Junk Drawer


Rummaging through my thoughts, subjects scattered and needing collected.

If they were pieces of toys, pencils with broken points or those little wire thingy’s

that are sometimes called, “bread wraps,” I would stuff them in my junk drawer.

First of all, let me tell you this is going to be a fun and wild ride. Hardly any serious

stuff, light and airy, music, relationships, sex, and blue jeans.

This post may not be “hip” but hips will be “displayed” through words.

In the 1400’s, Egyptians drew stylized women, wearing snakes around their necks,

unique patterns and sometimes even wearing two piece bathing suits.You may

check out urns and Egyptian relics to find these sexy examples of ancient culture.

The bikini bathing suit came about in 1946, modeled on a runway. Bikini Atoll was

where an atomic bomb had gone off. The more current “introduction” of the bathing

suitΒ  was expected to be so controversial, it would be like setting off a “bomb” or

burst of excitement. I remember when Barbies had one piece bathing suit, with a

black and white pattern. The newer ones all have bikinis on. The most popular

issue of “Sports Illustrated” magazine is of course, the bathing suit issue.

Here’s a musical interlude of a collection of songs, old and new, which have been

slipping in and out of my mind.

Starting with my sandy poem, we had Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. I showed

my poem in Opa’s Greek Restaurant, while waiting for a meal with oldest and

youngest daughters. They were chatting about men, which we covered newest

“odd” text from the pottery maker, including a short video of his releasing a baby

starling who had fallen out of a tree in a storm. He talks in it, calmly and slowly.

Then he releases the bird out of his hand, he imparted some wisdom and


My daughters “made me” delete it, insisting it is just a ‘game’ he is playing since

no calls or offers for meeting to eat or share a coffee have been made. Or as I

suggested, go hike around Blue Limestone Park and get an ice cream cone.

They were giggling, thinking of their mother’s dating escapades.Saying almost in


“He probably sends this to all those lonely arts festival women he ‘collects,’ Mom.”

One just getting out of a bad relationship, aged 35, the other jumping into not

only a business relationship but has been friends merging into a couple, aged

29 years old.

We walked across the street. My oldest one off to get errands and laundry

completed, while Felicia and I went in to my apartment to get comfortable and

watch, “Wild.” (Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are awesome in this walk

or hike of a 1000 miles, along the Pacific Crest.)

I had waited since it came out on DVD patiently on a 60 persons long Library

wait list.

The first part of the introduction, I had to pause it. I heard the strands of Simon

and Garfunkel! We liked the words that were accompanied by a flute and light,

peaceful music. “I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail, yes I would, if I could. . .”

This is the song, “El Condor Pasa,” which means the condor (majestic bird)

passes. The movie includes another S & G song, “Homeward Bound.”

My next part of the interlude of music meshed with coincidences switches to

a Name. One you don’t often hear anymore. I used to know a special woman

who worked on a daily cleaning crew in our warehouse. She had come from

Cameroon. I think you may still connect to see her story, one which was filled

with strength, courage and determination. She has her RN and was trying to

work her nursing position during nights, while still carrying out her cleaning

job. There was a ‘mean’ or thoughtless person who called her the “N” word,

so she reported it, stayed one more month to show she had “won” the battle,

while the one who had spoken derogatively was fired immediately.

Anyway, Paul Simon wrote “Cecilia,” which my parents didn’t mind this song

and I still have it on a 45 record, but it has some sexual innuendo, doesn’t

it? Well, if you have not listened to it, nor recognize it, the songs speaks of

a woman named Cecilia, who when the partner gets up, (the singer) he

comes back to bed, to find “somebody has taken his place.”

On the way to work, today, I heard the name “Cecilia” in a newer song, one

I have listened to but didn’t put it together in my mind with my friend from

work or my favorite duo singers before. Have you heard the song,

“Cecilia and the Satellite?” It is sung by Andrew Monahan in the Wild. There

you go. . .

