August: Month of Extremes


The heat may make you a little moody or crazy.

You may be in a cooler location than Ohio and

if in winter months, may have allowed a certain

amount of ‘gloom’ to settle in.

There are all sorts of ‘extreme’ emotional events

coming up, along with increased amount of

discontent falling upon youth, who may be

wishing their summer were lasting longer.

August is one of the worst months in hot

climates for increased domestic violence

and crime.

Let’s strive for reaching some “zen-like” zone,

where peace will reside in

our minds, hearts and bodies.

Possibly fill your extra moments with quiet and meditation.

Head towards shade and cool, natural places where little

creatures may bring you some joy. . .

If you were in the “Holler” as Cindy Knoke resides in, you

would be blessed with hummingbirds to entertain you and

demonstrate living beauty right before your amazed eyes.

Here is Cindy’s place to check out her hummingbirds and

find some lovely world photographs of trips, far and wide.:

Here is a quotation found on a piece of pretty pressed

paper with the company name, “Papyrus” upon the back:

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time,

carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration.

The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life

is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection

has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

(Unknown author, contribution by Papyrus stationery)

There are others among us who would rather take advantage

of the warmer weather to continue to engage in their favorite

pastimes and sports.

Water sports: fishing, boating, water skiing and surfing come

to mind.

Swimming, splashing and jumping are part of the month of August.

Runners are still running, cyclists still cycling and skater boarders

are always at the skate park trying new feats.


Many schools will be ‘gearing up’ to start the third week of August.

There are all six grandchildren being sent off to (2) middle school,

(3) elementary and (1) off to her second year of preschool.

Teachers may groan or give a loud sigh of resignation.

While parents who stay at home or work from their home, give a

happier sound, one full of cheering and saluting fine instructors.

Baby is on his way, whenever or however he means to come,

sooner rather than later, if Mommy, Daddy and  kids have any

‘say’ at all.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~* AUGUST *~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gemstone: Peridot (a light green crystal gem)

Flowers: Gladiolus


1- Colorado Day

Celebrate your status as a state for your celebration!

In 1876, (139 years ago), President Ulysses S. Grant honored Colorado’s

statehood. There are museums who offer free admissions, as well as some

businesses offering special deals and and discounts for products and

services to Colorado citizens.

The first is also the Full Sturgeon Moon, along with the following

designations of tribes and states full moon names:

~ “Moon When All Things Ripen,” the Dakota Sioux celebrate.

~ “Wheat Cut Moon,” chosen by San Ildefonso and San Juan.

~ “Blueberry Moon,” honored by the Ojibway Tribe.

August first is from 3p.m. until Sunrise of August second,

The Brooklyn Mirage Full Moon Festival. Check out a wide variety

of musical artists for this special celebration!

2- National Sisters Day

I doubt my brothers know about this holiday, but both of them in some

way each year acknowledge my contribution to their lives, sometime in a

Valentine or Mother’s Day card for Sister.I know they have been there for

me and our mutual love is strong. Hope you let your sister know how much

you care about her, if you have one. I wished for a sister when I was very

young, then realized how lucky I was to be the ‘only girl.’

3- Civic Holiday (Canada)

We are interested in our ‘civic’ duties but not sure what this day means.

If you have ‘a clue’ please let us know in the comments section.

4- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!

I enjoy Nestle’s Tollhouse Cookie Recipe, the one that is on the back of

the chocolate chip bag.

4- Another holiday:

U.S. Coast Guard’s birthday, having been around since 1790.

Here is a quote by the talk show and comedian (on the wry side at times),

but this is apropos of the Coast Guard and other servicemen’s impact on

our lives:

“If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested,

They’re not values. They’re hobbies.”

~ Jon Stewart.

6- Last Quarter Moon.

6- World’s Largest Yard Sale:

“This is the ‘kick off day’ of a four day event which covers 690 miles from

Gadsden, Alabama to Addison, Michigan.” This covers the SIX STATES

including, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia!

