Side by Side


Tayla and Kira are sisters in crime,

They are both calico in design.


Books are knocked off coffee tables,

Plants are sent into upheaval.


The two cats have different personalities.


One is outgoing and wishes to be petted,

While the other is often wanting to be fed.


In other words,

the second cat

will imply by her



“Since I wish to

have dinner,

I will allow myself

to be petted . . .

If you must.”


There are times their owners use water pistols,

Instead of saying repeatedly the word, “NO!”


They hope to dispel ‘bad’ behaviors,

But often they are ignored.


The funniest part of this story to me is . . .

When my close friend,

the kitties’ Mommy,

is being ‘bossy’

to her mate,


Her dear husband,

the kitties’ Daddy,

squirts her

while saying,

“Bad Kitty!”


Written by Robin O. Cochran



Tayla is a mainly brown, gray and white calico cat.

Kira is a mostly white with brown, tan and gray patterns

on her. This includes one that looks like a butterfly tattoo.


My friends, Jenny and Dave,

were the subject of a love story post,

“Love Found in a Video Store.”


I’m the one who discovered him

and ‘match made’ the two,

back in 1993.


It is 22 years since they met;

21Β  years since they married.


**Inspired by my friend, Luanne Castle’s post written

about visiting an animal shelter with her husband.

While there, they played with the kitties and walked

dogs, too.Β  I admired how she gave us a serious

reminder of one of the other activities that goes on

there. She mentioned pit bulls and other breeds,

including chihuahuas,Β  are often put down first.

This was to remind us of what happens when they

are not adopted and which breeds are chosen first.

Luanne has been having a hard time lately due to recent serious losses in her life.
Maybe we can go visit her and shower her with good wishes and hopes for her cat (Pear Blossom) and daughter’s cat (Isabella Rose) to be better.
You may wish to order Luanne Castle’s fine collection of poetry, “Doll God.”

You may be interested in reading her other creative

stories, poetry with meaningful, intriguing subjects:


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  1. Cats are funny creatures. They can be hungry for affection or they can be aloof and indifferent. They can be hilarious and they can be aggravating. I’ve never understood cats, but I still like to stroke their soft fur when it seems like they might let me. Your poem seems to suggest all these possibilities. – Mike

    • I admit they are quite interesting animals, showing a wide variety of ’emotions’ or characterizations, Mike! I have always been from a family of dog ‘lovers’ and so, this has been quite fun, over the years, taking care of Jenny’s first cat, Kiki, while she was on vacation. That cat bit me hard on the top of my hand, Mike! Ow, drew blood! Then these two kitties, Tayla and Kira are so different. I can get them to come to me, especially as time goes by. A couple of summers ago, Jenny and Dave drove to Texas and had a 2 week vacation. Tayla was sleeping on the end of the guest bed with me, rubbing my feet while I read a book or watched t.v. Smiles!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed this, Jill! You have inspired me, too. I am so proud of your Lighthouse story and your Summer series of guests and great questions. You are accomplished writer, who I am blessed to consider one of my friends, Jill. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Cindy! I appreciate these special words to brighten my day. I need to go visiting, hoping we don’t get kicked out of the library today. We have quite a ‘white out,’ which I bundled up with three sweaters, scarf, coat and boots to walk to the library. I didn’t wish to dig my car out or chance the roads… (leather warm gloves, too!)

  2. I just can’t relate to cats, like those who can’t relate to dogs, strange really like we are born that way. The last part made me sad about the ones who are put down first, so horrible and unecessary. Seems like you are a perfect match maker 😘 xx

    • I am better with others, than myself in the matchmaking business! smiles!
      I have always been a dog ‘lover’ our family doesn’t allow dogs in most of our houses, due to ‘dander’ allergies. (Mom especially with her lifelong eczema and RA and Felicia with her RA.) I have come to love and enjoy these two ‘rascals,’ Jen! Thanks for dropping by and hope you had a moment where you didn’t worry and this gave you a smile or two! You deserve happiness, my dear. hugs xoxo

