Lighthouses and Sailing Away: July, 2015


I arrived up on Lake Erie last Friday. It has been a marvelous week with my

“Mamacita,” who is such a dear one and a blessing.

I enjoyed the anticipation, the way I looked more closely at the scenery

and have enjoyed relaxing and being lazy, once I got here. We went

grocery shopping shortly upon my arrival.

We always have plenty to eat with my Mom insisting on buying cookies,

chips, dip, wine (Sangria) and ice cream in at least 3 flavors.

We have plans today to visit my niece and her husband, living in my

parents’ retirement home. They were married Summer of 2014, with a

tent on the side yard and all the family present.

The family picnic (Saturday, July 3rd) will include newly arrived guests,

Skyler, Micah and my oldest daughter, Carrie. They drove up last night

and we had fun visiting and hearing about their week, since Mommy was

on vacation..

Other ‘picnickers’ will be both brothers, Mom, niece, her husband, baby

Jackson, older junior high daughter, Vaya, and my sister in law.

Mom’s and my  ‘food assignment’ was being in charge of bringing dessert.

After carefully looking over the bakery, rows of frozen desserts while

debating which ones would like our choices, we bought our offerings-

frosted red, white and blue cookies, (an instant hit with the children),

strawberries we cut up last night and added sugar to make a syrup

overnight, can of real whipped cream, angel food cake and a package

of “short cakes” which each person can choose their cake base, take

a scoop of strawberries, add vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream.

My brother is bringing corn, watermelon and sister in law made a potato

salad. My niece and her husband are making hamburgers and hot dogs.

My other brother bought free range chickens to barbecue on the grill.

We have our bag of sunscreen, sunglasses, Mom’s special necessities,

two towels, my bathing suit and sundries packed and ready to go.

Tonight, there will be fireworks all along the lake. We will see the boats

go towards the East, then will see them head back West.

The Lake makes me think of the 12 lighthouses, bordering the Northern

edge of Ohio.

Here is a list, not in any particular order of their locations along the coast,

of a dozen scattered lighthouses along Lake Erie. . . some with memories


1. Vermilion Lighthouse.

This town is where my parents chose to live from the late 80’s until 2011,

when my Mom moved into her Senior Living Apartments. Now my niece

and her husband live on an appropriately named, “Edgewater Drive.”

2. Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse.

I have been to Fairport Harbor Beach, as a child swimming with my family.

3. Port Clinton Lighthouse.

I have toured and seen this beautiful memorial and museum on the island.

4. Huron Harbor Lighthouse.

We used to go to a little Episcopalian Church there, while growing up in


The church was along the waterfront, across from the lake side of the


5. Toledo Harbor Lighthouse.

While I attended Bowling Green State University, in B.G., Ohio, I visited the

Toledo Zoo and was invited to eat in a restaurant along the Toledo Harbor.

On another occasion, I enjoyed a second  harbor visit. A boyfriend and I first

spent time wandering around the art collections and gardens at the Toledo Art


Then, having completed this fantastic day, escape from studying and  school

projects, we spent a luxurious dining experience in a waterfront restaurant.

Memories of such beautiful sea- or lake- side evenings, wherever you may

have visited, include so many senses touched or ignited. Anytime when you

can look out upon the vast, dark sky, while spying distant ships, stars and a

shining beacon of light, blinking off and on, rotating to protect the harbor, you

will be moved.

I hope sometime in your life you have been to a lake, an ocean or spent an

evening on an island.

I hope the beauty and majesty of lighthouses is part of your memories. . .

6. Ashtabula Lighthouse.

7. Marblehead Lighthouse.

Another childhood memory, where I was with my parents and my father’s


It has a funny sense of my mother’s annoyance and slight jealousy of one

of his secretaries. I have written this in a post about jealousy ‘at any age.’

