What’s Happening?


I feel there is enough ‘fodder’ to use today for a post. I  have a few fun notes

and something about my upcoming court case, too. Usually I call these posts

“Bits and Pieces” or “Loose Ends.”

I had a message from the Potter recently and he used the words, “I am

freaked out, busy and scrambling making more pottery for the next show.”

He then added, “This expression is from the past, another generation.”

I have to tell you I whispered in my head, “Whoa, this is not true! You are

57 years old and this expression is Our Generation’s!”

What do you think? Are we the ones who started this or were we in the

middle of the period of time this expression was used?”

At the end of this post, I will “Reveal” three things:

The sex of my next grandchild.

The time period when we started using, “Freak out” and “Freaking out.”

The upcoming court details about the man who took my purse.


This short story I read in Reader’s Digest filled my heart with such joy and

hope for people reaching out across borders, cultures and finding friends.

It was out of April, 2015’s edition of the magazine and the story was written

by Naomi Shihab Nye. You may wish to read more of her experiences in

her book, “Honeybee.”  The excerpt was titled: “Cookies at Gate A-4.”

Naomi was helpful to a woman wearing a traditional Palestinian embroidered

dress. Since Naomi knew Arabic, she was able to decipher the woman’s

meaning in her words flowing out, she was on the ground crumpled up and

crying. She needed to be somewhere for a medical treatment and thought

that her flight was cancelled. It turned out, it was only delayed.

The amazing story reflects upon Naomi’s patience and upbeat personality.

She helped the woman to contact her son, then due to the time still slowly

passing, they called her other son, then Naomi decided to call her Dad, too.

While on the phone with her father, the woman chattered away with him in

Arabic, determining they had 10 friends in common.

Later, Naomi decided to call some Palestinian poets to help ease the woman’s

nervousness. These moments, each laid out in her story, make me smile and

as mentioned, think about connections and how we still need to believe we

can join together and make our world better.

The final part, Naomi describes as sharing crumbled homemade “Mamool”

cookies. These were “mounds stuffed with dates and nuts and topped  with

sugar.” When offered people surrounding her all ate them, their was no

hesitation. I thought of it as a sense of ‘communion,’ while Naomi called

the cookies, “sacraments.”  The ones who accepted cookies were from

Argentina, California, and Laredo, Texas.

Naomi described people’s faces as,

“We were all smiling, covered with the same sugar.”


Speaking of “sugar” . . . out of sequence . . .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sunday. Radio Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While fortifying myself with coffee, sitting in the kitchen of my son and

daughter in law’s house, some of the kids still asleep, having had a

barbecue, company from Kentucky and catching lightning bugs in jars.

Casey Kasem featured my high school graduation year on Sunday

morning. You realize this is a pre-recorded program from the past. I so

loved the songs on the “Casey Kasem Countdown” for 6/22/1974.

It was fun to listen to on 6/21/2015.

You may remember my talking about his passing away last year in June,

(June 15, 2014.) He was 82 years old and is buried in Oslo, Norway.

If you wish to set your alarm and go out to your garage or go for a ride

in your car, the next “Live” American Top 40 Countdown will be at 11a.m.

on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

I am not going to write them all down but here are the ones *I loved*:

#1 hit- “The Way We Were,” Barbra Streisand.

#5 hit- “Dancing Machine,” Jackson Five.

#6 hit- “The Loco-Motion,” Grand Funk Railroad.

#8 hit- “The Streak,” Ray Stevens.

(We had a streaker go across the stage of two of our high school

productions, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and”Take Her, She’s

Mine, plus** we had someone streak across the outside platform during

my 1974 graduation from high school. )

#9 hit- “Bennie and the Jets, ” Elton John.

#12 hit- “Jungle Boogie,” Kool and the Gang.

#17 hit- “Rock On,” David Essex.

#18 hit- “Sunshine” (“on my shoulder makes me happy…”) John Denver.

#22 hit- “Band on the Run,” Paul McCartney and Wings.

#25 hit- “Annie’s Song,” John Denver.

#24 hit- “Time in a Bottle,” (see our class yearbook and this is on one

of the first pages….) Jim Croche.

