The arrival


Special delivery

Early dawn

Whispered voices

“Don’t wake the kids!”

Urgent rush

Although scheduled,

Still feel harried,

Packed baby’s first outfit,

Mommy’s bag with

“Comfy” clothes

Daddy’s  snacks,

Including peanuts.

Children’s breakfast chatter

Wondering. . .

What time of day?

Morning snack


and bouncing

Trampoline tumbling.

Lunch of Johnny marzetti.

Its raining!

Television show,

“Liv and Maddie,”

Funny epidode.

Cinnamon applesauce,

Questions again,

Anatomical explanation


Cucumbers from garden,

Ranch dressing required.

Mommy’s loaded up

Van ready for school

Play yard fun.

Brought towel but

Heat dried swings

And monkey bars.

“Still no baby!”

Frustrated Lara sighs.

Head home for Nana

Cooking hot dogs and





tortilla chips.

Chewing slowly,

Solemn thoughts,

Missing Mommy.

Landen and Kyah make cards,

Lara and Marley make poster.

Family new addition,

Full of renewed energy again!

After supper

Skyler in football gear,

Micah and Aunt Carrie~

Ready for 2 hour practice.

“How L O N G does it take

To get a baby brother?”

******* 7:45 p.m. *******

~  ~  °  •  ○ ● □ ● ○ • ° ~ ~

>>>   WELCOME   <<<

☆☆☆  Hendrix James  ☆☆☆

8 lbs. 12 oz.


“Took long enough,”

Says exasperated sister, Kyah.


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    • Thank you for the sweet sentiments, Marissa. He is a doll baby and this is first of her babies where he really took after mothers breast milk. She was weak, legs numb but oh, so proud. I’ll make sure to kiss his chubby cheeks for you. 🙂

      • When I started blogging I did it mostly at the library so I chose to use words without photos fearing they would somehow be availsble by public access.
        Mark Bialczak let me send him photos over cell phone, so people could see my grandkids, Felicia and of me on his post as, “Guest Blogger Robin Cochran.” There is a sweet photo of Marley and Makyah in purple shirts on a piano bench at my brothers house. 6 grandkids with my youngest daughter, Felicia informally referred to as, “My Babies Photo.”
        You usually don’t add many photos, Marissa. Your poetry speaks for itself 🙂
        There are a few who have their book chapters with less photos. Someone exclaimed in my personal life, “Don’t post photos or you may have someone stalk or harm those kids!” I laughed it off but my own children prefer I don’t; so there is my final “reason.” xo

      • Yes, I know a lot of people who feel the same way and I notice that you don’t have many photos on your blog. Personally, I post photos and rarely think of the consequences but i know they are out there.

    • Thanks, Jenny for using the word, “herald” makes me think of the announcement for a prince. He will certainly be passed around a lot and feel like a “royal.” My ex, his wife, my brother, sister in law and today cousins and siblings will be stopping into the maternity ward. 🙂

    • Pauline, thanks for the sweet way you put this! It sounds better in words than the “chaos,” that it felt like. It was peaceful but busy. Also had my oldest daughter’s kids so total of 6 kids:)

      • I think when my Mom and Dad fell in love with my kids I was a little skeptical, Juan. “What on earth do you mean they are so smart, pretty, . . . Etc.?” I also thought to myself, ” No way when I retire will I want to spend so much time with my grandkids.” How life changes and their sweet faces and changing by the minute characters just pull at your heart strings!”

  1. Congratulations Robin on your new arrival, your words painted the scenario of the wait perfectly.
    We are now overdue for our arrival, my new step granddaughter in Chile, she is definitely biding her time.
    You now have the great joy of watching your little one grow, he will definitely break your heart every time you hold him.

  2. Congratulations to all on the new arrival. Welcome, Hendrix. You have a wonderful family to take care of you, little guy! (Love your name, BTW. – There was a famous musician from Seattle who went by that name, too. 🙂 )

    • Yes, this is the fantastic guitarist my son admires. Also, his daughter, Marley, was named after a reggae musician who was cool, too. Thanks for adding your special and warm congratulations, Mike.

  3. In a group, sometimes I will delineate that the two oldest came in my son’s “package deal” when he married Trista. It is funny when people looked at my last ex and my family of 6 kids. We would get “dirty” looks!
    We were literally like the Brady Bunch. (3 of my kids+ 3 of his kids.) 🙂 Thank you for mentioning my heart will indeed be full of joy, even as each child grows older.

  4. Carrie, This comment about family size was intended for Ian, since as each grandchild grows older, I continue to know them more, see their maturity and feel such pride.
    **Thanks, Carrie. Your comment about baby’s size was true. Hendrix is rather big baby and we are blessed he is healthy, too. It DID take awhile!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Seyi. 🙂 I went back and forth to hospital, schools, parks, play areas and am resting to go back to work. I will miss the baby, grandkids little comments and hugs. It will be short visits snd nit staying overnight with bedtime books and songs. Hope you have a great weekend, Seyi.

    • You do know me well, Beth. I love being over the moon! I got the sweetest photos of 4 siblings holding him on his almost second day here plus Skyler as his oldest cousin. 🙂

  5. Oh! Wonderful news, Robin. Congratulations! Healthy weight. Beautiful poem, it really conveyed the sense of anticipation and activity that surrounds such a blessed event. Hugs to you and your family. 😀

    • Thanks for reading this despite a happy and hectic schedule. Tomorrow I drop off two kids to elementary, two (Sky added into mix) to middle school and one whose preschool doesn’t start till Sept after Labor Day who Mommy at hospital says will cry so bring her for her 3rd visit. Poor Makyah had her “school clothes,” new shoes and backpack laid on floor by her bed. 4 years old and ready for 2nd year at preschool. I did not want her to cry since she already misses parents nor did i have heartbroken break news of no school for her . (Jamie took 3 days off) so he stayed at hospital.)

    • Thank uou, Tracy. I appreciate this really excited reception. You have the nicest smile which when I see it on your post it here, I smile back instinctively. 🙂 ♡♡

    • Thank you, Colleen for your excitement about new baby Hendrix. I appreciate this so much. Your comment seems ready to burst with loving and caring wishes for the family. 🙂

      • I know! And you had a recent post about seeing family characteristics in other family members and you were so joyous in how wrapped up into a warm, loving bundle families can be. I included a comment about adoption since my stepson and his wife adopted two new born babies in 2 years from inner city Cleveland. They met at Ohio U. and live in Athens. Megan is learning some new hair skills with these two girls. 🙂 Happy Family♡♡ to you and yours, Colleen!! We are certainly blessed.

  6. Welcome to the family, baby Hendrix! Congratulations grandma Robin, parents and siblings. 🙂 How exciting for the whole family, extended to uncles and aunts and cousins, of course. By the way, who in the clan is the Jimi Hendrix fan who went for Hendrix James, or is that a coinky-dink? 😉 ❤

  7. Jamie is the musical aficionado who chose Marley girl and Hendrix boy. You “pegged” this one, Mark! Thank you for the extensive and gracious welcome and congratulations to all in the family. My brother, Rich, came once down and sister in law twice. 🙂 I made Mom a big card telling her she was a great grandmother again. She was icerjoyef, Rich said, when he showed her the sweet pictures of cute little Hendrix.

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