Flags, Peace and Pie Ala Mode Month


July means so much to many people. It is serious, since it includes celebrating,

here in the United States, our Independence. It is exciting and fun, since this is

not June wedding- or graduation- time. Just put some food together and head

out to the beach, park, your backyard and enjoy a picnic. There are lots of

lightning bugs, mosquitoes and lovely flitting moths and fluttering butterflies

in the month of July.

Hip Hip Hooray for July!

Although each month’s post is created with more rhyme than reason, I will

throw in gardening ideas and quotations usually. This month I ‘discovered’

a man many may already have known, Siegfried Sassoon. This was a leading

poet of WWI period. He was born on September 8, 1886 in Heytesbury,

Wiltshire, England. He passed away on September 1, 1967 just a week before

his 81st birthday in Matfield, Kent, England.

Here is Siegfried Sassoon’s poem given to you to rejoice, revel and revere.



In the grey summer garden I shall find you.

With daybreak and the morning hills behind you.

There will be rain-wet roses; stir of wings;

And down the wood a thrush that wakes and sings.

Not from the past you’ll come, but from that deep

Where beauty murmurs to the soul asleep;

And I shall know the sense of life re-born.

From dreams into the mystery of morn.

Where gloom and brightness meet and standing there

Till that calm song is done, at last we’ll share

The league-spread, ‘quiring  symphonies that are

Joy in the world, and peace, and dawn’s one star.”


*************************************** JULY *******************************************

This month’s gemstone ignites poetic words from the society which writes

about jewels:

“Rubies arouse the senses.

Stir the imagination.

Said to guarantee good health, wisdom, wealth and success in Love.”

When purchasing this birthstone, look for the most prized colors of a

medium to medium-dark ‘vivid’ red or a purplish red.

July 1- First Full Moon:  “Full Buck Moon.”

Enjoy this evening, knowing we have a bonus one on the last day of

the month.

July 4th- Independence Day

Home town parades, fireworks displays: Enjoy!

July’s flowers: Larkspur, Delphiniums.

July’s flowers are diverse, two are similar but can see differences while

observing the Larkspur is more open in its shape, while Delphiniums

are more ‘trumpet like.’

Here were some interesting ‘other’ nicknames for Larkspur:

“Knights Spur”

“Lark’s Heel”

“Lark’s Claw”

I was very pleased to read those born in July may also celebrate

Water Lilies as their birth flower. When I think of water lilies, I

picture Claude Monet’s art work. I savor Monet’s great series of

paintings with these lovely flowers lying on his beautiful, private pond.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has an entire wall with their largest

Impressionist’s piece (Water Lilies). You may sit on a bench and feel

tranquil and transported into the past over to France. You’ll feel the

warmth of the sun on your face, as you gaze at Monet’s Japanese-style

garden he had carefully cultivated for his yard.


July 8- Last quarter moon.

July 9- Nunavet Day (Canada)

In 1982, this special section became a district separate from the

Northwest Territory.

July 12- Orangemen’s Day, traditional (N. L.) This is a celebration in

Canada, incorporating Newfoundland and Labrador in this holiday.

On this date, Norther Ireland has a “Bank Holiday,” due to celebrating

the Battle of Boyne in 1690. It says U.K. include this in their holidays.

Let me know if this is true, dear Brits.

July 15- New Moon.

June 24- Pioneer Day (Utah)

July 26th- The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed on 2/26/90.

July 27- National Korean War Veteran’s Armistice Day.

July 31- Second Full Moon:  “Full Thunder Moon.”

Not a blue moon by definition has to be the 3rd of 4 full moons in a single

season. (If you get this, please let us know more about this in the comments


Here are some Independence Quotes:

~*~*~* One *~*~*~

“You can’t separate peace from freedom

Because no one can be at peace unless

He has his freedom.”