#28 hit- “Sundown,” Gordon Lightfoot.

#31 hit- “You’re Sixteen,” Ringo Starr.

#33 hit- “Dark Lady,” Cher.

#34 hit- “Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me,” Gladys Knight and

the Pips.

#40 hit- “The Joker,” Steve Miller Band.

*WARNING: The next songs may become ‘earwigs’ or earworms.’*

Here are the ones I sort of liked; but they become annoying over


#2 hit- “Seasons in the Sun,” Terry Jacks.

#20 hit- “Hooked on a Feeling,” Blue Suede.

#21 hit- “Billy, Don’t Be a Hero,” Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods.

#26 hit- “You’re Having My Baby,” Paul Anka.

#29 hit- “Rock Me Gently,” Andy Kim.

Finally, on a longer extended Top !00 list, I found one that is still

catchy and so politically incorrect these days:

#44 hit- “Smokin’ In the Boys’ Room,” Brownsville Station.

Two More Outstanding Women Singers were on the list:

Aretha Franklin singing, “Until You Come Back to Me.”

Roberta Flack singing, “Feel Like Making Love.”


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the Movies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday saw “Inside Out,” with Carrie, Micah and Skyler. Wow! It is very

deep and yet, very lively, colorful and emotional. This covers the five

emotions of Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear. I love how Anger

blows his head up and fire bursts out of it!

Here is the ‘break down’ of the fine and comedic cast:

~Amy Poehler is so sweet as, “Joy.” There is a point where I literally

shed tears due to Amy’s voice which is so upbeat throughout until

when she begins to feel hopeless to help the little girl she is, inside

her head.

~Mindy Kaling is so great as, “Disgust.”

~Bill Hader is pitiful and a big ‘fraidy cat’ as, “Fear.”

~Phyllis Smith (I truly don’t recognize her) was really good and so

pathetic, sometimes lethargic, as “Sadness.” I love when she lies

down and allows “Joy” to pull her around by her foot.

~Lewis Black does a fantastic and memorable performance as,

“Anger.” I can get to chuckling all over again when I think of his

animated self.

Last detail, my grandson, Skyler is only 10, but as soon as they

mention “Puberty” as a future place for the emotions to go crazy

in, he started laughing out loud. I heard a few adults start laughing

due to my grandson’s outburst. When I asked him later why he

chose that moment to laugh out loud, he exclaimed,

“You know I have a teenaged sister, Breanna? She is like so up

and down, wild and then mad, Puberty is really not a good place

to be when you are the little brother of a teenager sister. Believe

me, Nana!”


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the Park~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While at the park with only Micah, over the weekend, between rain

storms, we were playing on what is a metal ‘stagecoach’ with rungs

to swing on and seats to sit on.

A man who was talking to his boys about his Marines military service

and what made one of the men cry perked Micah’s ears and he stopped

talking to me to ‘eavesdrop,’

The man said, “While we were high in the sky in a helicopter, with our

parachutes on our backs, we were getting ready to jump. There was

some turbulence, which was scary, and this man started to cry. The

Sergeant went ahead and pushed him out the door, “You’ll do fine

once you get the hang of it.”

Then, the man was talking to Micah and me, wondering if we were from

here. He was the children’s uncle and had come from California. We

listened to his story of his life there. When the man mentioned he was

65, I told him he looked good for his age. Micah nodded. I also added

that I wondered was he a “Great Uncle” instead of an uncle? He looked

like he had never heard of such a thing so I continued by saying my two

brothers were Great Uncles to Micah since I was his grandmother.

Micah interrupted and interjected: “You are my Nana, which is better

than a grandmother.”

I smiled and the man said I could ‘pass’ for Micah’s mother.

Micah (before I had a chance to say I would be 60 this year) said in

an extra loud and enthusiastic voice: “That’s because she dyes her


We all started laughing, including a younger mother whose little girl

was using the top rungs and hanging upside down like a monkey.

It’s true.