Cecilia in two songs and “Wild” movie, with singer who likes to include “in the

Wild” in his title of his band.

I like the lyrics, “I’m the satellite and you’re the sky,” while really liking the sound

of crooning, which Philip Phillips did in his song used for the Olympics, also in

commercials. This is a new or reused trend, I hear “Oooh ooh ooooh” a lot in

several different bands’ songs.

While out with oldest daughter on vacation, we were searching in Cleveland

through a Kohl’s store to find a pair, specific design and size that fits me. You

may look at my photograph and think I fit a certain size, while I struggle to find

any that aren’t “too tight” or “too loose” or something. We had a brief “interlude”

of bit of conversation about Lee versus Levi’s. I used to love Levi’s while young,

I could really find ones that fit my legs, which are surprisingly bigger than the

rest of my body, while not being totally flapping loose around my belly. Now,

I have ‘switched’ to Lee jeans.

Carrie made an assumption that Levi and Lee jeans, since they have the

same beginning sound, may have begun separately but joined forces. She

thought one company was over both of them. I did not use up my data to

find this out, but made a mental note to check the facts out here.

Levi Strauss created his company “first” in 1853. He was an immigrant who

came from Bavaria to San Francisco, California. The heavy jean material was

good for lasting in workplaces. It is considered an “American” company with

most of its factories and employees here in the U. S.

Lee jeans came from roots in Salina, Missouri where Henry David Lee was a

dungaree and work clothes mercantile owner. The company originated in 1889.

When it built its factory, it moved to Merriam, Kansas. The VF Corporation is

considered the biggest apparel company in the world. This company employs

more than 400 American workers, with its company spread out in other parts

of the world. The company named Pacific Brands was a subsidiary of Lee in

the VF Corp. but was bought out in 2007 by Yakka in a combination of Asia

and Australia, called, “Australasia.”

In Gogo boots and tight white “hip hugger jeans, you could imagine music

like the new Fall Out Boys song, “Uma Thurman.” To me, it also reminds me

of the Addams Family type of music. It also when it starts playing on the

radio, the first chords make me think of Goldie Hawn and Twiggy.

Have you heard this catchy tune?

While talking with a friend about communication and how sometimes it is

best to let your partner “know” what works in bed, while some things don’t.

I told her that I was in a very rapturous situation once, felt relaxed enough

to be sighing, “Ooooh oh ooh, please stay right there,” while not being

specific to you, readers, or my friend, but the listener “knew” where I was

talking about. Instead of being ecstatic to be producing such a positive

reaction, he withdrew from the situaion and showed irritation, saying a

sad set of words,

“Do you always have to be so bossy?:”

When I told my friend that having listened for years to my brothers


“How am I supposed to know if I am doing it right?”

I felt my ex-husband #2 should have loved this positive reinforcement.

She said, to my surprise,

“I really don’t know how to get to an “O.” (orgasm)

Well, folks, let’s just say I do and the second husband was wrong.

How do I know this?

I watched, “Hope Springs,” which is like a sexual manual for older

adults. It starts you right back in the beginning. This is how Meryl

Streep’s character reconnects, with lots of effort on HER part, back

with her husband, played by Tommy Lee Jones. It was so interesting,

since if “validated” my being able to tell my partner ‘what to do,’

while I was being positive in my approach. Yeah! (The movie has a

serious sexual psychologist in Steve Carrell who is great and very

kind, gentle, promoting a physical re-awakening for this married couple.

It is not a new film, just to me.

Speaking of “new” are you ready for some fun?! I am! My son, oldest

daugher and all six of my “grandies” are going to see the 5:15 movie,

“Minions,” at the Delaware Strand, non-profit movie theater which has

been around for 150 years.

Have you heard about McDonald’s minions in a children’s Happy Meal

which has spoken in “gibberish” some swear words? I laughed because

the “gibberish” does resemble a few select bad words. But not on purpose!

Along with all the other world “glitches,” this one seemed the funniest.