~ Malcolm X

~*~*~* Two *~*~*~

“Liberty means responsibility,

That is why some men dread it.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

~*~*~* Three *~*~*~

John Adams, (1735 – 1826) on Fourth of July celebrations:

“It will be celebrated…

With pomp and parade…

Bonfires and illuminations…

From one end of the continent to the other.”

What will you be celebrating this month?

What will you bring to our large blogging community Picnic?

I plan on making an Italian layered pasta salad, olives both

green and black, pepperoni slices, onions, banana peppers

and generous handfuls of grated parmesan and mozzarella



About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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    • I am so glad you did not know this. I learned this so wished to share it. My Dad was a July “baby” and I thought I knew facts about the month. Tell your daughter wishes for a very happy birthday sent her way this July!

  1. I have never heard that definition of a blue moon before… just that it’s the rare instance of a second full moon in a month. Full moons can end up skipping the month of February entirely (and I believe you’d get blue moons in both January and March as a result), though I don’t think that’s happened since 1865.

    The John Adams quote on Fourth of July celebrations is ironic since he died on July 4th…

    I am a July baby!

    • Happy July birthday, E.S. and so glad to pass on something I just found out. You passed back something to help me, too. I just love that expression, “Once in a blue moon.”

    • This month is a very busy and celebratory month for you, Cheryl. Please give everyone a BIG hug to your two July birthday members! I am up at Mom’s for a week. I reminded Mom we have an open invitation to attend your barbecues and take a dip in the pool. 🙂 Let freedom ring!

    • I am hoping you may think of a festival or holiday to add, if you wish. Also, Neha, thanks for telling me July 1st is a holiday for Canada! Enjoy your July, Neha. 🙂

  2. My Thing 2 is a July baby and I love it just because of that! Independence Day has always been a big celebration in my fam…being independent is a BIG deal! Celebrate that each and every day! ❤ Your pasta dish sounds yummy!

    • I am glad you like the sound of my pasta salad. I usually use whole wheat boodles, or vegetable ones. You may have a big helping of it, at our imaginary picnic, robynbird 🙂 I am sending off some happy wishes for your July birthday kid, “Thing 2!”

  3. I love July! It’s the warmest sunniest month here, and I love having extra long days to sit out and enjoy drinks on a patio, a swim, time at the cottage, or just playing and swimming with the dogs in the backyard! Lots of reasons to celebrate!!

    • I love your summertime images! You could make a poem out of this collection of fun and relaxing moments, Jay! Cottage by lake was my parents’ idea of retirement and they had this simple dream come true. I now just hope for a week sometime of this simple life 🙂

    • This is my favorite kind of post, my 3rd July of blogging and I don’t consult any before I write, Dan. Happy birthday mid-July to your daughter! Sending balloons and surprises her way 🙂

    • Oh Elizabeth, I am so happy you had a July “jewel” daughter! This will brighten your colder, sometimes gloomy winter days. Sending you and her big hugs. Wishing your daughter a bright and happy birthday♡♡

  4. Hi: We’re new to your blog by way of fellow blogging bud, Wine Wankers. I must say we loved this post. Especially me. My birthday is July 19th so the information was taken to heart & the poem was exquisite. Didn’t know that about Water lilies. We look forward to popping over & reading more of your lovely posts. Sharing this now. 😉

    • Since I may get sidetracked: A sincerely warm wish for your July 19th birthday! Happy Birthday!
      I am so excited to have you visit here. I am a part-time blogger, where I try to keep up with my busy full-time bloggers. I have funny, serious and simple posts. Let me know if I can improve to meet your interests. 🙂 🙂

  5. I think of July as the time to share with family and friends. The kids are out of school and are always up for an activity to play outdoors. We have friends RV’ing it across the country who will arrive in our neck of the woods in mid-July – a couple who were our neighbors when we were living in Panama.