I do dye my hair.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sunday. Father’s Day, 2015~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Father’s Day, I spent time with five of my six grandies. We played

in my son and his wife’s back yard,on the trampoline and swing set,

while we threw toys for the dogs to chase, checked out the huge

vegetable garden and weeded a little, along with our singing songs

about watermelons, ducks, a peanut on a railroad track and five

little monkeys.

All the kids made their Daddy a card. Micah made a robot card,

Marley made a house with a family on her card, Makyah (Kyah)

made flowers and a barbecue grill. It looked like a box, I asked

her to describe it so I could put a note on Daddy’s card ‘explaining

it.’ I remember a few times trying to guess the picture and upsetting

children. The barbecue grill had red circles which represented I am

sure, hamburgers. Lara made something about the Cincinnati Reds

since her dad is a fan of theirs, while Landen made my son a card

which had the Cleveland Indians on it. I reminded him that he needed

to make another one for Kevin, his ‘real’ Daddy, so he made a big

tree. I asked him if I could describe it, so his father could grasp why

the tree? He said, “I have been asking him to help me build a tree

house, this is an empty tree with nothing on it.” Okay, then!

We ate corn dogs, chips and yogurt for lunch and veggie pizza while

watching a movie. We walked to the nearest elementary school and

played on their Big Toy and the swings.

I have written three character studies, practicing and honing my craft.

I wrote them about visible homeless people and then, I used my own

imagination and some ‘creative license’ to create their background


I am proud to tell you that I have spoken to these two Ohio Wesleyan

students, Olivia Lease and Courtney Dunne.

I hope when you get a chance to see their video and see the website

about their homeless people study in Delaware, Ohio you will find out

more about the ones I see here in the library and over at my apartment

building, where if you put shoes or boots with laces tied together over

the post on the dumpster or bags of  empty pop cans so they can turn

in for money, you may feel like I do, compassion for their situations. It

has winter and snow flying around in this video, too:



# 1. The use of variations of “freak” in this particular slang usage began

around the time period between 1960 – 1970.


It means: “To be or cause to be of heightened emotions, such as fright,

anger or excitement.”

# 2. My son, James and his wife of 7 years, Trista, are expecting a boy!

She has two children who are part of their combination family, a boy,

Landen and a girl, Lara. They had two girls, Marley and Makyah. The

unplanned or “Oops!” baby will be born in August.

# 3. The man’s name is on the papers. I have to fill out any compensation

or emotional reparations on three pages of forms received in the mail.

He does still continue to come to the library, I found this out from my

girlfriend, Marty, who says she still is unable to point him out. “Innocent

until proven guilty” practice continues.

He is ‘up’ or charged with Fifth Degree Felony.

No date set, just have to send back the forms and hope I make them

realistic enough so he is held accountable for my trauma and upset,

nervousness and lack of sleep. Much less time spent at the library and

no DVD’s taken out, since I don’t like the narrow aisles where you feel

the persons are too close now. This did change my attitude, but I am

moving forward.


Did you ever watch the situation comedy called, “What’s Happening!!” ?

It ran from August, 1976 until April, 1979. I liked it a lot, since it was

about three working teenagers and how they handled funny and

sometimes bizarre situations. The young people were considered

black or African American but I felt they had similar things happen

to them, girl problems and boss irritations, like I had boy problems

and annoying bosses, too. They liked to hang out at a local diner and

I liked to hang out during this age at Friendly’s or at Denny’s. We

also had a local pizza parlor “on the other side of the tracks.” (Bay

Village was a ‘dry’ town while Westlake, Ohio we were allowed to

drink “3.2” beer. I was in college from 1974 until 1978, while the 3

teenaged boys were in high school and handling life, but not social

issues. Just like in the movie, “Cooley High,” which it is loosely based


If you have any nostalgic memories of your high school days please

let us know. . .

If one of the songs on Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 List is one of

your favorites or least favorites, it would be fun to hear about them.


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. Hi Robin, what a varied and newsy post! I have to re-read it to comment in more detail but I love the idea that anyone would think they have to explain “freaked out” to you. But you do look like a mom more than a Grandma. I also love that a Nana is better than a grandmother. Congrats on another grandbaby. What a joyous prospect.!

