A “Mixed Bag” of News


I wish to open with three quotes and hope you will realize why I chose

each particular one by the end of this post.

The first is from an author, Upton Sinclair, of “The Jungle.”

I was required to read his book in high school. His observations about

factories, harsh conditions for immigrants and the meat packing industry

particularly, will be ones that haunt you forever.

As so many of life’s serious subjects often do, please read his quote:

~ One ~

“I aimed at the public’s heart

and by accident,

I hit in the stomach.”

Duke Ellington may need no introduction, but I hope this positive man

and his music may brighten your days. These words are from a truly great


~ Two ~

“Roaming through the jungle of “Ooh’s” and “Ah’s”

searching for a more agreeable noise. . .

I live in a life of primitivity with the mind of a child

and an unquenchable thirst for sharps and flats.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of my favorite poets:

~ Three ~

“What lies behind us

and what lies before us,

are small matters

compared to what lies

within us.”

This week has passed by so quickly and filled with busy moments. Some loose

ends and threads to fill you in on and news updates, too.

I have been sad for the week due to two brothers going out into a park water

;stream where there is a dam with a small waterfall. The prayers and hopes

for finding them since last weekend were dashed to the ground.

This is about 18 year old Joseph and 20 year old Anthony Welch. I cannot

imagine living after two of my children died over one accidental situation.

They were wading in the Doderidge Dam area in Central Ohio. The stream

above the dam seems placid, although high water. The Welch parents and

friends of the family would appreciate if you held them in your thoughts and


I was very happy though about the sisters found not too long ago, out West.

Experienced hikers and campers did not mean they were able to fully find

their own way. Thank goodness, this news story had a happy ending.

Last weekend, my oldest daughter, Carrie, and my good friend, Anna and

I went to see a great but sometimes raunchy movie, “Train Wreck.” This

one held our attention with funny and unique lines, a rather emotional

beginning and parts of the middle. I like when my humor has some “plot”

and character development. Amy Schumer should win Best Comedy Actress

awards. Somewhere in the nearly beginning, we were ‘rooting’ for her to

figure out her life. We became immersed in her dramatic dismal choices in

men and were concerned about her work setting, too. She had the ‘brains,

we felt as we discussed this later on, but needed the “know-how.” Her

relationship with her sister comes into play, as well as her father who was

a “jerk” even from the first scene, but underneath it all, you find some kind

of resolution and hope for him. I will say, “Take tissues,” as there were a few

women and one man I saw wiping their faces. What? You mean there was

“pathos” with the comedy? You “bet ‘cha!”

Unfortunately, there has been a major catastrophe with the recent shooting

and 3 deaths from a sad, confused man killing others at “Train Wreck,” then

turning the gun against himself. Two audience members were killed, while 9

others were wounded. The gunman shot himself in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I hope this will not hurt the victims’ families, while I cheerily give you a movie


Sincerely sorry for the families of people who were shot and killed in this

bizarre twist of fate. Going to see a comedy and unexpectedly getting shot

at is not going to bode well for movie goers and the overall, cinema business.

On the lighter side of my personal life, . . .

Tuesday went with youngest daughter to a grown up woman, who had Felicia

in her wedding, who once upon a time years ago, lived across the street from

us. I have often talked in other places of Megan and Holly, sisters who were

asking us what we were having for dinner, so they could come over and eat

my delicious spaghetti. I even took a photograph of the two girls, way back

then. Fast forward, the woman is a teacher, expecting her second child. She

had what is becoming popular in our “neck of the woods,” probably since we

are in Ohio, this has been prevalent for some time now. (Laugh out loud,

I know Ohio in not a trend setter nor on the “cutting edge!”)

Anyway, she had a big box, with Question Marks and Polka Dots on it,

in pink, blue, brown, black and white. The first child, Jaxon, came over to

see the box when Mommy had others gathered around, while hubby was

trying to “hang back” and not get into pictures. He is a great guy but not

crazy about pictures. The box was opened and out floated with an ‘anchor’

weight, three pink balloons! I felt this was my best moment ever this week,

until I got to Thursday. . .