    • Hope things are settling down with your life, Jen. I think of you with two daughters and 2 penguins. I miss your smiling face.:(
      Hope you and Mr. S may have had another weekend away and you have had many more services since last we were in touch. . .β™‘β™‘

  3. Aw, how sweet, Robin! The kitties sound adorable and the water pistol story is hilarious! I took some kitty pix at the shelter and need to write about the kitties!! Thank you for mentioning my blog :). Xo

    • You are most welcome and hope you will write about your love of kitties, too! I did like how you mentioned the names of ones, on your first post of visiting. Only one I can remember, off the top of my head this am is “the Mayor!” I am so glad you didn’t mind my mentioning you, Luanne and happy to do this. Did you see Jill’s compliment to you, calling you an inspiration to many of us? xo

  4. Cats and cats and cats! I am allergic to cats! And it never fails. I get called to a home with a cat lover or two, with a cat or twenty. And the cats love me. While I sneeze and cough my day away. πŸ™‚

    • I am afraid my Mom and Felicia, with their RA and eczema combined are prone to allergies, including the ‘dander’ of cats, too. So sorry, Colleen that you must enter homes with the animals, which set off your allergies, too. My family has been a lifelong dog loving family, but my brother married Susan and her cats fell ‘in love’ with him. One even left dead mice on his pillow. I got used to them and now, love Jenny’s, too!

      • I am laughing, since I was ‘grossed out’ by this fact but my brother felt honored the Serena, the cat. She had appeared to decide he was the male leader of their family and ‘pack.’

    • Sorry to hear of your allergy to cats, Colleen. All over again. Re-blogging since too busy to be original. Lol!
      Their dander certainly would make my dear (poor) Mom’s eczema flare up.
      As I mentioned, I bet home visits would really create havoc with your allergies. Hugs to you for all you do. Many consider you our Hero!

      • Just being honest about many around your blog finding you engaged in hetoic behaviors.
        So happy I gave you a morning boost and wish I could have responded sooner. . .
        Hope you had a great ride on your bike and/or possibly a grandchild or two adventure, Colleen. xo

  5. There’s a pitbull positivity campaign right now to improve public perception of pitties. And I’ve got my two chihuahua mutts to prove that they can be very loyal loving not yappy doggies.

    • I think that most animals are who their owners are. In other words, gentle owners with good training principles will raise kind and loving dogs. I am so glad you reminded me of your sweet and ‘innocent’ chihuahua ‘mutts,’ my dear! How are you feeling, have you had any morning sickness? I had to sip non-caffeinated tea and coffee, trying all sorts of herbal teas, to help me get through the first few months. Oh, the end of the day, it is soo worth it, though! Smiles and hugs, your Mom #2

      • You are so sweet! No morning sickness but I’m sooo tired. I took two naps yesterday, one before work and one AT work. I curled up in the back room and snoozed. Thanks for asking.

      • Sleepiness is indeed a downfall of the beginning of your pregnancy. I believe you are lucky to have a place to snooze and this will eventually change to bursts of energy and much more well rounded emotional state, too. You are reading about this and I am just repeating things you already know, just like a mom or aunt might do! I shall keep on worrying, despite my not knowing you personally I do care!

      • Just checking in and hoping you will let me know how you are, Margaret have lost track of time and left you a note on your blog. Hope baby and you are fine and dandy. πŸ™‚ β™‘β™‘β™‘

    • I am glad it made you enjoyed this one! It is so fun not to have to write a lot of words, probably best for my followers to give them a ‘break!’ It took me a long, long time to get this to even resemble rhymes, which most of it was trying to also figure out a rhythm, or beat to it! smiles back and enjoy your weekend, Beth!
      We are at a Level One, which the library is still open. Waiting for them to pack us all up. We shall have 4-8 inches by the end of the day. It is at three inches. I have 3 sweaters, coat, gloves and boots on, happy to walk and get out of the house. Is it ‘whiting out’ up there, too?