    • Thank you and no need to study, Beth. I wonder why I like such unattainable guys who also think I am goofy? By the way, he doesn’t seem to be a friend. He said he was going dancing on Sat which is fine we have barely met, but he texted me he didn’t need Mary Poppins along. I wish he were joking, oh well.
      Beth, your comments are kind and you noticed the part about what my grandson said and complimented me, too. You also said, “Congrats” on new grandson on the way. Hope you are having good weather. I am sure you have heard we have had a lot of rain. Kids are missing warm pool weather 🙂

      • Send the children here — I have a pool and it is so hot here, it is warm around the clock in that water! Mary Poppins? What a strange comment he made. I guess you need a much kinder, more sensitive person than this man. Hrmpf.

      • I like that “Hrmpf,” Beth. I will hopefully borrow one of the many young men who are friends and go to his pottery booth next year and re-introduce myself.
        I would like to buy four mugs which match my spoon holder. Showing class and forgiveness. Let him eat my dust!

  2. My first thought is that I totally agree on the top songs that became annoying but Iwould have added “Rock On” although it took longer to annoy. I think out of that list, “Band on the Run” would be my favorite. I went to college in West Virginia, where they also served 3.2 beer – what a waste. So many memories here.

    • I did not write about your musical comments. Maybe should have eaten something before I lost all trains of thought.
      Anyway, glad the songs evoked memories and you let me know which song was one from 1974 which you liked, Dan. Band on the Run was a great song. It has a good introductory musical passage, I believe. I bet you are right, Rock On could get annoying.

  3. Oh my goodness, so much good stuff in here it’s hard to focus on just one thing! Well, congratulations on you grandson, first off. And, yes, I think you’re friend who considers the term ‘freaking out’ to be of another generation is a bit in denial. ‘Locomotion!’ I remember disco dancing to that one! It still gets me out of my seat!

    • Thanks for saying “Congrats” for expecting baby boy. Yes, potter guy from arts fest thinks our 2 year age difference makes us generation apart-Lol. I like that “in denial” comment and may use it. 🙂
      So glad you did not feel the song Locomotion was too corny to get up and dance to! On the other hand, i won’t do the chicken dance or the Macarena dance song anymore.
      I like Grand Funk’s version of the song best. Awhile back I posted that Casey Kasem said there were 3 versions of Locomotion, each version made it into Top 40 list for 3 separate decades, Marissa.

      • Oh how funny is that? I was never aware of which I was listening to though, in retrospect, I suppose there must have been many. I’m sure the version I boogied to must have been Grand Funk Railroad. The year seems about right!

  4. Nice post. I still use that expression “freak out.” so I guess that dates me too. I like most of the songs from your choice of favourites, so that’s pretty good in a list that long.

    • I like the effect of the words “freak out” instead of “being anxious” or “losing control.”
      It is hard to replace the expression and make it sound equally dramatic.
      Oh, sorry Anneli about the long music list. When I would try to edit it, I felt I lost some great representation of the era. I just could not believe the variety in 1974.
      Not my favorites of ALL time but the singers were some of the best. No Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Rolling Stones or ones my Mom loved like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Nat King Cole or Julie Andrews. Who would be your favorites, Anneli?

      • Don’t worry about the list being too long. I didn’t mean that as a negative comment. My fav’s on that list would be John Denver, Jim Croche, and Gordon Lightfoot.

      • Oh, I look at my posts when I get through and do appreciate those who find nuggets and mention what stood out. It was long to type, too. I did not mind the comment and was being sympathetic. Sometimes, Anneli, I just wish I would write a quote and find an appropriate photo. 🙂
        Thanks for writing your fav’s. The ones you liked were balladeers and poets. I liked the interesting images they created in.their songs.

  5. congrats on your newest upcoming addition to the family, i loved ‘the way we were’ too, and people always have told me i look like barbra streisand, just wish i could sing like her. best of luck with the whole purse situation, i’m hopeful it will all be resolved soon for you.p.s. i love the better than a grandma, you’re my nana comment. so sweet.

    • The “Way We Were” movie and song really pull at my heartstrings, Beth. I thought it came out after I got out of high school.
      you have nice, auburn hair but your face is definitely prettier than Barbra Streisand. She sure did marry a good looking man.
      I do wish for closure.