Thursday, we were told it would be a 12.2 hours day, doing the math

calculations, taking high demands for automobile parts to be shipped

off in hampers. I was in a little “easier” location with only three hampers

to push forward and then, three hampers to push back. I like this as the

buttons line up and ‘say’ Pick 2 A or Pick 45 B, while when I have six of

these bins to fill, in certain areas, the lights may say Pick A, B, C, D, E

or F and once you push the first bin it lights up and says another of the

SIX selections. Don’t worry if you aren’t following this, the point was I felt

I was in a fantastic area for Monday through Wednesday and then the

facts came up at Morning Meeting, while we “exercise” and “limber up.”

I had to text my oldest daughter that I would probably miss Skyler’s first

game in the Championship Series for ages 8-10 year olds. I was sad.

When I approached my boss, Katrina, I was joking but she took it a little

bit badly, “I better not miss another of Skyler’s home runs today!”

Anyway, by lunch time we had recruited people from Cycle Count and

Receiving so we were promised closer to our regular 9 to 10 hour day.

I made it to the game with a little time to spare!

Skyler was a little “psyched out” over it being an important game and all.

He was used to last year and the year before, losing almost all the games.

This was a whole different group of young boys, who were really good in

their hitting, catching, running and throwing.

So, imagine my Delight and Excitement to see Skyler catch a ball that was

heading out into the Outfield, jumping up and then rather dramatically going

down into the grass, landing on his back, holding his arm straight up with the

ball. NO question he has seen this done before but it was his VERY FIRST

TIME! I did not catch it on camera but have been debating whether to have

him “re-enact” it. The game’s win leads him to another game on Saturday.

Well, in my mixed bag describing the week,

There was sincere sorrow,

There were great outbursts of laughter contagious in a movie theater,

There were gunshots rung out,

There was water pulling two lives under,

There were deaths,

There were injuries and pain,

There were balloons indicating a pink, brand new baby on the way.

There will be blue balloons popping up any day now for my family’s

newest addition of a precious baby boy.

Trista is in “labor” my daughter in law, son’s wife, and dilated to

3 centimeters. Baby Boy Hendrix on the way soon. . .

His nursery room is in a Jungle Theme.

This may be a stretch to say this and in no means

A thoughtless message,

But Life is a Jungle out there,

Please be careful


Stay safe,

Until we meet again.


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    • I know dear Juan. Life has been hard lately for you. How’s Toonce? I wish things were like the movies with mostly happy endings. Sending you a friendly hug.

      • The important thing is you tried and gave her your needed attention. I was okay with the happy ending. I think we all like to get uplifted from time to time. πŸ™‚

      • You are most welcome and if you wish to edit my long essay about my ups and downs of the weekend, please do so. I got a little winded trying to use you as a “leaning post,” Jill. Thanks for “cyber-listening” and I am fine, now!
        Hope you and Derek cracked open a bottle of champagne, a great meal and special moments where you could appreciate all over again, why you and Derek have lasted and been together working as a team. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, we are so lucky, overall. We need to remember those simple joys with gratitude, Bill. The human condition is much worse than most of us who are blogging have it. Thanks for your contribution. Hope you are enjoying a downhill ride on your bike. . . “WHEE-EE!”

  1. A mixed bag indeed, with so many bits and pieces, don’t even know where to start in commenting. Well, I guess the best news is that your grandson is coming so congratulations and wishing them all the best.(I suppose I will focus on the positive) and so happy that Skylar is moving up in the world of baseball. Have a terrific weekend Robin!