**For details, Please visit,”

7- The “Fantastic Four” movie will be an updated one which means the

Earth needs saving. So, go out on August 7th and see the matinee of

the ‘reboot’ of this classic’ story line the day it is released!

9- National Book Lovers Day.

We all need to ‘call in sick’ or take the day to revel in the luxury of a

treasured book. Possibly on a hammock, if not in a lawn chair, or a

swing. . . reading under a tree or inside with a light blanket while the

air-conditioning keeps your mind crisp, cool and serene.

14- “Underdogs,” a special animated movie aimed at older children and

teens, with the main characters voices being from Singer Ariana Grande

and “Glee’s” Michael Morrison.

14- Also, a New Moon this evening.

15- VJ Day (1945)

Flags raised, respect given to all service and military personnel, especially

those who fought in Japanese arena of the WW!! era.

Helene Gayle’s quote is one which supports our volunteering and being

active citizens:

“Social change is better achieved by being ‘for’ something than ‘against’


16- Elvis Week begins so:

Head to Memphis, Tennessee.

GPS to Graceland Estate.

Seven days of pure “retro”- activities honoring and celebrating Elvis Presley’s

life. There was a huge cake cut last year first thing in the morning, I remember

the photograph. . . Tribute performances, festivities and costumed Elvis look-

alikes and all in honor of the “King” of Rock n’ Roll.

Also, August 16th- Bennington Battle Day in Vermont.

17- Discovery Day (Y. T.)

This is in honor of the Gold Rush in the Yukon.

I would like to try my hand in pan-handling for “gold.”

What about you? How will you celebrate Discovery Day?

19- National Aviation Day (U.S.)

22- First Quarter Moon.


Women’s Equality Day (U.S.)

Celebrate our ability to be equal citizens in most areas of our lives,

To all those women out there, keep on pursuing dreams and “raising

the bar!”


The U. S. Open Begins. You may wish to DVR this classic that is coming from

Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, New York City, NY.

I know of one “casa” who will be watching this tennis tournament avidly. Red’s

family will be all over this Last Grand Slam tennis competition!

Go check out Red’s posts (Welsh Terrier) at:


When I was mentioning finding pretty places or creatures to focus on,

to help find peaceful moments in the heat, I suggested checking out

the hummingbirds on Cindy;s blog. I also would like to inform you about


Many of you have butterfly bushes, also have attended conservatory

or greenhouse butterfly events. Here is a special scientific set of facts

to possibly scintillate your evening conversation with. . .

“The Secret of the Butterfly’s Wings”

Researchers at Ohio State University studied the gorgeous azure blue

colored, “Giant Blue Morpho” butterfly (‘Morpho didius’). They found this

beautiful insect’s wings surface is covered with multiple, overlapping scales

that resemble tiles on a roof.

Even tinier parallel grooves on the surface of these scales cause dirt or

drops of water to roll off with ease.

Engineers are hoping to copy the wings’ texture; their goal is to create high

tech coatings for industry and medical equipment which will be resistant to

dirt and water. This is just one of many fascinating scientific studies at OSU.

It emphasizes how Science tries to imitate Natural Wonders.

One of OSU researchers, Bharat Bhushan shares this thought:

“Nature is full of engineering marvels, from the micro to the macro

scale, that have inspired mankind for centuries.”


As always~

Enjoy a month of fun activities:

~animated youth/children’s film, “Underdogs,”

~action, heroes revisited movie, “Fantastic Four”

~**~ sisters, sports, *chocolate chip cookies*

~six states having a huge yard sale 🙂

~quirky memories mixed with music and Elvis

~Full Moon celebrations of Many Names

~Full Moon Fest with the following partial list of musicians:

~Yelle, Tensnake, Soul Clap, Wolf and Lamas, Oliver Nelson,

~Rufus du Soul, Mothxr, and the Kite String of Tangles.

Check out online location of ways to “win tickets to this event.”

