I am also honored. You are a fine writer and your words are very poetic. I like how you write often and this shows talent to continue to create new poems, Neha.

      • aww thank you Robin that means a lot and I was pleasantly surprised at first to see poetry in your blog but I enjoyed it very much…you are so talented my friend ❀

  6. This is a beautiful, poetic, loving and lustful story all, Robin. Well written, my friend. What a wedding night memory.

    As for me, I do recall visitors’ relegation to a room with no bed, merely a hardwood floor, yet mutual ardor so strong that I ended up with very sore knees and she with a quite tender tailbone.

    • This was funny story of romance, which I bet you $100 you and Karen would not wish to do this episode. Isn’t it funny how reckless and carefree we once were? We never really thought of the consequences, mosquito bites for Mike (above) and your details of minor painful results. Hope you have a great weekend, looking forward to your views on the Memorial Tournament… Do you watch it?

      • I do enjoy the Memorial. I’ll try to watch, but Karen and I are embarking on a long drive to Cape Cod today. We shall see if I can settle in and watch some this weekend, Robin.

        You’re right about those episodes above. Past stay there!

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