    • Thanks for finding the positives, Marissa. Hard not to sometimes listen to the ways of the world and worry. I put this on to get it off my chest and mind.
      My grandson is going to be the most held baby in our family! I will let people know about Skyler’s tournament results. Hope your family enjoys the weekend to the fullest. πŸ™‚

      • We went downtown Delaware where 3 city blocks are closed off from traffic, walking, eating lunch and watching the two M & M girls get special balloon sculptures designed by a balloon artist. Trista tried to “walk that baby out,” and we celebrated her 30th birthday, too. I had given her a card, money and two more baby gifts. Now that I know the sex, I am having fun finding baby boy items. My oldest daughter’s youngest son, Micah, is the last baby boy born over 6 years ago. She doesn’t have any baby clothes to pass on to the newest upcoming baby.
        Just so everyone knows, my oldest daughter is “done” and my DIL will also be “done” with babies. My youngest daughter is with an older man, so we are not quite sure if he will be okay with one more child, if they get engaged and marry. . . Life is always a wonderful puzzle and adventure, as you so very well know!
        Thanks for both the comments and the question, Marissa. We had an overall fun weekend, Skyler’s team won the Championship, while I got my purse stolen in my oldest daughter’s apt complex. A mixed bag with overwhelmingly happy things but the little snag did get me upset, no cell phone, wallet or lovely collection of gift cards and coupons. . . Oh well!

  2. Sounds like a fun game πŸ™‚ Glad he caught the ball. I have been wondering if the shooting at the theater was related to the fact that Schumer’s work is feminist. I enjoyed the movie too. I think what she’s doing is fresh and bold. I hope those two boys are found too. What a jam packed week!

    • Life has been good around here. No complaints. Thanks for saying fun game and I am so glad he caught the ball, too. It seems like he waits to get his 4 balls rather than try his batting lately. It is an age where they get discouraged more at striking out.
      I just felt the need to wonder about news and got my worries out here. It had crossed my mind that it was strange that the shooting was at this particular film, Diahann. You raise a valid question. I will have to try and listen to any psychological implications of this.
      very happy you enjoyed Amy S’s writing and acting. She also was one of the producers. Did you see “Spy?” Melissa McCarthey and the tall, gangly nurse from, “Call the Midwife” did a good job of being more serious and smart. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, I enjoyed Spy very much. McCarthy is so talented and deserves all that success. The other actress was wonderful too. I am going to have to check Call the Midwife out on Netflix.

      • Diahann, I was happy to hear your enjoyment of “Spy!” I love Jude Law in this, despite his being a “cad,” as my mother would call him. The way it worked out in the end was very exciting!
        If you are ever able to go back to first season of, “Call the Midwife,” you would enjoy this WW II story line. The nurse who is Melissa M’s partner (and looking radiant) in “Spy” usually is so awkward. Her character is in love with her husband and has a baby. The nurses and nuns joke about her not being able to bake or handle some situations anymore due to her hormonal state. I do feel this is not a bad way to bring up that period of time’s view of Post Partum depression.The plot shows her sensitive side with patients, too. It is on Sunday nights on PBS here. I got addicted to it, Diahann. There are supportive themes for women’s liberation, being capable of handling birthing and pregnancy complications without doctors available, due to war.

    • Cindy, hope you have taken a moment to breathe from your exciting trip! I enjoyed the hummingbirds and thank you for telling me you have caretakers of your home and ‘critters’ around the Holler kept safe and fed, while you are gone. Smiles!

  3. Tragedy after tragedy so very heartbreaking I am almost speechless. Do not take one moment of your life for granted. It is part of a plan (his plan) for each of us! Sadness, happiness, opposite ends of the spectrum indeed. Robin, Kudos to grandson and anxious about new baby coming-Grandma. Hugs

    • Thanks for the moments of serious reflection, Cheryl. I appreciate your wonderful and positive words for my family, too. Big Hugs!! Enjoy the weekend, we are having a huge “Blast from the Past” automobile and antique car show.today. Also, my daughter in law’s #30 birthday. Lots of fun at the tournament and Skyler’s team took the Championship! πŸ™‚

  4. That’s so exciting to know about the new arrival in your family. I love to explore jungle but yes it should be safe from wild creatures. It can’t happen. Wilderness is the soul of jungles, those are so mysterious. The quotes are so meaningful.

    • Rashmi, you are so right about the jungle and its mysteries and dangers. I like how you have explored jungles in your lifetime and how you felt my quotes were meaningful. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    • Alex, thanks for not minding my posting about what has been heavy on my heart and mind. It is sad that things happen. “Senseless tragedy” is a good way of putting what horrible things happened into words.