(New York, New York)

~nature’s wonders, including hummingbirds

and butterflies

~reading books

Honor the Somber, serious observed days:

**** VJ Day

* Civic Holiday (Canada)

**** Coast Guard Day

* Women’s Equality Day (U.S.)

Please add any meaningful festivals, activities or events

celebrated or honored in your part of the world.  Thanks!


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

57 responses »

    • Happy August birthdays to both your special daughters! I enjoy how you feature so many healthy and aromatic ways to make our lives better, “naturally!” Hope you have a great month of August, celebrating “with bells on!”

    • We are definitely a bunch of book lovers, Jill! I hope to get a chance to read the Harper Lee book, along with the few ‘beach reads’ I have a list of to find and need to hurry up. . . reading is so challenging in the summer time. What is on your list, now that you can breathe a little easier, Jill?

      • I have so many books stockpiled and on my Kindle, it’s crazy. I’d like to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird before reading her latest. I’ve started working on the synopsis for my next book, so reading time is limited to nighttime, before I go to sleep.

      • I have a list of Must Reads I will post on Sunday, so you can add them to your stockpile, one rainy or snowy day, Jill. Good luck with writing your synopsis. I am sure it will be wonderful. I meant to ask you if this is a book about the people who live in the Lighthouse? Are you allowed to say just if I am right? Smiles, Robin xo

  1. Thanks for the list. I added a note to bring chocolate chip cookies to the office on Tuesday. Thanks also for including the link to Cindy’s blog. I had also lost track of her in the Reader and now I am subscribed to her posts via email.

    • Dan, it is a shame how good people fall through the cracks in the system of wordpress. So glad I was able to help you out and Enjoy!
      I am smiling at your taking chocolate chip cookies to work on Tuesday, you will be a “hit,” Dan! Hope your month of August is full of fun and surprises, too.

      • I am so happy you read the list of adventures, facts and historical events that are going on in August. Take care and you, Simmi and family are in my prayers.

    • I heard about Lake Mead today, losing a lot of water due to your drought out there. It is considered part of your weather system, Juan. They kept on mentioning California, while talking about Nevada’s lake! They found a plane under the water, showed the shelves of land usually covered with water. . .
      I hope you get some delicious chocolate chip cookies, I usually go to a bakery and get some although in the winter time, my oldest daughter loves to bake! It was so hot and humid in the warehouse, they let us go early. We have been doing ten hour days. . . Yuck!

    • Juan, it is a bad combination, for sure! I was even wondering about increase in other crimes, since it seems like we have had some really bad things going on lately. . . Take care and be safe out there, Juan! xo

    • Oh, I can imagine you on a float on the pool water, with a cool drink of iced tea or lemonade, not a ‘care in the world,’ Cheryl! Now, how many days are you counting? Till school’s back in session? My ten year old grandson wore his two medals for the league championship and also, one for the team spirit, everywhere on Sunday. Then, he cracked me up, Cheryl, by saying, don’t worry about my back to school clothes, I have plenty, Nana! Then added his backpack “was made to last for years!” 🙂

      • Thanks so much for this wonderful response and am so glad to have a cell phone and am back to running on two legs and getting a few pieces of things caught up, Cheryl. Have a fantastic weekend and if you make it to Georgia, enjoy!! 🙂

    • The summer is one of the seasons which definitely goes way too fast, while Winter’s longer and seems to never go away, Jay. I hope if there is anything on your schedule, you will let us know to add it on our monthly calendar. I just heard that “Shawn the Sheep” is opening this weekend, I like the silly “Wallace and Gromit,” or something like that. The kids know what I am talking about, maybe you do, too?
      Enjoy every special moment! 🙂

  2. Yes, August is notoriously hot. Here in Southern CA, it seems to really heat up in August and stay that way til November!! It’s a shame it brings out the worst in people. Still looking forward to that post when you announce the birth of your grandson!!

    • Marissa, I was thinking about you when I read there was a musical festival for the moon, and the bridge in Brooklyn mentioned, too. Have you ever heard of any of these musical groups or bands? Also, is the Mirage a club? This was one thing I should have investigated further. . . 🙂
      I like “Howl at the Moon” occasions!