    There are fairs and festivals all around, and I look forward to moderate servings of fair food and desserts. Our little county raises 3/4 of the country’s raspberries, and the local grown blueberries will be right after them. Yum! – Mike

    • Mike, hope you have a fantastic visit with your friends from Panama. I think i was reading your posts and “met” them back when you were an “ex pat.”
      I simply love raspberries. My favorite jam has raspberries in it. I like cookies with it nestled in little nests. (Thumbprint butter cookies.) I also enjoy blueberries with vanilla ice cream 🙂 Summer festivals with food, music and art displays brighten the days and nights of the season. Enjoy, Mike!

  6. once again, robin, you’ve given us a beautiful glimpse of what’s coming up in the next month, making me even more excited for it’s coming. i love sassoon’s words ) enjoy your july!

    • It was a fun post. I showed Mom last year’s post which reflected civil rights landmark 50th anniversary year. The poem, ” Idyll,” makes me sense romance in it too 🙂 Happy 4th, Beth. . . Fireworks included.

    • I am sorry I missed your comment, Diahann. This is a really nice one, too! I also like to relax in July but this is something I started a few years ago, which seems to hit the spot in so many ways. I like helping people to learn about poetry, historical dates and the moons were thanks to Jules who writes poetry. 🙂 She guided me to the Native American names for the moons.

  7. Robin … Beautiful poetry, quotes, and your dynamite Italian layered pasta salad for a picnic. Now, that’s the way to celebrate the 4th.

    I also have never heard about a “Full Thunder Moon,” but love the many ways you noted to celebrate this month. 😉

    • Judy, so happy to have you stop by. I figured my Italian pasta salad would remind you of your Roman Holiday. I hope you are getting a lot of blogging traffic reading about the wonderful sights your family saw together! Simply exciting!

    • So glad you enjoyed this, Bela! I am glad to be infectious with joy and not germs. Ha ha! I read that quote and asked a couple of friends, “Who do you think said this?” No one guessed Malcolm X. Glad you liked this part, too. 🙂

  8. Enjoyed your post Robin, some lovely poetry there, interesting to me to see that Siegfried Sassoon was born the same day as myself, albeit 129 years apart.
    Kind regards.

  9. Robin, I deleted your comment by mistake from my blog. One minute I was replying, the next, zappo! You’re right, it’s so nice to have cut flowers. And re this piece, Sassoon is so interesting. He left some extensive diaries and the early poetry is considered better, but I do like some of the later piers quite a bit. Enjoy your exploration! And thanks for visiting my site!

    • Thank you for checking my monthly post out. I started this 3 summers ago, just to place events and poems together. I like writing about relationships, events, subjects and popular culture. A hodge podge which varies with serious and light hearted subjects.
      I was happy to see your flowers and vegetable garden. Your bouquet was lovely and your donating fresh vegetables, too. I have followed you through a few writers from different locations. You may have seen my “likes” 🙂

  10. Robin, Love the poem and the independence quotes! Monet’s water lilies are my favorite too!
    Very informative post, as usual!

  11. Hi Robin…Your post—Great…You mention Claude Monet. His work ‘really reached me’ after first seeing (‘Impression, soleil levant’)—a sunrise glimpse of the port of Le Havre…You are the best! Thanks for sharing your posts with all of us…Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July…Phil

    • Hope you continue to enjoy a beautiful and special celebration of the 4th, Philip. I knew you would enjoy monet and his water lilies. You have a great perspective!

  12. Happy July, Robin. MDW Karen and I are bringing Elisabeth and George Three to Karen’s family reunion outside of Denver this month. It is the first time there for all of us, chosen because it is centrally located for her siblings. It will also be the first time I meet her sister who lives in Alaska and her brothers who live in California and Washington state. I have met her sister who lives in Texas! I will meet many nieces and nephews, too!

    To our blogging picnic, I’ll bring horseshoe and bocce ball sets for social fun!

    • I love how you write My Dear Wife, Karen. This is something I always forget to say. The way you care about each and every family member is so special and wonderful to see and read about, too.
      Happy Family Reunion, Mark! This sounds like the perfect way to meet some VIP’s. 🙂

  13. For some reason, I missed this post Robin! It is not showing up in my email or my Reader, so please forgive this late, late comment.

