Packing a Post


Absurdities are sometimes

Easily arranged into coherent post.


They need to be listed as:

“loose threads”

“bits and pieces”

“nuts and bolts”

or “sundries.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Grandkids’ Back Packs

Started it all!

Lara has a ‘cool’ one-shouldered pack,

Landen has a Name Brand pack,

Marley has “Hello Kitty”

and the kitty has striped skirt

which sticks out.

Makyah was equally proud of her

“Frozen” backpack.

She’s ready for 2nd year

of Preschool.

Two grandsons,

Skyler and Micah,

informed me that their durable backpacks

“would last a lifetime.”

Hope so, for the Back to School budget!

~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~  ~~

Two “Funny” Stories

#1  “Matchmaking”

(Source: Micah)

While at the Delaware (OH)

Public pool, grandson had

His eyes on a very nice Dad.

This man was passing a ball

Across the water to his son,

while Micah inquired,

“May I play with you?”

I was sitting on pool’s edge,

Legs dangling and enjoying cool water.

When ball splashed close to me,

I glanced up to see Micah’s eyes,

All smiling and bright.

There was a certain unspoken

Question in them,

But its meaning was beyond me.

When we were sitting at the “Break,”

On our towels eating pizza,

Skyler was telling us about his trips

Down the High Dive and

Slides down the Big Slide.

Micah was impatient,

(Partially, because Twice he has climbed

those high, tall steps up to the top to see

If he is tall enough to use the Slides.

~ No, he is not tall enough. ~

Partially, because he had “News” to share.)

“Nana, did you notice that Dad was by himself?”

“No, Micah, I was not really paying attention to him.”

“Well, I asked the boy if his Daddy was married.

Guess what?

He’s Divorced!”

I looked at him,

Seeing his earnest face,

God love Grandkids.

Such loving children,

Always trying to help out.

I answered gently,

“Don’t you think I am too old for him, Micah?”

He shook his head back and forth,

Then (out of the mouths of ‘babes’):

“Open your mind, Nana.

This may be your last chance!”

🙂                🙂               🙂

#2  “T-Shirt Message”

Skyler and I were holding arms,


Each Other,

He is my oldest grandson,

We were watching Micah go up to a boy

at Blue Limestone Park.

I asked Skyler,

“What are you thinking about?”

He started chuckling,

“Nana, did I tell you about a t-shirt

Dad and I saw at the store?”

I shook my head and said,

“No, I don’t think so.”

He said, “This is so funny, Nana.”

When we saw the letters that said,


we decided to look at the tag.

Skyler made a face,

kind of Crinkled

Nose face.

Then, he gave the punch line,

“Of course, it said,

‘Made in China’ on the inside.”

^^           ^^          ^^            ^^

My friend, Darryl is


I have been humming the

words to

“She’s Gone. . .”

but replacing them with,

“He’s Gone

and I would

Pay the Devil

to Replace Him. . .”

If you ever want to

Look up my poem

about Darryl,

his wife Samantha

and their four

Darling Children,

and their


of Swirled


I am sure you can

Find It:



Darryl found a great


at Whirlpool

in Marion, Ohio.

I hugged him and told him



But, today:  Monday~~

I missed him

So-oo Much!

Now, if Melvin


I will be Packing My Bags

and out the Warehouse Door!


We were talking at the lunch table

About Caitlyn Jenner,

Once known as

Bruce Jenner.

We were saying her image is


Her clothing impeccable,

but her voice is rather


We had to think


00  oo  00  oo  00

Time passing

While chewing food.

00 oo 00  oo  00

I suddenly exclaimed:

“What about Carol Channing?”

Then Melvin added his own,

“What about Ethel Merman?”

We all sighed and shrugged,

Caitlyn joined the ranks of

the very deep-throated but

Loved Singers.









Speaking of Packed Lunches:

I have made a great casserole

To bring in my lunch for 4 days.