Share or “dish” with us, on the following subjects opened today:

Fashion (bikinis and blue jeans)





Movies (adult and children’s animated)


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. You covered a lot of ground here Robin – I enjoyed ‘Wild’ very much, still love S&G and have such a lot of trouble getting the right jeans I could write a book! It’s great to hear a little of the conversation between you and your daughters – nothing is ‘off limits’! πŸ™‚ .

    • I am happy you found some parts in this post you could relate to, Pauline! I cannot believe the strange variations of jeans. Women should revolt and protest for a unified sizes. Ha ha!
      I think S&G have layers of meanings which I have discovered over time. They a l ways sound good to my ears πŸ™‚
      Reese would have won an Oscar had the competition not been so tough. “Wild” was a great movie. I liked her in “Walk the Line” which she won for her portrayal of Johnny Cash’s wife, Roseanne. Good comments and thanks so much!

      • You are correct that Reese Witherspoon won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Johnny Cash’s wife, June Carter Cash in 2005. I know you knew that. (Rosanne, the oldest of their children, is Johnny Cash’s stepdaughter.)

      • No, I got mixed up on my Cash women’s names, Mike. So happy you came by here and lender me a hand πŸ™‚
        June Carter Cash was a great role for Reese and my family enjoyed this biographical film. We felt Joaquin Phoenix captured the essence of a younger Johnny Cash, especially nice to see their bittersweet, troubled love story. Was it you who told me the 2 of them died only months apart from each other, Mike?

  2. so funny, your conversations/memories/adventures with your children remind me of my own. we teach each other and learn from each other in many ways. i love how you mix music, movies, life, and love all together in your posts.

    • Thank you for sharing how we tend to become closer to our children, Beth. Once all the need for rules and structure are over, then we become friends with them. I see this to be true with you!
      It is hard for me not to glop all these things together. I am not sure why I just can’t say one thing at a time πŸ™‚ Lol!

  3. What a fun post Robin. You made me smile, brought back memories, shared some history and kept me moving along with no hint of where you were heading – I loved it πŸ™‚

    • Dan, Thank you for such nice comments. Guess what?
      You may need to rush out (our movie theater was sold out and I had to get my “Minions” tickets for the 5:15 showing at 2:00! Why? You may ask. . . It is hysterical due to those little critters being dropped into 1968!!! All the songs and little iconic details (Richard Nixon poster and Beatles crossing road in England, e.g.) are so woven into the film. A couple in their 70’s in front of me were roaring while my 35 year old daughter, 33 year old son and 30 year old DIL liked the movie but missed the “inside” jokes. Sandra Bullock is good as well.

  4. Woooooo.

    That was an interesting mix, Robin and I see how you continued a thread, throughout. I think bikinis must have started elsewhere because both in Capri (Italy) and Rio (Brazil) they have been wearing a fraction of our two pieces, for a long, long time. Mostly because they tan easily and don’t look like pork underbellies in them the way many of us do who are of Northern European descent. In fact, I was quite intimidated no matter how tan I thought I was. Pink skin in a string bikini isn’t pretty.

    Anyway, you are brave to be so forthcoming here. I am quite circumspect about such matters but it is refreshing to see such a candid, open post! πŸ˜€

    • Beth, it was si much “stuff” like candy for the brain, I could not resist putting it all together. I really tried to force it to flow like a conversation between all of you, my friends, and me.
      I looked up on Google for a search on bathing suits. Carrie and I saw a few up on Lake Erie which stimulated that thread of the chat today. πŸ™‚
      Wikipedia mentioned two parts of the picture. I am sure Europe and island climates would have continued to imitate the Egyptians. There was too wide of a gap between the 1400’s and 1946.
      The name seemed to have originated from the runway story and the timing of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb testings, Beth. Wonder if they called them simply 2 pieces bathing suits.
      You know, I should have added Teeny Weeny Itsy Bitsy bikini song… oh well!