8. Old Fairport Harbor Lighthouse.

9. Cleveland Harbor Lighthouse.

It is strange, but I know I have seen this lighthouse many times, but there is

no ‘imprint’ upon my memory bank. I have seen fireworks from a park nearby


The ships are large, looming in this busy harbor, there are more restaurants

along the “Flats” than on Cleveland’s downtown lake’s edge.

10. Conneaut Lighthouse.

11. South Bass Island Lighthouse.

This is one of several islands, from Sandusky Bay to Kelley’s Island,

South Bass, Port Clinton and others… A wonderful and worthy scenic trip,

reasonably priced.

12. Lorain Harbor Lighthouse.

This one is a large lighthouse that has been one where we have sat along

the beach to watch at night. The area is well kept, has a refreshment stand

where Mom and I bought ice cream and heard first a reggae band, then a

Hispanic group sang and played. My Mom and I danced to the Spanish

music, while she tried to sing the lyrics.

On Maine Historical Society Website, I found a book by Henry Wadsworth

Longfellow. It has a collection of poems,”The Seaside and the Fireside.”

This anthology includes 8 poems about the Sea with 12 about sitting and

dreaming by the Fire.

One of Longfellow’s famous and beloved poems,

with just three passages shared in this post,

the opening, middle and closing one, below:

“The Lighthouse

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The rocky ledge runs far into the sea,

And on its outer point, some miles away

The Lighthouse lifts its massive masonry,

A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day.”

. . .

“And as the evening darkens, lo! how bright,

Through the deep purple of the twilight air,

Beams forth the sudden radiance of its light,

With strange, unearthly splendor in the glare!”

. . .

(After the middle, there is a sea bird that crashes into

the glare of the lighthouse, dying and the dramatic

poet, H.W.L., mentions Prometheus chained to a rock.)

. . .

“Sail on!” it says,

Sail on, ye stately ships!

And with your floating bridge the ocean span.

Be mine to guard this light from all eclipse,

Be yours to bring man nearer unto man!”

The End.

(You may view this, in its entirety, but I chose the most

beautiful passages, in my mind’s eye.)

Last year’s music news of 2014, spoke of a ‘comeback album,’ for one of

my all-time summer favorites: Christopher Cross.  It is hard to believe his

album, titled,” Sailing,” has been out and sailing along into the sunset,

since 1979.

Did anyone listen to this album, since this post originally was published

in 2014? I have missed any of the singles on this, while listening to the

radio, daily and on longer trips to Mom’s.

I am quite content with his older one, which features lovely lyrics.

In “Sailing,” there are poetic words of paradise, tranquility, miracles

along with innocence, with canvas dreams.

“And if the wind is right, you can sail away to find serenity.”

Another passage near the end…

“Dream and wind carry me and soon I will be free.”

The Arthur movie, with the song, “The Best that You Can Be,” won Chris

Cross, an Oscar in 1981, he has been often in Germany performing, along

with on stage with country groups, like with “Alabama.” A couple years’ back,

“Lemon’s Theme” was written for the discontinued comedy television show,

“30 Rock.”

I am excited by the 2014, “The Secret Ladder,” album but have not heard

any newer songs attached to this. On Wikipedia, it lists a 2013 album by

Christopher Cross.

All I wish to express here is a combination of expectant excitement and

pleasant feeling of being swept away, if not on a sailboat, possibly an inner

tube, down a cool and easy river.

Christopher Cross singing his upbeat songs, using his fantastic, smooth

voice will be something  I still have to look forward to, someday getting to

hear the newer songs.

If only in my dreams…

I hope this spurred on memories of sandy beaches, water experiences by

a body of water; stream, river, lake or ocean.

If not, a pool is a nice cooling off place to suggest. . .

Did you ever have an emotional experience, almost magical or spiritual,

while you were by some form of water?

If you would like to list something you did or plan to do to celebrate the

holiday, please know I may not respond until July 5th or 6th, once I get

back home. . .

If you have already liked this post, written last year and then edited to

include new baby boy, Jackson, my grandsons Micah and Skyler, their

Mommy having a 2015 vacation all week, then don’t feel bad not pushing

“Like” button once again. I am thankful for this re-blogging, since some

of the details remained intact. Others, I updated. . .