      • P.s. thanks for liking my sweet Micah’s comment. I liked z’s art piece with all of the natural elements. so cool and unique, Beth.

  6. I like the intro. Creating suspense, a nice touch. I love that song, Feel Like Making Love, reminds me of the sexual revolution when women were actually allowed to admit to sexual desire. Skyler’s observations about his sister were hilarious. Ooo, flirting with a marine in the playground. You go, Robin! Do you remember Le Freak C’est Chic? Yeah, a new grandson! Congrats! I’m glad they caught the man who stole your purse. I hope they manage to convict him and that you will have some peace of mind.

    • Brenda, so glad you noticed that great sense of humor Skyler has. He may not make it far with his playing bass but somehow I have one grandchild playing Strings like your three intelligent, creative children do.
      I am coaching him to think he can be a scientist as he’s my oldest and the “longest with me” grandie so he is special to me.

      I like the list had a wide variety of long lasting musical artists. Some years there are a lot of ‘one song artists.’ Oh, I also like “Le Freak C’est Chic!” And “Voulez Vous Couchez con moi, C’est Soir.” The sexy one you listed is great. I also like “(I feel like a) Natural Woman” for the same reason of being able to express ourselves.
      I cannot get this silly phone to write like a computer. 🙂
      I did not get to read your summer fairy tale but hope to tomorrow after Sky plays baseball. Felicia is coming up again from Columbus. Last week I got a priceless photo which with my two girls in very casual (hole-y) clothes on a double slide being goofy. Ages 29 and 35. Finally reaching an age they realize they can appreciate their different strengths.

      • Summer is great because we all get to expand outdoors. We are so confined indoors. I love to hear my kids howling with laughter at a playground. I bet all your grands are intelligent and creative, too! 🙂

      • Of course, each child has their own unique personality and special gifts. I admire musicians, even if I “played” an instrument, I was not particularly great at it. Just not my ability to go beyond average in this area. To me, it is like being good in math or spelling; I did not have an “ear” for music, Brenda.
        I love all aspects of the outdoors with being more boisterous and silly allowed 🙂

  7. Great post full of news, which is a good post for me to get back into as I have been away from blogging for quite some weeks due to caring for my mother. I will catch up with you more over the next few weeks.

    • I did not mean to bring up your mother in my first comment. I was not thinking too clearly. Sorry, Elizabeth. Your staying there with her was a great blessing and hope you are doing well. You seemed to be on the upswing on one of the challenge oosts. 🙂

  8. It was a long post with so many moments of laughter especially when it was revealed that you dye your hair. I spoke to my dad day before yesterday on Father’s day and he was sounding bit low. Might be he was missing us. My parents are alone now since all the three sisters are married and staying happily with their husbands. We have no brother so my mom and dad are left with only memories of our childhood. I think they need company of children. Though we visit them and call them here too but they are old fashioned and wouldn’t like to shift with their daughters. I liked to read that all kids made their daddy a card. Congrats for the new addition in your family.

    • Thank you, Rashmi, for your great observations about my stories. I appreciate the Congrats.
      I am glad I gave you some chuckles.
      I was saddened that your parents miss you. Time and distance can keep people apart. It us good to know all sisters have families and good partners in marriage, too. I am sure this gives your parents great comfort. Hope you have a special rest of the week!

  9. Hi Robin,

    This was such a varied and interesting post.

    Being a father of two grown-up daughters, I recall all those times when I found cards, painstakingly made by hand and a lot of love, waiting for me as I returned back from work.These memories remain such treasures don’t they?

    I am however intrigued by the fact that “Father’s Day ” is now also known as International Yoga Day. Would it imply that Dad by his very mindset, is a Yogi? What would you say?


    • I am sure this was a funny comment with a good inclusion of a joke. Some Dad’s are able or capable of becoming a yogi.
      there are so many ways to celebrate every day, but I personally believe Dad’s take priority over yoga 🙂
      What really warmed my heart was your saying how much you treasured cards which were made by your precious children’s hands with art and words placed by them upon paper. Lovely image of this and in the way you described this loving practice. Smiles sent to you.