      • I love the way you do make this a conversation between all your friends here, as if we were all in the backyard around a table, having ice tea. Polka Dot Bikini — another blast from the past. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh gosh, you really did jump around a lot of topics there, and you did a really good job of it. I heard about this whole minions thing and they actually played the minions ‘curse word’ of the radio but it was so fuzzy it really didn’t sound like anything much to me. Kids were in the car and couldn’t pick up on it either. Can you fill us in…in the most censored of ways of course.

    Yes, my mother passed on many of her vinyl records to me when I was about 7. Mostly Beatles and a few S&G too so they became a big part of my childhood. Some beautiful lyrics there.

    • I am glad your mother had the foresight to share her music with you, Marissa. I have mainly those same two artists and then a few others thrown into the mix. Thanks to a nice single dad who needed a babysitter but knew the mechanics of my RCA 45’s record player, we were able to “make a trade.” When my oldest and youngest daughters wanted to have Sock Hop birthday parties with boys included, I let them use it. Son liked parties with pizza and video games or being dropped off at the movies with treat money. πŸ™‚
      Marissa, it was a little overwhelming with information so happy you stuck with it until the end! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, it is probably the most wonderful gift a parent can give, music. And it’s so relevant now that all this music really isn’t going away but is being passed down through generations and I’m glad it was in your family as well.
        Love how you just threw a bit of a potpourri in there and it all flowed!

  6. A great read! I never saw that Meryl Strep movie, but you prompted me to watch the trailer and it looks like my kind of movie.. Love Simon and Garfunkel. It’s playing on my iPod right now……..’Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ ….. totally my era. πŸ™‚

  7. Your junk drawer is a lot more interesting than most.
    I bet that potter’s got a long string of women, Robin!
    I fail to understand outrage about swimwear. I only care what I wear. Okay, maybe I care a little about what The Mister wears, too, lol!
    Simon & Garfunkel are not to be outgrown!
    What do good girls do? Wait an eternity for him to figure out where?!? No thanks. I’m worth the O.
    I still wear Levi’s. I’ve just gone up in sizes πŸ˜‰
    I totally wanna see the minions movie! Maybe next week πŸ™‚ They’re sooooo cute!

    • I am going straight to the important sex talk subject, Joey! So glad you agree with being open and what I consider “helpful” on bed.
      Yes, S & G are really calming, meaningful and fun in different ways. I haven’t had anyone (yet) say all of their songs were “junk,” but this would fit the topic. I just had some threads which I had hoped would be of interest and instead if other titles with portent in their meaning I wanted to indicate “stuff” rambling or rumbling” around my brain. Rummaging in other people’s junk drawers would be fun. Also, my grandma called pants “drawers,” as in “put your drawers on.” Then, boys with need to pull up their pants: Pull up your drawers!” πŸ™‚ Thanks, Joey for being upfront and honest. You were magnificent in that post with Mr. S and how his kiss meant everything β™‘β™‘

    • Colleen, I am so glad I found you here tucked in between posts. I am sure you have interesting “junk!” My grandies love looking through my drawers. I don’t keep anything private in the kitchen. Ha ha!

      • Thank you Robin! I feel the same way.

        My grandies (to borrow your term) don’t limit to drawers, they love everything. For some reason they will pick things up and rearrange things all through out the house. After they visit nothing is the same. And that’s a good thing. πŸ™‚

      • I like that and you should re-quote this, Colleen. “Nothing is ever the sane once the grandkids visit, rearranging with love resulting.” (Something like that. . . πŸ™‚

      • Our hearts are re-arranged forever. I am off to visit your blog and then, need to read a page or two of a book to unwind, Colleen. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. xo

  8. You have an interesting junk drawer, Robin.

    You know I’m a big fan of Simon and Garfunkel, and I give Paul more slack about that break-up than you do. (He probably was too bossy in the relationship, I bet.)