Have a fantastic Fourth of July, if you are in the U.S.

If not, hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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  1. wow, i love the lighthouses, robin. i love to be near water too, it is calming and romantic and makes me feel peaceful, no matter where i am. i can’t believe it’s been that long for christopher cross, but i’d love to hear his voice again. have a great trip, robin!

    • I am in awe of this bewitching effect of water upon almost all people, Beth! I love the calming effect and also, think it is romantic, with the right one accompanying me.
      The warm sand between my toes, the wet, cold drips of sand making castles… oh I could go on… I hope that he has some great new songs, since Christopher Cross is only a few years ahead of us, I was surprised he hasn’t even reached 64 yet!

  2. Have a wonderful trip Robin – sounds wonderful. I love lighthouses, thinking who trod the steps in days of old to light the fire (of course all of that has changed now) We are a few days off Spring, the wattle is blooming, the blossom is out and my thoughts drift to sandy beaches or rippling lakes – so thank you. xox

    • It used to be that driving to my parents meant the back yard was Lake Erie. My niece and her husband live there now, paying rent. I am so happy that Mom doesn’t mind going back, she didn’t even seem sad at the wedding. It will be relaxing and hope you will have some time in the sun, too, Doris! Hugs, Robin

      • Have lots of fun, cannot wait to hear what happens, well it looks like it will rain, so I guess I will be inside painting.

  3. I’m going to visit my mom and dad this weekend too, Robin…and my daughter and son-in-law. I have fields of milo and corn to look at…not quite up as exciting as your neck of the woods. Have a great time with your, Mamacita.

    • Thanks for the kind wishes! I am so glad you are traveling and will see your special loved ones, Becky. I am glad you shared this with me. I am not likely to do much over the weekend with my blog. Sometimes, if I am there a week, I will use their single computer in their entertainment room, they call it “The Pub.” I love that you will see corn and milo, they are quite beautiful shining in the sun. Hoping we will all have safe ‘travel mercies.’

    • Thanks, Chris! I am so excited to find so many lighthouse lovers. I recall that you have a photograph of a lighthouse either on your homepage or one of your posts… Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I may just be back one more time, to post my September calendar, Chris. Smiles back…

  4. Have a great time with your mother, Robin! I’ve always had a fascination with lighthouses. In a few weeks, when the Summer Spotlight Series is over, I’ll be sharing a story about lighthouses. 🙂

    • I remembered at the beginning of the summer, you mentioned you were planning on writing a story about lighthouses, Jill! I will be excited to read this story. I hope you will have a great Labor Day weekend, Jill, with family and friends. I have enjoyed your Summer Spotlight Series immensely, getting to know our fellow writers and bloggers, has been very enlightening!

  5. My first visit to the ocean was in Ireland. Though I had flown over the ocean to get there I slept the entire way and didn’t see it until I stood on the shores of Galway Bay and looked towards the Islands that holds my father’s family ancestry. That was magical to me.

    And I had no idea there were that many lighthouses “here”!

    • Oh, such a lovely story of your travel to the shores of Galway Bay and the islands that hold your father’s family ancestry. It sounds magical to me! You really should write a story about the whole trip and every thing you can remember about it. I am sure your photos are awesome for this life-changing trip you took, Colleen! Thanks for sharing part of this experience here.

      I love the lighthouses along the Eastern U.S. seaboard, which I have been to the top of several of them. I also was in awe of the Upper Peninsula lighthouse, that is supposedly the farthest north you can go in the U.S. (but at least in Michigan.) The lost ships museum, shipwreck museum was very interesting, up there, too.

      • I have written some about my Ireland travels, but not all of them. Maybe I should do that. 🙂

        And I am hearing wonderful things about Michigan. I think it will be a destination trip!

      • I need to back and look these up on your blog, Colleen! I am sorry, sometimes we meet someone and start from where we met, instead of getting to know ‘how we got there, in the first place!’