      • No, unfortunately I don’t. You know, Brooklyn has changed so much since I lived there. There was certainly nothing cool about the area I grew up in and the part of Brooklyn just outside Manhattan was just starting to get kind of hip, but mostly just as an alternative for people that couldn’t afford Manhattan rents. Now it’s becoming quite a mecca. So, no I don’t recognize the venue or bands but I bet if I actually attended there would be people I know who went off to form other bands or friends of friends. Thank you for thinking of me Robin!

      • You responded back and I got side tracked! I had those boys over the weekend, which I finally wrote a ‘new’ post going out tomorrow. The fact you are confident you would recognize the band people makes me smile and nod my head. I have left places where they changed and grew, only to go back and be proud they became BETTER. So glad you have this positive thought about where you used to live. Cleveland was bad in the days everyone knew the Cuyahoga River was polluted, some said it was ‘burning,’ but it is cleaned up and the Flats are cool (and even better) again! 🙂

  3. I enjoy your monthly facts. We have discussed driving the route of the world’s largest yard sale but reconsidered since it is in August.

    • April, this is so cool that you even considered doing this! I am looking at the map which is on the western side of Ohio, so would only take me two hours to get to the area our statte is holding this. . . Too bad this would be a ‘bad time’ to go any kind of distance, since I am in ‘charge’ of Jamie and Trista’s crew, as soon as hard labor ensues. Smiles!
      Did you hear of any monthly facts you felt like sharing? Are you finished with all of your home improvement projects? I hope you get some much needed sleep, since I remember the full moon sometime interferes with your sleep pattern. . . xo

      • My favorite was the different designations tribes give to the moon and the information about the butterflies….very interesting!

      • Oh, April thank you so much for your letting me know about the areas you felt were interesting. I meant to ask you if there were any “local” goings on, to add to the calendar. I appreciated what you wrote and will keep informing about Native Americans and other historical things which I have never heard of, so hope something strikes everyone’s fancy, so to speak. In Central Ohio, we have the Irish Festival this weekend, from today through Sunday. The Ohio State Fair runs for a few weeks now and I am so happy to have seen the gorgeous “once in a blue moon,” full moon! Hope you have a great weekend and will need to check back with you soon. 🙂

      • I almost didn’t write the Women’s Equality date in, since I had to look around to discover this one. Some of my calendars had it and others didn’t. Thanks again for noticing and letting me know. I am trying to make better monthly posts. Improvement is possible, I keep saying this “mantra,” April!

  4. August is a bittersweet month for us. We love our alone time while the kids are in school, we hate the expense and the sudden schedule of back-to-school. We will miss our kids quite quickly. We’ll go to the state fair and have a wonderful time, despite the unbearable heat, every single year, but more expense. Our anniversary is in August, so we always try to do a little something, even if it’s just an overnighter, but more expense. In short, August is long and expensive lol!
    This particular August brings the boy one home for his internship and brings my beloved friend HME for a visit 🙂
    Sissy did a project on the blue morpho butterfly when she was in 3rd grade. I remember when she came home with her subject, I’d never heard of it, and our research at the library was astounding! OMG SO BIG! SO BEAUTIFUL! For her project prop, I cut out a life-size butterfly using that, oh gosh, Robin, what’s it called, not posterboard, but the hard stuff, the pressed stuff? Anyway, then she colored it all in with the pattern, and glued it to a dowel rod and that thing sat in her window for at least 10 years, til it was all faded and wrinkled!
    About mid-July, I get restless from not being outdoors as much. I want to travel, but the schedule says no. The children have appointments. I read a lot at the end of summer. I curl up with stone fruit, quilts, and books. I let the garden vine over, let the squirrels take the abundance of tomatoes — it’s just too hot for me.