    Levi’s and Lee both make good jeans, I think. I don’t like mine too tight, ever. My gradual doctor-guided weight loss over the last 18 months has resulted in a drop of two waist sizes! Funny thing, I’ve also discovered that if I don’t wish to step on the bottoms any more, I should search for the hard-to-find, odd-number, one-inch shorter length, too!

    On the other hand, you were not being bossy to husband No. 2, just sharing what worked best. His loss.

    And, yes, pottery guy likely wants to be the mystery man by sending magical messages from afar. I agree with your daughters.

    • Dear friend Mark, I value your opinions on music and I will concede to forgive those 2 for leaving us without any new S&G music. I liked Paul by himself but there was something extra special about their music together.
      Thank you for saying it was okay to be ecstatic (and pleasantly) verbal, when my ex was doing well in the bedroom. Oh well!
      I am happy to say I noticed your weight loss but the last time I “gushed” about someone’s new shape (a guy friend) he took it to mean he had appeared “fat and out of shape before.” I am used to my daughters acting defensive but not this particular good guy friend.
      So I kept silent but certainly noticed. Now don’t take this wrong: You look fabulous, Mark! πŸ™‚

  9. My son watched Minions today afternoon and loved the animations. I love to have chocolate icecream topped with fresh strawberries and choco sauce wuth a hint of vodka or red wine poured on it. Sinful desert to eat before indulging in sex. Lol Love and smiles.

    • Rashmi, you have a quiet, demure exterior (but very beautiful and sexy inside!)
      Thank you for sharing your favorite aphrodisiac. Chocolate and fresh strawberries sound delicious with some wine or sprinkle of alcohol to loosen up the mood sound delightful. Thank you for your special suggestion to help bring a romantic mood, Rashmi.
      Thank you for also letting us know your son liked the Minions movie. It is a great prequel to the two “Despicable Me” movies. The older, cranky “Dru” is only a little boy in 1968.

  10. Your refreshing candor makes sex talk intimate and fun, not prurient or naughty. You have a rare gift, the ability to take the prudishness out of sexual intimacy talk without offense to anyone. Men and women are better able to appreciate one another thanks to your frank and open sharing of your insights. Even though you don’t go into details, you make intimate discussion seem so natural that it would be odd if couples did not share their desires with one another. Thank you for that! – Mike

    • I think you and I have been in situations where we stayed with someone for awhile yet never felt warmly cared for. The controlling man I married held back affection like a punishment. The one who was faithful never made me feel truly loved. When there is fun, silly moments and playfulness between two people, there isn’t any feeling of being “dirty.” I share since my children find adult friends who don’t know this and some never know what they are missing.
      Thanks, Mike, for supporting my “public service announcement!”

  11. lots of treasures in this “junk drawer.” a new series I just watched is Grace and Frankie. I loved Jane Fonda conveying to her new lover what makes her feel good. Perhaps the world need to retire the term junk drawer. Come to think of it, I have lots of goodies in mine as well πŸ™‚

    • I used the label “junk drawer” because I felt my messages weren’t meant to be serious; like what is put in a drawer or like “junk” food. πŸ™‚
      I need to check out Jane Fonda’s show. Is it on a major channel? So cool that someone in her age bracket is talking about sexuality and her desire preferences. Thanks, Diahann.

  12. Wow, Robin, you have an exciting junk drawer. I hope your friend from Cameroon did become an RN. The exams aren’t so easy, I hear. I’ll have to try Wild. I noticed it’s on Netflix as a new release, but I don’t have time to watch much while the kids are home. Hope you continue to have fun this summer! Warmly, Brenda

  13. I loved Wild… Reese was what they called a hot mess in the South… This is Juan from this too will pass… tooncestales is my new blog name.. This too will pastas tired…

    • Thanks, Juan for letting me know about new blog with your cat’s name included. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your new start my friend. Off to a baseball game. See ya later!

    • Cindy, while you take really great photographs, I am relishing the sweet words of my producing “snapshots of life!” Wow, this is an amazing comment and thank you so much! xo

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