    • Polly, so glad it helped to remember some seasides you visited and including lovely thoughts, too! I am always happy to bring smiles and am quite nostalgic at times… Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

    • I bet the Lake Erie shores of New York have other lighthouses, which is not too hard to find out, using the internet! I was watching a commercial that caught my eye about Ohio’s beaches early in the summer, then got started and side-tracked. Now, this post is almost the end of summer! Thanks for this lovely comment, Amy!

    • Thank you, Hollis! It will be a great time, we are all debaters and sometimes we are guilty of discussing serious subjects. I am hoping that my two brothers may consider my niece’s husband is ‘rather new’ to this kind of roundtable! My Mom is one who will definitely put in her two cents’ worth! I love the word, ‘congenial’ and the grass being green, which will be nice to rest my bare feet on this grass. I will go down to the beach and grab some ‘beach glass’ and rocks for my car. I have these little ‘pockets’ in the doors of the car, where my grandchildren love to hold and pick up to examine these special finds! Hope you have a special Labor Day weekend, too!

      • You love sea glass too? I have an entire bowl full!!!! I love to look through it. I once found a very rounded over coke bottle bottom, which is my favorite. Lucky grandchildren who get to see your collection!

    • I forgot this about you, thanks for reminding me! I know that Lake Michigan and others are really gorgeous, but I am content with dear old Lake Erie! I have been up to Charlevoix and the U.P. which are quite beautiful locations and so unique. Sleeping Bear Dunes was a destination a few times from my BGSU days! Smiles to you and yours. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

  6. I love beaches and the sound of waves and I have a fascination for lighthouses. In fact in one of my childhood dreams (you know those fantasies of exciting adventures) I dreamed of living in a lighthouse. It was one of my favourites.

    • I think that there are books about those who live in lighthouses, which does make it sound romantic and wonderful. I think this would be a great place to retire, wake up to seeing the water, go to sleep while hearing the waves crashing and sometimes the soothing and healing power of the sand between our toes… Could see this, if I could transport my little grandies and their parents to be my ‘neighbors,’ maybe my son would cook in a seaside café, my oldest daughter would paint and photograph, and my youngest, my go-getter, would try to manage a condominium complex, nearby… As long as it didn’t block my view!

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  8. Living on the left coast, I have been to the seashore many times. Even though I raised my children near the beach, my fondest recollection of a tranquil setting by the sea was sitting along the sea wall in the old town part of Sibenik, Croatia, on the Dalmatian Coast in December needing to wear only a T-shirt for a top. That was only nine months ago? It seems so far away now. Maybe I will go back someday. – Mike

    • Someone told me they liked this post and started following me. I found your unanswered response to my post, Mike. You are always here. Thank you, dear friend! I like many beaches but am most familiar with Lake Erie. The Gulf, Cape Ann, Mallory and Mexico Bay are lovely but Erie is my “stamping grounds.” I liked the sound of your Croatian beach, on the Dalmatian Coast. xo

      • Wow, it’s great you found this comment from over a year ago!

        There are only three or four blogs that I regularly comment on. I have always loved your joyfulness and optimism. You had me at ‘witless.’

      • I was telling someone that I had written to AARP trying to connect to others from out age group. I am hoping they may include my blog in their comments section in the magazine. I also need to talk again to a member of the Senior Center. She wants to start a group of bloggers. She wanted me to “lead” it, Mike which was a big compliment but as you know I am not adding links to music nor able to do some other technical stuff so they need an expert, who I will listen to and learn from. 🙂 I liked “witless” too. Can I still be this after 60 without changing the name? I mean 60 is still after 50. . . . 😉

    • You’re welcome and some people bake up biscuits and break them in half, pour the strawberries with sugar over them and add ice cream with or without whipped cream. The recipe for shortcakes may be on the internet in various forms. Thanks for reading this longer post, I used to write articles or essays on my blog. 🙂

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