    I love your salad idea. We didn’t eat anything special yesterday ourselves because it was so hot here, we just didn’t feel like cooking and so ate Subway sandwiches, LOL.

    What I celebrated yesterday was having our kitchen refrigerator fixed (thank heaven we have another on in the garage that had to do double duty until a part arrived for the main refrigerator) and our air conditioning repaired. Two vital items went down last week and we suffered. It made me cranky but, yesterday both were humming away and we just spent the day reading.

    I am reading Doris Kearn Goodwin’s book about the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during WWII and it seemed to be the perfect material for July 4th. We just spent the afternoon reading in the family room and listening to the cool jazz station on DirecTV. How’s that for lazy? Oh and I steamed my bathroom, lol.

    I am going to look up Siegfired Sassoon because that poem is just what I need to hear. Beautiful!

    Enjoy your Sunday, Robin. ❤

    • I have heard he has more wonderful poems, not all on war but more on life. My Mom liked this poem when I read it to her. I may try to find more to quote in letters to her, Beth.
      Hope you don’t mind my reminder of not worrying about staying in touch. We(as friends) are fine, even while in the midst of life and you are never latr. We just pick up where we left off.
      I was sorry about 3 important electrical conveniences going out at the same time:(
      Good thing, no Annabelle to have in the middle of this catastrophe.
      I would like to read more about the Roosevelt since I only read their biographies in middle school and short passages in books and online. Take care and will check on your blog soon. . .

      • Robin, primarily I am troubled that some of the posts are not showing up. That is the main reason for any delays, since I am always interested in what you are doing and saying.

        Yes, I am glad we are getting these housekeeping issues squared away now. We also had a vacuum cleaner issue. What a June! But, now we are planning outings with Deanna and Anna so that will be fun.

        I find Eleanor Roosevelt to be one of my heroines. I always discover something new and wonderful about her to emulate.

        My next post will be Friday — my standard day :-). Meanwhile, I hope you are back and rested and am eagerly awaiting your next post! ❤

  14. I will always remember that larkspur and delphinium are essentially the same flower because I learned it in The Password to Larkspur Lane. I’ve never forgotten anything I learned in a Nancy Drew!
    July is my birthday month so I love the larkspur and the rubies :).

  15. Love this post, Robin. I’d read that poem before but forgotten about it. Thanks for posting it, I truly enjoyed re-reading it. 🙂 I also love rubies as this is my birthday month and Ruby is my birthstone. Loved all the info on them. Have a lovely summer. ❤

    • Happy July birthday, Elizabeth. I am so glad you enjoyed the poem despite it being once read before. We learn or “hear” new things a second time. My Mom asked me to read “Idyll” a few times over the weekend. Since my name is a bird, she liked the bird’s song. Smiles, Robin

  16. That July 4th ought to be my wedding anniversary kind of put a dampener on the holiday for me. Lesson learned: Don’t do weddings on important holidays. It might seem like a great idea the time, but resist the impulse! If things don’t work out (and these days, ugh), it’ll put a real spin on future holidays! o_O

    • Thank you for this fun comment! I hope people will hop over to your island of paradise and see the water lily.
      Happy July birthday to you!
      We know what your parents were “up to” in late Fall. . . Just had to say this since so many July birthdays were mentioned. Only so long before I blurted this joke out!

  17. I love that poem, it really does say summer to me!
    Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. It’s always pleasant. No one has unrealistic expectations about it, and it doesn’t require planning, shopping, obligation, or religion, lol! There’s always wonderful company, fresh fruit, somethin grillin, and oohs and aahs in the sky. All good stuff.
    I always think of July as true summer, unmarred by school schedules. It always flies by!
    Last week’s Full Buck Moon was gorgeous, so low and bright, I loved her.
    We have no birthdays in July. Not a single one. Very little water in our families, lotsa fire 😉

    • Joey, this was chock full of fun and energy! All kinds of good times included in your list. I am a Scorpio so do well with water signs like astronomy star sign Pisces, that “cool” me off.
      So glad you enjoyed the full buck moon 🙂 looking forward to the next one.