    • Jenny, thanks for this fun way of looking at the game and the reason why Skyler did so well. They managed to win the Championship this morning so that is wonderful, along with Skyler making it to third base with a hit. Unfortunately, his coach told him to, “Keep on going!” The boy who caught the ball at Home base ‘tagged him out.’ I would have told him to “Stay put” on 3rd. I could tell he had tears so I ran over and gave him a hug, his Mom came and Daddy, too. So, we all told him he made a great hit into the outfield and running around 3 bases was a great last record.

  5. It must have felt great to make it to that game! All the other sad news is bad news for me. I have to try to stay away from it or I take it on and obsessively worry about the families. Love the quotes!

    • April, sorry to have some ‘downers’ in this post. I need to preface my posts with comments like “Don’t read now, if you are having a great day!” Skyler’s team won the Championship today so all is well with his corner of the world. Unfortunately, I got my purse stolen (again) only this time there will be no surveillance tape to reveal the thief. It is only 2 times in my whole lifetime of 59 years, too. I went to the 8:30 am practice and 9:00 am game today, watched them win and then scurried off the the BMV to get a new Driver’s License, then to the bank to have some money. No one available to be able to issue me a new Debit card so withdrew money. Then, off to give my DIL her 30th birthday gift and they invited me to go downtown to our annual three blocks closed off event called, “Blast from the Past.” We ate lunch out and the 2 M & M girls got balloons blown and designed into a heart with a puppy (Makyah) and butterfly or fairy wings for Marley. DIL was trying to endure the heat coming off the blacktop to “walk the baby out,” hoping to get active labor started. They will have to send a messenger to get me to watch the girls should baby come, since once again without a cell phone. Another ‘mixed bag’ but mainly overflowing with Joy this time!

  6. Wow, Robin. You are really right. This was such a hills and valleys week. I am glad you didn’t miss Skyler’s big moment and didn’t have to work a 12 hour day. I assume they pay you overtime when that happens — at least I hope so.

    As for the shootings. We had one yesterday in Studio City, in a spot where Geoff often goes to work on a particular project with a specific client. One never knows where they will occur, but I don’t attend movies in theaters anymore. I don’t like the idea of a huge room with two or three tiny exits. Guns are the problem in this country. No other country has this kind of violence, even though they all have mentally ill people at the same rate we do. Why we can’t override the NRA’s interests is beyond me.

    But, enough of that. I don’t see how you would have time for dating with your wonderful, big, happy family all around you. You have plenty of love and fun in your life right now! Great post, despite the ups and downs. You end on a high note. Thank you for all of it. πŸ™‚

    • I had a fantastic day full of different adventures yesterday and today.
      My company pays us by the week, so if we have an extra long day and they “cut” us by the end of the week, we rarely get overtime hours. There were two weeks before I went to Mom’s I had 93 hours, which I got 13 hours of overtime pay. Thanks, Beth for asking πŸ™‚
      We went to the pool, two grandsons and oldest daughter, then she had made me a “mini” casserole dish so I went back to her home, hopped out of car in her apt parking lot and followed her to get the dish. Two cars were on either side of my car, only one when I got back. Thought nothing of it, but in that moment waiting on the porch of her apt someone in one of the cars took my purse.
      So silly and bizarre. After having the episode at the library you may wonder why I had not been more careful, Beth. I had to call police, give a report. Went home to locate my SS # card and my birth certificate. No cell phone so drove to my friend’s house to tell her I could still go to dinner but needed to cash a check.
      Woke up early today (Saturday) to go to Skyler’s Championship ball game on early. They won!!
      After game, headed over to BMV to get new Driver’s License, went to my son and DIL’s home to give her her 30th birthday gift and another couple of baby gifts, too. Then, since our main Downtown Delaware road is closed for three blocks, our annual “Blast from the Past” antique automobiles and vehicles, we headed down and ate lunch. We enjoyed many great cars and the girls got on an antique fire engine, allowed to pull the siren.
      We walked around hoping the exercise would get Trista’s baby to start moving downward, then had fun looking at the balloon man make a puppy inside a heart for Kyah and a set of fairy or butterfly wings for Marley.
      Here I am at the library posting my remarks, since my nice Android Galaxy 5 is also lost with stolen purse. Tell Geoffrey this, it will give him some comfort. Misery likes company. . .)
      So, no more blogging on my phone and keeping up with this busy activity.
      Thanks, Beth for your encouraging and helpful stance against guns. I am definitely sad now they have said this man (In Lafayette, Louisiana theater) had psychological problems. He was pro Nazi and probably was not keen on women expressing themselves as Amy Schumer is wont to do.
      I heard the CBS national newscaster say, “This man was fully eligible under the law to purchase a gun from a pawn shop, despite his psychological problems. Along with family wanting him committed for bi-polar disease without taking his medication.”
      Friday morning, I mentioned to someone at work about my twin cousins and how one cousin didn’t do well with his experiences in Viet Nam and this woman said, I needed to be less sympathetic to the veterans and they needed to “buck up.’ She is same woman when I blogged a post) complained of an extra long, hot day, said to me, “Grow a pair.” I had answered, “I don’t think that is biologically possible.” Anyway, she and others are pro guns and not happy with “gun control.”
      I fully agree with what you said and I am not going to worry how this goes down with my fellow bloggers. Hugs, Robin