Here is my Recipe


“Zucchini Spaghetti”

1 lb. lean ground beef

1 fresh onion

(from son Jamie’s Garden)

1 medium zucchini

(from son Jamie’s Garden)

4 tomatoes

(From oldest daughter Carrie’s

Garden she planted before

Memorial Day)

1 Can of spaghetti sauce

(or Jar)

Fresh oregano, parsley, basil,

depending on your


% ^ % ^ % ^ %

Brown beef,

Drain grease,

Using Warm water,

Rinse beef and pan.

Set aside beef,

Fill saute pan with water.

Bring water to boil.

Slice zucchini and onions,

Boil them until almost tender.

Set aside.

Then, take tomatoes

and smash them into

small amount of olive oil

in saute pan.

Add can or jar of sauce

(or use homemade sauce)

and bring to bubbling but

NOT spraying all over your stove!

Put a layer of

zucchini and onions


Casserole dish.

Put beef into tomato sauce

in saute pan and mix with

Savory Spices.

Warm beef sauce,

Needed testing.

I added layer of meat sauce,

Then another layer of sliced

Onions and zucchini.

Some may wish to

Add Cheeses.

**I have a lactose intolerant

daughter and grandchild

So skipped Mozzarella

and Provolone Cheeses,

for “Gift” Casserole.**

Added leftover




Lunch Containers

for my Packed Lunches.

The rest of the casserole

Given to oldest daughter

Who provides


“To Go”



~ ~ ~ ~

Written by




Darryl Hall and John Oates


“She’s Gone,”

on 1973 album,

“Abandoned Luncheonette.”


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    • They still sing well and I did see them a couple of years ago. Past my 50th birthday. . . Their voices seem to indicate not as much partying as some still singing. Juan. 🙂

      • Hey no problem. Really liked this. By the way, please don’t worry about liking my old posts (just noticed that you liked a bunch of them), I’m totally about the comments. If you see anything you really like, feel free to let me know. If you don’t like something, well, definitely let me know! I sort of crave honest feedback, even (and sometimes especially) any negative feedback. I am that weird.

      • I will try to reply but I also tend to breeze through. I may have mentioned I was a speed reader in kindergarten so did read those posts I liked. I also skimmed some of the books on the Beach reading list:)

    • Thanks, Pauline for finding this to be cute! He and his brother did this once last summer (as a team) and this summer 1x for Micah and 1x for Skyler. They only have one grandpa and 2 grandma’s. My other set of grandkids have 10 year old as the team leader matchmaker: Lara who wants to set me back up online. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jenny. Probably his male kindergarten teacher may have said this (“This is your last chance!”) and made quite an impression. I love the word “brilliant” and can hear a British accent attached.

  1. Can you believe that at my daughter’s school they do not allow backpacks. I mean not just like none needed but like you CAN NOT have a back pack in the school. They don’t require you to get school supplies either (just suggested donations to the classroom) so it’s nice because you save money but it’a hard if you want to bring anything to school. Also, my daughter was sad not to get to use her Hello Kitty backpack my mother got her, thinking she would need it.

    As for what your grandson said to the divorced gentleman…out of the mouths of babes!

    • I started to write a comment to you in response to this situation. I was immediately sorry for your daughter, Marissa. Then, thinking a little I came up with a few reasons.
      ( Remember I was once a middle school teacher, then 9 years of special ed preschool.) Have they mentioned this eliminates jealousy and teasing/bullying?
      The democracy of the school supplies there may be feelings of competition. I remember when my son asked for Nikes shoes when I was on a tight budget. I felt I had to do this or he would not have asked me. Maybe your daughter could use Hello Kitty backpack for overnights with friends or Grandma?
      You are so right about kids, always coming up with funny ideas. I have been thinking about who may have given Micah the idea of “This is your last chance” and thought of his male kindergarten teacher. Otherwise, who knows where or how kids come up with the strangest thoughts? Your son’s idea of how far you would go (What would you do. . .?) for a Klondike bar was fabulous.

      • Yes, i saw your last comment and definitely think that the whole jealousy thing could factor in. As ofr the backpack, yes, it has not gone unused and she still has it, for a couple of years now, where as, if she were taking it to school every day it would probably be demolished by now! Oh well, what can you do??

