Summertime Serenade


This poem was written last summer

to celebrate the 2014 season.

It will be my “encore” serenade to you.


Let’s hear it for Summer, 2015!

If you are in another season…

Hope it is a wonderful time for you.


Summertime Serenade

by Robin Oldrieve Cochran

Shimmering sun shines through haze,

“Shoo!” to flies, bugs and mosquitoes.

“Sh-h-h” – settling down – naptime now.

Silent respite, serene moments.

Sensation of peace surrounding home.

Skinny-dipping, slippery babies,

Slide smoothly into cool water.

Swing soars high into the sky,

Shoes kicked off, sandals flipped. . .

Splashing sounds, as hands release!

Sprinklers shifting, swishing rhythmically,

Sprays of warm water change.

Shivering, cold droplets follow: “Br-r-r!”

Soaking grateful kids, dogs and grass.

(Cats hiss!)

Shrieks ring out:  joy and sheer delight.

Sensational salads whet appetites.

Sliced fresh vegetable from garden,

Savory spices of basil with sprigs of parsley,

Soaked with slippery vinaigrette dressing poured,

Sizzling barbecue aromas, family gathering,

Should I bring something?

. . . Satisfaction!

June 28, 2014


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    • Thank you for the promotion, Mark! I am sure happy that you are still visiting, since I have been rather neglectful of my friendship and readings! Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you could ‘slow down’ and post only once in awhile, my friend! You are so hard to keep up with, since you have such a lively path in life!

      • Never, ever feel like you need to read and comment on every one of my many posts, Robin. I realize that I am a frequent poster. I have a hard time keeping up with all of my friends, too! All we can do is try.

      • So glad you keep us informed and was kidding about the posts, Mark! Just a little ‘whine’ with my cheese! Hope you knew I was teasing you! I always get a lot out of your posts. Your recent tribute to a jazz musician legend, was very heart felt message given. Also, telling us which movies deserve ‘sour grapes’ and which are very good, always helpful! And last but not least, thanks for understanding, Mark! Smiles, Robin

      • I know you have been there for over a year but I see this special friendship as so meaningful to my life, Mark! Thanks for being here and there and everywhere. 🙂

    • Thanks, Beth. I appreciate these thoughts! I am not often able to take much time off, either. I have a week off at my Mom’s so had a rough draft of this in my posts. I had my Mom take her ‘red pen’ to it, helping me to make it more smoothly sounding. I miss the carefree days of the past, sometimes, but am grateful for some of the advances in our lives, too! Thank you for stopping by, Beth. My middle name is Elizabeth. I went by “Beth” for a summer, when I was 17 working at an amusement park, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio! Loved it much more than Robin!

    • I think work does take so much out of us. Beth. I was happy while reblogging this from June, 2014 and see how far we have come, my dear! xo Happy summertime days to you and have fun with Annabelle! ♡

  1. super summer ‘s’ sonnet – what a wonderful way to kick off the season ) thanks for this robin, and by the way, beth was originally my middle name too, of course twin, but that story is for another day )

    • I cannot believe when I reblogging this, how silly and shameful I felt to have lost touch with a few friends here. Just sending you another thank you for your kind comments and hope to get reacquainted soon. 🙂

    • Sweet!!
      We could go on ‘s-ing’ all day! This was so much fun reading your extra ‘s’ words! Especially admire the words from the ‘S’wonderful’ Maurice Chevalier song! (I am not even going to check if that is right!) Off to breakfast with Mom, very soon. She is upstairs and I commandeered the Pub’s sole computer!

    • I kept hoping our paths would cross in real time, W. S. I liked your “s” funny suggestions and the big “smooches” xxx you sent last June to me 🙂 Well, if ever heading to ball games that carry you into Ohio I would still meet you, pay for my ticket and buy you a beer, Cracker Jacks and peanuts. 🙂

    • Thank you so very much, Colleen! I am honored with your re-blogging this. While in college, we had some course or other, which labeled this kind of poem: “Sensory Poem.” Not sure if the 70’s made up this kind of thing, or even if people still call them sensory poems? Smiles, Robin

      • Can’t believe this was over a year ago where you honored me by reblogging this post, Colleen. One winter day when you wouldn’t wish to bike or hike we will get together at a Panera, Tim H’s or wherever and have a hot cocoa or coffee and talk. We can do this without too much distance between us. Happy more than a year of wonderful connections, Colleen. ♡♡

    • Not that it matters one bit, but somehow my connection to the reblog of my poem, didn’t come through! Thanks for thinking about this, Colleen! You are always welcome to repost it another time!! Take care!

    • Yes, it sure does make one’s day better, seeing sunshine and all the green, feeling the warmth and also, the other senses filled. It made me wistful for the John Denver song, “Sunshine on my Shoulders!” Smiles, Robin

    • I am so glad you came over, found it funny and entertaining, too! I started out with the idea of posts about dating, then developed my ‘byline’ of “Relationships reveal our hearts.” This makes a much better way of encompassing life, friends, family and others. I am very happy to be connected with you, too! Smiles,Robin

      • Just sending you a thank you for being around my blog for over a year now! ♡ I reblogged a poem “Summer Serenade” and I am reaching out to all those “first responders,” sending gratitude for our connection. 🙂

    • Thank you ever so much! I had someone contact me, via email to tell me their reply was not posted! I visited my moderation posts waiting to be let out of ‘jail’ and found you here! I appreciate your thoughts and am sorry to be late in replying! I hope that you will keep visiting and give me another chance! Smiles, Robin

  2. Lovely poem Robin and surely it captures the true spirit of summertime. Fresh salads and veggies, so mouthwatering. Sun time is surely fun time with family and friends. Thanks for a beautiful post Robin. Take care and God bless.

    • Oh, I love the idea of fruits in salads! I could have added ‘strawberries’ to make the ‘s’ sound continue! Thanks, Samina! Hugs for your incredible posts and support of servicemen and police officers, around the world! I salute you, Samina, for the prayers, words and tributes that you give them! Happy 4th of July weekend, continuing to hope all those everyday heroes will remain safe! Hugs, Robin

      • Thank you so much my sweet friend for such kind words of appreciation for my posts. These positive words always lift up my spirits and make my efforts worthy. Thanks so much for reading my posts. Lots of hugs to you and warm wishes for your happiness in life.

    • I had a painting of a chair on my 2016 post today, but my summer poem was under the likes and I thought I would re-visit this! Seems we go in spurts, Mark. Thanks for being part of my blog for more than a year! 🙂 ~ Robin

    • Benn, I like your sharp looking hat! Thanks for being around my blog for more than a year. My current post listed this original poem of 2014, so I see value in how WordPress lists ones with tags like, “summer.” 🙂 This was in the “old” days when I painted my pictures with words. . . Stubbornly not using photographs!

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