      • I am so, so sorry to hear that your purse was stolen, Robin. I have had that happen to me. I was at our storage unit, years back when we first moved and had one, and I left my purse on the passenger seat. The car was locked up and right in front of the elevator to our unit, but the sun roof was open. I wasn’t gone for more than 10 minutes but someone found a way to scale the SUV and grab my purse. It took me a month to get back to normal and I lost a passport with the only decent passport picture I have ever taken. So, I feel for you and Geoffrey is here nodding as he reads over my shoulder. He knows how you feel!

        As for guns, I know people fiercely defend their use. In certain circumstances they are appropriate. But no ordinary citizen should have an automatic weapon capable of firing multiple rounds in rapid succession. Everyone is afraid of the NRA.

        As for that woman with the tough attitude, I am sorry, but to me, there is no place in this world for callousness. Strength does not mean being tough. I can argue that from a professional vantage point and research.

        Blessings to you this weekend, Robin. ❀

  7. Saw Trainwreck and loved it! It was disconcerting to realize at another theatre thousand mile away patrons were being shot to death watching the same movie. I have been to Lafayette. It is a happy town now saddened by the senseless deaths in the darkened movie house. Madness!

    • Dear Benn, Thank you so much for liking the movie and not minding some of its irreverence and embracing the story line, which was hilarious but poignant, too. I was appalled that this would happen, again. Not too much else to say but agree with your “Madness!” pronouncement!

  8. loved train wreck too and so sad about the shooting and all who of the innocent people impacted by this senseless act. i loved your quotes too, especially the 3rd one.

    • Beth, thanks for the sweet comment, glad you liked “Train Wreck” and I agree with your choice of words: “Senseless act.” I am happy you found a quote you liked, too.

  9. I want to see that movie. The movie it’s self isn’t tainted for me. But obviously, the movie going experience is.

    I am so sad about the horrors people inflict on one another. And the tragedies that occur in every day life, the accidents and the missteps of life that result in such pain.

    And while all of that occurs, there is still the joy of living. As it should be. We can’t crumble can we?

    • We may crumble a bit, Colleen, just don’t let it “break us!” We are still unified as bloggers and friends who won’t give in to terror. I just won’t do it. I have to be able to try and live ‘normally.’ Thanks for this depiction in words of the tragedy. Thanks for being supportive of our joyful lives we lead. xoxo

  10. So much going on in our world these days Robin that become newsworthy, yet around the globe we still have tragedy’s that are closer to home and do affect us all, we have a sad one here at the moment, little girls remains found in a suitcase by the side of the road.
    Accidents and tragedy’s are part of life but the younger the age the more it hurts.
    Enjoyed your sad/happy post Robin, and more importantly the ending, a new birth a new beginning soon, great name Hendrix, wonder where that name originated from ?