    • I will try to reply but I also tend to breeze through. I may ha e mentioned I was a speed reader in kindergarten so did read those posts I liked. I also skimmed some of the books on the Beach reading list:)

      • Oh wow! Speed reading seems like a lost art. Do you find that your comprehension and enjoyment is just as good when you speed read? Sometimes I wish I could to get me through all these blogs!

      • I just have had this habit for years. I literally have to breathe and savor words at bedtime, Marissa. I could remember some facts about many books but not always recall what was asked on tests. I loved Henrik Ibsen’s play, “The Doll’s House” but used to know the main female character’s name. Ishmael is from Moby Dick. How useful is this? 🙂 I am not as good with reading blog posts, Marissa. Wish I could since it is time consuming.

      • That’s pretty interesting. I always wondered what it was like to speed read. Yes, wish I could do it for blogs. It’s hard to get to every one, even though I would like to .

      • I don’t think it is something you should worry about, Marissa. People understand if you choose family or activities. I have been less stressed by not posting daily. Your choices, just sending you ways other than speed reading 🙂

      • We seem to agree on most subjects, Marissa. I am “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Blogging could easily take over another person’s life, but trying to stay not addicted to the blogging life style.hahaha

  2. Like the recipes you shared and the story where your legs were dangling and splashing the water when a ball splashes close to you and while eating pizza your grandson made you realize that it might be your last chance. Nana….. think about it lol !

  3. ROBIN….will you still be my friend after I tell you this????? Have dedicated a new poem, long enough to be a ballad—can be sung like one! Per my silliness of the other day…HAREM SCARE ‘EM AND ME!…making fun of an extremely bogus idea I actually had. “Now you can tell everybody….this is your song…! ” 😀 Hope it meets with your approval.

  4. I am sad for you that your good work friend and his family moved away. Saying goodbye to people you care about is never easy.

    I owned Hall & Oates’ Abandoned Luncheonette album on vinyl, so of course I could hear the music in my head once you mentioned it. I used to lip-sync all their songs (or sing along loud when I was alone in the car).

    Florence and I both got a good laugh at Micah’s ‘last chance’ comment. What a pistol, that kid!
    – Mike

    • I am so glad you had this album on vinyl, Mike. Definitely had Hall and Oates’ Greatest Hits but actually was pleasantly surprised with the title of this older album, so reminiscent of the old days.
      I appreciate the sympathy for missing Darryl. He was always so funny and gave me the “Evil Eye,” to cheer me up. Oldest daughter and the 2 boys went to their family picnic this June. Last year, I took the M &M girls. Now, if Melvin or Tammy would leave I would do more than get a tear or two.
      Did you notice I included backpacks in my packed post and also, Darryl, my friend at work and Darryl, musician? I know some stretching to get all stuff in there and didn’t have to sit on the baggage too hard. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great day with the grandkids. And the recipe looks yummy. I end up substituting ground turkey breast for ground beef in everything because I’m not a red meat eater, but it tastes great too. 🙂

    • I think ground turkey meat sounds like a great substitution, Carrie. Thanks for your positive comment and hope your family had a great last hurrah before school starts! 😉

  6. Great tidbits post, Robin! Yes, keep your mind open, but not because it might be your last chance. Hahahaha. Love your inspired grandkids, each and every one of them. This post was made in Syracuse. That’s what the tag will say, too. Promise. Hahaha.

    • Well, I certainly laugh a lot and we had a nice evening downtown where two blocks were closed with an obstacle course, dancing and picnic “fixings” with First Friday event. My oldest daughter, Sky and I had a ‘picnic with the cops.’ It was fun to see the boys “dunk” and get themselves wet, at the same time, the Police Chief. They also danced a little to “YMCA” and other oldies songs the radio ststion played. I got a photo of them petting a mounted police officer’s horse, too.
      When a little girl came up to give Micah a hula hoop, since a few were using them during the dancing, he declined politely, “I am getting too old for this.” 🙂

      • I already see a comedian in the making and worry about his chatter box personality. Which his male kindergarten teacher liked but may rub other teachers in the future, wrong way. Thanks for this feedback and hope someday to be giving you such friendly comments about your own grandchildren. You have ‘put up with a lot’ and payback is long overdue, Mark! 🙂

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