      • We had the “grey/gray” discussion in creative writing class once and I think grey is English. It seems softer, like a sweet little mousey. Gray seems like winter clouds.

      • This is so interesting! From time to time, not sure you have seen my wordplay posts? I will have write a new one soon. Tske care. I will be by to visit over weekend. 🙂

  18. Robin, “Idyll” is such an honest look at life – I had never heard of this poet or this poem but loved it. Thanks so much for posting.
    PS. I am going to add this blog to Red’s favorites, too, along with PLGCM which has been the name we’ve loved so much.
    You are a good cyberspace friend, and we appreciate you at Casa de Canterbury.

    • Dear Familia de la Casa,
      I enjoy you all, more so each time I visit. I liked the poet and really should see if there is another special Suegfried Sassoon poem to post in August.
      **Should we post your “Help Wanted” notice here?**
      Check out Red’s blog for some hysterical wishes, especially a younger editor 🙂
      Hope no one had to hide under beds due to all the fireworks!
      I was certainly pleased to be on your favorites list. Big hugs and Thank you!
      Tu amiga, xoxo

    • Doesn’t “Mysteries of Mom” sound like a fun comedy book or movie? I had to be careful while typing the words “morn” and “quiring” from the poem. The computer and spell-checker transformed 2nd word into inquiring. I think the song of the thrush could be like a choir.
      Hope you have some more drifting moments upon gently moving currents while young ones “surf” on boards.
      They use those when people pull into dock in the town where Mom and Dad had retired. At the cool restaurant on the Vermilion River, the “valets” come back from parking boats using paddles and flat boards. I really liked your descriptionS in your drifting post, Brenda. ‘Night!

      • Mysteries of Mom could be a book for me to write. 🙂 I would have to fill it with the natural world — mother nature having taken the place of my own mother these many years. Although my stepmother did her best, I now understand. Your own mother cannot ever be replaced, though. That restaurant does sound pretty cool. Would love to pull up a boat there.

      • Brebda, one bever knows dhere your next book or break will be:)
        It was called McGarvey’s and now is a good Quaker Steak and Lube. The food is better than others in its chain. The maintenance manager actually knows where my parents’ cottage is and still has a boat up there. He often bemoans the fact that he and his wife cannot afford to buy the house. My niece, husband, baby boy and stepdaughter live there. A little tight for 4 people. They pay rent which pays taxes and helps Mom.
        So true, not too many people can replace a Mom. You are extending all the ways your Mom planted her mothering seeds into you, Brenda.

      • Thanks, Robin. I do seem to be growing in many directions, mostly at my waistline! LOL I agree, I can’t see where the next book or break will be. Meanwhile, I get to have fun with my kids. That is precious.

    • So glad you will resign yourself to July, as you mentioned not too much we can do about time flying by. 🙂
      Inese, thank you for reading other posts and seeing some of the variety of writing I attempt.

      • I read a lot of your old post yesterday, but something was wrong with my account again and all my “likes” disappeared a few seconds after they were clicked 😦

      • Inese, don’t feel discouraged there are a few blogs which I have had that happen. I am dismayed mine did this to you! Not sure why or how to fix it? Thank you for your reading my old posts, friend

  19. Thanks for your observations on July. It is indeed a month to celebrate. On the 4th I went to t pool party in Louisville and met a lot of new people. This past weekend I went to a Blues Festival down on the river.Had a great time! Hope you enjoy the rest of the month and have a wonderful summer!

    • My youngest lived in Louisville for 2 years with her UD college roommate. I loved all of Kentucky! I did like the way they have restauranta along the river and festivals, Benn. That blues fest sounds great, too.

    • Very happy uou found a more serious post than the follow up on soap opera actors, Carl. Thank you for enjoying the poetry. I have visited and liked your blog today. 🙂

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