  10. I always love reading your posts slowly. I get to enjoy myself. You live such a fantastic life surrounded by your wonderful family. I love almost all the songs you listed, my dad used to call me an old soul… Very interesting post! 🙂

    • You seem like a warm and caring person who had a great childhood which helps you to relate to older songs.You may be an old soul. 🙂 I am also glad you admitted to liking almost all the songs, Seyi Sandra.

      I appreciate your kind compliments about my family and life. I am blessed to have chosen this town and 2 of the 3 kids are raising their babies (children) here. This really makes me feel good in the way you described my life. Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful week, Seyi Sandra.

      • Thanks my friend. I used to sit with my dad listening to 50s and 60s jazz songs. Once, I thought I would be a singer. 🙂 But life has been and is still kind to me. Continue to enjoy your life, and do enjoy the rest of your week too. My warm regards to your beautiful family! 🙂
        Blessings. 🙂

      • I am entranced at the thought of your being a singer, Seyi. It is never too late. . . to follow your dream. I am also honored you shared your father’s style of music, 50’s and 60’s jazz music. How lovely and energetic this is, I love jazz. I try to go to a Ribs and Jazz Fest at least once a year. 🙂
        My Dad called me an “old soul,” when I was 4 and told Santa I wanted “Peace on Earth,” he came back with a ‘lie’ or fabrication: “There is peace on earth.” When he asked what else I wanted I had seen “Wizard of Oz, (frightened but liked it, too) so I asked him for a pair of red shoes. My Dad bought me only one gift each Christmas. That year he bought a tall doll which if you held her one foot a certain way, it appeared like she was walking. He told everyone the story about my Santa Claus experience. I still believed in Santa, but felt he tried to make me happy by telling me what he did. I must have heard the words, “Peace on Earth,” since I literally did not know about war, much, if at all.
        Being the oldest created me to be more responsible, my Mom had the 3 of us in 4 years. What place in the family are you, Seyi?
        Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Ok…so now there are a few of those songs you listed that I can’t get out of my head and wish I would:) Every title, I went right into the song mentally (needs to stay mental…I can’t carry a tune)! Great post!!

    • I thought I put adequate warning sign on those songs 🙂
      I agree with your great description of how you listened to each song in your head, Kirt. I like how you express this as ‘going into’ the songs.
      Always will think it best for me to not sing out loud except with little ones who usually are not unkind listeners.

  12. Several pieces of your ‘Bits and Pieces’ resonated with me. I was a recent college grad when you graduated in ’74, and I remember buying the Grand Funk Railroad album with “Locomotion” on it. I am old enough to remember the original version by Little Eva, but GFR put a lot of electric guitar behind it.

    I loved Skyler’s comment about having a teenage sister dealing with ‘puberty.’ It is only funny for us parents after we have survived it, so it is funny now.

    I always thought the term ‘freaked out’ became a regular part of our language during the Hippie faze of the 60’s when pot smokers would get paranoid if they thought they might get caught. (I got a little freaked out myself a time or two.)

    Congratulations on becoming Nana all over again for the new arrival. He doesn’t even know yet how lucky he is to have you as a grandma just waiting for him to be loved and cared for. – Mike

    • I will tell you this was just the right combination of wonderful observations. I am glad you remember one of the other versions of Locomotion song. I appreciate your adding GFR’s electric guitar making it why I enjoy this so much, Mike.
      The little girl is in elementary school but with the theme being growing up with emotions; she had to handle a big move. After she got through this taking the whole movie with humor and pathos, they showed a sign pointing to the next hurdle of growing up: puberty. I was surprised he read the word and knew exactly what it meant! He was laughing so hysterically, unlike his usual quiet self. 🙂
      This was a sweet way to express your accepting the latest addition to my family and you threw in one of your famous compliments, too. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. I have been packing and organizing for my 9 day summer trip to Mom’s. I will be off and on, posting. Sending you smiles, Mike.