    • Our Ohio State Fair officially started today, Joey. I wish I could go, since I know all the “cool” locations, like the Ohio Prairie, the Natural Resources with log rolling competitions and fishing contests, along with an area to clean your fish and cook it, too. They say the Smokey the Bear is different, which I remember my kids being amazed that the Bear could say their names, which we would sneakily provide as we entered his area. I love the Butter Cow and this year the OSU coach will be done in butter, too.
      You may post about your state fair and let us know what we are missing, Joey!?
      I wish I could say going back to school is a big change in my life, but I am so busy with long days at work, I did not get many weekday visits with grandchildren, but will miss going to the pool once Labor Day comes.
      Happy Anniversary, to Joey and her Mister! Big hugs and blowing you some cool air wishes, so you may get out and do something without sweltering in the heat.
      Wish that some of the things like school supplies will be lying around in your kids’ backpacks and that the book supply and school fees aren’t too exorbitant. I know everyone has mentioned the high cost of school and I enjoyed your post about it, since you even included the wacky kindergarten lists with supplies you never saw used, like plastic baggies and those highlighter markers. 🙂 Take it easy, Joey and Enjoy the last days of summer, but we will have a chance at an Indian Summer soon enough!

    • Is the cardboard stuff called, tagboard? I am having a hard time picturing it, for some silly reason. It has been awhile, 7 years at the warehouse, so out of touch with projects for my Master’s and also, not very helpful with my grandies, I am the “fun” Nana! 🙂
      Joey, thank you so very much for sharing about Sissy’s project. I accidentally forgot it was she and not Moo. (I may have written a thank you on another blog post. . . and mentioned Moo. Oops!) I am so glad it lasted for 10 years and I bet she could inform US all about the Blue Morpho butterfly!! Hugs, Robin

  5. Well, you sure did cover a lot here Miss Robin! I can’t believe August is here already. My kids are ready to go back to school. They pack so much in over the summer that they exhaust themselves and then they’re ready for more of a schedule. And hummingbirds and butterflies are two of my most favorite things as well 🙂

    • I heard on the radio today, on my way to work that Oprah or an authority figure was suggesting a two weeks gradual earlier bedtime and then, earlier wake up times. Summer sure has been packed for myself, along with my six grandies. Hope you and your children had lots of fun and I bet Fall will have more adventures on weekends than ever before!
      I am so glad you enjoyed the little bits of information I find and put into the monthly calendar. This was a project I started 3 years ago, just missing my teaching and hoping to add international events sometimes from guests and friends here. Thank you for your sweet comments, Kelly! xo

    • I am not a hot grandma, you silly goose! I am a warm and friendly one with oranges and peaches, while my Mom was a “hot” and classy dressing Grandma O.! 🙂

      • DUH….YOU HAVE NIECES….LIKE ME AND HER.. I AM A SILLY GOOSE. Now…maybe you had better explain the “oranges and peaches,” or I’m sure I’ll get the wrong idea!

  6. Although I think the heat is gonna kill me, ha ha, and although I’m going to be another year older, sigh, sigh… I do love the month of August. In fact, I’m just a summer person, although ideally, I would like it to be cooler. You mentioned the crime statistics, just yesterday afternoon, as I was busily working in City Hall Central, we had a shooting at Little Caesar’s Pizza, an attempted hold-up in a Wal-Mart parking lot and a wild police chase ending up in the streets of downtown, and this is a small town too! Lots of neat events coming up, on the brighter side…oh those school bells 🙂

  7. My guests are here (picked them up this morning) and we’ve been out all day, Robin, so I am just seeing this.

    August is my birthday month, so that is the celebration that I focus on primarily. I always regretted the fact that there weren’t any national holidays or days off in August, so you have identified a lot of other events to commemorate, here. That’s gratifying.

    We are having extreme heat this week and high humidity as El Nino grows closer and closer, so August in Valencia, California means staying cool and out of the sun, primarily. And entertaining and celebrating a few family birthdays.

    I like Cindy’s “Holler” too. I have butterflies and hummingbirds that live in my yard and gardens, so I celebrate them at this time of year as well. Our biggest challenge is to keep everyone watered, including ourselves :-D.