  6. I was laughing from the moment I started reading your poem on the cats…we have 2 Maine Coon girls….rescued as kittens from the same litter and their personalities couldn’t be any different. I was so picturing the challenge of controlling them with the squirt gun (We used a large squirt bottle with a stronger stream until we found out Maine Coons like water…) Thank you for sharing and thank you for sharing about Luanne and the reminder about animal shelters! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Kirt, so happy to spread smiles your way. I am laughing at your 2 Maine coon girls who actually LIKE WATER! This would probably be my typical luck. Do the opposite from what “works” as discipline. My kids still repeat to holiday guests and visitors how I ran round the house with a hair brush, trying to spank my errant middle child and only boy. πŸ™‚ This happened only once but a family “legend” nonetheless. Have a great upcoming weekend, Kirt!

  7. Our tuxedo kitten is now a bit older than a year, and he has calmed down some, but he is surely the wildest one we’ve had. He knows the water bottle well. He’s usually spritzed for chasing the white female beyond our tolerance for noise. lol

    • Joey, so glad to know others have heard of the water bottle spray trick! I also love tuxedo cats. My oldest daughter had one when Skyler was young and called the boy cat, “Tux.”
      Your wild one year old cat sounds quite rambunctious and it sounds like he raises a ruckus! Poor while fenale. . .

  8. Lovely cat story – made me smile (even though I’ve never lived with a cat). Your friends must give you a beautiful gift every anniversary. Right? Don’t they??! πŸ™‚

    • This made me laugh. I get cake! Their wedding cake was a nice dense pecan cake with cream cheese frosting. Dave makes it twice a year, one slice each time is kept for me. They got the recipe from “Southern Living” magazine for her birthday and anniversary. It is very similar to the bakery cake they had specially ordered for the wedding.
      My Mom is one who could be “paid off in chocolates!” πŸ™‚

    • My friend, Dave does this to his wife, Jenny. They consider their kitties their ‘babies,’ Rashmi. I like how they are playful with each other even after being married awhile. I did well in matchmaking them, I think! Thanks, hope you have a great weekend, Rashmi and family, too. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Brenda! Cats sure are really unique in their behaviors. After we had dogs all our lives, my family felt we could almost predict their actions and behaviors. As you know, since you love cats, the opposite is true with them πŸ™‚ I thought you may have seen this one, but even if you did, it doesn’t hurt to read again.β™‘

    • I have mainly been a dog person most of my life but the past 15 years I have had 3 friends with cats I knew as kitties so I became quite fond of them. Thank you, Inese. I enjoy all the animals and birds you find in their natural and wild habitats to capture in photographs. πŸ™‚

  9. Robin … I can relate. One minute our cats are all lovey-dovey. Then, one – or both – of them wants to bite me. Love bites, I’m told. Right. πŸ˜‰

    I have several friends who post photos of dogs needing a fur-ever home. It’s heartbreaking to know that not all animals are loved or wanted. Bless Luanne and her husband for visiting an animal shelter and for caring.

    • Thank you for sharing about your independent and somewhat temperamental cats, Judy. Also, glad you noticed about Luanne’s support and comfort to cats in her local animal shelter.I like the expression, “fur ever home.”

    • Say hello to your nephew if he is still visiting. If not, let him know I appreciated his comment next time you see him, Michelle. How old is he?
      I wrote 4 children’s books and drew pictures for each one. “Where is James and His Dinosaurs?” “Kissing a Bunny is Like Saying a Prayer,” “Alphabet for Beginning Christians”(A B C) and “Nutmeg and Cinnamon.” My heart and art are aimed at children, Michelle. I sent these off to publishers in the 80’s and 90’s and will wait until I get time to redo them and try again. πŸ™‚

  10. We have had up to seven cats when living in the country. Now that we live in suburban woods we chose no cats because we’ve become bird watchers and instead chase the neighbor cats from our birdfeeder.

    • The cats Tayla snd Kira are a funny set of calico cats, so crazy at times. So sorry about your plants and your wild cats. Also, I found you in my “needing approval” area of WordPress.

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