An Epic Awards Nomination Post


Awards ceremonies are part of my favorite seasonal shows on television.

I wish to

“Roll out the Red Carpet,”

Announce my lucky days have come for:

Multiple Award Nominations!

Please for a moment,

Picture Sally Field,

Accepting her Academy Award

Sally’s famous, excited speech:

“You REALLY LIKE me!!”

Well, this is my best impression of how I feel when people think I deserve

these accolades and wish to do them Justice, but I am rather behind and

will only be doing this. . .

(Drum Roll and then the hint of music Please!)

. . . “My Way!”

The one who gave me the First Two awards is:

*Number One:

The Dragon’s Loyalty Blogger Award will be given to a group of fine and

dedicated men, who put up with some of my feminine posts which could

be embarrassing if we were in person.

They seem like they would “Defend My Honour” against any “bad”

Dragon’s and I am passing them a “Shield of Armour” to do battle

and protect me from fraudulent bloggers with attractive gravatars.

Here in no particular order are some men who have been hanging

around my blog, some have for years. Really!

1~ Mike Lince still has some exciting posts you may have never seen

before of the World, since he was a Global Ex-Pat, with his wife,

Florence. See South America, England, Scotland and other places

in Europe. I loved the Spanish tour and his being given a chance to

write about a country by their Chamber of Commerce. Check Mike out:

2 ~Mark Bialczak has been a journalist for years, but don’t want to make

him sound “old!” He and his wife just got back from Colorado but they

spent their vacation this summer out on the East Coast. He connects

with musicians and fellow bloggers, writes entertaining posts about the

entertainment world.Β  Check him out at:

The next ones on my list need to be ‘satisfied’ by my ability to Label Them!

3~ Philip Edwards, Philosopher and Creative Thinker.

You know on your gravatar page there isn’t a blog page to connect with:

4~ Kirt Tisdale, Photographer and Artist.

5~ Christoph Fischer, published author of several books. We recently

had a great conversation about “In Search of a Revolution,” which made

me think of my Nordic forbears, set during the Finnish Civil War, 1918.

6~Jonathan Caswell, Poet and Humorist.

7~ Pastor Ashcraft, Messenger and Family Man.

8~ Dan Antion, Genius, Photographer and Home Project Perfectionist.

(I should know his profession but I know he is smart.)

9~ Juan, who is a Grandpa of Hudson, adorable baby and a Daddy to

Toonce, a cat with the sweetest manners.

10~ Bill who was from Ohio, Cyclist, Blogger of Travels and General


11~ the hut owner

12 ~Jay who is not an A–hole, but uses this as his blog:

**Number Two:

“Encouraging Thunder Award Nomination”

I hope one of those who are in professions where you encourage

growth, enlightenment, arts, music or help heal people in some

amazing ways will choose this Fantastic Award.

Thank you, Danica for thinking about me in this way!

***Number Three:

Christy Birmingham who sometimes when we are connected

we are like “family” and she calls me, “Mom #2”

Like families do, we sometimes get to busy to ‘call in’ or

‘stay in touch.’

Here she is at:

Calling my Daughter #3 right now to let her know that I will

accept her early invitation to be nominated for:

The Writing Challenge: “Love In Ten Sentences Challenge.”

****Number Four:


given to me by

Girls, girls, girls

I love my girlfriends:



Beth B.




Colleen of The Chatter Blog

Debra of Mama Bear Musings:

Jenny Pellitt


Jill Weatherholt




Luanne, who recently published, “Doll God” and runs two

blogs. Find her at this central location and go from there:

Marissa of Glorious Results of aΒ  Misspent Youth

Michelle Marie

Nimi Naren

Pauline ofΒ  The Contented Crafter

Simmi, in Germany has a horrible plight at:


*****Number Five:

Excellence Award Nomination,

Thank you so very much!

given by Tanveer of “Just Bliss” who promotes Love, peace and wisdom

to write and enlighten us.

******Number Six:

Wide- Eyed gave me a wonderful opportunity with

Versatile Blogger Award.


It is not all about the Numbers found in our Stats.

It is because I like your Souls.

I feel you “Show Up” when I need or like to see you.

There is not a lot of “hot air” being blown out your butts.