    • I am sure that you may be a little bit shaking your head over Hendrix, I was when they chose to call one of my darling granddaughters “Marley.” But then, there have been movies about a dog named Marley and little girls and boys named it, too. My son admired Jimi Hendrix, he thinks that many of the ones who people think purposely died were accidents. He also likes the way he played his guitar! πŸ™‚
      I am very sad, Ian, so tragic about the sweet little girl and there is no reason for such a horrendous crime and the person or persons should be shot!
      I am not a believer of corporal punishment because of the fact people are sometimes coerced into admitting they did crimes, but sometimes I just spout off and retract it, due to fear we would condemn an innocent person. Thanks for listening to my tirade and also, seeing the joy in a new baby boy, still not here on July 28th!! (Here is is Tuesday. . .:)

  11. What a week, but loved your grandson catching the ball! I could actually picture it and it pushed the sorrow back to the other elements of your blog this week. Great post! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Kirt, you are exactly how an artist really is, full of positives and able to picture what my words try to ‘paint!’ I am glad you could actually picture my grandson so dramatically catching and then falling to the ground, as he is a typical 10 year old who knew he had done a great job at that moment of the game.
      Thanks for this and although we are just friends through blogging, please allow me to send you a big hug! πŸ™‚

      • I appreciate it!! I am such a visual thinker and truly picture almost everything I’m hearing or reading….there are times I have to say “stop” if someone is too graphic😁 your post truly did pull me all the way to the sorrow of the shooting victims family to the incredible elation of his spectacular catch!!! Side note: I’m a little slow…didn’t realize you were in Ohio….one of my brothers and his family live on the north end of Columbus.

      • Delaware and your brother and family are indeed close, Kirt. Someday, maybe our paths will cross. Meanehile, I was here on this post on a different mission and saw this comment you wrote in July. πŸ™‚

    • I am not sure if it is poetic but it is definitely a combination of pathos and joy. Thanks, Jonathan for reblogging this post, full of news of family, local two boys who drowned and then, the movie shooting. . . Sadly, a mixed bag for this day, at least. Ian mentioned a little girl stuffed into a suitcase who was found dead, too. 😦

  12. I guess we have to take the good with the bad.
    I liked Trainwreck a lot too! Unfortunately the air conditioning broke down in our theatre and it got sweltering in there with such a packed crowd!

    • Jay, thanks for liking the movie, my friend! I was hoping you would give it a positive review. I have been quite busy and without a cell phone to check on my numerous responses and blogs. Thanks for being patient and hope to see everyone over the weekend. Meanwhile will have my August monthly calendar and my Doors post on Thursday. Have you considered joining the Thursday doors group? I could see you doing movie doors or adding the different Exit doors… πŸ™‚ I just started and my first post was last July 23rd. I got permission from Norm Frampton to just write a post about a door. Take care and will pop in and at least “Like” something so you know I am alive. . .

  13. Robin, I think you captured the essence of life and loss and the entire “mixed bag” that life does deal out to each of us. I really hate to read about young people who venture out like the two brothers and meet with such fate, a hard loss, very tragic for parents. I can also identify with those long days at work, glad you made it to the game. I have many fond memories of watching my son play ball. It’s gonna be hard in August when he packs up and heads off to college. Great post, I love your quotes. Thank you.

    • Thsnks for this set of comments. Have you adjusted to your son’s new path in college, away from you? I liked how for this challenging set of events you labeled “mixed bag.”

  14. I think it is fitting that you shared a source of joy for each note of tragedy. It is too easy to feel dragged down by the events of the day. I often have to remind myself that experiencing happiness is a personal choice we make every day. I am not a Pollyanna-type, putting a smile on every waking moment. I simply choose to focus on the best things in my life as much as I am able, like with your new grandson on the way. What a joy! – Mike

    • This post awhile ago must have been st a time I didn’t check back. I was in this month correcting something and found a few loose conversational ends to complete. Thank you, Mike for putting a positive spin on things. Definitely not Pollyanna, but maybe it is a good choice who or however you wish to do so. πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for sharing your grab bag of a week, Robin, ups and downs and in-betweens. Welcome to the world, Hendrix. May you always welcome the sweetness of Grandma Robin with a smile. ❀

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