  13. I say freaked out quite often. I am currently freaked out about planning vacation, both with excitement and anxiety.
    But, on part of this vacation, I will see my grandson and rub my daughter’s round belly where the next grandson grows 🙂 Congrats to you and your family for another miracle on the way!
    All those songs are pretty good, some are fantastic — personally, my faves on that list are Jungle Boogie and Benny & the Jets!
    We plan to see the Inside Out movie as well 🙂
    Skyler’s comments on puberty were adorable and accurate, that slayed me! Whatta cut-up he must be!

  14. I use ‘freaked’ out but not as often as other expressions. I usually end up making up words. 🙂

    INSIDE OUT was fantastic. I have to say I am super in love with LAVA. 🙂

    Happy weekend Robin.

    I’m hoping for a good outcome in court for you. ANd I’m also surprised the library is still allowing this guy to come in.

    • I also am a fan of the Lava song with animation. So sweet! Glad you enjoyed the Inside Out movie, too.
      Colleen, the library said once he is finished with his “jail time” he will be allowed back. Such is how I guess (in theory) I believe people deserve both freedom and second chances. In practice, I have to admit I wasn’t keen on rinning into him.I will hopefully get notice of his court date.
      Happy weekend to you, too!

    • Thanks so much for reminding me of Casey being on “Saved by the Bell.” My kids loved that show and still was happy for awhile to see one of the attractive women on “White Collar,” Alex. Did you ever watch that (Channel USA) show? Her first actress “real” name was Tiffani. . . My son thought she was ‘hot!’ 🙂

  15. Robin … Interesting, I would have pegged the use of “freak” to the late 1970s based on Chic – Le Freak’s song (Freak OUt) in 1978. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVZh4WcdC3s

    Based on that potter’s comments about “Mary Poppins,” I’d say there’s a lot more fish in the sea. Move on. That comment was insensitive. When I was dating in my early 20s, a guy I was interested in told me that he was cancelling a date with me because his mother was having a party that night and he thought I’d feel out of place.” Well, my first thought was that he was a clod. My second – after I found out the real reason (he was going to date a girl who worked in the SAME office with me) was that he was a moron. When he attempted to call me again to go out with him, I was not home at the time. But, I did not return the call. 😉

    • Judy, I am going back to comment on this, since I will be ‘catsitting’ at a house where I can use their computer.
      I am very appreciative of your opinion since no one commented to give an opinion on this pottery maker. I get texts but have resisted texting back. He is not a phone caller. I deserve better, you are saying? Thanks so much and I agree the guy who did not wish you to go to a party, is a clod, parents should be able to meet a girl you were dating, if you were the guy.
      Too bad about life, especially when it seems more complicated than the last time I was out and about in the single world. Hugs, Robin I need to change the post to say late 60’s which is what the internet still says. Related to drug usage originally but even my Mom used to say to my Dad, “Don’t freak out but I got a traffic ticket today!” 🙂

  16. Great collection of thoughts here, Robin!

    You were one year ahead of me in high school, so your songs on American Top 40 are my songs. When I tune into the countdown on Saturday mornings on the 70s station on my XM satellite radio, I don’t freak out because Casey’s voice brings me back right there in my mind. No, I feel happy instead.

    Fill out those court papers about your library fears. That thief ruined a great and important thing in your life, my friend.

    And congratulations on the upcoming new grandson, young grandma!

    • Thanks, Mark. I have fallen a bit behind, vacation at Mom’s has added dimension. We have been with daughter and 2 grandsons to beach, town fair and this July 4th day: Skyler and Carrie ran 5 mile race and Micah and I ran A 1 mile race. No winners but Micah got a participant ribbon. Hope you and your have a fantastic 4th!!

      • Way to go, running the race with Micah, Robin. It sounds like your stay at Mom’s has been wonderful for the whole family, my friend. ❤ Happy Fourth to all.

      • We have a breather between beach, dinner and fireworks. I am glad you have a trip planned and meeting a few more family members. Sounds like awesome travel plans and great destination 🙂 enjoy the evening, Mark ☆☆☆☆

    • I got papers filled out in a timely manner-whew, a relief. I also forgot to mention your comments about the song list were fun and how you worked in the words “freak out” was brilliant, Mark!

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