Okay, I love you guys!


*********************YOURSELF TO AN AWARD NOMINATION**********************



About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. Such a nice way to end my blog reading binge with my Sunday morning coffee Robin.

    It never reigns [!] but it pours! The Queen of Awards! Yes, I can see you and Sally Field – there is a lovely resemblance, with you of course looking more like her daughter. πŸ™‚

    I’m delighted by your delight πŸ™‚ Thank you for mentioning me – I don’t ‘do’ awards but the compliment is always accepted. xoxo

    • Pauline, I just wanted to make sure you knew you were on “my list.” β™‘β™‘ Sally Field and are less than 10 years apart, I think. Thank you for the compliment. Now, I must go check and come back.:)

    • Well, you know I didn’t have any for most of my life until my little brother married Susan and she had 3 children. Then, she had my 3 children included in their wedding. You are so kind to notice my excitement. I will tell you this was an arduous and challenging post. I ran out of steam mid-way through it, Jill. My little sis!

      • Robin, I’m thrilled that you accept the awards and I don’t mind at all that rules weren’t followed or suggested. I’ve started visiting your nominees (the ones I’m not already following) and looking forward to more :).

      • Thank you, Danica. It was an honor you thought of me. I learned I should respond to each as they come to be respectful of each award, though. This was like a typical award show with some unpredictability. Ha ha!
        I hope you find a few blogs that match your tastes in reading. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations Robin. You have dealt with multiple (well-deserved) awards in a cool fashion. I am honored to receive an award for hanging in there on some of those posts that get close to the line. I support those posts because I (imagine) that it takes great confidence to publish them.

    • I used to follow more of the regular awards format. There are even a couple with the Logo attached, Dan! (“Gasp!”) I an nor sure if I have confidence but I do have fun, most of the time, whatever I do.

      • Life should be fun. I have a lame history with awards, mainly because my mind always seems to go somewhere else when I think about them.

      • They used to really get me excited, Dan. I followed rules and gave little known facts about myself and my youngest daughter would paste and glue the logos πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Robin…Thanks for the mention—You are the best! The creative—witches of magic—have touched your heart and mind—many times—And! Your posts are wonderful—Congratulations!

    • Hi Philp, I like these magical witches of creativity. I hope they help keep my muse “awake!” I do feel some of my stories come from my mind and others I am moved by my heart. This was a lovely comment. Hope your whimsical and wild creative juices keep flowing, Philip. I cannot believe the multiple directions you take us on. I think someone suggested your words could be put to music. πŸ™‚

  4. Robin, this is so wonderful. And community building!

    I’m so sorry I’m so far behind on reading/commenting. I’ll be in the car for a few hours today but still not thinking I’ll get caught up!!!

    • No problem, you handle my flyby the seat of my pants behavior weekly. So far you have been supportive and handled with grace. I am grateful. I have a few people who mist wish I were more consistent and I see them less and less. Usually, my habit is to give to the “new kids on the block,” bur really wanted to show gratitude for those who “stick around.” Thank YOU, Colleen.

      • πŸ™‚ It gets harder as we make more friends on here doesn’t it Robin? πŸ™‚ I do what I can. I think we all understand this but I still feel bad when I get behind too.

    • Red and members of la casa, “Β‘Hola!” It took me awhile (3 weeks) to figure out how to do the upside down exclamation mark. Please tell Pretty she is much more savvy and tell Slow I am forgetful, too.
      Oh, about that green weenie alien (drone). I believe Slow. And Red is a great back up. Hope people enjoyed that real life experience. You may be on the government’s watch list. Ha ha!