    Lovely post, once again, Robin, a welcome topic, beautifully laid out, as is your unique talent.

    • Beth, this was a super and lovely comment! I like all the ways you find to compliment me. I also enjoy hearing updates. I did not fully tell you how much your (and Geoffrey’s) sympathy did when the purse episode occurred. I was bereft. My second set of contacts and nice glasses, these were copper wire rims while my first purse theft were Transition lenses with black frames and sparkles in the corners. When I wore them only 3 times, one grandkid said I looked “cool,” while my youngest daughter said a big compliment: “Mom, you look like Diane Keaton in those in her movie with Jack Nicholson.” I loved that!
      I bought a nice Mondrian pattern “cell phone cover” and took it to the police station and visited with my “new” officer who is handing this stolen episode. I showed him the “bill” and he wrote down the numbers and the description of this replacement. I had had this same Mondrian pattern, cover, with turquoise, black, red and white rectangular shapes with black outlines on it. He said pawn shops had been contacted. I did not tell him my oldest daughter and I had considered taking the two apts where I parked garbage bags into her apt late the other night, to inspect to see if any signs of my old purse were there. I did not tell you this, either, I had bought this leather purse from a thrift store and it was a Nine West one with a thin glasses holder which had matched. Oh well! It was only things and I think Geoff should go ahead and buy a new one and turn on the App for location finder. . . I have to get one of my kids to figure out which one is Free!
      Have a blast trying to stay cool with Annabelle and company. I remember your photos from last summer’s visit and how you went out for ice cream a few times, I believe. . . Hugs, Robin

      • Aww, you deserve all the nicest compliments Robin. You are such a lovely soul.

        Yes, we are running around a lot but so far have not had ice cream. We will be doing that shortly and there will definitely be another post about it.

        Now I have to run and read your new posts!


  8. Hi just wanted to pop over to say hello and I hope your week is going well! Time sure is flying here you are writing about August!
    Have a lovely rest of your week! 💜😄

    • Michelle, you are a sweetheart and your posts are like flying angel’s wings into my heart. I hope you are going to have a fun and wonderful weekend, dear one! Smiles and hugs for your sweet words you post and always uplifting our spirits. Glad you enjoyed the August post! xoxo 🙂

  9. August is statistically the hottest month in the Northwest, which is bad news for us hot weather wimps. We have had record low rainfall, many forest fires, and most of us do not have air conditioning, since we would use it only 2-3 weeks out of the year.

    The good news is we have a record high ratio of microbreweries per capita, and they are air conditioned. 🙂 – Mike

    • Mike, I accidentally attached a woman who is so sweet, Michelle Marie’s comments and sent them off to you! I am so glad you found things to focus on and be interested in my August post. Hope you are continuing to have a wonderful summer out West where it is both mountainous and beautiful. xo 🙂

    • Mike, I have had to live without air conditioning up until 1999, when we built a home and then, now my little retirement apt is nice and cool, too. I was like you, finding the coolest places to go and enjoy refreshments and moments like movies or museums. My kids and I would get up early and close all the night cool air in and then, after 10 pm open them and blow in with fans. We always rented homes where the upstairs was hot and stuffy so we had sleeping bags to sleep in the dining or family room floors. Good memories of family team work for me, thanks!
      I think I would prefer wine or hard cider but on especially hot days may enjoy a Summer Shanty! 🙂

  10. Aw, shucks, Robin. We missed being in Colorado on Colorado Day by just a handful! We all thought it was a gorgeous state, and I’m still running The Thin Air Series with lots of photos. Happy August, my dear friend. ❤

    • I am sure you celebrated each state you were in and treated all with the utmost respect, Mark. I did see a couple of posts, Karen and her extended family looked do happy. I think I saw Elizabeth on one or more photos. Heading this way to catch up. 🙂 🙂

  11. Cindy is great. Whenever I comment on your blog I notice an article theme I want to read about. Like an online library where I want every book. This is a wonderful post. Almost makes me wish my birthday was one month earlier.

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