    • Mike, you should feel special because You Are Special! This was a great, sincerely humble acceptance speech. I think the audience loved you. (Almost like an Andy Griffith speech.) Really. πŸ™‚

    • I knew you are going through so much and there are several strong sweet women I did not list. Ones who may wonder why I didn’t include them. You know my heart, Amy. You trust you are a dear friend. I wish I could take some of the burden away. β™‘β™‘ Thanks for understanding and I like our mutual admiration. Hugs! xo

      • Oh, Robin, you are the sweet one. Bless you for the Love I felt in your words when I read them. I wouldn’t have accepted the award because I am an Award Free Blog. If I make just one exception, then I would have to accept others, and that, my friend, is just not possible, due to my huge plate of a Life. I don’t know how I manage everything I do as it is. I was just thinking this morning, that I had to step out of the “flow of my Life” in order to address two critically ill cats and still care for all the others as well. In looking around this morning, I realized just how much still needs to be done that I normally do that hasn’t been because of the crisis. In other words I am behind the 8 ball right now. Even there, there are days the exhaustion is so intense I am not able to catch up in those areas even if I wanted to. Slowly I am getting back into the rhythm of my Life as it was before the crisis. I start today by going to my Yoga class, and then hopefully I can at least get some of my floors washed, which really need it. Having as many cats in this house, it is a continual movement with cleaning in order to keep this house as clean as possible. Good thing I was broken of my “cleanliness obsession” a long time ago, because this house is really dirty by my standards. But yet even this, does not bother me. It used to, believe me. Now? LIFE is more important then dirt.
        Well, my dear friend, YOU got a book this morning. I miss talking to my friends as is quite evident here. Yet I must get the rhythm back into my own personal Life so that I can continue with Petals. It’s quite the juggling act. πŸ™‚ >3
        Sending Much Love to you on this glorious New Day!!!! ❀

      • Did I let you know baby Hendrix is on the way? I don’t have to go to work until Thurs or Fri. I saved 48 hours since my DIL doesn’t have a Mom or step Mom. Both got cancer, one in her 40’s and other in her 50’s. 😦 She is stuck with me. I slept here last night, will rest of the week. First day of school, Wednesday, we will drive to elementary, middle school, and then preschool. Reverse direction at 3 pm. I d old gladly do this every day. πŸ™‚

      • I am happy to stay with grandies and wait on the new baby’s birth. Thank you for taking time to fill me in on your household news. Also, didn’t it feel for a few short moments that we had slipped away to one of your beautiful gardens and sat down for a chat? It made me relax and take a few much needed breaths and sent my “worries” scattering in the wind. Huge ((Hugs))

    • You are welcome and I understand busy lives. I am glad to know and count you as a good, new friend, Kelly. Your posts have human interest and meaningful messages, along with fun parts, too. There are a few names of fellow bloggers you may have recognized but all are great places to visit. πŸ™‚

    • This was a such a nice comment. Glad you found yourself in there and you deserve honors. But you would settle for a goblet of wine after our acceptance ceremony is over? πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for flag waving! Jay, you may also be proud of being among my “knights in shining armour!” You deserved the Dragon’s Loyalty Blogger Award. If you like the sound if th he Thundering one, go ahead and check out the person who gave it to me. . . Smiles, Robin

    • I am excited that you are!! Thanks for not minding being on this list. It had been a full year since I had long lasting friends on a list. The guys and newcomers may come and go (except a few) but we girls stick together! xo β™‘ β™‘

      • I have an award draft that has been languishing for months. I may post it eventually. But first I have to update my contents pages. A thankless job. I’m 6 months behind!

  5. Excellent selection of Word press bloggers Robin, each has their own style and character which comes through in their posts.
    Some interesting new links to browse through there Robin.
    Well done on your thoughtful tribute to their contribution to our Word press world.
    Kind regards.

      • Hi Robin, I am ashamed to admit that I had forgotten your award, embarrassing and unforgivable. Thank you for reminding me, your awards are very important and show a great appreciation of your followers. I belatedly thank you Dear friend and always enjoy reading your very diverse topical posts.
        I send you best wishes for a beautiful weekend.
        Ian and Emu

      • I am sorry but you received the award and uou are stuck with the nomination, Ian. I am going to tell you I recipe award nominations on my “About” page and don’t always notice in my emails. Months once went by! So, don’t you w I rry, dear friend, I won’t hold this against you. That would be pretty hypocritical. β™‘

      • Thanks Robin, was worried I had offended you by not recalling the nomination, seems I now have to do a reread and search on my site, kind regards and best wishes.

      • No problem, i was not saying this in a “bad” way. Just that it meant like mentioned, anyone not on list to,”Go ahead and choose an award,” it was more to let me off the hook and not worry about the total number of bloggers. πŸ™‚

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